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Overview Presentation SAP AG, 2006

Trends and Issues in Global Trade Solution Overview SAP GTS Technical Overview SAP GTS Customer Examples SAP GTS Partner Ecosystem Summary

Trends and Issues in Global Trade Driving The Need To Automate Import and Export Processes  SAP AG 2006. SAP GTS Level 1/ 3 .

… Need to avoid delays at borders Need to avoid delays at borders – to meet JIT inventory management – to meet JIT inventory management and meet customer expectations and meet customer expectations  SAP AG 2006. C-TPAT. … Export Administration Regulations. UN Regulations. Dual Use. AIS). ICS in Australia. Export Administration Regulations. Prohibited Parties. ITAR. ITAR. SOX. ICS in Australia. … (NCTS. C-TPAT. SAP GTS Level 1/ 4 . European eCustoms Initiative European eCustoms Initiative (NCTS. Mandatory filing of SED via AES in the US. AES. SOX.Trends And Issues In Global Trade Challenges Examples Higher volumes More and more regulations since 9/11 New electronic communication requirements with government IT systems Increased complexity. AIS). … Mandatory filing of SED via AES in the US. AES. Dual Use. but less time available ~30% of the world trade crosses borders ~30% of the world trade crosses borders ~10% yearly growth in global trade volume ~10% yearly growth in global trade volume UN Regulations. Prohibited Parties.

time. ARC Advisory Group.Master The Challenges Of International Trade With Software Support Technology is the key enabler of any global trade management strategy. AberdeenGroup. New Strategies for Global Trade Management. and risk from their business. 2005 Global trade leaders are succeeding in automating and controlling this complex environment. SAP GTS Level 1/ 5 . 2005  SAP AG 2006. driving out cost.

Solution Overview SAP GTS Secure and Streamline Your Global Supply Chain  SAP AG 2006. SAP GTS Level 1/ 6 .

SAP GTS Level 1/ 7 .Comprehensive Support For All Global Trade Activities SAP Global Trade Services Export Management Ensure full regulatory export compliance. mitigate risk Import Management Ensure full regulatory import compliance. expedite customs clearance. generate and file customs documents. mitigate risk Trade Preference Management Make the most of international trade agreements Restitution Management Take advantage of export refunds  SAP AG 2006.

…) •Export/ Import Compliance Check •Letter of Credit (L/C) Check •Export/ Import Compliance Check •Bonded Warehouse •Duty Calculation •Customs Communication •Export/ Import Document Printing •L/C Compliant Printing ERP System Product & Business Master Data (Supplier) Import Process Purchase Order Shipping Notification Goods Receipt  SAP AG 2006. ECCN.Tight Integration With Logistics Outbound and Inbound Processes ERP System Product & Business Master Data (Customer) Export Process Sales Order Delivery (Pro-forma) Invoice SAP GTS Product Classification (HTS. Schedule B. SAP GTS Level 1/ 8 .

implement JIT inventory mgmt Increase Efficiency Seamless integration with logistics processes High degree of automation . SAP GTS Level 1/ 9 § Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance Ensure regulatory compliance Maintain complete and accurate audit trail Reduce TCO One single central solution for all global trade activities Certified for electronic communication with multiple customs systems around the globe .Business Value of Automated Export/Import Management Accelerate Cross-Border Transactions Ensure faster delivery to customers Reduce costly buffer stock.Move towards management by exception § § € £$¥  SAP AG 2006.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 10 .Leverage International Trade Agreements With SAP GTS Trade Preference Management with SAP GTS Vendors Solicit Vendor Declarations Determine preferential eligibility of products Issue certificates of origin Customers Purchasing Production Sales ERP System Vendors Allow vendors to submit and maintain declarations online using web-based supplier self services  SAP AG 2006.

EU Trade Agreements. etc .Business Value of Automated Trade Preference Management Accelerate Cross-Border Transactions Quickly and accurately determine the origin of your products Increase Efficiency Manage vendor declarations via web-based supplier self-services Upload rules of origin in electronic format § § € £$¥  SAP AG 2006. SAP GTS Level 1/ 11 § Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance Accurately calculate the origin of your products on the basis of applicable rules Avoid issuing incorrect certificates of origin Reduce TCO Designed for deployment around the world Support of NAFTA.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 12 .Technical Overview SAP GTS Take advantage of using SAP’s latest technologies  SAP AG 2006.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 13 .Leveraging The Powerful SAP NetWeaver Platform Logistics/ Trade Team Import/ Export Officer IT Team Legal/ SOX Compliance Team Increased Productivity and Business Insight Adaptable Business Processes Based on Flexible Technology Platform SAP Global Trade Services Export Management Import Management Trade Preference Management Restitution Management Business Process Integration Business Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Integrate Applications. etc Duty Rates SPL Data Rules Of Origin Customer & Supplier Banks Freight Forwarder Customs Agencies  SAP AG 2006. Data and Business Partners Application Integration Application Integration Data Integration Data Integration Business Partner Integration Business Partner Integration ERP SCM/ SRM CRM Legacy HTS ECCN.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 14 .Obtain More Business Value From Your IT Investment Integration with Adobe Forms Up-to-the minute Business Intelligence Role-based view via the Enterprise Portal One powerful technology platform  SAP AG 2006.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 15 .Customer Examples SAP GTS 250+ customers in 18 countries in 20+ industries  SAP AG 2006.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 16 .Examples of Customers Reaping The Benefit of SAP GTS Challenge Increasing trade regulations Customer Value Automated 99. Grow and stay compliant Multiple regulatory changes Reduced cycle times (5 2 days) Meet 66 regulations in 93 countries Ensure goods clear customs without unnecessary delays because of compliance issues Standardized processes globally to achieve consistency Replaced legacy systems – estimated 30% to 40% reduction in application maintenance costs Processing +1 million compliance screenings per month Mitigating Risks Proactively While Trading Globally  SAP AG 2006.9% of export proc.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 17 .SAP GTS Partner Ecosystem Expert Support Worldwide  SAP AG 2006.

SAP GTS Level 1/ 18 .Support By SAP’s Worldwide Partner Ecosystem Trusted data providers Experienced system integrators Global trade experts and technology partners System Integrators and Global Trade Experts Technology Partners Data Providers  SAP AG 2006.

TIME and COSTS  SAP AG 2006. SAP GTS Level 1/ 19 .Summary SAP GTS helps you reduce RISKS.

One Central Solution For All Your Global Trade Activities Accelerate Cross-border Transactions Increase Efficiency § § Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance § £€ ¥ $ Reduce TCO Reduce RISKS. SAP GTS Level 1/ 20 . TIME and COSTS  SAP AG 2006.

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