First and foremost, my name is Muhammad Hilmi Bin Khairuddin.

I was born in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor and recently I live in Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Takzim. Previously, I was a student of Sekolah Menengah Sains Tuanku Munawir and I really appreciate the experience I gained. I actively involved in sports and undeniably it taught me a lot about responsibility and punctuality. Sports enhanced my teamwork spirit, which I found highly applicable in my career soon. I represented my school for 3 games; football, futsal and athletics in various stages until state level. I was appointed as team leader for several times, it was not easy but I managed to learn how to tolerate with other team members and boost up the sportsmanship spirit in me. Sport not only improve me physically, but It also help me to think quickly and effectively and become more discipline toward time and attitude. As for me, I had represent my school football team which known as Saser FC to a state competition, Piala Menteri Besar with 78 schools participate and we managed to get to the fifth place in that prestigious event. As the Vice President of Peers Society Club, it helps to improve my confidence to talk and communicate to other and also improve my responsibility and leadership quality as I was being looked up as one of the role model. I synchronized my curricular and cocurricular activities, thus I successfully learned how to manage my time wisely so I could be excellent in both. As a peer, I also gained the knowledge about generosity, courtesy and appropriate social manners as one of my responsibility is managing school events. One of the events that my club members and I had organized was Earth Hour Programme. All the electricity were switch off for an hour to promote and practice conservation of energy and reducing carbon emissions through awareness, by educating and uniting people to realize the risks of climate change. I also the Vice President of Mathematics Club and I stood to the club vision, gave my fullest commitment and encouraged my team to come up with exceptional ideas into the activities planned in order to be the most active and the best club. As my higher education future planning, I would like to pursue my study in chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of physics , chemistry and life sciences in the process of converting raw materials or chemical into more valuable and useful things. I would like to do A-level first at any local university. Hopefully I would be given the opportunity to pursue my study at United Kingdom(UK) . The reason why I want to pursue my study there is because chemical engineering is more developed in that country compare to other country across the globe with many top universities in United Kingdom had produce an excellent graduate for this type of field. If I were to pursue my study at the UK I will take my own initiative for self-enhancement by going to few factories to gain more knowledge and experience such as exxon oil and gas company about the technology applied in real life situation of chemical engineering. I will also eagerly learn the way of their working cultures, environment and crisis-management skills which might be applicable into my career soon. As a future Chemical Engineer, I would like contribute and serve as much as I could towards my beloved country, Malaysia. It will be my pleasure to share and apply the knowledge that I gained with others in order to develop our local technology and infrastructure. I also determine to find another source of fuel for vehicles which are eco-friendly and will not pollute our environment . I clearly believed that it would not be invented without hard work and determination on advancing our beloved country, Malaysia. I hope that I will be given this scholarship in order for me to pursue my study abroad.