My Tangled Earphone

The earphone[1] I use, to listen to music most of the time while I am travelling or while I am bored is approximately fifty three inch long and white in color. This little piece of wire which is solely devoted to my entertainment[2] resembles how much my life is similar to it. [3] My earphone which is now tattered here and there and is always getting tangled within itself gives me a clear picture of how my life was in the past and how it will be in the future. [4]My childhood was like the earphone when I first bought it. Fresh, not getting tangled and always taken care off. My life back then was like a fairytale. Living in my own world I did not bother much about my surroundings. I did not think about [5]what school I was going to or what will happen to me in the future. Like all other children, afternoons was the time to play outdoors with friends and neighbors, let it be football, cricket, cycling or simply running around the grassy field. Back then the only thing as child I used to worry about [6]was when I will grow old? As years passed by and I started to unde[7]rstand more and more, my life started to become more and more complex. Only did then I understand growing old was not fun, it only meant more burden on my shoulder. Just like my earphone as times passed by my life entangled me with it into a complex structure which get more and more complicated every time I [8]run away from it. [9]Every time my earphone gets tangled and every time I try to open it in a hurry it just gets even more complicated. [10]The solution to this is by untangling starting with one end. It may take time but the result is always positive. In the same way there are many problems in my life [11]too and to take them all at once is nothing but proving how impatient I am. The best way to deal with it is to solve one problem at a time. Life is not a fairytale like it is shown in the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. It always presents us with new problems and I have accepted that this how life is, full of obstacles[12] and [13]being impatient always leads to more trouble. There were times when I was frustrated with my earphone for getting tangled and I even wanted to rip it apart. Only to realize how it is not the earphone who is at fault, but it is me for not taking proper care of it. In the same way I was once frustrated with my life too for doing poorly in my exams while I was in [14]eighth grade and I decided to stop studying. But I when I calmed myself down after some time[15] I understood that it was my fault to begin with for not studying properly and now my anger would not be of any help. Instead it will make things more complicated. [16]At the end of the day I will be left with nothing. I am totally responsible for my own life and it is my responsibility to [17]avoid from getting it jumbled up. Life will only keep me in a good position only if I take good care of it. I have also accepted the fact that there is no such thing as luck or miracle since it us who make our own luck. Few days back I was untangling my earphone early in the morning while [18]I was walking in the park. I knew that [19]it was going to be the same thing tomorrow morning or [20]maybe I should throw it away and buy a new one, but I did not and why should I when it is still working? Life is somewhat similar to this. [21]I did not stop to solve a problem thinking that there will be again another obstacle in my way. [22] I know that the obstacles in our lives will always be there until the day I die and I want to untangle my life till the day I die and in the same way I will keep using my earphone as long as it serves me. It is funny but never the less true how often a small thing can resemble how your life is.

When my mother would allow me to stop studying and let me go and play.better -what im going to be when I grow up how life will turn out to be. And gave myself time to think things over I realized that the fault was mine to begin with 16.i spent my time looking for ways to skip studies to play…or when I would grow up enough to be my own master 7. 4.or …umm… 6. 5.1. Taking a walk 19. I try to untangle it 9... Separate 21. of course I kno the solution is to start at one end and go slow and steady. 3. . 12. And just like with my earphones I just keep trying to rush to the end line.but have faith and continue to move forward 22. with dreams and promises..i couldnot very rely on others all my life to correct my mistakes 17. Ending is ok.always taken care of. This has done nothing but prove how very impatient I am with evry aspect of my I think back on my child hood and it was pretty much like that…fresh. I would probably still be untangling the same earphone tomorrow morning and the day after and probably for every morning after as long as I still had it 20. Just because there is a problem it does not mean we shud give up ands throw it suddenly dint seem as amazing it seemed to me whn I was younger 8. And every time I overcome one there will always be another waiting for me just round the next bend 13.. Change completely…at the end it was up to me to make things right. the way I used to care for it…wiping down all the dirt never letting it get tangled up. each time I try to untangle it in a rush it just gets more and more complicated 10.. That I use to listen to music usually while travelling or when bored Very much resembles my life Reword… I remember when I first bought this earphone.. Keep it on the right track 18. 11. What school you go to is really not necessary.. Don’t include which grade…say sth like…I was frustrated that I didi soo poorly and had given up hope on myself…always blaming every1 for my problems…always convinced I had it the worst 15.. it was so fresh clean.. As yrs passed by life became more complex. Over the years I have come to learn that being impatient will help me solve nothing but only lead to more trouble 14. 2.and I began to understand what it meant to grow up.

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