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Mayer et al report. than 20% of standard weight. The causes of adiposity More calories than the calorie consumption of fat synthesis is the material basis of obesity. many pets also suffer from obesity. their children obesity rate rose to 80%. Are you a overweight people? An adult standard weight: (height cm in-100cm) x 90% = standard weight (kg). called overweight. parents are obese.When body weight is more than 10% of standard weight. Human obesity is generally believed that the case of polygenic inheritance. their children's obesity rate is about 50%. exceed 30% of standard weight. one of the parents were obese. beyond the standard weight of 30% as moderately obese. feeding .Effects of adiposity(obesity) Obesity (adiposity) is a chronic disease . referred as mild obesity. but the incidence of a disease of a sharp rise. referred to as moderate obesity. beyond the standard weight of 20%. The standard weight of the Child: (age x 2) +8 = standard weight (kg). said when over 50% of severe obesity . so that health is affected. said when over 50% of severe obesity. referred to as mild obesity. The World Health Organization estimates that it is the human face is most likely to be ignored.When the weight exceeds the standard weight 10%. referred to as overweight.Mammals (including humans) stored too much fat. the role of heredity in the pathogenesis plays a prone and obesity formation is still the way and life behavior. have a certain genetic background. (1) genetic factors Human incidence of overweight and obesity. Addition to humans. (A) internal factors in human body fat metabolic disorder caused obesity factors.

as well as social and psychological factors related to the interaction. fried and meat eating too many vegetables to eat too little. hyperactivity disease Barriers to the central nervous regulation of appetite. (2) Suffering from the type of appetite. It is always caused by office work or reduce the manual labor in recent years. more than twice the risk of coronary heart disease than those of normal weight. Even if the amount of food has not changed. according to statistics. consumption of calories is not enough in the long-term accumulation.behavior. cholelithiasis by 4 to 6 times higher than normal. insulin response. (B) external to the diet too many activities too little main. caused by menstrual disorders. Effects of adiposity (1) Enemy of health and longevity Twice as high than those of normal weight obesity complicated by the incidence of cerebral embolism and heart failure. therefore. almost completely converted to fat and store in the library of body fat. fat as the major storage form of body heat. Due to limited glycogen reserves. the body can lead to weight gain. drinks. especially in middle-aged postmenopausal women. loss of appetite is an abnormal increase in body for a long time it will be fat! (3) Hormones occurrence of abnormal: Often female abnormal hormone secretion. day consumption of caloric over consumption of energy required divided by the liver and muscle glycogen in the form of storage. From the Japanese . Long-term eating too much high-calorie diet such as: dessert. the incidence rate of hypertension (blood pressure and food) 2 to 6 times more than those of normal weight. but often due to lack of exercise. body metabolic disorders. more serious is obese life will be significantly shortened. hobbies. the body will naturally get fat.

and obese mortality rate was 127. Deaths caused by health problems in US men. 1975–2003.precisionnutrition.statistics 10% of overweight 45-year-old male. 1960-2004 ( .com/content/15/5/345. their life were shorter than the normal weight males for four years. (http://tobaccocontrol.full) Overweight and obes percentage in Us.bmj. The statistics show that the standard mortality rate was 100% percentile.

Lipid deposition in the arterial wall. severely obese people.(2) Impact of labor. indigestion. especially the left ventricular burden. Abnormal glucose metabolism can cause diabetes and abnormal fat metabolism can cause hyperlipidemia. (5) Can affect lung function Lung function is to supply oxygen to the body and emit carbon dioxide. a long time easily induced hypertension. sweating. joint pain. walking activities are difficult. resulting in luminal narrowing. and often can cause many diseases. angina. (3) Can cause heart disease and high blood pressure Increase in adipose tissue of obese. varicose veins. (6) Can cause liver and gallbladder lesions . but also vulnerable to all kinds of trauma. and finally lead to cardiopulmonary failure. cardiac hypertrophy. Obese due to weight gain requires more oxygen. The slow response of obese action. cardiac work capacity. (4) Susceptibility to endocrine and metabolic disease Accompanied by obesity-induced metabolic. to move slowly. sclerosis. lower extremity edema. stroke and sudden death. and nucleic acid metabolic abnormalities caused by high uric acid. which affects the normal life. and easily been hurt. and prone to coronary heart disease. skin folds at the risk of dermatitis. obese abdominal fat accumulation and limit lung respiratory movement. Obese women due to ovarian dysfunction can cause menstrual irregularities. it can cause hypoxia and dyspnea. and can cause low back pain . increasing oxygen consumption. fatigue. endocrine abnormalities. fractures and sprains. Obese people are often afraid of the heat. serious and even lead to labor loss. a little activity on palpitation and shortness of breath. car accidents. but the lung function can not correspondingly increased.

obesity due to . menopause women 's breast cancer and gallbladder . elbow. The impact of obesity on life. Obesity can also increase the incidence of malignant tumors. which the translocation of the upper stomach to esophageal hiatal hernia in the chest is the most common. postoperative infection Obesity increase the risk of anesthesia. (7) Increase the difficulty of surgery. foot joints) disease. From about 30% of the high degree of obesity associated with gallstones. 50 to 80 percent of women reported suffering from cholelithiasis obese. obese women endometrial cancer is 2-3 times higher than normal women. after surgery the wound is easy to crack. Weight gain likely to cause obesity when body weight-bearing joints wear and tear. the cholesterol in the bile acid increased more than the solubility in bile.Obese men have a higher incidence to have cancer than normal. obesity and normal weight women compared to the incidence of gallstones is about six times higher. (9) Hernia Obesity may be complicated by a number of hernia. (8) Can cause joint disease Weight gain can make a lot of joints (such as the spine. hip. three ester accumulation and thus the formation of fatty liver. cholelithiasis prevalence compared with normal weight by 3-6 times. Cholelithiasis higher incidence in the following cases: obese women over 40 years of age. male colon . infection fall to integrability of complications such as pneumonia compared with fat. According to statistics. rectal and prostate cancer . bile duct cancer incidence was significantly higher in the obese. Obese compared with normal subjects. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and cholecystitis . was observed in overweight and 10% of men obese (≥ 45 years) and four years shorter than the life of their peers of normal weight. shoulder.Will result in the synthesis of glycerol in the liver (oil products) due to obese hyperinsulinemia make it the endogenous triglyceride synthesis hyperthyroidism. so obese people easily complicated by the high proportion of cholesterol stones. endometrial cancer in women . the obesity of diabetes .

.thickening of the chest wall and abdominal wall. resulting in assertional dyspnea and sleep apnea. excessive fat accumulation of the throat make the pharynx. more heavy breathing difficulties. tissue ischemia and hypoxia and skin cyanosis. diaphragmatic rise to reduced lung capacity. or respiratory failure. throat narrower.