1. Perhaps she hasn't received our letter. 2. Although he was strong, he couldn't lift the weight. 3. I'm going to the optician's. He'll test my eyes. 4. Someone delivered the letters safely. 5. It is expected that the cost of living will rise sharply this year. 6. We arrived late because we missed the train. 7. Elaine’s house is going to be pulled down. She is looking for a new flat. 8. It's just possible that the trains are running late. 9. It’s not neccesary to wear uniform in this school. 10. It is forbidden to enter the room. 11. I haven't had curry for a long time. 12. The paintings were worse than the sculptures. 13. The metal was too hard for them to break. 14. In spite of her beauty, she didn't attract people. 15. I'm going to the garage. They'll repair my car. 16. They are considering you application for the job. 17. There aren't any books for him to read. 18. We couldn’t see much because it was dark 19. He's thought to have left the country early this morning. 20.I suppose she was very beautiful when she was young.

People believe that speaking English with a good accent is difficult. 29.The dentist is filling her tooth. 27. 38.Someone is going to redecorate our living room. 34. I am sure Tim ate them.Although he was unarmed. he took the gun away from the robber.UNIVERSAL has just released a new science fiction film. 30.Nobody spoke to her at the party 33.She wasn’t here so she couldn’t tell us the solution.George is older than Mary 40. We’ll be late. It's just possible that he's gone abroad 22. 28.There are no biscuits left. He won the Battle of Hastings in 1066. She is a friend of mine. 32. 35. 23.I can’t find my keys.I didn’t have an umbrella with me and so I got wet 39. 25. It was not necessary. 24.It is better for you to tell your father what happened. 36.He bought his car five years ago . 26. 37.William the Conqueror became King of England.I brought my umbrella. 31.Peggy lives next door.Jane isn’t able to eat food with garlic.21.It's ages since we went out together.I’m not a princess so I can’t marry a prince.