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Amerigo Vespucci

Amerigo Vespucci (born March 9, 1454 , Florence, Italy, d Feb. 22, 1512, Spain) was one of the greatest navigators of all time. It was the third child of Nastagio Vespucci, notary, and Giovanni Lisa. Vespucci family was one of the most respected denominations and aristocratic families of Florence. To show the status of his family in 1472, Amerigo's father ordered to paint on one wall of a church built by another member of the Vespucci family in 1383, his family portrait. Amerigo was heavily influenced by his uncle Giorgio Vespucci. Giorgio had collected manuscripts and a library which later gave to the Medici family, Florence leader. A year before Amerigo was born Giorgio build a school in his monastery dinSan Marco. When Amerigo reaches the age of 8 years Giorgio dies. Giorgio saw Amerigo Vespucci family save the fray. Learning with his uncle Amerigo has a passion for Dante Alighieri and Virgil. His uncle started in psychology and especially in the teachings of

In 1491 Spain became the land of adventurers and opportunists. Decided to leave Italy for Spain.Aristotle. In 1493 the news reached căCristofor Columbus reached Spain in the West Indies. Sir Nastagio. Amerigo's father died in April 1478 and thus became heir Amerigo his family fortune. which included astronomy. Toscanelli. Amerigo was still serving the Medici merchant and established many contacts in Spain. as Leonardo da Vinci and William Shakespeare. Toscanelli was the Mars cosmographer time and also a great collector and producer of maps. . Toscanelli had aspirations to sail West Indies. cosmography and geography. his son had made plans to enter into commercial life.Amerigo's Nastagio opposed sending the University of Pisa together with other educated people. so it is indisputable that he. and for 16 years has concluded on their behalf also gathering a lot of money. Instead Amerigo followed the famous school of geography in Florence. the man who implanted the idea of Amerigo to sail west. Paolo Toscanelli (1397-1482). He became manager of the Medici. Amerigo's father.

all the data found. Vespucci way transformed from a businessman in a scholar. In May 1499. about the animals we saw. After several attempts to find a passage to Asia. Vespucci thought that was very close to finding a new route to Asia. had all the qualities to be a sailor. . Ships arrived in Brazil on 27 June 1499 and were the first European vessels that have arrived. but in June 1500 ships returned to Spain. Vespucci occupies the cosmography. Vespucci go on the road with Alonso de Hojeda. Vespucci realizes that he must become an explorer. Vespucci is becoming increasingly interested in Columbus's voyages.In 1489 Vespucci Medici family business transfers Gonzalo Berardi and these two become close friends. Ships have sailed the Amazon studying everything. Once they arrived in Spain Vespucci wrote to Lorenzo de Medici a letter he told how he crossed the Atlantic. Amerigo's and were given two ships and could do whatever he wanted with them as long as Hojeda's permission.

Last expedition was under the command of Gonzalo Coelbo and was a disaster. During this expedition Vespucci wrote to Lorenzo de Medici details of that trip. The expedition was to make him famous Vespucci since discovered a new continent. 1508 . Vespucci was certainly not reached Asia. After the second expedition was certain that Vespucci discovered a new continent and so the news was quickly announced. Amerigo Vespucci was decided to form an expedition and the Spanish government gave him three more supplies ships but he refused believing that it will be successful only if sailing under the Portuguese flag. In June 1504 Vespucci reached the end of Lisbon and moved to Seville where he will remain until the end of his life. So he offers her three Portuguese ships and total control over them.How did Vespucci was very disappointed in Europe since Vasco da Gama managed to sail around Africa reaching eastern side. He had vision travel again but this vision was shattered when he was called on March 27.

"Pilot Major of Spain". Pavia. In addition to exploring some 6. It was the first to notice the existence of the equatorial current. Vespucci essentially have control of travel under the Spanish flag. In his honor. He became inspector of the Spanish fleet. Rio de la Plata.000 miles of coastline. The most important piece of been to rediscover America. He found some of the most important rivers of the world: Amazon. . more than anyone else. Vespucci was the first European arrived in Brazil. Reviewing. It was the first that stepped on the coasts of Uruguay and Argentina. he was going to all young sailors înveţte art of cosmography and navigation. as one of the greatest navigators of the New World discovered continent bears his name since 1507.