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Project Workshop
“Workshop is a unit within the framework which carves the initial building blocks and stimulates the Technical as well as Analytical infrastructure of a Learner.” The goal is to build up skills and innovating exemplary ideas by discussing basics in detail. B.Tech. Project is an integral part of engineering course curriculum. Their importance can be seen during placement interviews or interviews for higher studies. Due to placement activities, unavailability of components and guidance final year students find it very difficult to complete their B.Tech. Projects on their own and end up purchasing the same from the market. They make huge mistake, as they don’t gain enough knowledge about the project by doing so. Labsguru B.Tech. Project workshop aims to provide solution for the same. Students will build their projects on their own during the workshop. Theory classes and seminars will also be conducted for proper understanding of the respective projects. Time Frame: This is a 3-4 day (As required by the project), weekend/weekday workshop. Pre Requisites: No Pre-requisite, workshop will be useful to 4th year students. Workshop will include: 1. Theoretical Lectures 2. Workshop on PCB Designing. 3. Workshop on PCB Making. 4. Project workshop “Make you own BTech Project” 5. Workshop for Viva. 6. After workshop support through our customer support video chat facility. Unique and first time in India Supplementary Materials: Exhaustive and extensive reading material will be provided Components: Labsguru will provide one set of components and students don’t have to pay any additional charges for first set of components. Two PCB’s will be provided one for practice during workshop and another for final submission. Workshop & Training Charges: As per mentioned in the list. The price mentioned in the list includes workshop, training and first set of components cost. The price mentioned is per group and not per student. Infrastructure Required if conducted in college: Two rooms One Vacant for workshop (depending on the batch strength) and one for Lectures. Labsguru will do all other arrangements like infrastructure tools and components for workshop. What Students need to do: Students need to select projects from the list and book their projects/workshop with Labsguru by paying Registration fee, which will be adjusted in project workshop fee. Lucknow Branch: 3rd floor, Vaibhav Complex, Maruti Puram, Opposite Lekhraj Khazana, Faizabad Road, Lucknow-226 016, Phone: 09793202258/0522 3294128, Mumbai Branch: Mobile: 09793202258/022 32096033

Lucknow-226 016. Mumbai Branch: Mobile: 09793202258/022 32096033 Lucknow Branch: 3rd floor. Phone: 09793202258/0522 3294128. Opposite Lekhraj Khazana. Maruti Puram.Comparison Labsguru and others www. Faizabad Road. Vaibhav Complex.