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Farmville Community School is located in a rural area of North Carolina.

The school is a K-8 school and has 877 total students. Of the 877 students 441 are male and 436 are female. The school is 67 percent white or 589 students, 27 percent African American or 220 students, and a small majority Hispanic or other. Farmville is a Title I school and has 422 students that receives free or reduced lunch. Using the Maturity Model Benchmark rubric, I have concluded that in the behavioral aspect of the administrative filter is rated in the emergent stage. One reason for this rating is that there is no formal technology plan in place for this school. Technology is embraced if used however there is no formality to use it in planning or in lessons. There is also no money allotted for a teacher to sign up or use a websites and to use videos from the web is frowned upon and most streaming videos have been blocked for use. The resource/infrastructure stage also received an emergent rating. Farmville received this rating because of their lack of technology policies, budget, and planning. There is no budget for educators to endorse technology and any resources that could be used have been blocked. The school does have the technology and resources to change this and will in the future, but as of right now it is emerging and will gradually make its transition. In the curricular category both the behavioral and the resource/infrastructure received all emergent rankings in each stage. As far as the behavioral stage the staff is not depended on technology and use standard resources that the school supplies each teacher with. Also only certain teachers are encouraged to use technology to drive test scores. Resource/infrastructure is limited to all students and is not always available for use. Only select students and grade levels have access to these resources. A few years ago AIG students had access to enrichments tools, but those funds have been cut so these students do not have access to this anymore.

The support filter was again ranked with all emergent scores in both the behavioral and resource/infrastructure. There is no stakeholder involvement as far the employees are aware of, which is why it is emergent. If there are stakeholders employees have not been made aware of it. There is no support or training for its staff or students. This year was the first year that the school took away the need for technology staff development. The school/count also broke its contract with Promethean so there is no longer any formal training offered from them on how to utilize the Promethean Boards for the teachers that have them. The school has given each teacher a web page, but does not train or give time to expand on teacher webpages. Behaviorally in the connectivity filter the school is in the island. The school is set up with WIFI and high speed internet in most areas of the school. However the school is limited on voice and video. The school has set up a filter to block all streaming videos and music which makes it difficult to incorporate most websites as a lot of them are using streaming videos. Most of the staff uses the internet to help plan and communicate through email, but these services are limited to students. Resource/infrastructure is also on the islands having the internet available, but again it is very limited. The school is currently focused on giving all students email, however not all students will have access to this email at school. So unless the students have internet and a computer at home they will not be able to use this email. Farmville was rated at an islands stage in the behavioral innovation filter. The school rejects new forms of technology, because of cost and the unwillingness to train its employees. One or two teachers might be able to experiment with these technologies by writing grants, but in most instances these technologies will not be incorporated through the rest of the school. The school has brought in new Promethean Boards to help enhance and engage students learning, but the school does not properly train its employees. Resource/infrastructure is also ranked on the

islands. Most teachers do not like incorporating new technology, because they are so comfortable with what they are doing. Most teachers will often incorporate new ideas when another teacher experiments with them first. In conclusion I would rate the school at an emergent level in both behavioral and resource/infrastructure. The school is more focused on test scores than making students globally prepared for a 21st Century life. I understand that a lot of the issue is money. Technology costs a lot of money to incorporate. A school or county first needs an initial investment to update technology and then make sure each teacher is properly trained to use the technology. The school is set up to do so much, but has not taken the proper steps to finish it. The school and county is set up to give each faculty member and student a log-in and password with their own M-drive to save information on, but it believes that will take up too much space, time and money. The biggest downfall that most teachers allude to is the school/counties policy on streaming voice and videos. This eliminates YouTube, School Tube, Teacher Tube, Prezi, Glogster, and XtraNormal. As teachers we all do a lot of planning at home and find some really cool videos that would be perfect to show students, whether it be a science experiment, or a historical reenactment but can only explain it to students and tell them to go home and search for it. The school has also backtracked in some cases. During my first two years we had to have technology credits in order to renew our teaching licenses, but they decided to get rid of that because of the cost. The biggest mistake the school/county made was breaking its contract with Promethean. We are all aware that every once and awhile technology has issues gets a virus and needs to be fixed. By breaking this contract the school needs to wait until a certain amount of boards break before they can get fixed. This means if a teacher uses their board on a daily basis and theirs breaks, they need to wait until nine other boards break before a work order will be

submitted. This is why the Farmville School District is an emerging school for technology implementation and integrating.