Mian Mahmood Subhani Roll # Ei11MBA041 Section # A Assignment #1

Article 1 Human Resource Management and developmet

Men develops plan for optimal use of Material it prepare productive plans Machine plans most profitable use Money play vital role Management help developing plans for achieving the five internal objectives of organization First international conference theme was human resource management and development which give excellent kick start of human resource movement.The people who are illiterate cannot compete literate people they work very efficiently they decide their goals make budget then decide plan how to achieved their goal when they achieved make comparison and find slack try to quantify those slacks assess the profitability of business and alternative way of allocating resources . The cricket eleven approaches cover team work and company relationship with public furthermore HR divide in different Sector of organization such as in Accounting. these are depreciate. money.it will motivate the corporate sector to develop new innovative approaches to logistically equip them self to use HR as a powerful actor to create wealth and share in market .21st century the revolution of human resource management and its development . When mind is used it appreciates.no activity can be undertaken without use of quality man power Management based of 5 M’s which are Men. machine. the second theme of the conference is role of human resource in creating wealth for the organization and Nation. management. material. The development of every country is depend upon the Economic growth of the country for developing fast growing it is urgent need to realize that education and training and starting variable in planning for economic development the contribution of education to economic growth and its productive role in creating wealth . IT and others. A sharp rise in quality of education produces economic return even when it is not possibly to specify what skills and attributes would be created or precisely how they would be used So the result is that spending more on moderate education produce high return scientific education itself is a basis for improvement of production in many industries of the world research leads to . When machine are used.It is generally believed that the use of machine make things possible.

SAARC pursue the agenda of HR/HRD aggressively World Bank advice the institutes to spend 3 % of earned revenue spend on HRD. trade union . Nepal are still struggling to achieve literacy rate. India. recruitment of best. During industrial and commercial revaluation in 1600s and 1700s Human resource rise as Discipline when there was dispute caused by industrialization because of human resources the welfare secretaries appointed to handle the human resource problems. Material. continuous professional education appraisal the best one.In 20th century government legislation like minimum wages. through services motivate the employees Human Resource challenges at Macro and micro level need to properly understood these days these problem growing rapidly Employment is SAARC is such a great problem to overcome the problem the government need to take steps for young generation such as providing them credit facility Business school teach them HRM/HRD and private sector provide them short courses on HRM/HRD to equip themselves to tackle the problem. SAARC is struggling for achieving higher literacy rate Maldives has the highest literacy rate but other countries like Pakistan. working conditions. The Beginning of Human Resource was started in paternalistic 1600s when many family dominated businesses this still continuing. socially and ethically compatible for productive result through most effective use of Men. Employers need to . companies and individual The Basic purpose of Human Resource is to improve productive contribution of people in organization that are strategically . during 1900s large organization started growing and HR was taken as specialized subject .dispute settlement and other various policy and related issue were considered as human capital The 21st Century’s clarion call human resource as powerful instrument for creating wealth for nation . Machine. compensate for value creation. Money Human resource planning strategy to be done.discover new frontiers of education and open up new possibilities which are in the interest of Economic development. Do orientation and training which boost confidence development.

program ad output must be comprehended with clarity. . IT users with broad knowledge and understanding potential area can do planning about the project with system analysis and program languages which help them into implementation of IT projects.develop HRM/HRD department to compete the global challenges through quality workforce of international standard and Ethical to obtain desire Result. HR planning. Rapid IT education to equip HR to accept the challenges of 21st century. aims. International HR. Human Resource management suggest model for corporate sectors which help them to achieved their goals Strategic management. Organization communication .Operational details need to be develop for obtaining productive result which increase wealth and share both of stakeholder’s so they enjoy high standard of living .