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) 1999 Headquarters Amman. Jordan Key people industry = Communications Services mobile services Products .Type Founded Private limited company (Ltd.

. The company was first registered on 21 September 1999.Jordan Telecom Group / Orange • Orange Jordan. The remaining 40% of the group's shares were owned by JITCO Investment Group. with an aim to build a mobile communications network to serve the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. a holding • . Jordan Telecom Group was 60% owned by Jordan's government. • Upon privatization on 23 January 2000. • The mobile operator was called MobileCom until it was rebranded in 2007. and has launched full public service across the Kingdom on 15 September 2000. and is the operator of the mobile communications license granted to Jordanian Telecom. Is a Jordanian public mobile telephone network operator.

Its lineup of fixed. which has 190 million customers in 220 countries and territories worldwide. marking another significant achievement for the ICT sector. JTG in 2006 combined its four companies under one umbrella. internet and content services. the Group adopted the Orange brand – the commercial brand of France Telecom Group –for all its fixed. and internet services constitutes the real base for the Kingdom’s telecommunications backbone and contributes to its integration with regional and world countries. This step aimed at providing the Jordanian market with the standardized world class services offered by the Orange brand. becoming the sole integrated operator in Jordan. In 2007. mobile. In the biggest integration of its kind in the market. consisting of France Telecom (88%) and the Arab Bank (12%) • Jordan Telecom Group (JTG) plays a prominent role in the information and communications technology sector. • .

In 2009. Orange launched the Information Security Operation Center – a revolutionary project designed to provide imperative managed security services in accordance with international standards and with the capacity to compete with global security centers. which made Orange Jordan the exclusive mobile operator in Jordan authorized to provide 3G+ services in the local market. portal and multimedia in addition to broadband growth. • • . Orange Jordan has made available the best telecommunications services for its customers by offering various and comprehensive services at affordable prices.• Since then. – the most recent being the introduction of its 3G+ network. Orange Jordan Techno Center serve as a principal access for all the France Telecom – Orange affiliates in AMEA region that wish to acquire the high dedicated innovation streams. which include voice products and services.

• With its ability to call upon the vast expertise of its French partner and main shareholder. . JTG has established business goals that fall in line with sustainable development in the Kingdom.9 million customers with cutting edge technologies and world-class services offered at highly affordable prices. JTG continues to provide the market with all that the world telecom industry has to offer. seeking to reconcile growth and competitiveness with its commitment to social development and the improvement of the quality of life for future generations. • The Group now serves more than 2. • With an unwavering commitment to its local community. supported by its state of the art digital network that extends to cover the Kingdom in its entirety.