SECTION 15862 ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Section Includes: 1. Deodourisation Plant No Equipment (Scrubbers) Equipment (Fans) Equipment (Recirculation Pumps) Equipment (Filtration System) Equipment (Softening System) 2. Deodourisation Plant No Equipment (Scrubbers) Equipment (Fans) Equipment (Recirculation Pumps) Equipment (Filtration System) Equipment (Softening System)


RELATED SECTIONS A. Section 01330 – Submittals B. Section 01400 - Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Inspection and Testing C. Section 01600 - Materials and Equipment D. Section 01750 - Starting of Systems/Commissioning E. Section 01831 - Operation and Maintenance Manuals F. Section 09910 - Painting G. Section 09960 - Coating System for Ferrous Metals H. Section 11005 - General Provisions - Equipment I. Section 13400 - Instrumentation- General Requirements J. Section 13440 - Panel Mounted and Miscellaneous Instruments K. Section 15050 - Pipes and Pipe Fittings L. Section 15061 - Supports and Anchors M. Section 15075 - Mechanical Identification N. Section 15103 - HDPE Pipes and Fittings O. Section 15105 - uPVC Pipes and Fittings P. Section 15122 - Gauges and Meters Q. Section 16010 - General Provisions for Electrical Installation REFERENCES A. The publications listed below form a part of this specification to the extent referenced. publications are referred to in the text by the basic designation only. 1. AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE (ANSI) a. ANSI BS4504 2. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS (ASTM) a. ASTM D3299 b. ASTM D4097 c. STM D2584 d. ASTM D1784-69 e. ASTM D1998-91 f. ASTM D1693 g. ASTM E84 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (ASME) a. ASME B40.1 NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS (NBS) a. NBS PS 15-69 INSTRUMENTS SOCIETY OF AMERICA (ISA) The


3. 4. 5.


1. installed dimensions. anchor bolt locations. If the Contractor proposes to deviate from any detail or component arrangement indicated on the drawings. The odour scrubber equipment manufacturer shall be responsible for the design of the systems to meet the specified odorous compound removal efficiency. 2. Diagrams shall include standard ISA formatted loop diagrams as applicable. Component weights and dimensions. EPA Method 2 8.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT 6. miscellaneous metals. a. Process and instrumentation drawings showing all process and control equipment together with schematic delineation of all piping and wiring links required between equipment for process and control purposes. D. Scrubber towers. 1. uPVC and/or HDPE fabrications. 7. Inlet H2S concentration (to 1st stage) [______]. detailed specifications. e. Manufacturer’s Data. Submit shop drawings and product data for every element of the work.2 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Tower capacity (each) [______].04 DESIGN CONDITIONS A. The odour scrubber system including the chemical storage and feed systems shall be designed for outdoor installation. b. Scrubber No [___] First Stage b. 1. g. Scrubber tower construction materials. Equipment Tag Nos.05 SUBMITTALS A. he shall submit detailed drawings and descriptions of these deviations for approval. C. 3. B. Scrubber No [___] Second Stage 2. Section 15862 . C. Total removal efficiency (1st & 2nd stages combined) [_______]. B. Provide 1 no. NEMA 4X b. f. c. Suitable allowances shall be included for equipment exposed to direct sunlight. Seal water. 4. as defined herein. connection part sizes and locations and other pertinent installation details. 5. Complete wiring diagrams for all electrical and control equipment. US FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (US FDA) a. including.KUWAIT . electrical equipment and other items as required in the specifications. 6. Maximum inlet air temperature [______]. d. Submittals shall be in accordance with Section 01330 and shall include the following: 1. performance data and the items listed below: a. but not limited to mechanical equipment. Foundation plan showing overall dimensions. Maximum inlet air relative humidity [______]. chemical storage tanks and exhaust stacks shall be designed for a wind load of 45 m/s. NEMA 3R ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) a. structural elements. 21 CFR 173. equipment lifting requirements. piping arrangements. Logic diagrams in "ladder" form showing the operating logic of each control system. location and size of all connections.25 NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (NEMA) a. electrical power and other utility requirements. two stage scrubber for Deodourisation Plant No. Shop drawings showing the complete assembly and fabrication including itemised bills of materials for all components. [___] designed for the following conditions. The design temperature ranges for all odor scrubber equipment shall be 0°C to 65°C ambient conditions.

D. but not be limited to: 1. D. 1. gears. Installations shall include. i. chains. 1.This shall include all necessary equipment and appurtenances as produced by recognized. reputable and acceptable manufacturers E. SCRUBBER DESIGN A.1.07 1.3 Section 15862 . Supply equipment from a manufacturer regularly engaged in manufacturing and production of odour scrubber equipment designed for use in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment odour control systems.06 Complete verbal description of the operating sequence of all control systems in all modes. Provide nameplates on odour scrubber equipment as specified in Section 11005. projecting setscrews. keys and other rotating parts shall be so located that any person who may come in close proximity shall be protected by equipment guards. packed bed tower type. reputable and acceptable manufacturers. Brief description of equipment. 2. Name. Anchor bolts. Gauge ranges shall be appropriate for the particular installation. reputable and acceptable manufacturers D. 4. Provide manufacturer’s warranty certificates prior to equipment start-up. Tower Packing:. E. Recirculation Pumps: These shall include all necessary equipment and appurtenances as produced by recognized. Name and location of installation. pulleys. Comply with the requirements of Sections 01330 and 01770 B. Gauges shall comply with ASME B40. B. Manufacturer must have installed a minimum of 5 (five) installations of similar size and type in satisfactory use for a period of not less than 5 (five) years. 3. 2. nuts and washers: Type 316 stainless steel. 4.08 PART 2 . C.01 MANUFACTURER A. Fans: These shall include all necessary equipment and appurtenances as produced by recognized. address and telephone number of person responsible for equipment. B. Each scrubber shall be of the counterflow. Operation and Maintenance Manual. 5.02 2.KUWAIT . Provide compound gauges on the suction side of pumps and standard pressure gauges on the discharge side of pumps. All guards shall comply with OSHA requirements. or other contaminants and in compliance with manufacturer’s instructions. Supply equipment from a single manufacturer.3 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Store equipment with protection from the weather. Replace items which fail during warranty period. Guarantee components to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for 24 months from date of acceptance by the Ministry. without cost to the Ministry. C. Month and year equipment was placed in operation. Packaged Water Filtration/Softening System: This shall include all necessary equipment and appurtenances as produced by recognised. reputable and acceptable manufacturers C. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. excluding expendable items. C.PRODUCTS 2.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT h. in climatic conditions similar to those on this project. reputable and acceptable manufacturers. Certified Test Reports. B. dust. excessive humidity and temperature. The term “installations” shall mean individual projects/contracts. Complete motor data for all motors. GUARANTEE A. 3. GENERAL MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS A. Multiple equipment units for a project will be considered as 1 installation towards meeting the experience requirements. DELIVERY AND STORAGE A. Manufacturer's Warranties. E. Belts. dirt. in accordance with Section 15122. The odour scrubber assembly shall include all necessary equipment and appurtenances as produced by recognised. Individual warranties by component manufacturer in lieu of single source responsibility by Odour Control System manufacturer will not be acceptable.

12. a minimum depth of m of nominal 50mm size. Overflow equipped with transparent sight glass 3. D. J. The separator shall be designed to remove not less than 99 percent of the entrained moisture of the air exiting the scrubber. Packing is to be randomly dumped into the scrubber. Packing support plates for the main bed shall be manufactured from a chemical grade GRP resin. packing supports. recirculation rate. The sump shall be furnished with a level sensor as specified herein.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT B. Scrubber liquor recirculation outlet (to pump suction). sized for the flow rates required to meet the performance requirements of this specification and taking into account varying air delivery rates of + 10%. and recirculation solution shall be designed to meet the specified removal efficiency. No liquid re-distributors shall be permitted. The scrubber shall include an entrainment separator demister section. The scrubber shall contain in the main packed bed. packing. lifting and hold down lugs. The packing depth. Any internal supports required shall be of the same material as the shell.KUWAIT . to monitor visually the sump liquid level. Hydrochloric acid supply connection. Material of construction shall be Schedule 80 PVC or other approved material for the scrubber service conditions. Level sensor/transmitter mounting connections with stilling well. Demister shall be of corrosion resistant construction. 14. H. packed bed and for scrubber sump) 9. 10. having 40 mm by 40 mm square openings and 40 mm deep. Pressure drop per meter of packing shall not exceed 15 mm water column. C. Minimum projection of nozzles shall be 150 mm. toroidal helix shaped or spherical shaped filament packing. An internal entrainment separator section of corrosion resistant construction shall be furnished with each tower. or same as above. 7. Four GRP tie down lugs or base flange. G. GRP ladder and working platform as shown on drawings.metre of packing. Construction material is to be polypropylene. having a free volume of 95% with 28 sq metres of surface area per cu. Scrubber nozzles and appurtenances shall be sized and arranged as shown on the drawings. The scrubber shall be designed with an integral sump to supply scrubbing solution to the recirculation pumps. consisting of droplets 10 microns and larger. A minimum of three manholes with neoprene gaskets (for servicing spray nozzle. for the entrainment separator section shall be manufactured from injection molded GRP. The scrubber tower shall be capable of operating at the design flow rate with a maximum total static pressure loss of 75 mm water column. 5. ORP probe mounting. Spray headers shall be placed at the manufacturer’s recommend distance above the packing. 4. The scrubbing liquid distribution system shall be the spray type of manufacturer’s standard design. Liquid sampling valve. 6. 11. Packing support plates. 2. external to the vessel. All liquid handling nozzles. pH probe mounting. having a minimum 84 percent open area . shall be flanged with ANSI 150 lb. Mounting brackets for scrubber recirculation piping. design and drilled in accordance with BS 4504. internal spray piping. Proper allowance for low level shutdown of the recirculation pumps and high level alarms shall be provided in designing of the sump height. Design of this sump shall be to hold a minimum of two minutes supply of scrubbing liquid. 8. if required. I. Gas handling nozzles shall have the dimensions as outlined in National Bureau of Standards PS 15-69. E. F. Make-up water inlet. Sight glass with suitable PVC isolation valves. Scrubber liquor recirculation inlet (to spray header). Section 15862 .4 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Nozzles and appurtenances shall include as a minimum: 1. 13.

with 27 percent + 5 percent glass fibre by weight.5 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . 3. C.Alternative 1 . No internal wetted metal bolts and fasteners are permitted. Ultraviolet absorbers added for vessels indicated for outdoor service. ASTM D1784-69. Hot gas welded all seams and joints.04. The scrubber shall be supplied with integral mounting lugs and pipe supports for the scrubber liquor recirculation piping. sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. B. MATERIALS A. skatole. a.Rotationally Moulded High-Density Crosslinked Polyethylene (HDXLPE). 8. the chopped fibres shall be 12-50 mm length.KUWAIT . Rigid PVC sheets. Hand lay-up according to NBS PS-15-69. 7.9 kg/m2. Pipe supports shall be non-metallic. Vessel shall have an average glass fibre content of 55 percent +1% by weight. potassium permangenate. c. hydrogen sulphide. b. Vessels . Exterior vessel surface: Ferro-white or an equivalent gel coat finish as selected by the Engineer. Inner corrosion barrier: Resin-rich.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT K. ASTM D3299 or D4097 2. dimethyl sulphide. b. Overlay: Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP): a. L. c. 1. Vessels . Glass fibre reinforcing material: a. Resin: a. methylamine. indole. b. ethyl mercaptans. Stainless steel anchor bolts and clips shall be provided by the manufacturer.Dual laminate: 1. Construction method: Filament wound. Non-destructive spark test all welds. All external bolts and fasteners including anchor bolts and flanged bolts shall be type 316 stainless steel. A manometer type pressure differential gauge shall be provided which shall be calibrated in mm of water column. 6. b. M.Alternative 2 . Should the chopped roving technique be employed. Liner: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). d.Alternative 3 . Vessels . d. Shall not contain thixotropic agents or pigments. Thickness inner corrosion barrier plus the inner mat layers 100 mils minimum. methyl mercaptan. Commercial grade evaluated as a laminate by test or determined by previous service for an environment which may contain ammonia. channels and straps. d. in accordance with ASTM D2584. a. hydrogen peroxide. Commercial grade with a complying agent to provide bond between the glass fibre reinforcement and the resin. 10-15 mil (minimum). High density crosslinked polyethylene scrubbers shall be manufactured by the rotational moulding process in accordance with ASTM D 1998-91 Standard Specification for Section 15862 .Fiberglass: 1. 5 percent antimony trioxide added for fire retardation. Topcoat: Chlorendic resin. Inner mat layer: Minimum two layers of chopped-strand mat or two passes of chopped roving to a total of 0. Isophthalic resin. not to exceed 20 percent + noncontinuous glass fibre by weight. Minimum four layers of 1½ oz. Construction requirements . Minimum wall thickness 5mm. 2. chopped strand glass mat. 2. colour selected by Engineer. chlorine. 4. 5. c. sodium hypochlorite. The scrubber shall have pressure taps located below the main packed bed and above the entrainment separator. diphenyl sulphide.

3. [___] [__________] [__________] [__________] [____] 2. The tolerances on the outside diameter. distributors. [___] Equipment Tag Nos. 3. and cooling and removing the moulded article. full strength stress-cracking agent. The test specimens may be compression moulded or rotationally moulded.06 Section 15862 . b.KUWAIT . Provide a packaged water filtration/softening system to filter and remove hardness from the scrubber make-up water. All plastic shall contain an ultraviolet stabiliser at a level adequate to give protection for the intended service life of the vessel (minimum of 0. FANS A. Filtration System Design Parameter Plant No. a. Minimum (m3) Deodourisation Plant No. 50 Hertz. The polyethylene shall be virgin material. if allowed by the Engineer. Appearance.15. Finished vessel walls shall be free. pimples. Plastics. This stabiliser shall be compounded in the polyethylene. All edges where openings are cut into the vessel shall be trimmed smooth.05. Type 1 only. 3 phase. General Description: 1. Vessel Construction: 1. 415volts. D. recycled. All major system components such as tanks. assembled and tested by a single source. PACKAGED WATER FILTRATION/SOFTENING SYSTEM A. The vessel diameter shall be measured externally. The polyethylene shall have a stress-cracking resistance of 500 h minimum F50 in accordance with Test Method D 1693. cracking and delaminations. piping assemblies regenerant systems will all be designed. [___] [_________] [_________] [_________] [____] [____] Deodourisation Plant No. shall not rely upon the performance data of their original constituents. of visual defects such as foreign inclusions.6 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Fillers and Pigments. Design Criteria: 1. controls.25%). or reprocessed materials or combinations of such materials. including out of roundness. Provide the fan with a horizontal squirrel cage induction type motor of sufficient power such that no point on the fan curve requires more than the nameplate power rating of the motor furnished – without service factor. fusing the resin by heating while rotating the mould about more than one axis. Fans shall be in accordance with the requirements of Section 15830 – “Fibreglass Centrifugal Fans”. Measurement shall be taken in a vertical position. Condition A. Cut edges. crazing. as commercially practicable. Pigments must be compounded simultaneously with the resin manufacture.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT 2.) Design Filtration Rate (l/s/m2) Backwash Flow rate (m3/hr) Media Volume. Polyethylene Upright Storage Tanks. (m3/hr. continuous 24 hour operation. The motor shall have a minimum service factor of 1. which will impair the serviceability of the vessel. B. The electric motor shall be suitable for single speed. Rotational Moulding shall be defined as a three-stage process consisting of loading the mould with powdered resin. Design Flow. 2. shall be ± 1%. or powders of equal physical and chemical properties. 2. Cut edges in fiberglass vessels shall be edge sealed with resin. The moulding powder used shall be Marlex CL-250 or CL-200 as manufactured by Phillips 66. 3. but must meet the requirements of this standard in its own right. air bubbles. pinholes. B. 2. The plastic shall contain no fillers. Motor: 1. Use of regrind. Dimensions and Tolerance.

painted with a rust-inhibiting primer. G. which is designed to operate as a depth filter rather than as a surface filter.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT Tank Diameter (m) No. Mineral density. [__] Equipment Tag Nos. shells. to minimise channeling within the media bed.KUWAIT . minimising the opportunity of channeling. F. Together these components will admit the correct volume of water to the brine tank in Section 15862 . Brine System: 1. During refill. uniformity coefficient and depth of each layer will be carefully controlled to ensure proper stratification after backwash and optimum performance in service.S. high-density polyethylene. The media shall be solid. Front Piping: Piping for each filter and resin tank will be provided. will be provided. All valves and piping will be fully assembled and leak tested at the factory before shipment to the job site. of the proper particle size (20 by 50 mesh. The tank will be internally lined with a phenolic epoxy to a 4-6 mil thickness and then baked at 230 Deg C. No slots will face upward. [___] [_________] [_________] [______] [______] [____] [____] [____] [____] [____] [____] [____] [____] Deodourisation Plant No. Softening System Design Parameter Plant No. working with the time refill feature of the control valve. and then finished with a gloss epoxy top coat. which will automatically open to admit brine to the resin tank during eduction and close automatically to prevent introduction of air into the resin tank. Design Flow (m3/hr) Outlet Hardness (mg/l) Resin Tank diameter (m) No. the brine valve will regulate the flow of treated water into the brine tank.06 x106 grains/cu.4m and sufficient to allow adequate freeboard space during backwashing. The tank will be equipped with a 100mm x 150mm handhole near the bottom of the sideshell for underbed leveling and mineral cleanout. The bottom layer of high density fine material will polish the water by removing particles down to 10 microns in size. The tank will be molded of corrosion-proof. 2. with cover.m. particle size. H. Distributor System: The filter and resin tanks will have a type 316 stainless steel upper distributor which will disperse water laterally. The top layer will collect coarse turbidity. 3. Softening Media: Each softener tank will be provided with resin having a minimum exchange capacity of 1. 2. The pre-plumbed assembly will be prime painted. The brine tank will be equipped with an elevated salt plate for the brine valve. Fittings will be 250 pound class malleable iron. The lower distributor will be of all-plastic construction in a hub-radial design. The exterior will be sand blasted. Proper underbedding media will be provided to aid in the even collection of water and make efficient use of the filtering capability of the media. The resins will be manufactured to comply with the food additive regulation. of tanks required Operating Pressure (Bar) Piping connections (mm) 2. D. 21 CFR 173. U.7 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . The tank will be equipped with an opening in the top head for mineral filling and periodic inspection. Filter Tank and Resin Tank: 1.25 as set forth by the US FDA. standard screen) and will contain no agglomerates. Filter Media: Each filter tank will have a multi-layer media bed. of Tanks Resin Volume (m3) Brine Tank diameter (m) Piping Connections (mm) [____] [____] [____] [____] Deodourisation Plant No. The tank will be supported by stainless steel legs that permit skid mounting. A combination salt storage and brine tank. The middle layer will accumulate particles normally trapped by sand filters. non-code construction. 4. plates or other shapes that might interfere with the normal function of the water softener. Each tank will be designed for 7 bar. The side shell height will be at least 1. when regenerated with 7 kgs of salt. [___] [_________] [_________] [_____] [_____] [_____] [_____] [_____] [_____] C. E.

[__________] Number of Pumps : [___] Motor Rating (Minimum) : [___] Motor Speed (Maximum) : [_______] Section 15862 . It will include turbine meter(s) and a solid state control device to permit regeneration on a metered volume basis. The enclosure will conform to NEMA 3 enclosure standards. back pullout type. The control will be a fully automatic multi-port control valve operated by a rotary pilot that hydraulically or pneumatically activates cartridge style diaphragm valves to accomplish regeneration. Provide and install pumps. depending upon the requirements. [____] Equipment Tag Nos.KUWAIT . J. moisture-resistant case. centrifugal pump. horizontal. 2. any or every day of the week. Each pump shall be a flexible coupled. It will utilise a bolt-down flange connection to permit proper positioning between the valve and the conditioner tank openings. end suction.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT accordance with the salt dosage settings on the control valve. The system will include one turbine to allow two tanks to regenerate on an alternating basis. [___________] [_________].8 bar. Softener Automatic Controls: 1. [___________] [_________].07 RECIRCULATION PUMPS A. Accuracy will be within 15% of the rated flow over the operating pressure range of the system. The brine valve will include a float-operated safety shut-off valve. The filter will be equipped with an electrical control to operate the opening and closing of a diaphragm valve nest by means of a pilot valve. which will allow control of backwashing to be on water use. as shown on the contract drawings and specified herein. as a back-up to the time refill valve on the control. The electrical control mechanism will be enclosed in a gasketed. The unit will have provisions for individual adjustment of backwash and rinse cycles. single stage. and provisions for manually regenerating the water filter by means of inlet hydraulic pressure. and provisions for individual adjustment of backwash and rinse cycle and provisions for manually regenerating by means of inlet hydraulic pressure even without the use of electric power. to prevent overflowing of the brine tank. The unit will have provisions for individual adjustment and backwash and rinse cycle. Deodorisation Plant No. In addition. The system shall include for a programmable electronic controller and turbine type flow meters to be installed in the outlet (service) pipe of the unit. while maintaining a forward-facing timer for easy servicing. : [_________]. regardless of pressure fluctuations between 2 and 6. The multiport valve will incorporate self-adjusting flow regulators to control the rate of flow and to prevent resin loss during backwash. B. brine-rinse and brine tank refill positions. [___________] [_________]. Filter Automatic Controls: 1. K. The enclosure will conform to NEMA 3R enclosure standards.8 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Regeneration will be controlled by a seven-day calendar clock that permits regeneration at any time of the day or night. 2. the filter will be equipped with flow controls to regulate the flow of water during the backwash and purge cycles. The automatic control will be of top mount design and all-brass construction. I. It will have provision for either left-hand or right-hand raw water plumbing to simplify installation. The control will open and close slowly to prevent noise and hydraulic shock. even without the use of electric power. Inlet and outlet pressure gauges with isolation valves will be supplied 3. corrosion resistant. They will be factory selected to prevent mineral loss and restrict wastewater discharge. Regeneration will be controlled by a seven-day calendar clock that permits regeneration at any time of the day or night. Pumps shall be designed for the following conditions: 1. Power Requirement : 240V/single phase. It will have provisions for bypass of hard water during the regeneration cycle or elimination of the bypass. any or every day of the week. The electrical control mechanism will be enclosed in a gasketed moisture-resistant case.

J. Pumps shall be grouted in place with organic epoxy grout. All bearings shall have a minimum B-10 rating of 100. FIBERGLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC TANKS A. : : [_____] [_____] Deodorisation Plant No. A complete pre-wired control panel shall be provided for each deodorisation plant. Pumps and motors shall be bolted to a common GRP baseplate. GRP CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS A. The shaft seal shall be by packing with external flush. as specified in Clause 2. D. oil-tight bearing frame. Number of Pumps Motor Rating (Minimum) Motor Speed (Maximum) Capacity (l/s) Head (m) : : : : : : [___] [___] [_______] [_____] [_____] [_________]. GRP centrifugal pumps.07. 50 Hertz continuous 24 hour operation 2.11 Section 15862 . Pumps shall be flexibly coupled to the motor with a suitable coupling. E. The pump casing shall be a resin injected fibreglass reinforced polyester volute design.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT Capacity (l/s) Head (m) 2. shall be provided for the odour control system. All instrumentation devices. Bearings shall be oil lubricated. Coupling guard shall be provided. ball type and enclosed in a cast iron. fed from the plant water supply as shown on the drawings. for the odour scrubber system.000 hours under full load continuous 24 hour duty. Provide chemical feed pumps. I. F. 1. The pump shall be equipped with constant level oiler. machined with precision pins of tongue-andgroove construction. oil lubricated. Motor. to ensure permanent alignment. B. H. K. above shall be provided for the odour control system. constructed of fiberglass reinforced polyester. where shown on the P & ID drawings or specified in the system descriptions.08 2. Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks. The casing shall be free standing supported by heavy-duty non-metallic feet. Contacts/interfaces shall be provided as necessary to provide alarm and monitoring signals to the plant DCS for supervisory control. G.9 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . 3 phase. 3.10 2.KUWAIT .09 CHEMICAL FEED PUMPS A. 2. Suction and discharge nozzles shall be ANSI flat face flanges drilled to comply with BS 4504. [___________] C.15. INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS A. control panels and wiring shall meet the requirements of Division 13. The panel shall include all devices necessary for complete operation of the odour scrubber systems. The shaft shall be constructed of Type 316 stainless steel of sufficient diameter to assure rigid support of the impeller to prevent excessive vibration. The bearing housing shall be constructed of cast iron. Bearings shall be of the anti-friction. as specified in Section 15450. The shaft sleeve shall be integral with the impeller. L. Each pump shall be provided with a horizontal squirrel cage induction type motor of sufficient power such that no point on the pump curve requires more than the nameplate horsepower of the motor furnished – without using service factor. Each motor shall be suitable for 415 Volts. [____] Equipment Tag Nos. as specified in Section 11346. 2. Motor shall have a minimum service factor of 1. A complete Seal water supply system shall be provided for each pump. Impellers shall be balanced shrouded fiberglass reinforced polyester.

chemical metering pumps. valves. The control panel shall be furnished factory wired with all equipment and appurtenances mounted thereon and shall include the following: 1. The control panel enclosure shall be NEMA 4X construction. Panel construction and components shall meet the requirements of Section 13440.flange mounted a.16 SAFETY SHOWER & EYE WASH A. Interlocks between recirculating pumps.14 2. A 50 mm PVC ball valve and 50 by 100 mm funnel shall be installed as recommended by manufacturer. front access type.10 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Provide a trap on the scrubber sump overflow line to prevent air inflow through the scrubber. Section 15862 . Recirculation pump loss of flow protection b. H2S Monitor. Instrumentation devices shall be as specified in Sections 13400 and 13420. ACID SUPPLY CONNECTION A. which are operated separately. 2. 4. Selector switches for manual or automatic operation. E. B. located as shown on the Drawings. ORP monitoring a.12 PIPING AND APPURTENANCES A. The power service shall be 220 Volts.15 2. with sensors and sampling points at inlets and outlets of each scrubber. recirculating pumps. All piping and appurtenances provided for the odor scrubber equipment shall meet the requirements of Division 15 Mechanical including piping. Unite shall be supplied with a deluge shower and hand operated eye wash. Provide universal emergency sign with each unit. Start/stop control of NaOH metering pumps 2. Alarm on high differential pressure indicating scrubber system potential failure Continuous level sensors . 2. together with at least two chairs. 6.13 2. SUMP OVERFLOW TRAP A. Interfacing with plant DCS (Distribution Control System) as shown on the drawings 3. 2. B. cabinet and table with drawers. 4. The unit shall be supplied with chemically resistant wash hand basin. CONTROL PANEL A. An acid tank. chemical metering pumps. Interlocks between pH and ORP Analyser/Controllers.KUWAIT . B. to provide a source of acid. pH monitoring: a. 50 hertz to the panel. Motor control switches and indicating lights for the fans. Start/stop control of NaOCl metering pumps Sump level transmitters a. pH and ORP analyzer. C. Unit shall be designed to be used in corrosive atmospheric areas. D. 3. strainers. Refer to Section 13934 – Capacitance Level Instruments. and sump level control. including all necessary piping and accessories shall be included. 1. single phase. C. The scrubber shall be equipped with a nozzle for addition of a dilute acid solution to the sump. chemical metering pumps. and the makeup water solenoid valve and level control as shown on the Drawings. Sump make-up water control Differential pressure monitoring across towers a. The unit shall provide a complete emergency station for first-aid with both eyewash and shower available in one location. 5. etc. The odour scrubber equipment manufacturer shall furnish control panels for the system as shown on the Contract Drawings and as specified herein.SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT C.

SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT F. 3 Furnish the following spare parts for each pump type: Item Quantity a.01 EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION A.EXECUTION 3. and testing of the following equipment. with a minimum of 2 (two) trips. c. b. Sets of stuffing box packing.11 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . Automatic. stay-open. All fittings shall be stainless steel. 1. and operation of the equipment for 10 (ten) days. 1 c. 3.2 Section 15862 . special corrosion resistant. 32 mm dia.17 SPARE PARTS A. Set of complete bearings. 2. B. Sets of rubber coupling buffers. 5. 2 f. Spare parts shall be delivered to the Ministry stores and stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Shower Head: a. Complete motor. b. Item Quantity Packing 5 percent of total packing Spray nozzles 1 set Fan “V” belts 2 sets/Fan Fan Bearings 1 set per fan type Furnish the following spare parts for each pump: Item Quantity a. Waste line : 32 mm dia 3. Lantern rings for packing box. Odour scrubber equipment and appurtenances shall be installed in the orientation indicated and in accordance with the manufacturer's written instructions. MANUFACTURER'S SERVICES A. The representative shall supervise the installation. Initial start-up and the check out of each odour control system. PART 3 . 1. Supply line : 32 mm dia e. 1 e. Placing the scrubber into operation. stainless steel ball valve which operates with easily located rigid stainless steel pall rod with triangular handle. Provide spare parts in the quantities indicated for each size and type of the odour scrubber equipment furnished under this section. Provide on site. adjustment. Set of wear rings. 3 c. 1 b. Flexible coupling. and the package shall clearly identify the equipment to which it applies. Shower Valve a.KUWAIT . Eye Wash a. 4. 1 g. 3. stainless steel floor flange. Instant-action. Unit shall be operated by foot treadle. Stainless steel bowl with twin stainless steel soft flow spray heads and circular stainless steel face spray spring to bathe entire face. adjustment. the services of a manufacturer's representative who is experienced in installation. stainless steel pipe with 225 mm dia. Pump shaft. Set of shaft sleeves. Stainless steel b. 1 d. Materials 1. Impeller. Projected with dust covers and automatically release with water pressure. Standard a. 2. 4. 2. Parts shall be packaged for prolonged storage. 2. d. 1 b. pressure compensation devices shall be provided for constant steady water flow. 1 6.

SANITARY ENGINEERING – GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ODOUR SCRUBBER EQUIPMENT 3. modify. FIELD TESTING AND ADJUSTING EQUIPMENT A.03 Final testing and adjusting of all components including chemical feed equipment so that type. The blower system is ready for continuous safe operation and blower installation meets the specified performance requirements. capacity and motor input. All system components are fully operational.12 MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS . All control and instrumentation components have been properly calibrated and adjusted. b. Operational Test 1. make observations of pump and fan head. All costs involved in retesting shall be borne by the Contractor. Component tests shall be conducted to demonstrate to the Engineer’s satisfaction that: a. concentration and feed rate of chemical reagents are properly determined. Cover items contained in the operating and maintenance manuals. 3. After the installation is complete and other related and required portions of the plant are also available. 5. retesting. During tests.KUWAIT . Provide training for a total period of 8 (eight) hours of normal working time. Promptly correct or replace all defects or defective equipment revealed by or noted during tests 4. Correct defects revealed during testing and retest until all defects are corrected. is in a safe and satisfactory operating condition and conforms to the operating characteristics. Start after the system is functionally complete but prior to final acceptance tests. 7. Retesting 1. In case of failure to show fitness and ability to function as required. END OF SECTION Section 15862 . Repeat tests until satisfactory results have been obtained. Demonstrate that the equipment is not defective. pH. B. B.02 above. operational field testing shall be conducted under the supervision of the Manufacturer's qualified personnel. The system shall be subject to a final operation test after the facility has commenced operating with raw/septic sewage to show that it can effectively remove the odours and to make final adjustments 6. This time is separate from and independent of the time allocated for services under Clause 3. All rotating equipment shall be subjected to a vibration analysis with a maximum acceptable vibration amplitude of 75 microns under the full operating range. c. 3. 3. No contract time extensions will be granted for testing. or modifications of equipment. 2. This test requirement shall include the fans and recirculation pumps. Provide field training course for designated operating and maintenance staff in accordance with Section 01820. rebuild or replace equipment or parts thereof at no additional cost to the Ministry. 2.04 FIELD TRAINING A. until equipment has been made acceptable in accordance with specifications and until satisfactory acceptance tests have been performed.