A Project Report Submitted To The Sonari Commerce College, In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirement Of The Bachelor Of Commerce, Part -III (1+1+1) For The Paper No. -7



Mr. B.N. Tamuli Lecturer, Department of Finance and Accounting. Sonari Commerce College, Sonari- 785690 District- Sivasagar, Assam.

This is to certify that Ms. Snehlata Jain student of B. Com Part III (I +I+I) of Sonari Commerce College has completed the project report titled ―Banking Facilities and Customers Satisfaction provided by SBI, Sonari Branch‖, under my guidance and that no part of this report has been submitted for the award of any other Degree or Diploma to any other Board or University.


This study was made possible with the consultations, support and kind opinions from several people. So with immense gratitude, I acknowledge all those, whose guidance and valuable inputs have helped in the materialization of this project. I am indebted to Prof. B.N. Tamuli, Prof. Rubul Changmai, faculty of Sonari Commerce College, for his unfailing support throughout the study. His timely suggestions and novel ideas provided a better insight for the project of banking. I thank Sonari Commerce College, for providing me with the opportunity to carry out this project work. I thank all my friends, whose help and suggestions have helped to shape my project report into what it is today. Finally, I am immensely grateful to my family for their constant encouragement and support.

(Snehlata Jain)


I, Snehlata Jain of B.Com Part III, Studying at Sonari Commerce College, Sonari, hereby declare that this project report, titled ―Banking Facilities and Customer Satisfaction provided by SBI Sonari Branch‖ has been prepared by me as partial of the requirements of the B. Com Program of the Dibrugarh University (Batch of 2011-2012). My guide for the project report has been Prof. B.N. Tamuli.

I further declare that this project report has not been submitted earlier to any other University or Institute for the award of any Degree or Diploma.

(Snehlata Jain)


Chapter 1 – Banking a Conceptual Framework……………………………………………....... 1.1 Concept of Banks………………………………………………………………... 1.2 Capital Requirements to start up a Bank………………………………………... 1.3 Types of Banks………………………………………………………………….. 1.4 Nationalisation of Banks in India……………………………………………….. 1.5 Licensing of Banks in India…………………………………………………….. 1.6 Functions of SBI………………………………………………………………… 1.7 Importance of SBI………………………………………………………………. 1.8 Advantages of SBI………………………………………………………………. 1.9 Role of SBI in Economy………………………………………………………… 1.10 Role of SBI in International Finance and Business……………………………….. 1.11 Facilities and Services provided by SBI…………………………………………... 1.12 Recent Awards and Recognitions…………………………………………………. Chapter 2 – Review of Literature……………………………………………………………….

Chapter 3 – Research Design and Methodology……………………………………………….. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 3.9 3.10 3.11 Introduction………………………………………………………………………. Research Methodology…………………………………………………………… Techniques of data collected……………………………………………………... Sources of Data…………………………………………………………………... Objectives of the Study…………………………………………………………... Hypothesis of the Study………………………………………………………….. Area of the Study…………………………………………………………………. Period of the Study……………………………………………………………….. Significance of the Study………………………………………………………… Population………………………………………………………………………… Sample…………………………………………………………………………….

Chapter 4 – Findings, Analysis and Conclusions…………………………….......................... 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Analysis………………………………………………………………………… Findings………………………………………………………………………… Suggestions……………………………………………………………………... Conclusions…………………………………………………………………….. .

Bibliography…….……………………………………………………………………………… Appendices……………………………………………………………………………………...

List of Tables…………………………………………………………………………………… List of Abbreviations…………………………………………………………………………… .

which regulates the money supply. Banks also enable customer payments via other payment methods such as – telegraphic transfer. in which case they are permitted to only borrow from members of the financial co-operative.300 risk. market risk. . and by investing in marketable debt securities and other forms of money lending. by making instalment loans. 1. and how well these risks are managed and understood is a key driver behind profitability. The term ‗bank‘ may refer to one of several related types of entities: A Central bank circulates money on behalf of a government and acts as its monetary authority by implementing monetary policy. Banks borrow most funds from households and non-financial businesses. paying cheques drawn by customers on the bank.1 CONCEPT OF BANKS A bank is a financial institution that serves as a financial intermediary. either directly by lending.Chapter 1 BANKING . operational risk. and by issuing debt securities such as bank notes and bonds. A Bank‘s main source of income is interest. Banks acts as payment agents by conducting checking or current accounts for customers. and lend most funds to households and non-financial business. liquidity risk. Banks provide almost all payment services. and how much capital a bank is required to hold. Banks borrow money by accepting funds deposited on current accounts. Banks lend money by making advances to customers on current accounts. by accepting term deposits. Banks face a number of risks in order to conduct their business. EFTPOS. Some of the main risks faced by banks include. individuals and governments. and a bank account is considered indispensable by most business.2 CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS TO START UPA BANK  The initial minimum paid-up capital for a new bank shall be Rs.A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 1. They can either be stock holder owned or mutually owned. A bank pays out at a lower interest rate on deposits and receives a higher interest rate on loans. or indirectly by investing through the capital markets. and collecting cheques deposited to customer‘s current accounts. Non-banks that provide payment services such as remittance companies are not normally considered and adequate substitute for having a bank account. and automated teller machine (ATM). A Commercial bank accepts deposits and pools those funds to provide credit. The difference between these rates represents the bank‘s net income. A Saving bank is similar to a savings and loan association (S & L). etc.

etc. Public Sector Banks: State Bank of India. etc are private sector banks... Co-operative Banks: a. the banking institutions in India may be divided into the following types: 1.. . State Co-operative Banks: These are the apex co-operative banks in all the states of the country.3 TYPES OF BANKS There are various types of banks which operate in our country to meet the financial requirements of different categories of people engaged in agriculture. Development Credit Bank Ltd. Bank of Baroda. Citibank. Foreign Banks: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). b. The operations of its society are restricted to a small area so that the members know each other and are able to watch over the activities of all members to prevent frauds. The new bank will be required to open 25 per cent of its branches in rural and semi-urban areas.. Primary Credit Societies: These are formed at the village or town level with borrower or non-borrower members residing in one locality. Corporation Bank. Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd. 4. Global Trust Bank. 3. c. 2. Vysya Bank.     The promoters‘ contribution shall be a minimum of 40 per cent of the paid-up capital of the bank at any point of time. The bank shall be required to maintain a minimum capital adequacy ratio of 10 per cent on a continuous basis from the commencement of its operations. c. Grindlay‘s Bank. Private Sector Banks: The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. Central Co-operative Banks: These banks operate at the district level having some of the Primary Credit Societies belonging to the same district as their members. American Express Bank. etc are examples of public sector banks. etc are some foreign banks. The new bank should not be promoted by a large industrial house. Dena Bank. b. profession. On the basis of functions.. Central Bank – RBI is the central bank of India. business. 1. NRI participation in the primary equity of a new bank shall be to the maximum extent of 40 per cent. Lord Krishna Bank Ltd. Development Banks: Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) and State Financial Corporations (SFCs) are examples of development banks. These banks provide loans to their members and functions as a link between the Primary Credit Societies and State Co-operative Banks. Standard and Chartered Bank. They mobilise funds and help in its proper channelization among various sectors. Commercial Banks: a.

1959: Nationalisation of SBI subsidiaries.4 NATIONALISATION OF BANKS IN INDIA Before the steps of nationalisation of Indian banks. 1. 1969: Nationalisation of 14 major banks. 2. Before this expiry of the 3 years refer to in sub. Seven more banks were nationalised with deposits over 200 crores. b. It took place in July 1955 under the SBI Act of 1955.     1955: Nationalisation of State Bank of India. The second phase of nationalisation of Indian Banks took place in the year 1980. in existence on the commencement of this Act. from carrying banking business until it is granted a licence in pursuance of this section or is by notice in writing informed by the Reserve Bank that a licence cannot be granted to it: Provided further that the Reserve Bank shall not give a notice aforesaid to a banking co. Every banking co.a wide range of banking services. Till this year approximately 80% of the banking segments in India were under government ownership. 1. 1980: Nationalisation of 7 banks with deposits over 200 crores. Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). before the expiry of 6 months from such commencement. nothing in sub-section (1) shall be deemed to prohibit the co. After the nationalisation of banks in India. 1960. before commencing banking business in India shall apply in writing to the Reserve Bank for licence under this section: Provided that in the case of a banking company in existence at the commencement of this Act.5. only State Bank of India (SBI) was nationalised. Nationalisation of seven State Banks of India (formed subsidiary) took place on 19th July.section(1) of the section 11 or of such further period as the Reserve Bank may under that sub-section think fit to allow.5 LICENCING OF BANKS OF INDIA 1. . National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD). It serves 90 million customers through a network of 9000 branches and it offers either directly or through subsidiaries. no company shall carry on banking business in India unless it holds a licence issued in that behalf by the Reserve Bank and such licence may be issued subject to such conditions as the Reserve Bank may think fit to impose. Export Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank). Specialised Banks: a. the brances of public sector banks rose to approximately 800% in deposits and advances took a huge jump by 11000%. c. Save as hereinafter provided. in existence of the commencement of this Act. The State Bank of India is India‘s largest Commercial Bank and is ranked one of the top five banks worldwide. and every co.

unless it is of opinion that the delay will be prejudicial to the co. namelya. d. if the co. under this section:    if the co. b. Before granting any licence under this section. c. or if at any time. It helps in investing in securities. it grants loans and deals in bills of exchange and hundies. ceases to carry on banking business in India or. e. Bank where Reserve Bank of India does not exist. will not be prejudicial to the public interest or the interest of its depositors. that the affairs of the co. to carry on business in India. has adequate capital structure and earning prospects. the Reserve Bank. are not being. or otherwise that the following conditions are fulfilled. that the co. on such terms as it may specify an opportunity of taking the necessary steps for complying with or fulfilling such conditions. It undertakes treasury functions on behalf of the government. that the co. . at any time fails to comply with any of the conditions imposed up on it under sub-section (i). The subsidiary functions of the State Bank of India are as follows:    It helps in issuing bank drafts at the time of transferring of funds. the Reserve Bank may require to be satisfied by an inspection of the books of the co. or are not likely to be conducted in a manner detrimental to the interest of its present or future depositors. has failed to comply with or has failed to fulfil any of the conditions referred to therein. It purchases bills upto 15 months and issues foreign bills of exchange. 1. If functions as a Govt. that the general character of the proposed manager of the co. The functions of the commercial banks may be broadly classified into two categories called:   Primary functions Subsidiary functions The primary functions of the State Bank of India are as follows:    Like other banks. The Reserve Bank may cancel a licence granted to a public co. is or will be in a position to pay its present or future depositors in full as their claims accrue.6 FUNCTIONS OF SBI The Imperial Bank of India was nationalized in 1957 and after nationalization it was renamed as the State Bank of India. any of the conditions referred to in sub-section (3) and subsection 3-A is not fulfilled. that the public interest will be served by the grant of a licence to the co.3. Provided that before cancelling a licence under clause (ii) or clause (iii) on this sub-section on the ground that the banking co.

particularly on a local level. The State Bank Group.8 ADVANTAGES OF SBI SBI has done a lot to promote innovation and economic growth then almost any other institution. This as a further advantage for society at large. It performs other banking functions of a commercial Bank. 1. SBI has 14 local Head Offices and 57 Zonal Offices that are located at important cities throughout the country. providing the financing needed to modernize the country‘s agricultural industry and develop new irrigation methods and cattle breeding techniques. SBI played an extremely important role in developing India‘s rural regions. including products aimed at non-resident Indians (NRIs). Mortgages: The flat price of a home is beyond the purchasing power of most people. Little can be understood about how the economic system works if you don‘t take into account the various functions of SBI:  Investment: For any new business to get off the ground and begin operations. is the ability to purchase a house given to the average person.7 IMPORTANCE OF SBI SBI is the largest of the big four banks of India. SBI provides a range of banking products through its vast network of branches in India and overseas. SBI plays a crucial role in today‘s economy. SBI makes this capital available to new entrepreneurs through the great number of loans they provide. It has a market share among Indian Commercial Banks of about 20% in deposits and loans. there must be capital available that can be used to purchase necessary equipment and property.its main competitors. Savings: Rather than merely keeping your money in a safe place. and backing e creation of dairy farming as well as pork and poultry industries. it helps to grow the wealth of society overall. Only through the creation of mortgages by SBI. as the bank pays interest on the amount. where it provide credit coverage and development assistance to villages. The bank also provided backing for the development of the county‘s infrastructure. With an asset base of $ 352 billion and $ 285 billion in deposits. along with ICICI bank. Punjab National Bank and HDFC Bank. SBI is a regional banking behemoth and is one of the largest financial institution in the world. As money saved in bank is not merely dead capital but money that the bank is actively investing in other enterprises. It also has around 130 branches overseas. Also SBI is the only bank featured in the coveted ― Top 10 Brands of India‖ list in an annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times in 2010. The State Bank of India is the 29th most reputed co. with over 16000 branches has the largest banking branch network in India. 1.   . in the world according to Forbes. by placing your money in a bank account you add to your wealth.

It has all the advantages that a commercial bank can bring. E. 1. F. easy way. They create jobs thereby contributing to economic development. PERSONAL LOAN .9 ROLE OF SBI IN INDIAN ECONOMY SBI is an international commercial bank. 1. who is the largest bank of India.10 ROLE OF SBI IN INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND BUSINESS State bank of India. The following report can explain the role of SBI in International Finance and Business:     SBI has 92 foreign office spread over 32 countries for providing financial and banking business services.. B. is growing fastly in international finance and service business sector. SBI purchased 76% shares of Indonesia's PT Bank Indomonex in 2005 and according to the Economics Times. lends out loans. Credit Cards. SBI is making planning to acquire second top bank of Indonesia named EKsekutiff bank. Merge of this Indonesia bank will enhance the importance of SBI in International finance and business. C.11 FACILITIES AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY SBI I. welcomes savings and so on. Payment: SBI have devised a number of ways to aid clients in the payment of their debts. Banks might also attract investment with low interest rates. Car Loan. Loan against Property. SBI customers can use cheques as well as debit cards and online bill-paying services in a quick. Home Loan. A. 1.. SBI wants to increase his share in international business and finance up to 25% of his total business in 2012. SBI provides various loans such as: Personal Loan. A. Banks maximise their profits through interests.. It creates credit. Educational Loan. SBI is doing business of banking with Italy's bank popolare di vicenza under co-operation venture contract. SBI has already 10 branches in Indonesia. D.

The amount of loan can be ranged from Rs. If you have a longer tenure you will end up paying     . employment or business & other factors of the borrower. A Loan without security: A Personal Loan is not a secured loan (bank doesn‘t ask for any security or collateral) as against a Secured Loan where one is required to pledge a house or other security to acquire a loan. 2. prepayment penalties and documentation fee because they increase the overall loan cost and vary widely across banks. Basis to Compare Personal Loans  Compare Interest Rates: Personal Loan can be compared primarily on the basis of interest rates which vary across banks depending on your profile which is further linked to your occupation. 50. you must go for that loan which is offering you at the minimum rate. EMIs & other charges. a holiday or purchasing consumer durables.000 – Rs. the loan is very handy & caters to all your needs. EMIs: EMI is the monthly equated instalment which constitutes the principal amount and the interest on the principal equally divided across each month in the loan tenure. you can take a loan ranging from Rs. Banks are concerned about the fact that whether the borrower is able to pay back the loan with interest before the due date or not and they confirm this by checking the income. 50. Evaluate offers keeping the tenure of the loan constant & compare the rate of interest. 4. it ranges from 1 year to 5 years. Evaluation of various Loan offers: You should first calculate the entire loan cost across banks which constitutes the rate of interest & banks other charges. 20 lakh & the tenure for repaying the loan varies from 1 to 5 years.000 to Rs. Big Loan amount: Personal Loan is a means to fulfil bigger loan requirement. credit history etc. Other Charges: You should also check on the other charges like processing fee. Simple Documentation: A Personal Loan can be accessed with minimal paperwork or documentation & doesn‘t take much time to procure as against a Secured Loan. The personal loan interest rates ranges from 12% to 25%. Use our EMI Calculator to compare EMIs across banks Tenure: Tenure is the time frame for the loan payments to be paid back to the bank.What is a Personal loan? Personal Loan is an unsecured loan for personal use which doesn‘t require any security or collateral and can be availed for any purpose. salary/income. No specification about the end use of the loan amount: You are not required to disclose the end use of the money borrowed. 20 lakh. 3. This process will help you get the Best Loan deal. Benefits of Personal loan 1. be it a wedding expenditure.

e. These charges are:      Processing fee Prepayment fee Late penalties Cheque bounce charges Documentation charges. profit & loss account. personal loan also constitute other charges levied by the lender which affect the overall cost of your loan and should be considered while comparing it across banks. partnership deed & other mandatory documents etc. Charges involved in personal loan The Rate of interest alone should not be judged before you finalize your application. if the borrower is failed to pay back the loan. HOME LOAN What is a Home loan? Home Loan is a Secured Loan offered against the security of a house/property which is funded by the bank‘s loan. B. Types of Home Loan . Documents required in Personal Loans The documentation process is very fast as against home loan. the property could be a personal property or a commercial one.more interest & will have lower EMI. The Home Loan is a loan taken by a borrower from the bank issued against the property/security intended to be bought on the part by the borrower giving the banker a conditional ownership over the property i. Following documents are required by financial institutions to process the loan application:      Identity proof 3 to 6 months Bank statements Residence proof Salary slip Guarantors & their same set of documents In case of self-employed banks require balance sheets. the banker can retrieve the lent money by selling the property. apart from the rate of interest. on the other hand shorter loan tenure will carry higher EMIs & the interest amount is less.

so the new loan pays the previous loan & fulfils the money required for new home. Prepayment Penalties: When the borrower pre-pays the loan before the loan tenure. You must consider all these charges while comparing the cost structure across banks. Home Construction Loan: This type of loan taken when the borrower wants to construct a new home.    . Land Purchase Loan: It is that loan which is taken to purchase a land for construction & investment purposes. there are few banks who have removed this fee so you must check it with all the banks. The fee ranges between 0. banks charge a penalty which usually varies between 1 per cent and 2 per cent of the pre-paid amount. Bridge Loan: This type of loan helps finance the new home of the borrower when he wants to sell the existing home. It is given till the time a buyer is found for the old home. The Conversion Housing Loan helps the borrower to transfer the existing loan to the new home which requires extra funds.5 per cent and 1 per cent of the loan amount. Home Conversion Loan: It is that loan wherein the borrower has already taken a housing loan to finance his current home. like adding an extra room etc. Home Improvement Loan: This type of loan is for the renovation or repair of the home which is already bought Home Extension Loan: This type of loan serves the purpose when the borrower wants to extend or expand an existing home. this is normally a short term loan to the borrower & helps during the interim period when he wants to sell the old home & want to buy a new one. Legal Charges: Banks also incur some charges from the customer for legal and technical verification of the property. Following is the detailed fee structure incurred by banks at different loan stages:  Processing Charge: It is a fee payable at the time of submitting the loan application to the bank which is normally non-refundable.There are different types of home loans available in the market to cater borrower‘s different needs. These are:     Home Purchase Loan: This is the basic type of a loan which has the purpose of purchasing a new house.    Charges in Home Loan Acquiring a Home Loan doesn‘t only involve the cost of home loan interest rates but it also includes other charges & fee accompanying at various stages of taking the Home loan. but now wants to move to another home. Administrative Fee: It is a fee incurred by banks at the time of loan sanction.

250 and Rs. Documents required in Home Loan Generally the documents required to processing your loan application are almost similar across all the banks. 500 for every bounced cheque towards the loan payment because of lack of funds in your account. Principal amount for the repayment of loan along with other savings and investments is eligible for Tax Deduction up to a maximum limit of Rs. Under Sec 80(c) of Income Tax.  Tax Benefits in Home Loan The Home Loan borrower enjoys Tax Benefits on both Interest paid and the Principal re-paid Under Section 24(d) of Income Tax. 100000. banks charge a late payment fee from the borrower which normally ranges from 2% to 3% of the EMI. 150000. Copies of pay slips for last few months and TDS certificate Latest Form 16 issued by employer Bank statements In case of Self-employed     Copy of audited financial statements for the last 2 years Copy of partnership deed if it is a partnership firm or copy of memorandum of association and articles of association if it is a company Profit and loss account for the last few years Income tax assessment order . Cheque bounce charges: Banks charge between Rs. however they may differ with various banks depending upon specific requirement etc. Following documents are required by financial institutions to process the loan application:      Age Proof Address Proof Income Proof of the applicant & co-applicant Last 6 months bank A/C statement Passport size photograph of the applicant & co-applicant In case of Salaried    Employment certificate from the employer. Delayed payment Charges: When there is a delay in the payment of your EMI. the deduction of Interest payable on the Home Loan is up to a maximum of Rs.

The lender then disburses the amount through cheques or demand drafts (DD). such as your place of residence. A Credit Card is plastic money which is used as a way of payment. Free Credit Period: Firstly the Credit Card offers you a free credit period (of 50-55 days) from the date of the billing cycle which helps you to purchase on credit without any hassle of carrying cash. Enquiry with a lender: Firstly you need to get in touch lenders and get them to make loan offers to you. just swipe your credit card & you are given a free credit period of 50-55 days by the bank.C. Field Investigation Agency Representative Visit: After submitting the documents. It eases your life & your shopping experience is made simpler as you are not required to carry cash at all the places.) 3. . a field investigator visits your home to double check the facts provided in the documents. you should note that the credit period is calculated from the date of billing and not from the date of purchase. Loan approved: After the lender is satisfied with the authenticity of your documents. Otherwise. residence proof. however they are not aware of the proper usage of the card. tenure at work place. 4. CAR LOAN Car loan application process: 1. and other relevant documents as well. Documents Collection: After your lender selection. You may be have to give copies of IT returns.thus forcing the lender to reject your loan application. driving license. D. A lot of people think that the credit period starts from the date of purchase which is not correct. and identity. the investigator might not get all the facts clearly and could report that the facts you provided do not actually add up . Check if there are any special offers too. facilitating you to purchase products/services on credit. the loan is approved. 2. passport. thus making your shopping much easier. salary slips. Then all you need to do is select the best bank (lender) by comparing the information you have collected to choose the best deal for you. and so on. It is important that you are present during this visit to clarify any question that the investigator might have. bank statements. Benefits of Credit Card 1. their direct selling agent will visit you to collect documents supporting proof of income. List of Car loan Documents (Please note that these requirements vary across lenders. CREDIT CARD What is a Credit Card? A Lot of people miscomprehend the usage of credit card thinking that it only augments their expenditure & nothing else. Then negotiate with them to get the best car loan interest rates.

which is disbursed to an individual. The merchant pays a fee to the acquiring bank for the signing of machine & other services. 4.2. who actually holds & uses it. Merchant/Shop-keeper: The person who accepts the payments from the card holder through the swiping of the credit card in return of the transaction. 5. Credit Card Network: This is that network which helps facilitate the card transactions such as Visa or Master Card. shopping etc.000. E. Advantage of various Branding offers: Most importantly credit cards offer various discounts & schemes which are associated with entertainment. Credit Cards also offer reward points on purchases which you can accumulate and redeem later with cash backs & attractive gifts etc. 3. 4. a loan against property is what it actually connotes -. Issuing Credit Card Banks tie up with the reputed brands to sell products/services at attractive rates which you can buy through your credit cards. 3. But the threshold amount too is generally defined by most lending institutions like say. He purchases various things through the card & pays the borrowed money later within a scheduled time to the bank or the company. Credit Card Holder: The person who is issued a credit card.a loan given or disbursed against the mortgage of property. travel. The loan is given as a certain percentage of the property's market value (usually around 40 per cent-60 per cent). Rs 200. 5. How does Credit Card work? The players involved in the credit card business: 1. . Borrowing cash through credit cards: You can also withdraw cash through ATMs at any time. 2. To check offers running on your credit card. It unlocks the hidden value in the property you own. no questions asked. LOAN AGAINST PROPERTY Simply put. Online Shopping: The Credit Card helps you to buy products/services online or over the phone thus helping you to purchase anywhere 24x7. Acquiring Bank: All the transactions made using the credit card is done through the acquiring bank. This is unlike a personal loan. This multi-purpose loan puts funds at your disposal to use as you wish. Card Issuing Bank: It is the bank which has actually issued the credit card to customers & offers credit to them on transactions made by the card holder.

you may qualify for special aid. Generally. However. LAP Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) turn out to be cheaper than those under personal loans. Longer Loan Tenure: The tenure for a Loan against Property is usually longer than that for a personal loan. Special Education Grant Special education generally refers to students who are differently-abled. Special education grants exist from a number of sources. These types of aid do not have to be paid back but allow students to pay for their education. LAP is given for a maximum tenure of 10 years. it can also refer to students who require special education needs in other ways. Lower EMI: Since the rate of interest is lower. Loan for salaried & self-employed individuals Advantages of taking a Loan Against Property:     Cheaper than Personal Loans: It works out to be much cheaper than a personal loan. Education Loan Education loans/Student loans are easily available from many banks and financial institution facilitating many students to pay for their higher education. Attractive interest rates. students with emotional difficulties that make it difficult to study may qualify for certain types of special education grants and loans. When it comes to grants. If. for example. Grants for special education should be sought out earnestly by those were qualified for them. G. For example. special-education students do qualify for both regular grants and . Simple and speedy processing. Students who are not able to attend regular classes for a specific reason may also qualify for special education loans and special consideration when pursuing a college degree. which is usually issued at interest rates in the region of 16 per cent-21 per cent. you are hospitalized. Simple documentation and Fast Approvals: LAP being a secured Loan has comparatively faster approvals and minimal documentation. many times.Features of Loan Against Property        Loans from Rs2 Lakhs onwards depending on your needs Borrow up to 70% of market value of the property Flexibility to choose between an EMI based loan or an overdraft High tenure loans for ease of repayment.

for example. It allows students to study remotely. or Loan: If you have trouble with school because of the physical. without having to attend classes at a university. While there is no doubt that distance education makes education more accessible to many. . 2. or they may require special computer equipment that allows them to study. then chances are pretty good that there are financial aid options available for you. you may find that you require additional application materials. Some types of special-education scholarships or grants are designed for people with specific types of challenges. special-education borrowing can help you make up the difference between your needs and your financial aid package. Depending on the grants or scholarships to apply for. students often find that they require distance education loans in order to pay for their remote education. Distance Education Loans: Distance education is more popular than ever today. Federal student loan programs as well as private lenders will be able to lend you money that you can use toward your schooling. emotional. This allows students from all walks of life to pursue a college education without disrupting their family or work life. you will need to pay back your debt — with interest. You‘ll often also be asked to describe how your condition affects your ability to function. Special Education Financial Aid options: If you have a condition that prevents you from attending classes or taking part in degree programs regularly — for example. Grant. or mental challenge. Others are simply earmarked for anyone who faces special challenges when pursuing an education. They may require Braille translated textbooks. Criteria for Special-Education Scholarship. you are differently-abled or seriously ill and cannot leave the hospital room — then special grants and loans exist to help you pay for education. Grants designed especially for special-education hope to address these additional costs for students while at the same time encouraging students with different abilities to apply for degree program. you will need to provide a doctor‘s note or some other confirmation of your condition. Often.special education grants. Students can now turn to a number of sources in order to get the money they need to succeed in school. Once you finish your schooling or no longer enrolled. Students will want to apply for both types of grants to ensure that they get the funding they need. Special Education Loans: If you require additional money because of special needs. Types of Special-Education Financial Aid Options: 1. Students with special needs often find that they require extra money for school. Distance learning education loans are more available than ever before.

In many cases. Some employers are willing to offer private loans. in many cases. However. to qualify for some form of loan. you can get approved with competitive interest rates. students find that this is enough. secure. credit cards. since many people pursuing distance education work full time as well. this is rarely a problem. this is because extra education can make an employee more productive and more valuable to the workplace. The loans are attractive to distance education students because they are so flexible. You do not need to be a full-time student. Traditional lines of credit. Alternative Education Loans: Alternative education loans are also known as private education loans. Plus. The service can also be availed via WAP on all phones (java/non java) with GPRS connection. in order to allow the employee to attend distance education courses. Often. personal loans. or other financial institutions or persons. MOBILE BANKING State Bank Freedom – Your Mobile Your Bank Away from home. . Of course. you may wish to seek out traditional loans as well. Employer Education Loans: Some employers offer their employees financial assistance in order to go to school. 1. Bank Loans: If you‘re looking for online distance education loans. As long as your credit is decent. An advantage of this type of loan is that it does not leave the student with a large debt after graduation. II. you will need to start repaying your loan right away. and do not require an extensive application process. You often do not need to be a United States citizen in order to apply for such loan. 4. These loans are simply amounts of money lent by private lenders. anytime and anywhere banking.3. These loans can help you pay off your education. 5. balance enquiries can be made and/or money sent to the loved ones or bills can be paid anytime 24x7!!! That is what State Bank Freedom offers -convenient. They may be offered by banks. it is possible to get out one or two small loans in order to pay for education. and other types of loans can provide a good alternative to distance education loans. since many people pursuing distance education do so one course at a time. Mobile Banking Service over Application/ Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) The service is available on java enabled /Android mobile phones (with or without GPRS) where the user is required to download the application on to the mobile handset. simple. You can also apply this type of education loan to any school you attend. private companies. or offer loans based on employers retirement contributions.

1. Sun Direct. No need to download the application. As a matter of abundant precaution. Customers are requested to delete all the messages sent to the number 9223440000. 2. Ordinary SMS charges are applicable. Dish TV. SMS/GPRS cost will be borne by the customer. once the response for their request has been received.The following functionalities are available:         Funds transfer (within and outside the bank) Interbank Mobile Payment Services (IMPS) Enquiry services (Balance enquiry/ Mini statement) Cheque book request Demat Enquiry Service Bill Payment (Utility bills. Insurance premium). Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs. Mobile Banking Service over USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) .000/All customers can avail the Service irrespective of telecom service provider. Subscriptions Mobile Top up M Commerce (Top up of Tata sky.5. Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs.000/.Mobile to Mobile Transfer Change MPIN Business Rules      All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment are eligible. Donations. SBI life insurance premium) Business Rules     All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment are eligible.2. The following functionalities are available:      Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry/Mini Statement) Mobile Top up DTH Top up/ recharge IMPS.000/. The Service is free of charge.000/All customers can avail the Service irrespective of their telecom service provider. credit cards. Digital TV and Videocon d2h connections. SMS cost will be borne by the customer.with a calendar month limit of Rs.50.with a calendar month limit of Rs.50. 3. Mobile Banking Service over SMS: The service is available on all phones (java/non java) with/without GPRS connection. Big TV. The Service is free of charge.

USSD session charges will be borne by the customer.The service is available on all phones (java/non java) with/without GPRS connection. Kinds of Cards Accepted at State Bank ATMs Besides all cards of State Bank of India. State Bank Credit Card 2. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur. Cirrus. The service is session based and requires a response from the user within a reasonable time III. The following functionalities are available:    Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry/Mini Statement) Mobile Top up Funds Transfer (within Bank) Business Rules      All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment are eligible. SBI Commercial and International Bank Ltd.000/. The Service is free of charge. Master Card. No need to download the application.000 ATMs in India.1. State Bank of Hyderabad.with a calendar month limit of Rs. Master Card. All Debit/ Credit Cards issued by any bank outside India displaying Maestro. VISA and VISA Electron logos . State Bank of Mysore. State Bank of Patiala.namely. State Bank ATM-Cum-Debit Card and State Bank International ATM-Cum-Debit Cards following cards are also accepted at State Bank ATMs:1. VISA and VISA Electron logos 3.5. the largest network in the country and continuing to expand fast! This means that you can transact free of cost at the ATMs of State Bank Group (This includes the ATMs of State Bank of India as well as the Associate Banks . using the State Bank ATMcum-Debit (Cash Plus) card. Cirrus.000/The Service is available for subscribers of select telecom operators only. Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs. and State Bank of Travancore) and wholly owned subsidiary viz. ATM SERVICES State Bank Networked ATM Services State Bank offers you the convenience of over 26.. Cards issued by other banks displaying Maestro.

Andhra Bank. Pay MTNL.000/. Dena Bank. there is no need to carry cash in your wallet. You can now withdraw cash and make purchases anytime you wish to with your ATM-cum-Debit Card. Reliance and BPL without any charges at any State Bank ATM. Punjab National Bank. Canara Bank. Bengaluru Payment of SBI Credit Card bills Payment of SBI Life insurance premium Pay fees of select colleges Registration of SBI Mobile Banking and SMS Alerts         Transaction Limits:    Daily limit of Rs 40. ICICI Bank. Make payments for purchases by using the debit card at more than 4 lakh shops. IndusInd Bank.State Bank ATM-cum-Debit (State Bank Cash plus) Card: India's largest bank is proud to offer you unparalleled convenience Point of Sale (POS) terminal for debit transactions Combined daily limit of Rs 90. Indian Bank. IDEA. hotels. Recharge pre-paid mobile phones of the ATM Daily limit of Rs 50. With this card. Features:  Withdraw cash from over 26.000/. State Bank ATMcum-Debit (Cash Plus) card. petrol pumps and many other outlets which display Maestro logo.000/- . UCO Bank and Union Bank of India apart from ATMs displaying Master Card/ Maestro/Cirrus logo for FREE up to first 5 transactions (Financial and Non-Financial) in a calendar month (for SB account holders). Mumbai bills through State Bank ATMs Payment of Electricity Bills (Bescom). HDFC Bank. shopping malls. The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. Bank of India. Corporation Bank. restaurants.000 ATMs of our group FREE and about 40000 ATMs of other banks under multi-lateral sharing viz. Axis Bank.

it would function as the State Bank ATM-cumDebit (Cash Plus) card.www.000 ATMs of our group FREE of other banks from ATMs displaying Master Card/ Maestro / Cirrus logo in India and more than 8.statebankofindia. State Bank International ATM-cum Debit card Eligibility: . In India.000 ATMs across the globe for a nominal fee. 145000 in India and equivalent to US$ 2000 abroad (subject to compliance with the RBI and Exchange Control/ FEMA Regulations). State Bank Cash Plus International Card: This is an International ATM-cum-Debit Card with which you can enjoy shopping at over 4 lakh establishments in India and over 10.1 Cash Withdrawals (per day) India Rs. WITHDRAWAL LIMIT: Table-1.www.from the deposits. The withdrawals can be made in units of Rs 1000/. Withdraw cash from over 26.2 Transaction at POS (per day) India Abroad Rs.000 US$1000 or equivalent Maximum Source. 45000 Abroad Depends on the Bank whose ATM is being used US$1000 or equivalent Minimum Maximum Source.5 Million establishment worldwide displaying Maestro Maximum permitted aggregate utilization in a day is Rs. if attached with the MODS. 1.00.The breakup of Multi Option Deposit Scheme units is available through the Saving Bank / Current Account linked with the ATM-Cum-Debit Card. 100 Rs. wherein the amount you spend on your card is automatically debited to your account.20.

Using Internet banking services. 200/Daily limit of US $ 1000 or equivalent at the ATM and US $ 1000 or equivalent at Point of Sale (POS) terminal for debit transaction Purchase Protection*up to Rs. *Conditions apply. Benefits:       Convenience to the customers travelling overseas Can be used as Domestic ATM-cum-Debit Card Available at a nominal joining fee of Rs. aided by the power and convenience of the Internet.and Personal Accident cover*up to Rs. 5000/. INTERNET BANKING The Internet banking portal of our bank enables its retail banking customers to operate their accounts from anywhere anytime. 150+ Service Tax per cash withdrawal Rs.00. 2. you can do the following normal banking transactions online:           Funds transfer between own accounts.All Saving Bank and Current Account holders having accounts with networked branches and are:    18 years of age & above Account type: Sole or Joint with "Either or Survivor" / "Anyone or Survivor" NRE account holders are also eligible but NRO account holders are not. 15 + Service Tax per enquiry. IV. Third party transfers to accounts maintained at any branch of SBI Group Transfers to accounts in State Bank Group Inter Bank Transfers to accounts with other Banks Online standing instructions for periodical transfer for the above Credit PPF accounts across branches Request for Issue of Demand Draft Request for opening of new accounts Request for closure of Loan Accounts Request for Issue of Cheque Book . It's a platform that enables the customers to carry out their banking activities from their desktop. removing the restrictions imposed by geography and time.000/Charges for usage abroad: Rs.

7. State Govt  Customs Duty Payment  Online Share Trading (eZ-trade@SBI)  Online Application for IPO  Fee Payment to select educational institutions including IITs and NITs V. 2. courier charges and Bank Service fee of Rs 10/. 8. You can select your train depending on your journey and book your ticket online. The ticket with PNR No. After logging on to the site you will be displayed payment amount. will be displayed. For cancellation. 5. we offer safe deposit locker facility at a large number of our branches. SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKER For the safety of your valuables.Apart from The salient features of the scheme are as under: 1. VI. On giving payment option as SBI. The major advantage of availing these facilities is that in the event of unfortunate death of one of the joint locker-hirer. The user can collect the ticket personally at New Delhi reservation counter. LIC and other insurance premia payments  SBI and other Mutual funds Investments  SBI and other Credit Card dues payments  Tax Payment – Income. and Railway reference no. the ticket has to be presented over reservation counter. The Payment amount will include ticket fare including reservation charges. . unless there is a survivorship clause/ nomination.irctc. Rail and Air  The ticket can be delivered or collected by the customer. The scheme facilitates Booking of Railways Ticket Online. 3. the other salient value-added features available are:  Utility bill payments  Online Ticket Booking for travel by Road. On selecting the payment amount your account will be debited. You will return to www. the right to the contents of the locker does not automatically devolve on the surviving joint locker-hirer/ nominee (s). which depends on the size of the locker and the centre at which the branch is located It is always beneficial to avail the benefits of nomination facility/ survivorship clause provided to locker-hirers.e.f 1st September 2003 in association with IRCTC. TID No. the user will be redirected to onlinesbi. E-RAIL The facility has been launched w. There is a nominal annual rent. All Internet banking customers can use the facility. You can print the . You are required to register on www.irctc. 6.

00 lacs and above. SBI shall not be responsible for any delays or disputes regarding tickets. RBIEFT Inter-bank Electronic Funds Transfer facility of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI . RTGS: An electronic payment system in which payment instructions between banks are processed and settled individually and continuously. economical and reliable system of transfer of funds from bank to bank as well as from remitter‘s account in a particular bank to the beneficiary‘s account in another bank across the country. 1. (IFSC Code is printed on cheque leaves. Your account will be credited after 4 days. VII. if any  IFSC code of the receiving branch.2.EFT) is available with our branches in the clearing zone of Service Branches at Kolkata. Mumbai. Note: RTGS and NEFT systems work on all days except on Sundays and common National Holidays across the states. RTGS/NEFT Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT) Bank offers Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT) which enables an efficient. secure. NEFT : Another electronic payment system in which payment instructions between banks are processed and settled on deferred net settlement (DNS) basis at fixed times during the day. 2. of the beneficiary customer  Sender to receiver information. New Delhi and Chennai. Information Required for transfer of Funds  Amount to be remitted  Account no. 10. There is no minimum or maximum stipulated transaction value for using this facility.) VIII. Available for transaction value of Rs. No cash will be paid at the time of cancellation. . Only cancellation ticket will be issued. throughout the day.9. to be debited  Name of the beneficiary bank  Name of the beneficiary customer  Account no. on a real time basis.

Bangalore. The service is available for select local billers at Ahmedabad. FOREIGN INWARD REMITTANCE   Drafts in Indian rupees can be purchased from exchange companies or our correspondents and mailed to the branch where you have your account. Branch will add your Billers for payment over e-Pay. SBI Cards. Telegraphic or wire transfers can be made through our branches abroad or our correspondents to branches having SWIFT/TT drawing arrangements. Bhuvaneshwar. Kolkata. Electricity. MAGNETIC INK CHARACTER RECOGNITION(MICR) In MICR technology the information is printed on the instrument with a special type of ink which is made up of magnetic material. XI. The national billers like LIC. SBI Life Insurance etc. These will be collected and credited to your accounts. Mumbai. Thiruvanathapuram. can be paid at any centre across the country. If your branch is SWIFT enabled you can transfer funds from anywhere by SWIFT. Patna. Travellers cheques can be tendered by you personally during your visit to India. Mobile. Insurance and Credit Card bills electronically over our Online SBI website: https://www.IX. You can add billers online using the Add Biller link on https://www. Guwahati. MICR system is beneficial as it minimizes chances of error. the printed information is read by the machine. clearing of cheques becomes easy and transfer of funds becomes faster in order to facilitate operations. If your biller presents bills online. On insertion of the instrument in the machine. Bhopal. you can also give us Auto Pay instructions and we will pay the bills as and when it falls due. Chennai.onlinesbi. Please indicate your account number clearly. Cheques can be deposited for credit of your accounts. Chandigarh.    .com site or you can fill up the SBI e-Pay Registration Form (SeRF) which is available at the branch and submit thereat. Delhi.onlinesbi. E-PAY Bill Payment (e-Pay) will let you to pay your Telephone. Hyderabad. Lucknow.

log on to www. Features & Benefits As opposed to the earlier form of dealing in physical certificates with delays in transaction. Thereafter. you can use SBI Express. For speedy credits from USA use SBI express credit.National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) through more than 1000 branches. In fact what makes scrip less holding in SBI DP account most attractive is the total ease of operation. Your money will be credited to your account in 4 days. SBI express credits are through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Re-materialization: Facilitates converting the electronic balances to physical (share certificate) [At present. DEMAT SERVICES SBI offers Demat services that would ensure free transferability of securities with speed. Once you open your account. Disbursement of corporate benefits: Facilitates faster and direct credit of security balance into DP account on account of non-monetary corporate benefits as bonus and rights issues. on . you can easily convert your physical holdings to paperless form by surrendering your share certificate together with a Demat request form. Initial Public offer: Facilitates faster and direct credit of security balances into DP account on allotment through public issue of companies. Dematerialization: Facilitates converting physical share certificate into electronic balances. Account Transfers: Facilitates delivery/receipt of electronic balances consequent to market / off-market trades. XII. accuracy and security.onlinesbi. SBI is Depository Participant both with . there are no charges for remittances over $100]. Security Lending: Facilitates earning extra income on your dematerialized holdings by the way of securities lending. Pledge/Hypothecation: Facilitates blocking securities balance of borrowers in favour of lenders for obtaining Loans / advances against shares. holding and trading in Demat form has the following benefits:         Account Maintenance & Safe custody: Facilitates Maintaining Security Balance in electronic form. For speedy credit to accounts from Gulf.

. 5. may be converted into monetary figures and credited back to the account at the end of every calendar quarter.selling / purchasing securities.2 lacs (accidental death only) and Rs. The loyalty points earned by the card holder. XIII. Signature at ME/POS and Verified by Visa password on Internet Merchant Establishments 5 Annual maintenance NIL Fee 6 Complementary Rs.Free at all above ATMs. exclusively designed for vibrant youth of India between 18-30 years of Age. Funds can also be transferred using VISA Monet Transfer facility. This card is PIN based on ATM and signature based at POS/MEs. SBI YUVA CARD SBI Yuva Card is an International Debit Card on VISA platform.000 on Insurance purchase protection 7 Loyalty Points One loyalty point equivalent to Rs. subject to a minimum 100 points. for shopping through internet by using VbV (Verified by VISA) certified internet websites. shopping and travelling at POS/MEs. Using our ATMs. 2.000. You can not only draw cash at ATM but also swipe it for.25 for every purchase of Rs.000 / Overseas US Limit $1000 3 Daily purchase limit at Rs. 1.100 at POS. Table No. Particulars SBI YUVA Card No. in the age group of 18-30 years and holding account either in their sole name or jointly with their parents/ spouse with mode of operation " Either or Survivor"/ Anyone or Survivor will be eligible to apply for this card. The card can be used at ATMs for cash withdrawal at all ATMs under bilateral arrangement. you only need to give an appropriate instruction to effect settlement. This card can ‗be used for e-commerce i.0. 8 Cash Withdrawal & Cash Withdrawal-Free at SBI ATMs and for first 5 balance enquiry withdrawals in SB account in a calander month under fee other than SBI multilateral ATMS and in other cases Rs.3 Salient Features of SBI YUVA Debit Card Sr. This Card is available in all our branches free of cost. 20 Balance ATMs Enquiry. card holder can also transfer funds to other VISA Debit/ Credit Cards issued by our Bank or any other Bank. It can be used for dining.100 and Maximum Rs. 1 Main Eligibility All Saving Bank and Current Account holders having account at CBS branches.00.50.e.00/ Overseas US$ 4000 Merchant Establishments/Point of Sales/Internet Merchant Establishments 4 Mode of Operation PIN on ATM. 2 Daily Cash Withdrawal Minimum Rs.

It is mandatory for the Card holders to register for the facility for carrying out e-commerce transactions on VbV enabled Internet merchants. SBI Gift Card is a Pre-paid Plastic Card supported by Magnetic-stripe based technology. 50. entertainment and leisure. allowing the beneficiary to use the money according to their Concessions XIV. Virtual cards solution for e-commerce and wide range of Discount on shopping. Table no. e.commerce. Mobile Top Up.000. It is a perfect substitute for Gift Vouchers sold by many retail houses as its use is not restricted to any particular Merchant Establishment/ Point of Sale.onlinesbi. are accepted at the issuing bank branches only. on use of YUVA Cards.4 Name of the Product Currency of Issue Availability SBI Gift Card Indian Rupee only All State Bank of India Branches and also available online through SBI Internet Banking website www. and purchase etc.statebankofindia. . STATE BANK GIFT CARD With the advancement of Banking. Source: www. however. issued in association with VISA International.onlinesbi. Visa Bill pay. is one such product which gives the comfort of convenience and wide acceptability.00 per transaction. 1.00 + service charge per transaction. Gift Cheques were introduced. These cheques.9 50% concessions on processing charges on loans 50% concessions on Demat A/C charges 25 basis point concessions in interest rates on Education.comusing their ID and password up to Rs. for all SBI customers availing Internet Banking facility. Housing and Vehicle loans to the card holders who maintain their salary / revenue accounts with us. 13 Other facilities Can undertake transactions through internet for ticketing. The SBI Gift Card. 10 Validity of the Card 10 Years from the date of issue 11 Visa Money Transfer Transfer of money from any ATM Debit Card issued by (VMT) the bank to another VISA ATM Debit / credit card issued in India by the Bank / other Banks using their ATM PIN at ATMs & Active INB users through www. 12 Verified by Visa (VbV) By registering to the facility the card holders can securely carryout ecommerce transactions on VbV enabled websites. *The charges applicable are Rs. It is usable at all VISA enabled Merchant Establishments at PoS by signature.

50.prepaid. Nepal and Bhutan).State Bank Gift Cards can only be used at VISA enabled Merchant Establishments at PoS by signature. STATE BANK VISHWA YATRA FOREIGN TRAVEL CARD State Bank Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card is a prepaid Foreign Currency card that makes your foreign trip trouble-free and convenient. 500 and thereafter in multiples of Rs. . Australian Dollar (AUD). US Dollars (USD). Euro (EUR).000 Source. Japanese Yen (YEN).statebankofindia. upon request by the Corporate for Bulk Issue. Saudi Riyal (SAR) and Singapore Dollar (SGD).www. Canadian Dollar (CAD). Daily No Limit Transaction Limit KYC * Full KYC of the purchasers of Gift Card required (separate KYC would not be required for customers who purchase Gift Cards against debit to their KYC-compliant accounts with State Bank of India). It offers you a convenient and secure way to carry cash anywhere in the world (valid worldwide except in XV. It is a Chip based Card which stores encrypted and confidential information.onlinesbi. State Bank Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card is available in seven Foreign Currencies viz. Re-load Minimum Amount of Issue Maximum Amount of Issue Usage State Bank Gift Card is not re-loadable Rs. ELIGIBILITY:  Any bonafide citizen of India who plans to travel abroad except Nepal and Validity of Card The validity of the card is for1 year from the date of issue. Pound Sterling (GBP). 1 Rs. Facility of cash withdrawal is not available on this card. Balance enquiry Cardholder can view the balance in the Gift card and also obtain a transaction receipt indicating the balance from any State Bank Group ATM in India free of cost and also online at www. Personalized Cards The card can also be personalized.

Foreign Nationals residing in India subject to completion of KYC norms. in the student‘s name and can be subsequently reloaded up to the statutory ceiling prescribed from time to time. Balance information after each transaction through SMS. DOCUMENTS    Copies of Passport.  Corporate for their employees whom they plan to send abroad for official purpose subject to completion of KYC details of transactions Add-on cards not exceeding two in number to be used by the card holder in case of loss/misplacement/defacement of the card. Reloadable any number of times.000/SAR 1000/SGD 300. Opera table by 4 digits PIN at ATMs and by PIN/Signature at Merchant Establishments. Competitive exchange rates. Form A2 PAN or Form 60 in lieu thereof.onlinesbi. Minimum amount of re-load: USD 250/GBP 125/Euros 200/CAD 250/AUD 250/YEN 25.000/SAR 2000/SGD 600. Free balance enquiry at State Bank Group ATMs and VISA ATMs (at a charge). Free balance enquiry and view/download through https://prepaid. A 24 x 7 call centre to provide information and hot-list (block) the card in case of loss / misplacement. . SMS message on your Mobile phone for each transaction. Parents / sponsors of the students going abroad for higher studies. Maximum amount of issue: As prescribed by RBI/FEMA 1999 depending on the purpose of overseas visit.  FEATURES:             Minimum amount of load: USD 500/GBP 250/Euros 400/CAD 500 /AUD 500/YEN 50.

the population. Methodology is a crucial step in any research because it directly . area of the study.2 Research Methodology: Research Methodology deals with the systematic and analytical methods that can be adopted to solve research problems. Efforts has been made to design the project. significance of the study. sampling. types of data. Proof of residence in case the address is different from that appearing on passport. Best Customer Initiative Award & Best Risk Management Award (Runner Up) by IBA Banking Technology Awards 2010 The Bank of the year 2009. how it is proposed to be done. India (won the second year in a row) by The Banker Magazine Best Bank – Large and Most Socially Responsible Bank by the Business Bank Awards 2009 Best Bank 2009 by Business India The Most Trusted Brand 2009 by The Economic Times Most Preferred Bank & Most preferred Home loan provider by CNBC Visionaries of Financial Inclusion By FINO Technology Bank of the Year by IBA Banking Technology Awards SKOCH Award 2010 for Virtual corporation Category for its e-payment solution The Brand Trust Report: 11th most trusted brand in India Chapter-3 Research Design and Methodology 3.12 Recent Awards and Recognitions           Best Online Banking Award.1Introduction: This chapter includes methodology used. 1. period of the study and hypothesis of the study are included in this chapter. sources of data. objectives of the study. 3.

newspapers. books and internet. 3. 3. websites. To know the banking facilities and customers satisfactions provided by SBI.Sonari Branch. . the use has been made of primary as well as secondary data. Accordingly. newspapers. 3. Sonari branch by filling up well structured questionnaire and through personal meetings with customers and manager. Sonari Branch is not satisfactory.questionnaires have been used to collect necessary datas from customers and manager of SBI. Secondary data are collected from website of SBI. 3.3 Techniques of Data Collected: For this project study. Sonari Branch. The secondary data have been collected mainly from periodicals. The questionnaire comprises of open ended questions. to find out the level up to which the customers are satisfied with the facilities of SBI. to find out the problems faced by the customers of SBI. etc.6 Hypothesis of the Study: The following hypothesis is taken for the study:  Banking facilities provided by SBI.The present study is carried out to gain an insight into the customer satisfaction level with the quality of services provided by SBI.5 Objective of the Study: The main objective of the study are    to find out the facilities provided by SBI.4 Sources of Data: The Primary data are collected through questionnaire and secondary data are collected through periodicals. journals. Sonari Branch. Primary data have been calculated from persons having account in SBI. both primary and secondary data are collected.influence the whole research and its findings. Sonari Branch. bank magazines and journals.

Sonari Branch. In this research stratified and convenience sampling method has been used for sampling procedure .9 Significance of the Study: It is expected that the study will be of immense significance to the customers of SBI.10 Population: The customers of SBI are considered as population for the study. In Sonari. out of which SBI is most liked by the people. They are educated people who know the importance of banks and the facilities provided by it. In the present study people of Sonari as well as nearby villages are considered. who are the customers of SBI. 3.7 Area of the Study: The area of the study is confined to the people of Sonari. I had gone for intelligent sampling. UCO and GVB. customers of SBI are comparatively much more than that of GVB and UCO bank. The reason behind choosing this area is that almost all of the variables of population are highly educated people of society. speed and service quality. time and customer‘s service quality perception of banking facilities. In this research I had surveyed 30 respondents who were having their accounts with SBI in Sonari Town.SBI.8 Period of Study: This study covers the period from June 2011 to December 2011 3. 3. Thus it is imperative for SBI to get useful feedback on their actual response.11 Sample: It is not feasible to go for a population survey due to numerous customers and this scattered location. customer‘s satisfaction are going to be key differentiators for each bank‘s future success. Hence. 3.3. which in turn will help them to take positive steps to maintain a competitive study. With the phenomenon increased in the country‘s population and the increased demand for banking services. as well as the common people who would like to deal with SBI. There are three banks in Sonari.

Of Persons From the above Graph it is disclosed that 60 % of the respondents are having their annual income up to Rs. 150000 to Rs. . Analysis and Conclusions 4. 200000. Annual Income Income No.1 Analysis 1.Chapter 4 Findings. Of Persons 0-150000 18 150000-200000 12 No. Of Persons 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0-150000 150000-200000 No. 150000 and 40% of the respondents are having annual income from Rs.

2. Do you think that your bank caters all your banking needs? Yes 30 No 0 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above graph it is disclosed that cent percent of the respondents thinks that their bank caters all their banking needs. .

20 %. 40 % respondents have their account with this bank from 0-5. 15-20 years respectively. For the past how many years you have an account with this bank? Years No.Of Persons From the above graph it is disclosed that 10 %. 30 %. 10-15.Of Persons 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 0-5 05-Oct Oct-15 15-20 No.Of Persons 0-5 3 5-10 6 10-15 9 15-20 12 No.3. . 5-10.

What type of account do you maintain in this bank? Type Of Account No.4. Of Persons From the above Graph it is disclosed that 70 % of the respondents maintains savings A/c and 30 % of them maintains Both Savings and Current A/c. . Of Persons Savings A/C Only 21 Current A/C Only 0 Both 9 No. Of Persons 25 20 15 10 5 0 Savings A/C Only Current A/C Only Both No.

What are the facilities provided/offered by your bank? Facilities No. Of Persons From the above Graph it is disclosed that cent percent of the facilities i. overdraft. loan. ATM and mobile banking are provided by their bank. .e.5. Of Persons Loan 0 Overdraft 0 ATM 0 Mobile Banking 0 All 30 No. Of Persons 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Loan Overdraft ATM Mobile Banking All No.

.6. Does your bank conduct any recreation facilities for the customers? Yes 18 No 12 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 60 % of the respondents agree on the recreational facilities provided by their bank.

. Is your bank listed in the stock exchange? Yes No Not Aware 6 0 24 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Not Aware Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 80 % of the respondents are not aware whether their bank is listed in stock exchange or not.7.

8. Does your bank have core banking facilities for the customer? Yes 30 No 0 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that cent percent of the respondents agree that their bank provide core banking facilities. .

Do they charge unnecessarily for maintaining minimum balance in your account? Yes 0 No 30 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that cent percent of the respondents says that their bank donot charge unnecessarily for maintaining minimum balance in their account.9. .

. Does your bank offer competitive service charges? Yes No 6 24 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 80 % of the respondents accepts that their bank do not offer competitive service charges.10.

Do you use the service of alternative bank? Yes No 24 6 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 80 % of the respondents use the services of alternative banks. .11.

What do you feel about the overall service quality of your bank? Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor 3 3 24 0 0 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 80 % of the respondents feels Good about the overall service quality of their bank.12. .

associates etc. . associates? Yes 30 No 0 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that all the respondents surveyed recommend this bank to their friends. relatives.13. relatives. Would you recommend this bank to your friends.

14. When you think of your bank. . what comes first in your mind? Personalized Services Wide Branch Network Customer Service Computerized Banking Core Banking 0 18 3 3 6 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 60% of the respondents thinks about Wide Branch Network first for their bank while 20% of them thinks about Core Banking and 10% of the respondents thinks about Customer Service and Computerized Banking first for their bank.

Are you satisfied with the number of cash counters in this bank? Yes No 9 21 25 20 15 Series1 10 5 0 Yes No From the above Graph it is disclosed that 70% of the respondents are satisfied with the number of cash counters in this bank. .15.

16. . Are you satisfied with the locker facility provided by this bank? Yes No 30 0 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that all the respondents surveyed are satisfied with the locker facility provided by this bank.

.while 30% of them thinks satisfactory about this survey and rest of them are looking forward for results. Your overall opinion about this survey? Satisfactory Will Yield Result Looking forward for results 9 12 9 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Satisfactory Will Yield Result Looking forward for results Series1 From the above Graph it is disclosed that 40% of the respondents thinks that this survey will yield result.17.

4. etc. 50000 customers in this bank and the yearly collection from customers is Rs. They also complains about lack of advertisement about new launched schemes. PMRY. PMEGP. This bank provided short term. relatives. Sonari Branch told about many developmental schemes for the local people of Sonari. recreation facilities. current deposit.KCC. they become aware of it after some time from outsiders. KVIC. mobile banking.2 Findings: From Customers‘ point of view: After analysing the data in tabular form. the staffs get irritated by their unnecessary talking and the disturbances made by them. they repaid their loans with in the stipulated time. core banking facilities. They face problems when the staff behave rudely with them and do not attend them when the working hour is going to be off. medium term and long term loan in the initial stage and accepted deposits. The customers suggested that the bank is yet to instil confidence among the customers that it has the ability to provide excellent services dependably and accurately. no one is there to guide him where to go or how to do what he wants to do etc. I found that the customers are satisfied with the services provided by this bank to some extent. ATM facilities. provided loans to the businessmen as well as to the employees at that time. Cent percent of the respondents whom I surveyed maintain savings bank account in this bank and they feel good about the overall service quality of this bank. like loan facilities. the respondents of this bank are not satisfied with the number of cash counters and they expect some more counters which may help them to do their transactions in lesser time. The customers do not disclose the rude behaviour of the staffs to the manager due to the inconveniences which may be caused by the working staffs to their accounts. locker facility. 60 crores approx. etc. there are some fields which satisfy the customers. This bank has its own ATM facility and the trend of the customer from the starting date till today is increasing and most of the customers belong to employees‘ group. The bank collects fixed deposit. There are approx. They do recommend this bank to their friends. They don‘t even know about any new schemes when it is newly launched. The customers are not satisfied with the lack of ―may I help you‖ counter as when a person is new for the bank. Due to the lack of knowledge of the customers. Borthakur. Field Manager of SBI. but at the same time there are some matters which do not satisfy them. overdraft facilities. etc from the customers and they are attracted by both deposit as well as loan schemes. From Field Manager‘s point of view: The SBI of Sonari was established in Sonari in 1984 and the bank building is a rented house. associates. savings deposit. Beside these unsatisfactions. The customers response was also satisfactory at the time. express loans. . Mr. the staffs at the same time are conscious about leaving their workplace.

I came to the conclusion that between many obstacles and many bars.4.3 Suggestions: To the Customers: I suggest the customers firstly to be educated enough to know the systems. The scope of future research on this topic is vast. and rules of the bank. to guide the people how to do the work they wants to do. It is serving our nation since 1806 and still serving. They should also have patience to complete their work. the SBI is very good bank.4 Conclusion After doing the task of project work. all over Assam or India This study carried out offers a basis for others to carry out extensive research in this field and also provides them preliminary knowledge for their research. The manager should give some more facilities to its customers like ―May I help you‖ counter. Overall. as bank minimizes the rate of interest time and again for their special customers. it is the best bank in the world. To the Manger: The manager should guide his working staffs to change their rude behaviour for the customers and be friendly and decent. they should understand the stress and burden of the working staffs during rush. 4. They should directly discuss with the manager about the difficulties they face in the bank. The overdraft customers are also satisfied with the bank and its facility. so that they can do by themselves whatever they wants to do without giving any inconveniences to the staffs or manager. Future study can elaborate on the extent of customer‘s satisfaction on the services provided by SBI. It cares for the customers need and also provides the customers their full satisfaction and relaxation to their depository money. As this study has focused on only empirically establishing the banking facilities and customer‘s satisfaction provided by SBI in Sonari Branch. . it is the widespread bank. having the highest number of branches in the world.

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P. Business . Business Studies. Shashi K.Bibliography: 1. 6. Varshney. www. 2.S. Sachdeva. D.R.House Magazine of State Bank of India 5. www.statebankofindia.S.K.N. www. 3.K. 7. Indian Financial System. 8.onlinesbi.deal4loans. Mittal 4. Sharma. www. Arunodaya.