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§ CRM approach and business model § Allianz customer service (AKS) § Person service § Case Processing System (GFB) § On-site Visit Customer Care Center


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) determines market development Orientation of the business processes Products & Marketing CRM Customer Sales Service Targets Optimizing customer identification Increasing customer value Ensuring good customer relations Expansion of the product range § Extension to financial service products § Integration of non-Allianz products § Extension through „Relabeling“ § Combination with association products Service § Organization from a hand for the customer § Service becomes the product § Place and time-independent service § Bipolar customer care Sales § comprehensive customer care with the complete scope over the entire customer lifetime cycle § on site: decentralized support 2 .

email. fax. mail.) with focus on customer service as well as administrative activities in coordination with the Agent. etc. Personal contact & mobility Agent Acquisition CCC Service Technical media & firm basis station Branches ensure the local presence and accomplish the care registration 3 .Allianz cares the customers by the bipolar customer care concept Customer care through two organizational units Agent: through personal discussion with focus on acquisition Allianz customer service (AKS): over all contact channels (phone.

20% of the cases § Subsequent organizational units work on complex cases Standardization § Uniform and standardized processes for the completion of the mass business § Generate additional efficiency-potential due to quantitative iteration and standardization of the handling process Specialization § Grouping of cases that occur in small quantities and/or require specific know-how 4 .Single-stage case processing – two-staged organization Objective of the organization structure Handling 80% of the cases in one organizational unit § Case completing handling close at the customer § High process efficiency through single-stage handling Further processing approx.

etc.and transaction platform § Assistance of the contact channels: phone.Structure of the allianz serviceprovider platform GFB & CCC: Platforms for the structure of new business areas holistic handling fax Tied Agents Customer Broker ... § Customer service: first level (allrounder) § Back office: second level (specialists) èCare center becomes customer contact center 5 .. . § Data Warehouse: data mining. etc. campaign management § Process shift to customer (web) èuniform marketing. distribution channels fax email internet internet Customer mail GFB PC phone person phone email customer service Underwriting Claims Partner . contact channels Customer Care § Strict customer orientation: all information in one customer database CCC: Customer Care Center CCC: Customer Care Center § Customer care center provide services for customers and distribution channels § Integration of the contact channels: phone. email... email. mail .... internet..

§ CRM approach and business model § Allianz customer service (AKS) § Person service § Case Processing System (GFB) § On-site Visit Customer Care Center 6 .

Objectives of Allianz Customer Service § Easy. customer focused business processes § Uniform quality standards § Targeted and efficient IT-support 7 . direct access for our customers and sales force § Completion of the case at the first customer contact § High accessibleness and speed § No breaks of medium (single point of service) § Simple.

large loss department § Active Customer Service Marketing. Policy Administration § Settlement of claims and accounts reveivable (ca.Organization and task of Allianz Customer Service Top Versicherungsservice GmbH Gerhard Bernard Harald Lankisch Kundenservice (Level 1) Reinhold Stoisser Vertragsservice (Level 2) Kurt Benesch Schadensservice (Level 2) Gerhard Bernard Service Person (Level 2) Daniele Szinovatz TopReport Schadenbesichtigungs GmbH Peter Loisel Servicemanagement Gerhard Tomasitz Top Logistikwerkstatt Assistance GmbH Friedrich Pfeifer MVKD . 550.000) Active Claims Management. Campaign Management 8 .MVK Datenmanagement GmbH Michael Menschel § Administration of 4 mio insurance policies On behalf of Allianz Elementar Underwriting.

) § Business processes with § Tied Agents short cycle time and high quantities Second level § Brokers § Agencies Non-call § Business processes with a higher degree of complexity or smaller quantities § Business processes with long cycle time § Business processes with specialist knowledge 9 .Organizational structure of Customer Contact Centers Client First level (generalists) Second level (specialists) The Two-Level-Principle First level § Simple business processes Distribution channels Call (e. premiums information..g.. changes in collection.

10 . Nominated processing This principle is only broken through by the work of highly specialized teams with complex cases.g. a nominated employee is responsible for one claim).Principle of team based processing Team based processing Every team member processes all cases allocated in his/her team independent of the former processor (thereby rapid and efficient processing is secured). These teams have nominated members (e.

It is made on a daily basis and uniform for all employees. Distribution of responsibilities The distribution of responsibilities for the employees in service level 1 is made according to the priority of completion. The development of our employees goes from offline media to online media (from paper to telephone).Principle of flexible work assignment Online and Offline media Processing in service level 1 is split into online and offline media. Flexible work assignment The work assignment of employees in service level 1 is flexible and according to utilization. That means the employees are – according to their development and training – qualified in the way that a work balance between teams is possible each time. 11 .

Casualty Schadenfolgebearbeitung (Claims Management) motor I Ludwig Laposa.Specialization and Segmentation: As example P&C claims management Schadenerstversorgung (Customer Service) Team Telefon I Karina-Eva Kaja 9009/3009 property II Gerhard 575/375 9009/3009 Team Telefon III Birgit Bacher-Adamek 9009/3009 casualty I Iris Rettich casualty II Kurt Lechner 593/393 property I Marie-Angélique 598/398 LoBoriented LoB specialized 12 .at 9009/3009 Schaden@allianz. Johannes Krebs 9009/3009 Team digital mail I Andreas Achleitner Schaden@allianz. 9009/3009 9009/3009 Schaden@allianz. Reinhard Ehrenberg Schaden@allianz. Udo-Roy Tittler motor II Erich Karlik motor III Alfred Cizek motorinternational Alfred Cizek Kfzinternational@ 9009/3009 Team digital mail II Thomas Assent 9009/3009 Mediaoriented Team Telefon II David Schoeller 9009/3009 Not LoB specialized: Motor.

sales and other business partners. brokers).g. for clients. § The calls are answered directly in service level 1 (for mass business).number (and faxnr. 13 . § High quality in the telephony (LCR: under 10% and at least 80% of all calls are answered in 20 seconds. § Our target is to complete 70 to 80% of all cases in service level 1 (for telefon calls – without further connection). When this is not possible the calls are directed to the nominated employee in the second level. email) for claims and one for underwriting.. Structural differences regarding sales channels are planned (e.) § No structural differences regarding service exist for different groups of customers.Service elements in telephony § One telefon .

Agreed Servicelevels for Allianz Elementar Service Level Agreements § Telephony: Lost call rate at most 10% § 80% of all calls in 20 seconds § 90% of all claims are notified within 4 days § 70% of all claims: within 1 day check of coverage and liability § 80% of all claims are closed within 20 days § 95% of all claims are not re-opened again § 90% of motor.and privat-proposal: issuing of contracts within from 3 days § 95% of all contracts are not underwritten again within 30 days § Backlog is not higher than 3 days. measured on an average entry per year 14 .

§ CRM approach and business model § Allianz customer service (AKS) § Person service § Case Processing System (GFB) § On-site Visit Customer Care Center 15 .

Specialization and segmentation on example of contract management Phone @ Mail Fax Team Customer service contract 1 Team Customer service contract 2 Life. Liability UHR. Industry Industrie Letter Transport Transport Inkasso Payment Technik. Technic. Health Kfz Motor Property. Flug Flight GFB 16 . Private+Commercial casualty. Sach.

contract management Claim management 17 . life mathematics Proposal acceptance.Specialized units in the department person insurance Service Person Daniele Szinovatz Life Heidemarie Fritsch 20.4 Life mathematiks/Companyplan Monika Schwarzinger 9 Health Karin Farkas >> Tasks: § >> Person insurance: § Life § Group Business § Health § § Offers. risk assessment.

000 contracts 36.000 information requests 2004 62.500 new contracts 2004 16.000 technical contract changes 18 .Management ratio life § § § § § § 360.000 claims 2004 102.000 non technical contract changes 29.

disability.Functions and responsibility assignment in scope of Life Insurance Level Prozess Prozess New Proposal Contract management Claim management § Phone first contact.) via phone or fax/email Level 1 § § Proposal acceptance. Risk assessment. mail) 19 .. company plan Level 2 § Technical contract § modification (waiver of premium. contract information (taxes. death benefit. fax. repurchase value.. name ..) Calculation of offers. waiver of premium) Simple contract modification (adress. renewal. contract information (Premium. policeloan) § Claim management (expire. § § repurchase.and collection information. death. contract information unit-linked insurance (phone. etc. annuities) restriction on transferability 2nd-Level-Support.

Next Steps 2005 § Scanning in advance § Further activity-shift to service level 1 § Implimenting directpolicy § Health-daily benefit manipulation will be shifted to service level 1 § Consolidation claim management person of the classes health and casualty 20 .

§ CRM approach and business model § Allianz customer service (AKS) § Person service § Case Processing System (GFB) § On-site Visit Customer Care Center 21 .

Professional content properties • GFB is functional. • GFB is business process neutral: GFB allows changes in the workflow to be made to suit various procedures. • GFB is Web-compatible. • GFB is an all-product line system. neutral: GFB can be used in any kind of organization. Organizational Properties • GFB is organization. • GFB uses a company-wide database. • GFB is scalable.System properties GFB is a homogeneous all-product line system for the support of the core business processes of an insurance company. • GFB is object-oriented. • GFB is homogeneous. Technical properties • GFB is based on modern client/server technology.GFB . comprehensive and complete. all functions are available in a single system. 22 .

GFB .Professional Content Architecture – model of functions A user-specific view of the functions Field service/ Agent Agency/ Broker Internal/ General Services Internal/ Specialist Services Customer/ Interested Party Core functions Partner Administration Interface functions Customer care Payments in/out Contract Claim Commission Administration Correspondence Product administration Offer Proposal Contract Claim/ Payment of Claim Contract management Commission Process control /Data transport User administration Further Financial Services Periodic status changes Statistics/ Analysis Sales organization 23 .

24 . which offers the same functionality at all levels.GUI GFB GUI Business Logic Business Logic Enduser .GUI GFB GUI Business Logic Business Logic Enduser .PC GFB -.PC WWW Explorer WWW Explorer WWW GUI-Server GUI-Interface GUI-Interface Business Server Business Logic Business Logic LAN-Server LAN UDBUDBDirect Access Direct Access Mainframe (MVS) UDB/ UDB/ MVS MVS Offline . The on-line solution in Thin Client operation is Limited to the functions relevant to the web user (broker portal.GFB – Configuration scenarios Application scenarios Broker portal (B2B) Broker portal (B2B) Customer portal (B2C) Customer portal (B2C) Customer Care Center Customer Care Center Headquaters Headquaters Office Office Agency Agency Field service // Field service Agent Agent Enduser .PC GFB -. customer portal).Notebook GFB -.GUI GFB GUI Sybase Sybase DB DB LAN-Server LAN UDB/ UDB/ NT NT DatenDatenrepliaktion repliaktion BatchBatchprocessing processing Business Logic Business Logic GFB supports a three-layer client/server architecture and thus both an on-line and off-line solution.

such as. for example.GFB .Data synchronization User-controlled synchronization Notebook daily synchronization LAN-Server Mainframe The GFB data synchronization system provides for availability of data which is updated daily to all organizational units! The data is replicated by the mainframe computer to the LAN server and from there bi-directionally to the Notebook of the field worker. This form of data comparison enables a large number of administrative tasks to be avoided. 25 . the issuing of tax office confirmation documents.

Customer Contact Center – GFB Integration Call Center System à Inbound à Outbound Web Collaboration E-Mail/Fax Paper documents Printer Output Post 26 .

§ CRM approach and business model § Allianz customer service (AKS) § Person service § Case Processing System (GFB) § On-site Visit Customer Care Center 27 .