1. Which 2 large islands do the Britain Isles geographically consist of? Two large islands and several much more smaller ones are known as The British Isles. The largest island is called Great Britain. The other large one is called Ireland. 2. Give some examples of English domination in British public life today. Today English domination can be detected in various aspects of British public life. - The supply money in Britain is controlled by the Bank of England.

The present queen of the country is universally known as “Elizabeth the Second” eventhough Scotland and Northern Ireland have never had “ Elizabeth the First”.

- Newspaper & TV, news talk about “Anglo – American relation” to refer to relations between the government of Britain & the USA. 3. Explain the phenomenon of “inverted snobbery”? “Inverted snobbery” are middle class people who try to adopt working – class value and habits because they believe the working – class are in some way “better” than the middle – class. 4. Why are the British unenthusiastic about making new laws? Because British people think that it is best to do without laws. 5. Britain is a “constitutional monarchy” as well as “Parliamentary democracy”. Explain. Britain is a “constitutional monarchy” because it’s a country governed by a king or queen who accepts the advice of parliament. It is also a parliamentary democracy because it is a country whose government is controlled by a parliament which has been elected by the people. 6. In what aspect does the “British costitution” differ from that in most modern country? Britain has no constitution written document. 7. It is used to be said that the House of Common was the most exclusive club in London. Explain.

8. In Britain.The symbol of continuity. parties were first formed inside Parliament and were only later extended to the public at large.The expression of national pride. 10.How can the monarch prevent the government from becoming dictatorial? The monarch could refuse royal assent and the bill passed by the Parliament. even among those who have radically opposed political philosophies. MPs tended to devide themselves into 2 camps.The cabinet meets once a week. those who support the government adn those who usually do not. NGUYEN THI KHANH VAN .Even in the hard time it has no chance for dictatorship. which was obviously terribly bad adn very unpopular would not become law. the implementation of existing policies and the running of the various government departments. .In what way is the principle of “collective responsibility” realized within the cabinet? . Britain is normally described as having a “two – party system”.It means that all members of Parliament feel a special sense of belonging with each other.All government members must be seen to agree. Although there are more than 2 parties in the country. Explain. 11.Takes decisions about new policies. . How does the origin of Britain political parties partly explain the “two – parties system”. .Help the tourist industry. Because since 1995. In what respect is the monarchy economically important? The monarchy gives Britis people: . one of two big parties has controlled the government and the members of the two parties have occupied more than 90% of all the seats in the House of Commons. 9. 12. . .