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RANGERS  Netball  Club  February  Committee  Meeting   MON  16th  April   Greenwood  Hotel     1. Meeting  opened  at  7.00pm  by  Amy  Blitvich.     2. Present     Sophie  Ip       Sophie  Nunn     Amy  Blitvich   Jen  Buzzard     Larissa  Wintle     Cherise  Hawkins     3. Apologies   Amanda  Murphy   Bliss  Ward   Kylie  Andrews     Tweet  Goodenough   Vic  Shakeshaft     4. Reports   a. President:  grant  application  made  for  uniforms  for  volunteers/coaches     Fundraising  goal:  Replenish  equipment.   b. Vice  President:  Mother’s  Day  cake  stall  to  be  moved  to  May12th  (approved  by  WDNA)   c. Treasurer:  payment  plan  up  to  date.  Few  fees  still  owing.   d. Equipment  officer:  Sophie  Ip  to  email  coaches  for  ‘wish  list’  to  stock  up  coaches  kits.     $1000.00  to  go  to  new  balls?   e. Development  officer:  Nil   f. Uniform  Co-­‐ordinator:  full  sizing  kit  now  available.   g. Junior/Senior  convener:  Rangers  social  team  pulled  out     5. Umpires   a. Still  short  2  senior  umpires.  Division  changes  after  grading  may  resolve  issue.   b.  Jen  displayed  timesheets  for  umpires.  Payments  scheduled  to  be  every  4th  week.     6. Healthy  Club  Check   a. Amy  circulated  full  report   b. Aim:  to  establish  “Rationalised  Active  Management  Club”   c. Forward  planning  meeting  to  be  set  for  early  May  (prior  to  next  committee  meeting)  to  further   address  recommendation  from  report.     7. Wind  Up/s   a. Juniors:  Suggestions  of  sizzler,  bowling.  Open  to  further  suggestions.   b. Seniors:  Belafonte’s  Hillarys.  Amy  to  get  quote,  costs  subsidised  by  Rangers.       8. Any  other  business   a. General  meeting  o  be  called  to  elect  new  Vice  President  after  Cherise  leaves  (16/6)   i. Meeting  late  May/earl  June   ii. Cherise  to  complete  resignation  letter   iii. Meeting  requires  chorum  of  10  people-­‐  coaches  meeting     9. Next  meeting   Amy  sets  next  meeting  to  be  held  on  the  7th  of  May,  Time  and  venue  TBA.     10. Meeting  closed   With  no  further  business  to  be  discussed,  Amy  closed  the  meeting  at  7.56pm.    (Meeting  duration  56  minutes)