Work Flow Management & Business Process Management - 101

April 2011

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Work Flow Management & Business Process Management - 101 Work Flow and Workflow Management BPM – Business Process Management Content Management

Tools in BPM, ECM and Capgemini Capabilities

Work flow management and Business Process Management -101
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Work Flow and Workflow Management

What is Work flow?
A workflow is a representation of a process, generally designed in such a way that there is coordination mechanisms between activities, applications, and process participants – consists of a sequence of connected steps – any abstraction of real work

– model to represent real work for further assessment
– Beginning in manufacturing sector

Work flow management and Business Process Management -101
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5 . document-driven workflow. 2. Leave management system Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.Examples of a work flow 1. Capgemini SSO 4. 3. particularly job shops and flow shops. In machine shops. All rights reserved. Insurance claims processing is an example of an information-intensive. the flow of a part through the various processing stations is a work flow.

6 .Typical Workflow Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.

but does not encompass the strategic or change management activities associated with BPM) Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. Through proper workflow management. each of the employees or machines will pass the work on according to a predetermined procedure workflow management is seen as an important component of a business as it provides: • Automating process for improved efficiency within the business eliminating unnecessary steps • Easier to track employee and machine performance • Improves customer service • Allows the customer to feel completely involved in the entire process • Ways to improve production or service process (Workflow Management tends to be seen as the technical coordination of process execution. documents.Workflow Management Workflow management is a system of overseeing the process of passing information. It is a component of a comprehensive BPM strategy. and tasks from one employee or machine within a business to another. All rights reserved. 7 .

Flexibility – Software control over processes enables their redesign in line with changing business needs e. Business process improvement – Focus on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. Improved customer service – Consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in customer response levels d.Business Level Benefits of workflow Management a. 8 . Improved efficiency – Automation of many business processes result in the elimination of unnecessary steps b. Better process control – Improved management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and availability of audit trails c.

All rights reserved. 9 . therefore no need for translation from user requirements to software design b) Centralized implementation – Business processes that change without requiring major changes in the software application c) Rapid Application Development – Composition of processes leads to faster development and better maintainable Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.Software Level Benefits of workflow Management a) Reduce development Risk – Business analysts talks the same language as the developer.

For example.Tools for Workflow Management Visual Studio 2010 Workflow Designer Code-behind file enables developer to write custom Microsoft Visual C# or Microsoft Visual Basic code to express business logic Workflow markup file. compiled into workflow assembly Workflow template can be associated with a site content type. 10 . Can use any forms technology. and deploy to the site SharePoint Designer No code behind. Workflow modifications are not available Automatically handles deployment to specific list Can use Initiation form to gather information from the user when they start the Can use Initiation form to gather information from the user when they start the workflow workflow Can use custom forms for users to interact with tasks in SharePoint Foundation Can use custom forms for users to interact with SharePoint Foundation 2010 2010 tasks Visual Studio debugging available Can author both sequential and state workflows No step-by-step debugging available Can author only sequential workflows Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. and supporting file are stored. workflow rules. uncompiled. in a specific document library on the site Cannot author workflows against content types. All rights reserved. Can include workflow modifications Package workflow assembly and workflow definition as a SharePoint Feature.NET forms for SharePoint Foundation 2010 workflows. Uses the Forms Web Part. Microsoft ASP. or markup and code-behind files. workflow rules file declaratively encapsulates business logic instead Workflow markup.

BPM – Business Process Management .

What is BPM Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. 12 .

metrics. it is a business management methodology that covers how people work with people. how systems work with systems and how the two camps work together.BPM Definitions BPM is more than just a collection of technologies. management practices and software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization’s activities and processes. execution. supervision and improvement of processes. BPM in general is an organizational concept. implementation. Gartner. BPM is a structured approach employing methods. policies. BPM can be conducted with or without information system support. control. Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. BPM is a management practice that provides for governance of a business’s process environment toward the goal of improving agility & operational performance. All rghts reserved. 13 . Business Process Management is the sum of all organizational activities centered around the definition.

decisions and flows • Integration centric. application. assemble. decisions and work flows • Document centric. and adapt the processes that run a business. optimize. and data. and Integration intensive business processes. deploy.system.people intensive business processes. technology. All rig . and manage processes that cross people. BPM includes a set of activities to model. BPM Type • Human centric . decisions and flows Example* • Employee on boarding • Order to Cash • Claims Processing • Accounts payable • Contract Management • Order fulfillment • Straight-Through Processing 14 Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.document intensive business processes.BPM Defined BPM is a methodology used to innovate.

BPM Components Business Activity Monitoring Document & Content Management BPM Suite Workflow Automation Human Interfaces Work flow Modeling Deployment Metrics Automation System Integration Event Monitoring Simulation Analytics Enterprise Integration Process Modeling & Simulation Business Rules Business Rules Engine Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 15 15 © 2011 Capgemini. All rghts reserved. .

Distribution Delivery Channels • Internet • Mobile • Paper Stakeholders • Customers • Agents • Employees Process Services Workflow • Work Routing • Work Approval • Correspondence Collaborate • Team Collaboration • Queue Management Business Activity Management • Dash Board • Reports • Event Management . All rghts reserved. Alerts Content Management Rules Management Process Middleware Services Integration • Legacy • Database • Flat file etc Process State Management • Work object status • Queue Management Security • Authentication • Authorization • LDAP Content Services File System Content Repository Database Data Warehouse Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 16 © 2011 Capgemini. Transformation. . Security.BPM Reference Architecture Process Presentation – Portal .

All rghts reserved. Tech Architect. PM » Configuration Paradigm » New Roles: Process & Rules Analyst. PM Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 17 © 2011 Capgemini. BPM Architect. Developers. BPM System Analyst. .Old Way Vs BPM Way » » Old Way Requirements are Use Case Centric » » BPM Way Requirements are captured as Processes and Business Rules by Business and IT in a Collaborative effort Captures Process Goals Evolutionary Iterative Development Model which produces results in 60 to 90 day window Reuse established in collaboration with business Overall shorter project duration » » Mostly Waterfall » » Reuse established by IT » » Overall longer project duration » » » Coding Paradigm Roles: BA.

.Project Implementation Approach Traditional Application Development Methodology Project Initiation Requirements Design Build and Integrate Test Deploy BPM Enabled Application Development Design Discover Develop Discover Design Develop Discover Deploy Initiate Monitor Optimize Analyze Design Develop Deploy Monitor Deploy Monitor Optimize Analyze Optimize Analyze Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 18 © 2011 Capgemini. All rghts reserved.

Business Drivers Efficiency Operation Excellence Agility Time to market Stability Flexibility Accountability Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. All rghts reserved . 19 .

All rights reserved.Trends in BPM – I (Evolution of BPM) ECM Orchestration Business Activity Monitoring BPA Business Rules Workflow Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 20 © 2011 Capgemini. .

All rights reserved.Trend in BPM : II (Emerging BPM Landscape) ECM BI SOA BPM Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 21 © 2011 Capgemini. .

Trends in BPM – III (Hype Cycle for BPM) Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 22 © 2011 Capgemini. . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. . 20% customer facing processes would be assisted by BPM technologies  By 2014. 40% of business managers and knowledge workers in Global 2000 enterprises will use comprehensive business process models to support their daily work. up from 6% in 2009  Nearly 50% of enterprises across Europe and North America would be actively engaged in BPM Planned and Active BPM Projects Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 23 © 2011 Capgemini.Gartner Predictions: Gartner Predictions  By 2012.

.BPM Value Proposition Flexibility  Rapidly change process behavior  Adapt to changes with minimal disruption Responsiveness  Make proactive changes to processes dynamically Optimization  Powerful tools to improve your business processes  True understanding of business operations with simulation Solution Building Efficiency  Deploy business process solutions at lowest cost  Operational efficiencies with shared business processes  Import and work with business process models directly from the business analyst Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 24 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. .BPM Landscape Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 25 © 2011 Capgemini.

Content Management .

movies. controlling. scientific data. phone numbers. and so forth. semantically enriching. . pictures. The data is nearly anything: documents. revising. and publishing documentation CMS can be distinguished into three categories as: – Enterprise CMS (ECM) – Document CMS (DCM) – Web CMS (WCM) Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 27 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. CMS's are used for storing.Content Management System A content management system (CMS) is a collection of procedures used to manage data work flow in a collaborative environment.

 Aimed to make the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage.  An umbrella term covering document management. process routing and retention. manage. digital assets management.  The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency.Enterprise CMS The ECM is a formalized means of organizing and storing document and other content related to organizational processes. search. workflow management. version control.across all locations and lines of business. web content management. better control and reduced costs Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 28 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. methods and tools used throughout the life cycle of the content. security. collaboration. .  Enables insurers to dynamically create. capture and scanning. publish and deliver adaptive enterprise content throughout the business life cycle . records management.  It encompasses strategies.

paper. The document management system handles documents from multiple channels like email. All rights reserved. . Matured and well tested DMS can be characterized as follows: (a) Focused on managing documents in the traditional sense (like word files) (b) Each unit of information (document) is fairly large and self contained (c) There are few (if any) links between documents (d) Provides limited integration with repository (check-in. It is also capable of keeping track of the different versions created by different users (history tracking).Document Management System DMS is used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. check-out etc) (e) Focuses primarily on storage and archiving (f) Includes powerful workflow (g) Targeted at storing and presenting document in their native format and as well in raw format (dynamic rendering) (h) Limited web publishing engine typically produces one page for each document (i) Supports both Business to Customer (B2C) and Customer to Business (C2B) scenarios Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 29 © 2011 Capgemini. XML streams.. fax.

Matured and well tested WCMS can be characterized as follows (a) Manages small interconnected units of information (example web pages) (b) Each unit (page) is defined by its location on the site (c) Extensive cross linking between pages (d) Focuses primarily on page creation and editing (rendering online) (e) provides tight integration between authoring and repository (metadata etc) (f) provides a very powerful publishing engine (templates. offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation. and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.Web Content Management System WCM provides website authoring. collaboration. A robust WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration. . scripting etc) (h) supports only Business to Customer (B2C) scenario Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 30 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.

Tools in BPM. ECM and Capgemini Capabilities .

Credit Services and General Financial Services  Insurance – Health. Property and Casualty. All rights reserved.BPM Tools & Our Credentials Resources Skills Process Analysts Solution Architects Global 1250+ 800+ Domain Focus  Banking – Retail and Private Banking. Life. All rights reserved. Commercial Developers Business Process Architects Overall 2000+ 200+ 4500+  Securities and Investments – Brokerage and Investment Banking Trading. Business and Consumer Lending. . Product Expertise Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 32 © 2011 Capgemini. © 2011 Capgemini.

• • • Business Rule Editor . Business Rule Repository .The actual programming code that enforces the rules Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 33 © 2011 Capgemini. 3. Business Rules Engine Workflow Capabilities Business Activity Monitoring Enterprise Service Bus Integrated Development Environment A complete business rules engine should include the following: • users. 4. Rules Engine Execution Core . design. All rights reserved. 5.An intuitive user interface that allows business users to query and report existing rules.A database for storing the business rules as defined by the business . Reporting Component . 2.BPM Tools evaluation… BPM Tools are evaluated on the following 1.An intuitive user interface that allows business users to define. document and edit business rules.

All rights reserved. .BPM Tools evaluation Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 34 © 2011 Capgemini.

0 • Training across MOSS products • Servers • Clients • Administration • Microsoft Records Manager solution available • Next Gen EDRM and EDiscovery Based on MOSS Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 35 © 2011 Capgemini.ECM Tools and Credentials IBM/ FileNet • 6+ Years experience working with FileNet products • Significant FileNet certification • FileNet suite of Products Expertise in cl. Team Collaboration Mgr EMC/ Documentum • 3+ years of experience with Documentum Products • Content Server. Eforms. Records Mgt. Composer • Business Process Mgr.5 and 4. 9. .Net1.7 Microsoft MOSS 2007 • 3+ years of experience in Microsoft MOSS products. Form Builder.2.0 • ECM.1/2. BPM. Document Application Installer / Builder. BPF Framework • Image Mgt. 3. Process Builder • Foundation Classes.5 and 9. Documentum Administrator • Workflow & Lifecycle • Web Development Kit. All rights reserved. • Installation and Administration of the Livelink Archive Server • SAP ArchiveLink & Doculink • Opentext Livelink ECM • Livelink Records Management • Livelink Administration • Livelink Workflow • Livelink 9. Web Top OpenText Livelink • 3+ years of experience in Livelink suite. • Strong Microsoft ASP. Web App ToolKit.

Key components Recruitment Training & Certification Domain Process Models Processes related to Estimation. Deployment etc Process Improvement Performance Incentive Plan CoE Alliance Management Alliance software and frameworks Access to Professional Services and Service Engineering group of Pega Promotion Development Tools and Methods Standards and Policies Accelerators & POCs Quality Management Processes Knowledge Portals Wiki News Letters Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 36 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved.EBS CoE . Delivery. .

. All rights reserved.CoE Involvement in SDLC Project Team Activities       Define Process Models Define Stakeholders Capture High Level Use Cases Identify Reports Define Return on Investment CAP Process     Elaborate Use Cases Rules Harvesting Define Reports Design Application • Class Structure • Work Items  Functional testing  QA  Handover application to next iteration  Production Deployment  Develop Application Inception Elaboration Construction Transition COE –Value Addition and Accelerators  Bring Templates for • Process Modeling • Use Cases  Share Iterative Methodology  Bring Individuals with Expertise on building Process Models and Use cases  Bring Templates for • Rules Harvesting • Identify right skills and individuals  Bring Individuals with expertise on BPM toolset  Code Review  Governance Compliance Validation  Document Lessons Learned  Document and share common processes Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.

setup design clinics. technologyenabled environment Large group process – combines decision makers.  Rules Tests support the application’s decisions  Work flow tests  Review reporting   Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. and implementers Leverage the Pega ‘Layer Cake‘ approach Methodical approach in restructuring the application Facilitates creation of enterprise data model to manage intermediate state Enables future interoperability  User-Centric Design and methodologies to uncover user needs and rapidly visualize a future state concept to validate with internal stakeholders and end-users Well Aligned with Pega Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) Help client to become Completely Self Sufficient Short and Long Term Help in basic training.Capgemini Pega Successful Accelerators Contact Center Enterprise Reference Architecture    1 User Experience Management Leveraging Rapid Design 2 Visualization  Innovative visualization process for Rapid Design and Prototyping  Skills and Knowledge Transfer 3 Capgemini Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE) 4  Creative Work Space Combined with a Unique Facilitation Methodology to Accelerate Business Decision Making and the Creation of Innovative Solutions Information-rich. All rights reserved. boundary and regression testing  Service Testing Toolkit  Transitional strategy of small sliver projects to create quick wins on the short term whilst designing a platform of agility for the long term without any risk to current operations . set up COE to make clients self sufficient        Easily expandable access layer Controlled Migration 5 Accelerated Delivery Platform: Agile 6      Process: Smart Implemented and tuned for Distributed Delivery Smart Use Case based estimation model Built. often based on activity diagrams Supported by Code Generator 2–4 Weeks based iterations PRPC Rules Testing Process 7 Organizational Change 8 Management (OCM) Framework  Defines the as-is situation within your application portfolio and describes the current and future functional requirements. shadow & reverse shadow key roles Delivery Takeover. IT specialists. innovation focus. Knowledge management setup. process owners. Identifies the unwanted rules executed in your process  Automated Unit Test Framework AUT tests individual rules  Agile Dashboard and Burn up/down chart Smart testing technique to define and run functional tests on smart use cases using scenarios. 38 .

39 . Structured flows Reduction of iteration times G Database Tuner   Customize Tablespaces. indexes for rulebase tables Identifies SQL injection vulnerabilities / tuning opportunities Rulebase Tuning / externalization of tables H   Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. tasks and activities involved in the process Cache loading for the identified pages / processes Pre-defined templates to validate the interfaces request / response Measures the performance with or without integration points     Rule Execution Analyzer   Identifies the right order of rules executed Identifies the unwanted rules executed as part of the process Identifies non-added value processes executed E Heap Dump / Memory LeakageF Root Cause Finder    JVM Tuning Prconfig customization Analysis of Logs / Alerts   OOTB Process Optimizer Identifies Unstructured vs.Capgemini Pega Implementation toolkits Pega PRPC Reference Architecture    Leverage the Pega ‘Layer Cake‘ approach Methodical approach in restructuring the application Facilitates creation of enterprise data model to manage intermediate state Enables future interoperability Definition of solution capable of circumstanced operation in a single instance A Pre-Compiler   B SOAP Calls Analyzer   Report for transactional timings C Complex HTML Optimizer    Customized scripts to identify the un-used clipboard pages Captures response time of AJAX events Identifies the streaming buffers D Process Simulation to validate the functionality Reducing the amount of steps.

All rights reserved. process domain. EA and transformation skills necessary to support most BPM projects in the Americas and EMEA. The firm also has advanced capabilities in implementing Pegasystems solutions and solid capabilities in delivering solutions using other BPMTs. 40 .. program management.Recognized as top BPM / Pega player by Gartner Gartner‟s “Who's Who in Business Process Management Consulting and System Integration. The firm takes a highly collaborative approach to teaming with client resources that is conducive to knowledge transfer.” “Large enterprises should consider Capgemini for BPM projects in any of the four corners of the BPM Four Corners Framework and for any of the BPM usage scenarios.. Capgemini has the advanced service delivery.” Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.

Pega Enablement and Staffing Model Fast Track & Boot Camp Training • Pega PRPC training • Boot Camp application development Internal Concepts & Prototypes • POC (Proof Of Concepts) • Sample application development Solution Frameworks • IIF • CPMi • Smart Investigate Shadow Resource in LIVE Project • Development experience in Live projects PRPC Certification • Pega Certified System Architect • Pega Certified Senior System Architect 2 weeks 2 weeks 1 week 3 weeks Highlights :  PRPC training provided by Pega trained professionals. All rights reserved.Deputation of Experienced associates Partnership with Training Institutes and contractors Back On Roll Associates Lateral Hires (Experienced associates with domain skills undergo techno specific training) Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini. Feedback provided by Capgemini included in the release notes and patch.  Capgemini is a part of the BETA testing group. End Solution is provided through a patch. Staffing Model SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS – SME Pega Experts staffing new engagements from other locations CAPGEMINI ROTATION POLICY Associate rotation to staff new Opportunities EXTERNAL – LATERAL HIRING Experienced Resources available on a Need Basis BENCH MANAGEMENT 10% Permeable Bench diversified by functional & technology areas to meet staffing needs at all levels Proactive visa processing to enable associates to travel at short notice FRESHER LEARNING PROGRAM Entry level associates undergo technical training . 41 . Service requests raised are closely monitored by PEGA.  Tie – Up with Pega’s process engineering group.

All rights reserved.Our Value Proposition Enabling Transformation through Domain Thought Leadership and Business Technology enabled Process Solutions focus BPM Consulting expertise  Proven processes. 42 . frameworks and technologies  Successful engagements across FSI domain Strong Competencies Industry leading packages  Access to a pool of skilled resources  Business Technology and product expertise Benefits  Low Total Cost of Ownership and faster ROI realization  Ability to manage ‘Peaks and Valleys’ of demand  End to end services from single vendor  Reduced turnaround time and high quality of the solutions  Proven methodology Capgemini’s Right Shoring Model  Leverage our CMM level 5 process maturity and proven „Global Delivery Model‟ in delivering solutions that provide you repeatable successes in every project Domain expertise  Leverage our domain expertise developed across the Financial Services Industry – Banking . Insurance and Capital Markets Domain Thought leadership Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 © 2011 Capgemini.

.  Migrate from current thick client application to a web based thin client application. Banking Business Process Assessment for Dispute Processing  Streamlined business processes which helped in reducing time taken to resolve credit card disputes. Methodology & Standards  Created a framework to categorize the various initiatives for implementation using the most suitable technology Work flow management and Business Process Management -101 42 © 2010 Capgemini.Sample Engagements Client Global Banking and Financial Services Organization Industry/ Vertical Financial Services Focus Area Strategic partner working with the client’s workflow COE on various enterprise wide BPM initiatives Key Benefits  Improve efficiency in the processing of home loan and personal loan by moving to a paperless environment  Implement a new electronic document management and workflow solution for the benefits management group of the actuaries and consultants division Leading international insurance organization Insurance Auto program system to offer a competitive auto insurance quote across the U. Insurance BPM and ECM consulting to define the roadmap and enable the customer COE  Helped in the definition of the Strategy. Prioritization of initiatives.000 expected users  Customer leveraged Capgemini COE expertise for rapid scalability and time to market Midsized Commercial Bank in Chicago Banking Business IT Alignment  Assessed the Business and IT value of existing applications and identified the key gaps  Defined the BPM and SOA strategic roadmap Top 10 Credit Card Firm in the U.S. All rights reserved.S.  Recommendations to minimize delays in cross-functional information flow Top 3 P&C Insurer in the U.S. for ease of use and deployment to 100.

All rights reserved .com The information contained in this presentation is proprietary.Thank you very much for your attention! Sarma Kodukulla Lead – HSBC Pega CoE +91 98 66 01 99 28 www.capgemini. ©2010 Capgemini.

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