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Secretariat  Committee  Proposal  

Prepared  by:  Alexandra  Maria  Francia  P.  Santos     Rationale   The   Secretariat   committee   is   a   standing   committee   of   the   University   Student   Council.   As   such,   even   the   USC   Constitution,   ratified   by   all   the   students   of   the   University,   recognizes  the  need  for  the  committee  which  serves  to  perform  the  duties  of  a  secretary,   among  which  is  to  document  and  keep  all  incoming  and  outgoing  correspondences  of  the   council,  promote  a  healthy  working  environment  and  maintain  a  harmonious  relationship   among  the  members  of  the  USC.     Vision-­Mission:   Don’t  forget  to  smile     “A  Smile  is  a  curve  that  sets  everything  straight”   -­‐Phillys  Diller     S-­‐Supervision:  to  facilitate  recruitment  of  volunteers  and  the  VolCorps  of  the  USC   M-­‐Management  and  maintenance:  to  maintain  and  develop  the  USC  office  and  strengthen   the  council’s  relations  with  one  another   IL-­‐  Illustrative:  to  create  an  illustrative,  identifiable  and  transparent  council  to  our   constituents   E-­‐efficiency:  to  have  an  efficient  and  systematic  working  ground  (eg.  policies,  resources  and   communication  lines)  within  the  USC  to  effectively  serve  our  constituents        

Committee  structure

Secretary   General  



Human  resources  







    Under  the  Secretariat  Committee;   1. Communications   a. Internals   i. In-­‐charge   of   text   brigades   and   e-­‐mail   blasts   prepared   by   the   secretariat  committee   ii. Checks   the   attendance   of   the   council   every   meeting   and   all   deemed  USC  events   iii. Takes  down  minutes  of  the  meeting  and  publish  said  minutes     iv. Prepares   and   disseminates   attendance   reports,   mid-­‐semestral   reports  and  semestral  reports   b. Externals   i. Handles  all  incoming  and  outgoing  correspondences   ii. With   the   help   of   the   mass   media   committee,   assists   in   the   dissemination  of  information  and  updates.   iii. Create  a  positive  branding  of  the  USC   2. Operations   a. Logistics   i. Creates  an  inventory  of  all  equipments   ii. Handles   all   necessary   transactions   on   equipment   inside   the   USC   office   iii. In-­‐charge  of  needed  supplies  of  the  council  

b. Maintenance   i. Ensures  cleanliness  and  orderliness  of  the  USC  office   ii. Keeps  and  organizes  all  files  of  the  USC   iii. Provide  security  protocols   3. Human  Resources   a. Internals   i. In-­‐charge  of  council  members  welfare   ii. Provides   a   mechanism   to   evaluate   council   members   for   internal   and   external   affairs   to   ensure   the   checks   and   balance   within   the   council   b. Externals   i. Facilitates  recruitment  of  volunteers   ii. Supervises  and  maintains  efficiency  of  the  VolCorps       iii. Strengthens   relation   of   the   USC   with   its   constituents   and   the   VolCorps     Plan  of  Action   1. Communications   a. Internals   i. USConnect   -­‐This  will  serve  as  communication  mechanism  via  text  and/or   email   (and/or   e-­‐groups)   to   gather   and   disseminate   information,   updates,   announcements   and   the   like   within   the   council.   -­‐This   is   also   includes   the   maintenance   and   management   of   all   internal  e-­‐groups.   ii. Attendance  protocol   -­‐Every  GA  shall  start  with  the  checking  of  attendance  as  agreed   upon  in  the  house  rules.   -­‐Rule   XI:   Roll   Call   and   Absences   of   the   approved   House   rules   will  be  strictly  followed     -­‐According   to   section   4,   the   secretariat   committee   will     issue   warning   letter   if   any   council   member   has   had   3     consecutive   unexcused   absence.   This   will   be   approved     by   the   Chairperson   and   Vice-­‐Chairperson.   A   notification     will  also  be  sent  to  the  entire  council.   -­‐Forms  shall  be  filled  for  proper  documentation     -­‐Those  who  came  in  late  must  fill  up  a  form  which  states   the   time   you   entered   plus   the   reason   for   being   late.   Form  must  be  submitted  to  the  SecGen  after  the  GA.     -­‐Those  who  have  to  leave  early  must  also  submit  a  form   (time  left  and  reason)  and  must  do  so  before  leaving.  

-­‐Absentees   must   fill   up   and   submit   the   form   (reason   for   absence,   excused   or   unexcused)   before   the   start   of   the   next  general  assembly.   -­‐An   attendance   report   shall   be   prepared.   This   will   included   attendance   in   GAs,   participation   in   official   USC   activities   and   events,  and  compliance  with  the  agreed  upon  “tambay  hours.”   iii. Minute  Launch   -­‐The   minutes   shall   follow   a   standard   format   containing   important   Details   such   as   event   title,   date,   time   started   &   ended,  venue,  attendance  (detailed  time  in  and  time  out  of  each   person)  and  arguments  made  by  specific  individuals   -­‐GAs   will   be   recorded   for   counterchecking   unless   deemed   otherwise.   -­‐Copies  of  the  minutes  shall  be  released  to  the  public  no  later   than   two   weeks   after   the   GA   has   transpired.   Within   that   two   weeks,  it  must  already  be  signed  by  the  Chairperson.  Copies  of   the  committee  reports  and  other  documents  discussed  will  also   be  attached.   -­‐If  there  are  any  corrections,  these  will  be  discussed  in  the  next   GA  as  the  stipulated  in  the  order  of  business  (refer  to  Rule  IV  of   the  house  rules).   -­‐Corrections   will   be   reflected   in   the   next   official   minutes   that   will  be  released.   -­‐With   the   aid   of   the   external   communications,   mass   media   committee   and   college   reps,   copies   shall   also   be   provided   for   every  college  and  dormitory.   -­‐Said   minutes   will   also   be   posted   online   for   public   consumption.   iv. USC  Semestral  Report   -­‐Each   committee   shall   regularly   pass   consolidate   all   USC   activities  per  semester  so  that  we  are  updated  of  the  council’s   accomplishment   v. USC  Board   -­‐This   board   shall   be   placed   in   the   office   and   shall   be   divided   into  announcements,  reports  and  calendar   -­‐The   announcement   portion   shall   contain   reminders,   immediate   concerns,   issues,   events   that   the   body   needs   to   know.   -­‐The   Reports   shall   contain   the   attendance   reports,   minutes   of   the   previous   GA,   mid-­‐semestral   reports,   semestral   reports   committee  reports.  

-­‐The   Calendar   shall   contain   a   monthly   overview   of   USC   activities,   UP   activities   and   other   special   days   (holidays,   birthdays).       b. Externals     i. Minute  bits   -­‐Under   the   supervision   of   the   sec   committee   and   in   coordination  with  the  mass  media  committee,  real-­‐time  online   updates  of  the  on-­‐going  GA  maybe  released.     -­‐This   shall   also   be   flashed   through   an   LCD   projector   for   the   entire  council  to  see.   -­‐This  is  a  separate  effort  of  the  council   -­‐This  is  to  practice  the  council’s  transparency.   ii. Council  Drop  Box   -­‐Each  council  member  shall  be  provided  a  pigeonhole  or  a  drop   box   for   documents,   forms,   invitations   and   the   like   that   may   arrive  at  the  council  office  when  he  or  she  isn’t  at  the  office.   -­‐A   general   incoming   and   outgoing   drop   boxes   shall   receive   documents   that   need   to   be   addressed   or   released   by   the   entire   council.     -­‐Proper  documentation  shall  be  followed.       INCOMING  

 Document  may  be   received  by  any   council  member.     • mark  the  document   as  received  including   the  date    

There  must  be  3   copies  of  the   document   • one  for  general   ciling,  one  for  the   council  member   who  received  the   document  and  one   remains  with  the   person  

The  logbook  shall  be   cilled  up.   • includes  name,   topic,  date,  received   by    


have  2  copies  of   the  letter   • one  for  ciling   and  one  for   releasing  

place  both  copies   in  the  drop  box  

the  logbook  must   be  cilled  up.   • includes  name,   topic,  date  and   signature  

                iii. USC  Corner   -­‐Each   college   and   dormitory   will   have   a   corner   wherein   the   council   can   post   all   official   statements,   reminders,   reports,   summary  of  resolutions  along  with  the  minutes  of  the  meeting   and  the  like  regularly.   -­‐Bulletin   boards   will   be   restored   in   the   waiting   sheds   around   campus  thus  these  can  also  be  utilized.   iv. USC  branding   -­‐Any  document  prepared  by  a  committee  heads  or  any  council   member  for  that  matter  must  use  the  prescribed  template.   -­‐Non-­‐compliance  shall  be  subject  to  disapproval  of  release  or  is   deemed   as   non-­‐submission   for   required   documents   by   the   Secretariat  committee.     v. Report  cards   -­‐This   is   to   monitor   and   properly   assess   each   activity   accomplished.     -­‐   Internal   and   external   evaluation   forms/cards   will   be   made   available  after  every  official  USC  activity.  These  will  be  collated   and  summarized  per  event  (or  per  member  if  necessary)   -­‐   vi. USC  Hotline   -­‐For   centralization,   this   will   be   a   tie-­‐up   with   the   mass   media   committee   -­‐This   shall   serve   as   the   two-­‐way   communication   mechanism   via  text  and/or  online  means  such  facebook  and  twitter.  

2. Operations   a. Logistics   i. Office  Clean-­‐up   -­‐A  day  or  two  will  be  allotted  every  start  of  the  semester  for  a   general   cleaning   of   the   USC   office.   This   includes   sorting   of   documents,  arranging  of  furniture,  making  the  room  clean  and   tidy  and  the  like.   ii. Office  Upgrade   -­‐An   evaluation   must   be   conducted   to   see   what   needs   to   be   improved  in  the  USC  office.   -­‐The   committee   shall   find   ways   and   means   to   acquire   the   necessary   upgrades   to   provide   a   better   and   cleaner   working   space   (e.g.   for   working   purposes-­‐chairs,   table,   for   filing   purposes-­‐filing   cabinets,   for   cleanliness   purposes-­‐trash   cans,   brooms,  dust  pans,  for  security  purposes-­‐locks,  deadbolt,  door   guard)   as   well   as   better   service   (e.g.   LCD   projector,   printer,   telephone,  extension  cord).   iii. Office  Inventory   -­‐Must  create  an  inventory  once  the  office  is  ready  for  use.     -­‐There   must   be   a   weekly   inspection   of   the   office.   Therefore,   everyone  is  requested  to  care  for  the  things  inside  the  office.   iv. Resource  Allocation  and  Replenishment     -­‐The   committee   will   provide   the   office   with   basic   resources   such   as   bond   papers,   pens,   markers   (whatever   resource   that   is   deemed  necessary  by  the  council  members)   -­‐The  committee  will  be  able  to  provide  these  supplies  with  the   aid   of   procurement   services   office.   A   list   of   available   supplies   and   equipment   given   by   the   procurement   services   office   shall   also  be  provided  for  the  council.   -­‐A   logbook   will   be   provided   to   monitor   the   use   of   these   resources.     -­‐Any  concerned  council  member  shall  submit  a  request  form  at   least   2   days   before   the   needed   date   if   the   material   being   requested  is  not  readily  available  in  the  office.     v. Equipment  Reservation   -­‐Anyone  may  avail  of  the  equipment  and/or  office.   -­‐Everyone  must  abide  by  the  reservation  policy   -­‐Any   USC   member   is   allowed   to   approve   requests   but   must   observe  the  protocols  which  will  be  posted  in  the  office.  

-­‐This  shall  ensure  the  proper  dissemination  of  information  and   a   quick   release   of   urgent   announcements   as   well   as   a   feedback   system  of  the  USC.  

-­‐Council   member   who   will   approve   the   use   of   any   equipment   must   inspect   it   first   and   make   sure   it   is   working   properly   before   releasing   it.   Likewise,   upon   receiving   the   equipment,   that  council  member  must  immediately  inspect  the  equipment   for  any  damages.   -­‐Damages  and  loss  will  have  its  corresponding  sanctions.  

Accomplish   Forms  
• request  form   • return  form  

Submit   photocopy  of   ID/form  5  (if   non-­‐USC   member)    

Fill  the   necessary   information   in  the   Logbook  

Upon  return:   sign  return   form  and   exchange   with  the   request  as   proof  

    b. Maintenance   i. Office  Reminders  and  Guidelines   -­‐Aside   from   the   House   rules,   additional   reminders   and   office   protocols  will  be  provided.     -­‐The   committee   will   provide   a   set   of   rules   that   is   applicable   when  inside  the  office  (e.g.  clean  as  you  go,  make  sure  that  all   gadgets,   equipment   are   unplugged   before   leaving   the   office,   always  sign  in  the  log  book,  borrowing  protocols,  receiving  and   releasing  protocols  etc.)   ii. COB  system   -­‐also  known  as  the  cleanliness  and  orderliness  buddy  system   -­‐This   is   on   a   weekly   basis   therefore   a   member   of   the   secretariat   committee   will   inspect   the   office   at   the   end   of   the   week  if  everything  is  in  order.     -­‐They   will   be   in-­‐charge   of   keeping   the   office   tidy   as   well   as   making  sure  that  the  office  rules  are  being  followed  at  all  times.     iii. Waste  Segregation  

-­‐Trash  cans  will  follow  the  waste  segregation  scheme.   -­‐Boxes   for   recycled   paper   will   be   placed   inside   the   USC   office   so   as   to   make   these   a   constant   source   of   income   of   the   Secretariat   Committee   solely   for   the   purpose   of   supplies   replenishment     -­‐Along   with   the   environment   committee,   we   will   make   the   office  as  clean  and  environment  friendly  as  possible.   iv. Let’s  GO:  Get  Organized   -­‐This  is  to  secure  proper  documentation.   -­‐Proper   turn-­‐over   of   documents   from   the   previous   USC   will   also  be  observed.  These  documents  maybe  accessed  for  future   references   but   may   not   be   taken   out   of   the   office   unless   approved  by  the  executive  committee.  This  is  to  guarantee  that   no  file  is  lost.   -­‐Committees   will   be   provided   their   own   file   or   box   to   store   necessary  documents  and  shall  be  kept  in  it’s  designated  space.   -­‐All  accomplished  forms  must  be  filed  accordingly.   -­‐All   logbooks,   forms   must   remain   in   their   designated   storage   area.   -­‐Every   committee   is   requested   to   submit   an   online   copy   of   any   document   to   make   sure   that   the   council   has   a   back   up.   If   possible,   all   soft   copies   shall   have   a   back   up   external   hard   drive.   v. SecuriKEY  (or  secure-­‐a-­‐key)   -­‐Door  knob    and  deadbolt  will  be  replaced  immediately   -­‐Only   the   Chairperson,   Vice-­‐chairperson   and   the   Secretary   General   shall   have   the   keys   for   the   office.   Another   set   of   keys   shall  be  left  with  the  Vinson’s  guard.  The  names  and  pictures  of   the  council  members  will  be  submitted  to  guard.     -­‐The   deadbolt   will   only   be   locked   during   the   weekends   and   long  holidays.   -­‐Each  council  member  must  lock  the  door  if  no  one  will  be  left   inside  and  must  return  the  keys  with  the  guard.   vi. EELog   -­‐also  known  as  the  entrance  and  exit  log   -­‐This  is  to  monitor  the  activity  in  the  USC  office  as  well  as  the   compliance  of  the  council  members  to  the  “tambay  hours”   -­‐2  logbooks  will  be  provided-­‐-­‐-­‐One  for  non-­‐USC  members  and   another  for  USC  members.   -­‐Everyone   must   sign   in   the   logbook   and   fill   out   ALL   the   necessary  information    

    3. Human  resources   a. Internals   i. USC  kit   -­‐The   committee   shall   provide   each   council   member   all   necessary   documents   and   lists   that   can   help   throughout   the   year.     a.  USC  Handbook  shall  contain  the  USC  constitution,  USC   house   rules,   and   the   internal   office   reminders   and   guidelines  (set  by  the  4  standing  committees).   b.  Calendar  of  activities   c.  USC  directory   d.  LCC  directory   e.   List   of   available   equipment   and   service   provided   by   the  USC   f.   if   possible,   list   of   rooms,   venues,   equipment   and   services   that   are   available   per   college   and   how   they   can   be  reserved.   g.   if   possible,   list   of   all   Organizations,   Fraternities   and   Sororities  plus  a  contact  person   g.  Other  documents  that  the  body  may  request  for     -­‐F   and   G   will   be   done   with   the   help   of   all   the   college     representatives.   ii. USC  Calling  Card   -­‐the   committee   shall   provide   calling   cards   for   each   council   member   so   that   it   would   be   easier   for   each   of   us   to   hand   out   necessary  contact  details.   iii. Complaint  desk   -­‐The  committee  shall  provide  a  form  if  there  are  any  concerns   or   complaints   regarding   a   certain   council   member’s   performance   and/or   disposition.   Forms   may   be   filled   by   a   council  member  or  by  any  of  our  constituents.     -­‐Matters   that   arise   shall   be   dealt   with   by   the   officers   of   the   council   (Art7sec1   of   the   USC   Constitution)   first   before   presenting  the  complaint  to  the  body  in  a  General  assembly.   iv. Tambay  hours   -­‐As  agreed  upon  in  the  house  rules,  the  secretariat  committee   will  provide  a  schedule  when  each  council  member  must  man   the  office.  This  will  be  based  on  the   free  time  schedule  that  will  

-­‐for   non-­‐USC   members:   name,   student   number,   college/organization,   purpose,   time   in,   time   out,   signature   -­‐for  USC  members:  name,  time  in,  time  out,  signature  

v.               vi.



ix. x.

be   submitted   to   the   SecGen.   The   goal   is   to   a   have   someone   at   the  office  at  all  times  (office  hours).   The   council   member   must   first   and   foremost   time   in   upon   entry  and  must  time  out  upon  leaving.     -­‐There   will   be   a   10-­‐minute   grace   period.     After   which,   that   council  member  is  marked  late.   -­‐Rule  XII  section  3  of  the  approved  house  rules  will  be  followed   strictly.     -­‐If   unable   to   stick   to   the   schedule,   he/she   must   inform   the   SecGen   of   his/her   reasons   and   must   look   for   a   replacement.   He/she  must  still  complete  the  total  number  of  tambay  hours.   -­‐If   one   must   leave   and   there   is   no   one   who   can   come   immediately,  then  he/she  must  lock  the  door.   -­‐This  applies  the  honesty  policy   Daily  Newspapers   -­‐So  that  any  potential  idle  time  in  the  USC  Office  would  be  used   to  increase  the  social  awareness  of  USC  members,  newspapers   would   be   provided   by   the   Secretariat   Committee   by   setting   agreements  with  broadsheets  such  as  The  Philippine  Star  and   The  Philippine  Daily  Inquirer.   -­‐Newspapers  accumulated  per  month  will  then  be  sold  to  junk   shops,  and  revenue  will  go  to  the  Secretariat  fund.     Council  Buddy   -­‐In  order  to  foster  camaraderie  and  forging  stronger  ties,  each   council   member   shall   have   buddies   for   the   entire   term.   This   will  be  determined  by  drawing  lots.     Fun-­‐shine  time   -­‐Buddies   will   take   time   to   make   his/her   buddy   happy   on   his   or   her  birthday.   -­‐Sec  committee  will  surprise  the  council  on  special  days.  Other   members  may  contribute  as  well.   B.O.B.  (Bonding  /Outing/  Breather)   -­‐The   council   shall   find   time   to   bond   at   least   once   every   3   months.   -­‐This  means  no  work  if  possible.   USC  Yearbook   -­‐This   will   be   a   compilation   of   all   the   roster   of   USC   members   that  we  can  still  trace.  It  may  include  their  contact  information.   GA  Agenda:  Assessment   -­‐The   secretariat   committee   may   set   an   agenda   in   a   general   assembly,   calling   for   an   open   assessment   for   the   council   members.    Part  of  the  agenda  will  be  an  assessment  report  of   USC  activities  (gathered  from  the  report  cards).  

b. Externals   i. USC  Live   -­‐The   USC   will   hold   assemblies   with   different   colleges   and   dormitory   councils   in   order   to   bring   the   USC   closer   to   our   constituents   by   providing   them   avenue   for   consultation,   and   inform  them  of  pertinent  council  matters.     ii. Know  Your  USC   -­‐Exhibits   will   be   displayed   in   the   different   colleges   for   the   students  to  get  to  know  the  individual  members  of  the  USC  as   well  as  the  committees  of  the  council.   iii. VolCorps  Structure   -­‐The   Volcorps   will   have   a   separate   roster   of   officers   and   committees  so  that  they  can  also  create  and  execute  a  project   as  an  institution,  branded  as  their  own.     -­‐Chairperson   -­‐shall  preside  all  meetings  of  the  VolCorps       -­‐shall  represent  the  Volcorp     -­‐Secretary       -­‐shall  take  down  the  minutes  of  the  meetings.       -­‐keeps  all  documents  of  the  Corps       -­‐perform  duties  that  may  be  assigned  to  him  or         her.     -­‐Treasurer       -­‐keeps  and  manages  the  funds  of  the  VolCorps.       -­‐submit  a  financial  report  each  semester  to  be         presented  to  the  VolCorps  and  to  the  USC       -­‐perform  duties  that  may  be  assigned  to  him  or         her     -­‐Public  Relation  Officer       -­‐shall  be  in-­‐charge  of  promoting  good  relations         within  the  Corps.  as  well  as  with  the  USC.       -­‐shall  be  the  over-­‐all  liaison  of  the  VolCorps  to         the  USC.     -­‐Committee  Heads  

-­‐Each   council   member   is   subjected   to   a   performance   evaluation.  This  will  also  serve  as  an  update  for  each  member.   Issues   brought   up   in   the   complaint   desk   may   arise   upon   approval  of  the  executive  committee.   -­‐Hardcopies   of   the   summary   shall   be   provided   for   each   member   as   well   as   to   the   different   colleges   and   dormitories.   Copies  will  also  be  posted  online.    

-­‐Each   head   shall   be   the   Volcorps   representative   to  each  USC  Committee.   -­‐All   USC   committees   (both   standing   and   special   standing)   shall   have   its   own   volcorp   committee   to  help  out  in  whatever  way  the  Corp  can.  

Secretariat   Committee  

VolCorp   Individuals  

Volunteer   Organizations  





Committee   Heads  


iv. Recruitment  Fair   -­‐The   Secretariat   Committee   will   hold   a   Volcorps   Recruitment   Fair  during  the  week  of  Registration  and  first  week  of  classes.   -­‐The  committee  will  also  have  an  online  recruitment  during  the   last  two  weeks  of  May.     -­‐Each   USC   committee   head   shall   head   his/her   own   Volcorps   recruitment.  


-­‐Tap  interested  individuals  and  organizations   -­‐A   Volcorp   assembly   shall   be   conducted   to   gather   all   volunteers.   Each   volunteer   will   be   asked   to   fill   up   a   membership  form.  This  includes  his/her  willingness  to  help  out   in  the  VolCorp  in  its  entirety  or  to  a  specific  committee  only.   v. VolCorps  Election     -­‐  After  finalizing  the  membership  of  the  Volcorp,  elections  shall     be   held   as   soon   as   possible   establish   efficiency   and   order     within  the  corp.   vi. VolCorps  Orientation  and  Semestral  Planning   -­‐Facilitate   an   introduction   into   Council   Management,   Good   Work  Ethics,  Expectation  Check,  and  Teambuilding   vii. VolCorps  Check-­‐up   -­‐Under   the   supervision   of   the   secretariat   committee,   the   Volcorps   should   be   recognized   as   a   separate   entity   from   the   USC.   This   shall   encourage   their   growth   and   development   as   student  leaders.   -­‐Any  member  of  the  Secretariat  committee  must  be  present  in   all  VolCorps  GAs.     vii. Leadership  Trainings   -­‐These   trainings   shall   be   held   twice   a   semester,   in   order   to   hone  their  potentials  as  student  leaders.