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30 18.45 –14.00 Climate change and its impact on social.00 – 8.00 Breakfast 9.30 –11.30 –17.00 –17. Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) 11.00 –10.30 Conference opening and presentations 10.00 Questions and discussion 17.45 Group session with speakers 17. Germanwatch) INTERNATIONAL CLIMATE POLICY AND ECONOMICS author and adviser.00 –12.15 CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS EFFECTS .30 The roadmap to Rio+20 and models for a green economy – Justice in a finite world? (Dr Thomas Fatheuer / freelance WORKSHOP PANEL 10.15 Plenary session: presentation of results followed by dinner 15. health and justice issues (Tilman Santarius / Head of the International Climate and Energy Policy at the Heinrich Böll Foundation and member of the board of Germanwatch) 12.15 –13.15 Group session with speakers 13.45 Lunch 15.00 -15. former Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Brazil regional office) 16.15 The Global impact of climate change – which regions are affected most? (Prof Hartmut Grassl / Climate Scientist.30 Questions and discussion 12.SUNDAY 22 APRIL ARRIVAL DAY MONDAY 23 APRIL 7.30 –13.45 –18.45 International climate policy and climate negotiations: an NGO’s point of view (Dr Manfred Treber / Senior Advisor for Climate and Transport.45 –16.45 Plenary session: presentation of results 13.15 –12.

30 Break WORKSHOP PANEL 08.30 8.30 Group session with speakers 17.New Jobs .00 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY USE .30 Questions and discussion 10. German Energy Agency (Dena)) 9.45 Questions and discussion 13. European Business Council for Sustainable Energy) 9.30 – 7.New Mobility (Dr Franz Alt.15 Renewable Energy for everyone: General Overview and Challenge to Energy Economics 18.30 – 9.30 Global energy: current trends and the future (Dr Frank Umbach / Associate Director.00 –13.15 –16.00 Plenary session: presentation of results 12.30 – 9. German Energy Agency (Dena)) 10.00 –15.30 –15.30 Questions and discussion and Energy Services.15 – 8.00 –13.TUESDAY 24 APRIL Leader) 6.30 Looking back.30 –16.30 Group session with speakers 14.00 Plenary session: presentation of results followed by dinner journalist and author of www. admin announcements (Helmut Spiering / Project (Sebastian Gallehr / Gallehr Sustainable Risk Management GmbH and CEO of e5.00 Plenary session: presentation of results 15.45 –14.45 Shaping the change in energy policy: what action do local businesses need to take on the ground? (Barbara Schroeder / Energy Systems 9. New Energy .30 Breakfast 8.00 The consumer and energy saving: what can we do as individuals? (Barbara Schroeder / Energy Systems and Energy Services.00 Lunch 13.30 –12.30 –17. 16.45 –10. European Centre for Energy and Resource Security) 13.30 Group session with speakers 11.30 – 13.00 –10. looking forward.sonnenseite.30 –18.15 The sun won’t charge us.30 –11.15 – 9.30 Questions and discussion 16.

15 Keypoints of Sustainable Consumption: Going big with big matters 10.15 –10. Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND)) 17.00 Questions and discussion followed by dinner 16.00 Lunch (Group 1) WORKSHOP PANEL 08.30 – 7.30 – 9. Coffee on the move: the connection between consumption and global trade Blowing in the wind: aerodynamics and resource use / Visit to Level Green: the Concept of Sustainability (permanent exhibition) / E-Golf test drives bility Ecology Specialist.30 Solutions for sustainable mobility in cities (Dr Werner Reh / Head of Transport WORKSHOP PANEL 16.30 Lunch (Group 2) 13.00 12.30 Plenary session: presentation of results 10.30 .WEDNESDAY 25 APRIL ject Leader) 6.30 (Dr.30 Breakfast 8.00 SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY: POSSIBILITIES AND GOALS 18. intelligent transport systems and less congestion – sufficient for sustainable mobility? (Thilo Becker / Mo- Policy. Autostadt Wolfsburg) 11.00 –16. admin announcements (Helmut Spiering / Pro8.00 Group session with speakers 10.30 –16.45 Electric cars. Dresden University of Technology) 16. Michael Bilharz / Federal Environment Agency (UBA)) 9.30 Looking back.45 –17.50 The Autostadt visitor attraction: a sustainable experience (Anne-Kathrin Winkler-Hanns / orchestration in The Autostadt.15 – 8. looking forward.30 –13.00 Workshops: Using new media to communicate sustainability.00 –10.00 –14.30 –10.30 –18.

00 Copenhagenize the Danish way a lecture about modern urban development results (Klaus Bondam / Former Mayor of the Technical and Environmental Administration in Copenhagen.30 Visit to Volkswagen departments 12.00 –13.30 –11.00 Group session with speakers 14.00 –14.YOUTHINKGREEN.THURSDAY 26 APRIL (Helmut Spiering / Project Leader) 6.15 – 8. Director of the Danish Cultural Institute) 17.45 Group session with speaker 17.00 –16.00 –17.45 –18.00 Plenary session: presentation of 15.15 Plenary session: presentation of results followed by dinner INFORMATION: WWW.30 –7.00 –15.00 Lunch 13.ORG . admin announcements 8.00 Activity break 16.30 Breakfast 8.30 Looking back. looking forward.00 Preparation for Volkswagen visit: input and assigning tasks (Dr.30 .00 –17. Marko Gernuks / Volkswagen AG) TENSIONS IN TRANSPORT: ECOLOGY VERSUS ECONOMICS VOLKSWAGEN AG AS A CASE STUDY 9.9.

admin announcements (Helmut Spiering / Project Leader) 9.00 –14.00 –13.00 –12. Environment and Energy • Prof Dr Jürgen Leohold Head of Volkswagen Group Research. Energy and Climate Protection of Lower Saxony) . Stiftung Mercator TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY TARGETS. and climate.30 Breakfast 8. Research Group on Energy.15 – 9. AND STRATEGIES 11. Germanwatch • Chair: Vera Lehmann International Understanding.30 –11.30 Looking back. looking forward.FRIDAY 27 APRIL 6.00 PANEL DISCUSSION: • Dr Susanne Böhler-Baedeker Wuppertal Institute. Connie Hedegaard / European Commissioner for Climate Action (videomessage) and Dr Stefan Birkner / Minister for Environment. Wuppertal Institute for Climate. Ms Christina Figueres / UNFCCC Executive Secretary (live video link). German Transport Club (VCD) • Dr Manfred Treber Senior Advisor for Climate and Transport. Deutsche Bahn AG • Gerd Lottsiepen Mobility policy spokesperson propulsion technologies.00 PRESS CONFERENCE (participants include: YOUTHinkgreen climate ambassadors. Volkswagen AG • Joachim Kettner Head of Environment Centre. Transport and Climate Policy.00 Lunch 13.emissions.00 Round table discussion with expert panel 12. MEASURES. Co-director.30 –7.

00 Closing plenary followed by dinner SUNDAY 29 APRIL 8.00 Lunch 14.00 –20.45 –14.00 Breakfast 11.00 Dinner MONDAY 30 APRIL Departure day SPONSORS AND PARTNERS: WORKSHOP PANEL 14.00 –13.30 – 9.30 –17.00 Group session with mobility 17.00 YOUTHinkgreen community action: Delegates take to the streets of Hanover and Wolfsburg as climate ambassadors and agents of sustainable development 13.00 –17.00 –15.00 –14.00 –17.30 –18.45 Lunch 19.00 –10.00 – 13.experts 14.00 17.30 Groups evaluate their experience of International Youth Climate Week 15.30 CORNERSTONES OF AN ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY STRATEGY .30 Break of results 17.30 Breakfast 10.00 Forest trip and guided nature trail with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) 13.00 Plenary session: presentation followed by dinner SATURDAY 28 APRIL 9.

sustainable development. and the economy. China. Some presentations will be given in German. The young delegates will acquire a thorough and practical insight into the work of Europe’s largest car manufacturer. to link up via our website (www. workshop panels on project management. TYPES OF SESSION: Expert presentations (followed by questions. to exchange information. science. LANGUAGES The language of the conference is English. Autostadt GmbH. Sustainable mobility is a further crucial topic. Namibia. and blogging. Volkswagen AG. LOCATION: Pavillon Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge. Germany. to design practical sustainable mobility solutions. in short: to lay the foundations for a global climate action network! KEY AREAS OF DISCUSSION: Global climate change and its consequences.youthinkgreen. to talk to representatives from civil society. discussion. Bulgaria. to develop local sustainability projects further. international climate and environmental They will engage the company in critical and constructive dialogue.autostadt. press and public relations. A team of simultaneous and liaison interpreters (German-English) will be available. AIMS: To build up common knowledge and shared experience. and group work sessions with the speakers to allow the topic to be explored further). Stadtbrücke. Website: 38440 Wolfsburg. to get to know each other. Brazil. SUPPORTED BY: . Italy. sustainable use of energy and natural resources. India.THE PARTICIPANTS: Nearly 200 young budding YOUTHinkgreen climate ambassadors and their group leaders from Egypt. round table discussions and panel sessions. Peru and Turkey. scriptwriting sessions for creating sustainability ads.