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P.Mathavan*, D.Annie*, Dr.B.V.Sai Chandran**, Prof.K.V.S.K Subba Rao@ Dept. of.CTVS,JIPMER, Puducherry.

Off pump coronary artery bypass grafting has become a widely accepted method for coronary revascularization. Perfusionists are asked to stand by in OPCABG procedures and often perfusionist are requested to handle stabilizers, mist blowers in many centers. The use of mist blower to improve the visibility and greatly helps in constructing the anastomosis . We use a reproducible, on-table assembled blowermister system to give a clear operative field, which is not only as effective as the commercial blowers but it also easy to make with on-table available components.

To effectively perform an anastomosis on a coronary artery under conditions, the anastomotic site must be cleared of blood to allow visualization for accurate suturing. Blower/Mister is designed to enhance visualization at the surgical site by keeping it clear of blood during the OPCAB procedure. Commercially available Mist blower are quite expensive, our aim is to setup an indigenous mist blower using on table available components as effective as the commercial blowers.

The following disposables, which are routinely used in the cardiac surgical theatre, are required

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Aortic Root Cannula (Cardioplegia cannula) with Pressure monitoring. Male Luer with ¼” diameter Straight connector. Infusion set. Perfusion tubing of 1/4" diameter.

@Professor & Head. Discussion With the assistance of our custom made mist blower we performed all our OPCAB procedures with excellent visibility and precision. Kolkata.Puducherry-06.CTVS. **Associate Professor. We have no episodes of air embolism or scaling of coronaries in our experience CONCLUSION In conclusion. The IV set attached to the blood inlet of cp cannula. India Address for correspondence: P.Perfusionist.of. The infusion set is attached to a pressure bag containing sterile isotonic warm saline and the tubing attached to an oxygen or co 2 source.Dept. of cardiovascular thoracic surgery. The flow of oxygen and saline can be easily regulated for optimal mixing of gas and saline.Mathavan.The Male Luer ¼” St Connector is attached to the ¼” tubing .co. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . February 2012. E-Mail:mathuuu2000@yahoo. Sr.then this line is connected into Pressure monitring port of Cardioplegia Cannula. Dept. *Perfusionist. a useful blower-mister with excellent clinical performance can be assembled on-site utilizing standard components with very cost-attractive ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Presented at the 12th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology.