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Sigmund Freud

The Personality By: Dylan Smith

I exalt Sigmund Freud as one of the most influential individuals who have studied the mind. His work and theories have provided a basis of understanding how we, as individuals, think and operate. With this new perspective on the mind and personality, one can observe ones’ thoughts and actions and can critique one’s mind to their satisfaction. Many people don’t understand why they do what they do, simply because they ignore their conscious, allowing it to flow with questions pertaining to personal intention, but without putting forth enough willpower to provide one’s self with an explanation that is morally sound. According to Freud, the Id, Ego, and Superego all work together to provide consciousness. The Id, our primal or animalistic instinct, provides the most basic and essential desires for survival. The ego, this sense of self (The powerful idea of separation compared to the world) provides us with capabilities to gain power in our lives. This power is neutral, and is used in correlation with the structure of one’s ego and intention. The superego is the most important as it is an individuals’ recipe book used for interaction with the world. Freud, an atheist, doesn’t provide for any divine explanations; however these are some solid stepping stones that can lead to divinity. I would like to focus on the ego part of Freud’s three-part structure, and more importantly how it is malleable. I believe all human thought and action are essentially habit forming. This Oedipus complex, for example, originated a long time ago when humans were barely human and

with the power I have attained.e. not progressive in my book). weeks. In a sense we’re victims of this complex. I still find myself cussing up a storm throughout the day. As an example I would like to explain one basic habit of mine I am trying to improve which is my habit of cursing. This leads me to ask what other habits could be hidden in DNA that are expressed without any personal experience. I understand the implications of curse words and I am consciously working on reducing them in my everyday language. and I take note to watch my language. as the habit is so to comprehend the simplest of ideas for survival.e. I will sometimes catch myself in the middle of telling god to damn something. mental habits will slowly reveal themselves. Research the term “curse” and ask yourself why these handfuls of words are labeled as such. As the stereotype goes. cynicism and if severe enough. which leads to denial. I had a step-father that had used to be a sailor in the navy. then. it will . Once an individual attains enough self-awareness ( the ability to observe one’s own actions and the overall magnitude of that action to the individual and the world). Depending on how they look. improving ones quality of life. From the time I was 11 to about 18. as this habit is deeply embedded in the unconscious. failing to accept responsibility for oneself. and months. With commitment and dedication. has been stored in our DNA ever since then. the habit of labeling yourself a victim in your life. This is much easier said than done. or discard the habit all together. and some habits require great power to extinguish (i. this complex. death). derived from hate or love). As this process of taking notes occurs throughout days. (Moreover. he influenced me dramatically in the way I use curse words. whether ugly or beautiful (i. This idea. transform. From then to now. in casual language I realized I had replaced the general term “stuff” with a more derogatory term “shit”. one can critique.

With enough dedication. I will eventually have tamed my language to reserve these negative words for appropriate situations. Think of it as a muscle. This inevitably provides power to my superego as well. I am constantly critiquing my ego: discarding any negative influences and reinforcing parts of my ego which are healthy. tedious habits. applied. giving me the ability to notice habits in others’ so that I may better understand them. With this ability. These processes of habits I have explained is something I have researched. and have found wonderful results in my personal life. . Emotional habits are much more complex and require greater power than smaller. you can’t expect to lift the heaviest weights in the gym on your first time. With this being said. this process becomes relevant and more concrete. The best way to excel at this process of habit transformation is through application. and I can attempt to lend a helping hand with certain negative habits I have defeated. I can learn from others’ positive habits by reflecting them upon myself. the stronger the muscle becomes.absolutely become easier to catch onto and control. The more you exercise. With Freud’s model of the personality. This example I have explained can parallel with any mental or physical habit which one performs.