============================================= UNIT---5 ASSIGNMENT ============================================= 1) What factors enable a Business to deliver superior value to customers ? (P.

41 7) 2) Explain Private and Public e-Commerce (P.418) 3) Write notes on proprietary systems as differentiators to enhance organization al effectiveness (P.421) 4) Write notes on the following organizational structures:(a) Horizontal (b) Vertical (c) Virtual (d) Brokerages (P.429,431,... ) 5) Explain Work-flow Automation and and Coordination (P.433) 6) Write notes on customization and internal commerce (P.437) 7) Explain SCM along with the two primary models (P.441) 8) Explain the following (a) Integrated logistics & distribution (P.444) (b) Purchasing and inbound logistics (P.445) (c) Integrated marketing and logistics (P.446) (d) ECR (Efficient customer response) (P.448) (e) Agile Manufacturing (P.450) ============================================= UNIT---6 ASSIGNMENT ============================================= 1) Explain the dimensions of e-commerce systems (P.457) 2) Explain the corporate Digital Library, forming the core of Document Managemen t (P.467) 3) Explain the types of Digital Documents (P.469) 4) What are the issues behind Document Infrastructure? (P.475) 5) Explain Corporate Data Warehouses (P.479) 6) Explain Marketing, Selling, Advertising (P.490) 7) Explain the Nature of Marketing in e-commerce environments (P.491) 8) Explain the new age of Information-based Marketing (P.492) 9) Explain Advertising on the Internet (P.499) 10) Explain Push-based and Pull-based Advertising (P.503) 11) Explain some guidelines for Internet Advertising (P.509) 12) Explain the six steps of Interactive Marketing Process on the Internet (P.51 3) 13) Explain Market Research and its three phases (P.522) ============================================== UNIT---7 ASSIGNEMENT ============================================== 1) Explain the three Search and Discovery Paradigms (P.531) 2) Explain Information search and retrieval (P.533) 3) Explain about WAIS Engine (P.534) 4) Write notes on (a) Indexing Methods (P.538) (b) The 3 Indexing packages (P.538) 5) Write notes on WWW Robots, Wanderers, Spiders (P.540) 6) Write about the 3 specific Models of Information Retrieval (P.542) 7) Explain the e-commerce Catalogs or Directories (P.543) 8) Explain Electronic White Pages (P.546) 9) Explain Electronic Yellow Pages (P.551) 10) Write notes on Interactive Product Catalogs (P.553) 11) Write notes on Information Filtering (P.557) 12) Write notes on Consumer-data Interface and the associated Emerging tools (P. 559) =============================================== UNIT---8 ASSIGNMENT =============================================== 1) Define Multimedia and the Key Multimedia concepts (P.674)

699) 8) Explain the various types of Digital Video Conferencing (P.688.684.675) (c) Multimedia Symmetric and Asymmetric Multiprocessing (P.) 6) Explain Desktop Video Processing and the various components needed for Digita l Video Processing and Production (P.677) (b) Multimedia Data Compression (P.681) 4) Explain Digital Video as a core element in e-commerce and characteristics of Digital Video (P.. 678) 3) Explain Multimedia Storage Technology (P.2) Explain the following (a) Compression Techniques (P.702) ================================================ .688) 5) Explain Codec and its different types (P...679) (d) Multimedia Servers (P.695) 7) Explain Desktop Video Conferencing (P.