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MA Economics (SSS): Jawaharlal Nehru University
Posted on March 10, 2010 by Riju Bafna MA Economics (SSS): Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU has two schools that offer post graduation in Economics: School of Social Sciences (SSS) and School of International Studies (SIS). SSS has MA in Economics which is open to students from all streams. However, only graduates in Economics are eligible to apply for MA Economics with specialization in World Economicy offered by SIS. SSS (MA Economics) To crack JNU entrance, solving past years is extremely important. They essentially have the same trend of questions being followed over years. If you are preparing for ISI and DSE entrances, clearing JNU may not be that challenging. SSS entrance tests on basics and do not really focus on any sophisticated problems like ISI and DSE. Last year SSS entrance had objective as well as subjective questions. Mathematics and Statistics part may be done from past years only. They have questions on probability, index numbers, Correlation, Mean, Variance, Coefficient of Variation, quantiles and other such topics from basic statistics (be clear with the properties of all the topics). My suggestion will be to go through DU Economics first year course on Statistical Methods for Economics. Â In mathematics, cover topics like AP, GP, HP, Compound Interest, finding maxima and minima, basics about functions like finding inverse of a function, go through the properties of logarithmic and exponential functions etc. For Microeconomics, utility maximisation, cost functions and various market setups (perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly) shall be done properly (I fathom that one of the favourite question of JNU is to find equilibrium in perfectly competitive market given a cost function). Know the basics like what is Production Possibility frontier, what happens to MC or AC or some utility function at optimum, price elasticity of demand etc. NIA used to be one of the favourite topics of SSS. But, last year they did not ask as many questions on NIA as earlier which was quite surprising! However, to be on safe side, go through the basics of NIA from 12th class NCERT. Do first few chapters of NIA from Dornbusch and Fischer. They are necessary. You can also go through NIA chapter in International Economics by Paul Krugman. They usually ask atleast one question on National Income identity. Also know what appreciation, depreciation and terms of trade like terms are. Questions on IS-LM (goods market equilibrium and money market equilibrium), money multiplier are equally expected.

DSE). you need to know what poverty line in India is (they may ask what is the poverty ration suggested by Tendulkar Committee!). see here. Filed under MA Economics Entrance | 66 Comments . Keynesian Economics. Last year they had asked to write an essay as well. For information regarding eligibility criteria.ISI. For any query/comments regarding MA Economics offered by SSS.S: Past year papers can be obtained directly from JNU while applying for the course. for the social awareness questions. trend in labour share in different sectors. post your comments on this blog entry. Five year plans etc.Lastly. They are also available at DSE photocopy shop. something related to New Economic Policy etc.. syllabus etc. Questions that have been already answered in the blog or in the comments will not be approved. Financial crisis and Lewis model were one of the five topics on which the student could write on. This time as well they may give topics like Financial Inclusion. put your comments in the respective blog entry. An entry on MA Economics with specialization in World Economy offered by SIS shall follow! P. sex ratio. Please note that the comments are approved before being posted on the website so please don’t post your comments multiple times. I believe for this section. For queries in other entrances (JNU:SIS. it is important to be updated with current affairs through newspapers.