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CHRD – THE ART CLUB Not a single fest can hope to garner publicity without these guys.

They’ve always been there. A committed bunch of students whose sole mission is to spread the joy of colors. To teach art and simultaneously learn art and of course to display art. Three years back, no one would have imagined that the Art Club of CHRD would develop wings as strong as these to fly on their own. But just like Mindbend… just like Rattle and Hum… just like Renesa itself, the spirit of the people behind it has done the impossible. Suhas Gowda, C V Greeshma, Lakshmi Narayanan & Shikanth were the four pillars of the Art Club and the primary reasons behind its success. Excerpts from the idea exchange session between them and our Executive Editor Aditya Radhakrishnan. US: Hi Guys! Let’s start with the usual. How did all this happen? THEM: We were a group of friends (some of them met only after they poked each other on Face book) who found immense pleasure in discussing art work, paintings, sculptures etc We started meeting regularly, exchanged ideas regularly and slowly started realizing the need for some official recognition from the institute. Thus with the help of Nijeesh and CHRD, was born Art Club which replaced an already existing but a very redundant Drawing Club. US: And what after that? THEM: We started painting and we made sure people were aware of that. We tried to depict SVNIT culture on the bamboo walls adjacent to the canteen. We started making our presence visible during fests. We held art exhibitions regularly. The ones during Mindbend and Autumnfest were hugely successful. US: Ok… I’m curious… What all does the Bamboo painting depict? THEM: A WHOLE lot of things! The guitar, the football, the confused guy who has no idea about anything in his life, the constant eye of the faculty over us, masti,dosti, yaari and everything between. Watch carefully and it will start to unroll before your eyes.

Our exhibitions were a huge hit. US: Ok. Somewhere in the hassle of civilization. We’d like the insti to have a place where the students can just display their creativity and exchange ideas. US: How are engineers involved in Art? THEM: Oh! They have always been involved! The things we do on canvas could be done on an automobile! Textile technology and Fashion designing heavily relies on art. We were all born naked. So is sculpting. pot making and such off beat ideas to take shape. The ideas should be free flowing. Even pot making is art. US: Future plans for Art Club? THEM: Art is more than drawing or painting. You don’t have to paint well to be an artist. We plan to do a a . Yellow could mean jaundice… US: What about nudity? THEM: It’s just another form of expressing an opinion. We want sculpting. The faculty’s been very helpful and supportive. The colors used come out as his expression. It could be a small lawn with a fountain. Let’s dwell into some tech aspects. We want the students to recognize this.US: How’s the response been? THEM: It’s been tremendous. Naked art is the purest form of art. It’s pretty much like writing a poem. The artist has a fixed idea while he paints but every onlooker could make his own interpretation. What is all this modern art about? Doesn’t it get confusing at some point of time? THEM: A big no! Modern art plays with the depiction of a person’s mood. We want the juniors to get into our skin. We experiment with colors. Red could mean anger. the end product would not be worth seeing. we failed to recognize the beauty of the skin. It’s obvious from the support we get on Facebook and the like. There is nothing wrong in the artist being aroused while sketching a nude figure. Unless his opinions are allowed to take shape.

Loved playing with colors ever since school. Suhas Gowda: Is into movie art and is a serious movie buff. photography and fashion designing. Is interested in ad making and is sure she’ll end up in an ad agency five years from now. Individual Profiles Shikanth Sablania: Interested in painting rather than sketching. .lot more than merely displaying art. We’re sure a bright future awaits the Art Club. Loves Calvin & Hobbes and finds Bill Watterson very innovative as an artist. Lakshmi Narayanan: Art was her vent during stressed out times. Loves James Cameron’s works. Lending creativity to marketing has always been her objective. Closely follows renowned fashion blogger Shiara. She took her time to try out drawing more regularly. Sensual art apart from other things pleases him. Loves Jackson Pollock’s works and his favorite piece is The Starry night by Vincent Van Gogh C V Greeshma: Interested in Bero Art.