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System Requirement Specification

This document aim at defining the overall requirement of “Library Management System”. Efforts have been made to define the requirements exhaustively and accurately. The final product will have only those features which have been mentioned in this document. No other features will be added by developer or anyone other for addition features a formal change request will need to be raised.

1.1 Purpose
This document helps in making “Library Management System” software. All the work done earlier manually on paper will be done on computer helps to keep proper records and give security to each book and members. This document is intended for the following group of people:    Librarian to keep record of book. Easy to maintain records of member. Fine collection become easily. Reduces time for searching of books.

1.2 Scope
This software helps all to keep records of book coming in library and going out of library. This software keep track of all books, record of each member like their address, phone number, number of book issued and returned, fine caused by late return of book etc. It supports over 30 languages and adds more every day. The software is expected to complete in the duration of seven months and the estimated cost is Rs.5 lakhs.

.wikipedia. MB Ms Sec SRS TCP/IP E-mail MTBF MTTR SMS Mega Bytes.0 describes the overall functionalities and constraints of the software and user characteristics. and Abbreviations. Milliseconds.K.K.5 Overview Section 1. Software Requirements  www. Section 2.4 References  www. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Mean Time Between Failures Mean Time to Repair Short Message Service 1. Electronic  Software Engineering by. Seconds. Internet An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol. Acronyms.Aggarwal 1.3 Definition.1.0 discusses the purpose and scope of the

 Procedure is easy to use and fast in nature.1 Product Perspective  Library management is both web based and without web based application that allows member to check their status online or check their status in library  This software is the easiest and most flexible online for keeping record of book and track of their members.  This software provides a unique login id and encrypted password to each individual to protect privacy of the users.  This software also provides real time statistics of the availability of book in library. 2. to check whether the book is of this library or not. THE OVERALL DESCRIPTION 2. 2.2 Product Functions The major function that the software will performs are described as follows: .  This software provides the facilities to do bar code checking.0 details all the requirements needed to design the software.  Many times unauthorized attempt of login will send email and sms to user mobile.Section 3.

year of publication. The various functions that can performed by the user with his/her account are as follows:  Notification: The user can activate notifications options to allow the software to notify the user about returning of book on time. Secure Online Account Management: The user is provided with a unique account and encrypted password only provided to the user and the administrator. book name. Substrings will be allowed in search. year of publish. . All the page content is automatically transformed to the language selected by the user.  Secure Account: Each user account will we kept secure and their private detail will not be given to anyone except administrator when asked by them. Brief detail about each books will we given to sort out query of user. Maintain Proper Record: Record of each books will kept properly like when book came to library first. Query Processing: Real time searching (Book availability can be searched on internet show the availability of book in library and tells when it will be coming to library back again). 3. Search can be performed on the bases of author. book name and other details. Multiliguistic: The user/viewer has the choice to choose his/her preferential language from 40+ languages and more updated daily. when they returned to library fine etc. pay fine and other such details.1. author. It also keeps proper detail record of each user like which book issued by them. price. User also has the freedom to switch to a different language mentioned in the list in between that session. 2. Many times unauthorized login will send user email and sms on their phone about this unauthorized login. 4.

3 User Characteristics There are different kinds of users that will be interacting with the system. This software is provided with instruction tips at every step in fully utilizing the software to its worth. 2. This type of user will find it easy to access and use this software as each and every step is clearly illustrated in this software. who is accustomed to the software and has been provided with a proper account and password. details.  Registered User: A registered / experienced user. return of book. fine to be pay etc.4. .2.  The number of invalid login attempts must not exceed the limit of 4. If so happen the administrator will be notified and an automatic electronic mail will appear in the email address provided by the registered user also sms will be send to user on his mobile  A user can issue only 3 books on his id  The software should have a Java(TM) database. Constraints The major constraints that the project has are as follows:  Only one user will have access to the unique id provided to the user to login his/her account. details about issue of book. is provided with the proper details of user account like profile of user. The intended user of the software is as follows: Unregistered User/Novice: A novice or unregistered user is one who has little or no experience with the use of the web based application software to register online.

1.5 Assumptions and Dependencies (I) Fine collection structure should does not change. (V) The library computer should have Internet connection and Internet server capabilities. (III) Book should be returned within 10 days to avoid fine. (ii) Password: Alphanumeric length up to 10 characters. 3. (iii)Role: Will have following various role user and administrator. (IV) The users have sufficient knowledge of computers. Various role provided on this screen will be (i) User ID: Alphanumeric length up to 10 characters. Login Screen: This will be first screen that will be displayed. It will allow user to access different screens based on users role.1 External Interface Requirements 3.1 User Interface Requirements The user interface provided should be very user-friendly one and it should provide an optional interactive help for each of the service listed. 2. The interface provided is a provided a menu driven one and the following screens will be provided. The software is a operational in Java platform requires Java(TM) 5. (II) Number of books to be issued per member is 3 should not change. SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: 3.  The software will have secured direct link access to the bank credit card transaction page to carry out fine transaction.1. .

1. In the next screen the user is provided with various choicesFor user profile section: The options provided in the user profile panel are –  User personal details. phone number. In user profile details user will see all this details like name. 5. 6. 4. 3. . date of birth. On selecting issue or return of book there will be 3 options. 2. A Welcome screen is provided to the user containing the two categoriesi) User Profile ii) Issue or returning of book record. address.  Book issued by user  Notification The options provided in the Issue or returning of book panel are –  Return date of book  Issue book detail  Query about books 2. Book issued or returned by user in past or in current time all that proper records are kept and user can see which book has been issued on which date by him. Fine collected by user on which book will be shown in this column and in last there will be summation of total fine collected by that user.  Total fine paid. sex language etc. 7. Notification page will remind the member about returning of book on time and also about incoming of new books in library. On selecting user profile panel user will see 3 options again.

Internet Explorer or any other web browser to access the online account. 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported. author name. 10. price of book. PC with 300 megahertz or higher processor clock speed recommended. So there are certain software interface requirements that need to be fulfilled which are listed as follows:    Windows 95/98 /XP/Vista/7. Query of user will be sort out by administrator like when a new member come he\she does not know about fine structure basically it is a kind of forum which sort out question asked by member 3.3 Software Interface Requirements In order to perform various different functions.8.    3.2 Hardware Interface Requirements The hardware requirements with which this software gives its optimal performance are   Hard disk Storage space 2 gb or greater available Network Card. Issue book page will show all the details about book like book name. Keyboard and Mouse (compatible Pointing device). A Display screen /Monitor with the screen resolution 640 X 480 or higher. Java Servlet JSP engine for software login system.1. MAC OS is required.1. this software needs to interact with various other software. Java JDK platform for software use. Return date of each book will be shown separately so that user knows when to return back book to avoid fine. brief description about book and publication year. 9. .

no specific training is required.2 Reliability The system will be very reliable due to the importance of data and the damages incorrect or incomplete data can do.NET 2. 3.3 Availability The system is available 100% for the user and is used 24 hrs.2. a day and 365 days a year. Microsoft ASP.1.  The system is user friendly and self-explanatory.  Since all users are familiar with the general usage of browsers. the following are the various communication interface requirements that are needed to be fulfilled in order to run the software successfully: The system will employ dial-up POS with the central server for low cost communication. The system shall be operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The system uses a web browser as an interface. The communication protocol used shall be TCP/IP.   3.1 Usability:  The system will allow the users to access the system from the Internet using HTML or it’s derivative technologies.2.0 3.2. (FTP). 3.4 Communication Interface Requirements The software needs to communicate with the various banks where the payments are made. the transportation and the entertainment industries which issues the tickets and provide the various offers and updates. So. . Protocol used for data transfer shall be File Transfer Protocol.2 Software Product Features 3. Response Time The Splash Page or Information page should be able to be downloaded within a minute using a 56K modem.2. The users may be the Librarian.9 Performance 3.9.7 Maximum Bugs or Defect Rate Not specified.8 Access Reliability The system shall provide 100% access reliability. the system will be recovered back up within a 10 minutes or less. The information is refreshed every two minutes. 3.2. Accuracy The accuracy of the system is limited by the accuracy of the speed at which the employees of the library and users of the library use the system.4 Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) The system will be developed in such a way that on crash data does not get erased and it kept safe.2 Administrator/Librarian Response The system shall take as less time as possible to provide service to the administrator or the librarian. 3. 3.2. 3. The system shall be allowed to take more time when doing large processing jobs. The access time for a mobile device should be less than a minute. The system shall respond to the member in not less than two seconds from the time of the request submittal.3 Throughput The number of transactions is directly dependent on the number of users. 3.5 Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Even if the system crash. . employees of the Library and also the people who use the Library for checking-out books.2. returning books and checking online library account.2. 3.9.2.

. 3.3. 3.3. Internet Protocols The system shall be comply with the TCP/IP protocol standards and shall be designed accordingly.2. 3. Maintenance This application will be designed in a maintenance manner.3. Portability This application will be easily portable on any OS with a web browser to access to the web to update its data base real –time. 3.4 Capacity The system is capable of handling 250 users at a time.2.5.11 Supportability The system designers shall take in to considerations the following supportability and technical limitations.4.5.1 Security This application will be password protected .5.Users will have to enter correct username and password to access this application 3. Software System Attributes 3.2.5. Design Constraint None 3.10 Resource Utilization The resources are modified according the user requirements and also according to the books requested by the users. It will be easy to incorporate new requirements in the individual modules. Performance Requirements None 3.2.

3.6 Logical Database requirements: The following information will be placed in database. 3.7 Other Requirements: None .