RefreshColombo January-2012

The Startup Journey
by Dilshan Kathriarachchi (@shanwhiz)

Addictive Mobility

Electronic Commerce 2001 .

Opportunity • • • Electronic Commerce was flying high globally No proper local eCommerce companies No market fragmentation by products types .

) • Courier services hadn’t established locally • I was 15 years old .Entry Barriers • No local internet payment gateways • High cost of transaction with Global IPGs (WorldPay etc.

Break the status quo There’s a reason why no one is doing what you aspire to accomplish .

Disrupt Change your ecosystem & market .

Disrupt Global payment gateways were too expensive Partnered up with a local bank and launch our own .

Don’t hesitate to backtrack There’s no such thing as an absolute vision for a startup .

Pivot You will search a fifty wrong places before finding your El Dorado .

Pivot eCommerce Online Publishing .

Online Publishing 2004 .

Opportunity • • One company dominated the fanfiction market An inferior product was being sold as premium .

We were based in Colombo .Entry Barriers • Had to reinvent the wheel. No codebase • Internet Connectivity ( No ADSL yet :( ) • Geography.

Missed the boat? Pioneering is not a pre-requisite to success .

Reinvent the wheel better These guys got there “last” and won! .

Mobile Advertising 2009 .

Opportunity • • • $670bn / year advertising industry (Need I say more?) Define the intersection of Social & Mobile Disrupt the status quo .

Google • Everyone else had a $20mn+ war chest • Geography. Goliath . We were based in Toronto .Entry Barriers • David v.

A Good Co-Pilot • It’s hard flying solo. Find a good co-pilot • They should see the world different to you • Arguments are great! Find someone who can spar with you .

and accounting. legal. team motivator and that • We disagree a lot! It’s a good thing. .My Co-Pilot • I am technology. • Nussar is sales. guy who doesn’t understand boundaries.

Hiring Jobs for People? OR People for Jobs? .

(Go for a short learning curve) .Hiring Hire the smartest people (Smarter than you!) Hire people who can hire even smarter people Don’t emphasize on skills.

(You’ve got 10 seconds) Pitch to smart people. over simplify it. let them evangelize you Investors invest with friends (Risk management 101) .Build your Network Have a proper elevator pitch.

Recap • Disrupt everything you touch • Don’t hesitate to pivot • Pioneering is no pre-requisite • Find a good co-pilot • Hire the smartest people • Network like your life depends on it .

There’s a few of us here who’d love to hear you pitch. .

. it’s because we care.WARNING If we’re critical.

com .Thank You! dilshan@addictivemobility.