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DISEASE / SUBTLE CAUSE Anemia - refuse to use talent for the welfare of our fellows Angina - fear of expressing

/stating or demanding Arthritis -illiberal spirit, critical spirit Nervous diseases - former life: negative thoughts, using intellectual abilities and knowledge for wrong reasons. Venereal diseases - sexual guilt Cancer - refusing evolution, persons who have not entirely fulfilled the goal of their embodiment Nape - fear of novelty Thighs - fracture: persons who did not follow their heart and mind Cholesterol - sentimental inflexibility and a harsh opinion about life Coma - running away from somebody or something Conjunctivitis - unexpressed anger Constipation - possessiveness, refusing giving up to old patterns Diabetes - during youth: in a former life, they have fulfilled all their needs;- during maturity: relationship problems; The pancreas is harmed if the body is metabolically acid as it tries to maintain bicarbonates. Without sufficient bicarbonates, the pancreas is slowly destroyed, insulin becomes a p r o b l e m a n d h e n c e d i a b e t e s b e c o m e s a n i s s u e . Wi t h o u t s u f f i c i e n t bicarbonate buffer, the effect of disease is far reaching as the body becomes acid. Pancreas is the first organ to develop inhibited function from various stresses. Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids - fear, refuse to relax

too critical Throat .in a former life: a bad connection between feelings and thoughts . in a former life. in other words.difficulty in decision making Headache . or perhaps better stated. Hepatitis . a lessening of the “buffer” action of the blood plasma through a decrease in its bicarbonate content. anger. a mild acidosis.fear of the future. to change or to the goal of their embodiment Liver .guilt or obsessive ideas Short-sightedness and Hyper-metropia .fear of asking questions or expressing personal feelings and emotions Knees .Teeth . they disregarded obvious things. in case of children: the stress caused by their parent may be the cause Genitals . a cold is a disturbance of the alkaline balance or reserve. guilt. usually against his own person. in a former life.hatred.sentimental confusion. lack of confidence Herpes . they did not believe in the power of love Urinal infection .disregarding the goal of the embodiment. a "bad-connection" between heart(feelings) and personality Cold.sexual guilt Hypo si Hyper blood pressure . lack of compassion.they do not reveal their feelings Insomnia .in present life: unsolved love.resisting to life normal evolution.wrong use of sexuality (in present and former lives) Legs .refusing to evolve .too proud with his/her sexual partner Heart . influenza .

it is the symbol of emotions and feelings Digestive system . fear of getting old Transport sickness . humble people Tuberculosis .people who cannot state their desires.Skin .fear of losing control Breathing . abilities or belief. unrevealed love Hips .sexual guilt. a man (right side). waist: feeling guilty about how one behaved to a woman (left side). they wrongly used their energies Rheumatism . too much responsibility Spleen .rejecting an idea.refusing to understand people or things. in a former life: cruel to animals(especially psoriasis) Prostate .people who do not learn from life experience Back .jealousy.lower area: fear of a former life: too materialistic Ears .unexpressed talents. repression Blood .narrow-mind .refusing to let life happen normally. illiberal behavior Kidneys . a person or a thing (pregnant women who do not really desired her pregnancy) Bladder . of being totally open.obsession. people who do not listen to their heart Vomiting .fear of being themselves.lack of free will Thyroid gland . in a former life. desires. upper area: misunderstood.