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The relationship between the DataMart and the Balanced Scorecard, the implementation of an Architecture for Business Intelligence

with community applications. E. Rubén Alexander More Valencia. Computing and Informatics Center. Cesar Vallejo University. Piura. Case Study. Hospital de la Amistad Peru Korea-Santa Rosa - Piura Summary From a systemic angle, which generates dialectic between the structural and nonstructural parts of organizations and companies, which must begin in the field of systems engineering such as the development integration and the use of technology: This is not only useful to solve problems. The lack of definition of problems in systems even creates a confrontation with the scientific paradigm that has neglected to understand the social, cultural and perceptive side of those involved in the systems It brings about systemic situations that were unexpected, that are non-functional upon integration, and are applied but never related to one another. The present research seeks to highlight forms and applications of Database, DataMart, DataWarehousing technologies, belonging to the world of information systems that have experienced largescale growth in the last decades. These technologies are generating what are known OLAP systems (Online Analytical Processing) in organizations and companies. These systems effectively generate the transition of the data with structured analysis into information (data in context), and have permitted them to be used as a form of support for decision making up to this point. The research uses the structural part of information systems and generates the integration with the non-structural part of the organization: the decision making, goals and business vision or perception, that are studied by management sciences. This nonstructural part develops mechanisms to monitor and control the parts of the business through reductionism, developing tools like the balanced scorecard, the so-called Balanced Scorecard. Companies have transactional or operational information systems but they are separated from the not yet structured development of the company, such as long-term policies, decisions and control. The investigation of this work applied in the case of the Hospital de la amistad Perú Corea-Santa Rosa de Piura, which has informational systems, also generates a different scope in administration, management and control as a mixed management organization. As it develops a combination of systems, management sciences and information technology to boost the organization or company as workable system, it takes on an integral and interdisciplinary role. This is developed by the use of Business Intelligence technology with community applications such as Pentaho Community ©, its application in the extraction, transformation and loading processes, the creation of the data warehouse (Data Warehouse), and the implementation of DataMart which adds the relation and application using management tools developed such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) which controls and monitors key performance indicators (KPI).