The Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act, 1963

Act 26 of 1963

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ahi&,sta tes (Abolition an$
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Ryot tvuri)




'[TAMIL NADU] ACT No. 26 OF 1963.2
AND CONVERSION INTO .RYOTWARI) ACT, 196 [Recs.vcd the assent of the President on' the l l t Dcccmber 1963, first published in the Fort St. Georg Gazette on the 1st January 1964 (Pausa 11, '1885).] An Act to provide for &the acquisition of the rights landholders in inam estates in the 3[State.:-of Tamil N ~ d u ] and the introduction of the ryotwari settlement in such estates. BE it enacted by the Legislature of the 8[State *of Tami Nadu] in the Fourteenth Year of the Republic of Indi .. as follows : ', CHAPTER I. I P R E ~ ,~ ~ ~ ~ . 1. (1) This Act may be called the lnamil- Nadu] Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ry otwar j) Act, 1963. (2) It extends to the whole of' the 8[State of Tamil Nadu], except(i) the Shencottah taluk of the Tirunelveli district ; (ii) the Kanyakumari district ; and (iii) the territories specified in the Second Schedule to the Andhra Pradesh and Madras (Alteration of Boundaries) Act, 1959 (Centr-! Lrf 55 of 1959). (3) It applies to all inam estates. -1 Tl..ese wo ds were substituted for the word " Madras '* by


Short title, extent applic tion and GO mencement.



the Tamil N d u Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969. For Staten.eni of Objects and Reasons, see Fort St. George Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 27th April 1962, Part IV--Section 3, pages 4647; for Select Committee Report, see Fort St. George Gaz9tte Extraordinary, dated the 14th August 1963. Part IV-Sectlon 3, pages 121 to 188. BY virtue of section 6 of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates, Lease holds and Minor h a m s (Abolition aljd Conversion into Ryotwari) Amendment Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 2 of 1976) the provision^ in respect of private tanks and ooranies shall have effect notwith, standing anything inconsistent tprewith contained in otha law for the time beir~gi force or any custom, usage or contract or n decree or order of a court or other authority. 8 This expression was substituted for the expression stat^ of Madras '* by the F!-amilNadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 196gi as amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Law ( b da d Order, 1 x 9 .


inan; k~iaies (Ahotiiio~; nnd
Culz versiotr i ~ t o .RJ1otlvurij


! '


am estate, on such date as the Goverrrment


te a Tj~iasub-section was added by seclion 2 of tbc T a m i No(111 ,. Esfdcs (Abolition sIld Co~~version into Ryo!wori) A mend, luent : k t , 1969 (Tamil Nadu Act 23 of' 1969).



4 . In this Act. 8 / & (5) " ~overnment means the State Government. the of this Act as aforesaid shall be inam village which' I~ecamean estate by virtue of the 'Famil 'NadG] Estates Land (Third Amendment) Act. " \ .] Definitions.: ".the rest of Act as aforesaid has been stayed or interrupted by o of court or Tribunal or other authority constitute ally Iitw for the time being in force.the word "'Madras the Tamil Nadu Adaptation ofLaws Order. . the date from w i h hc the Governmtnt have been in uninterrupted p%ssession of such estate shall be deemed to be the date on which the rest of this Act rs afoi esaid shall be deemed to haye come into force.&' estate governed immediately before the notified date. L 1 - . . (2j " Director " -means the Director of Settlement appointed under section 4 . by the lpamil Nadu] Impartible Estates Act. as the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second ~ m e a d & a ) by 1w.42 I incrrrr Estates (Abolition . the operation of . to have come force in regard to such Pudukkottai inam estate on subsequent date : Provided further that where. words were substituted for . . in regard to an Pudukkottai inam estate. z Td 8-4. a [ 1963 : Cotz version into ktyqtwuri) T$ Act . the settlement of which is published sub-section (2) of section 3 of the Pudukkottai (Settle of Inams) Act.1904) jl p"- -1 These --- C .Nadu] Estates Land Act. * * 2. 1955 (l[Tamil Nadu] Act XXIII of 1 on a date subsequent to the 15th February 1965. 1904 ('padl Nadu] Act I1 of.y 8 k*: 4 ' 1 (6) " impartible inam estate " means . 1936 (![T&l Nadu] Act XVIII of 1936) . . .i . 1908 (%[Tamil Nadu] Act L of 1908) .. r . Provided that in the case of any such Puduk inam estate. unless the context otherwise~requiresp(1) I and cogn2te expressions shall include horticulture . 1969. i b (4) " existing inam estate " means . " agriculture" with its grammatical v (3) " Estates Land Act " means tht! l[Tamil.


73 and 75) has bcen stayed or interrupted by order of court or Tribunal or other authority constituted under any law for the time being in force. 64. 7. 0 ! : kc?. -. 8. 1969. 5. 5 3[(10-~) " notified date " in relation to a Pudukk inam estate specified in Schedule I-A means the February 1965 : Provided that in the cas inam estate. 'Thew fi3urec. the settlement of w sub-section (2) of section 3 o of Inams) ~ c t 1955 CParnil . ikr amcndect by t Tamil Nadu Adaptation of 1. the date from which the Government have been in uninterrupted possession of such inam estate shall be deemed to be the notified date. 4. 56 (3). words.--- . figure and letter were inserted by section 3 (i) the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into of x) Ryo. "73 and 751) shall come into for in regard to the inam estate. on a date subsequent to the 15th date " means such subsequent date : Provided further that where the operation of this Act (other than sections 2. This clause was inserted by secti Inam Estates (A4%~litien Conv wi and .'I -4mendnrnt Act.& These wortis were substituted for the word ccMadras'*by Tamil Nnd~lAflnpration of Laws Order. 7. 59. 1969 garnil Xadu Act 23 of 1 9 . - . any such notification has been stc order of court or Tribunal or othe under any law for the time which the Government hav possession of the inam estate. other (10) 1 These brackets. and word were substituted for the figures and word " 73. 8. 64. 1968 (Tamil Nadu Act 21 of 1 6 ) 98. an shall be c~nstructedaccordingIy . ] . 56 (3). . 5.75 and 76 " by section 3 of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Amendment Act.nws (Second Amenchtncnt) Ord 1959. 59.- Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) " notified date" in relation to the in than a Pudukkottai inam estate sp Schedule I-A)] means the date appointed by a n issued under sub-section (4) of section 1 as the date which the provisions of this Act (other than sections 4.

iately before the notified d a s . such part has been partitioned the grantees or thc successors-in-title of the grantee f i I .L . inam estate immed.. and (13) " private land "--- I .h a m Estates (Abolition and I uent to the grant. : mecns sucl l joillt :: . and (b) in the case of an impartible innm estate :means the person entit led to the possessiorl ciC nich estate immediately befoorc that d:lte .. .family.. 1 i (12) " princip~llatidholder" means the person who held (4 in the case of an inanl estate held by a joint Hindu :fmily immediately bcfc i e ti.

... the into ryoti land w h e th2. provided that ths has rzbinc:d the kudiwararn ever since land has not c. .cultivated 'by ths land86lder himself..%tatk2br:ate~ (Abolition bnd onv version into Ryo marf ) (ii) il. such as. -r - -r*ll. . .by notification. by his own servants or by hired labour.LLr-lrr---X-- .acontinuous p:r iod of t~elv&years sine the acqcisition of the land and before tbei ' 1st day of April 1960 . - . .. (14) " Pudukkottai inam estate" 'means an inam y&ge in the merged territory of Pudukkottai and speci&d in Schedule I I[. from timo to time. 7 -- . (1 5) " rent "-(i) in relation to an existing inam estate shall bve the same meaning as in clause (11) of section 3 of Estates Land Act . in.. 1969 (Tamil M t d ~ Act 23 of 1 6 ) which was deemed to havr 99. .. with his own or hired stock for a GO of twelve years immediately before the 1960.... provided that the ladholder has re a m ever since and has not. cludes such of the inam'areas in the said territory as are specified in Schedule I-A].. wt his ih own or hired stock for . 1965 (Tamil Nadu Act 11 of 1965). e % 'This exoressi~n was added by section 3 (iv) of the Tamil ~~d~ Inam W tates ( k bolit ion and Cbnversion into Ryotvtari) bendment $ k t .] rand . kamb sir) or p a m i . come into fore on the 15th Febtuqry 1963..- . ---n .or (c) hnd the entire kudiwararn in wh by the landholder before the 1st day of April valuable consideration from a person omin waram but not the melwaram. . 3 -.-. . kudi waram was acqui ~ cent the land shall nct be deemzd it is proved to have been.hown. by . . . * R R .t relation to a new inam estate shall mean- (a) the domain or home-farm land of the by mtever designation. . and . . --- 1 The words 'and includes such other wi~ole inam village in the said territory as the Government may... r r ..or ( b ) land whiab is proved to have been the iaaoider. converted the la ryoti land . rL . .......on ve~ted.r I . ~ . specify" were omitted by section 2 of the Tamil ad^ Iwm Estates (Abolitica and Conversion iqto Ryotwari) Amendment A*.his owl servant labour.himself.-.

F ' 6 - f ' * 8 i *'F I . . fee or sum iawfu lly payabk to holder by a ryot as s ~ c h addition to the rent due in ing to law or usage having the foice of law and also my recoverable under any enactment for the time in force as if it was rent .and (6) sums lawfu lly payable to a landhoider b:r a ryot ge fees urlu fisl~ery rents 1 am estate shall have the section 3 of tbe E3tates in relationto a new inam estate shall mean a person gricu lture r p t i land in auclS to the landholder the rent .Imm E s t ~ (~boiition tcs anr/ Conversiorz i:zto md w&) o (ii) in relation to a n r inam e s t te shall mean w ~ ney or in kind 01 in both se or occupation of land shsll include whatever account of water suppiied by the is per mission for w!ltiva tion for wa tzr has not been consolideted r the use or occupation of (a) any low 1tax. cess.

N. . .---Conversion into Ryotwari) .if more than.: Innm . : T. Estates (Abolition and ----.. of such payments.ihe land bolder has filed a suit in a civil court for ejectment against such (17) " ryoti land "I (i) in relation to an existing inam estate shall have the same meaning as in clause (16) of section 3 ...tbe . A A --rl A T A .i \-- [I963 .one..-In relation to a new iuam estate- . Act 26 t b:xPII)~tian. 'purposes ol: thls ACT. pf. (ii) a oerson unauthorisedly occupying rycti land from firs. ..

.Ryotwari) situated in any new inam estate which are set mon use of the viwgers .. > +. ~'mlmcnnine as in relation to'an existing inam estate shall have the in clause (191 of section 3 of the Estates M) 'in relation to a new inam estate shall meall any which is designated as a village in the revenue $Pnts and for which the revenue accounts are separately gain. + " # .ed by one or more karnarns or which is now %Ahv the Gnvernment or may hereafter be declared & Government for the purposes of this Act to be a s and shall include any hamlet or hamlets which 6 attached thereto.& $ @* 4"" a : T. Act 261 C7 f~~am Estates (Abolition and Conversion info . pl on favourable rates $ t) "' Settlement Officer " in relation to any inam part of an inam estate means the officer appointed under sub-section (1) of section 51 ) " Tribural" means a Tribunal constituted under and having jurisdiction . : 8 (c)" lands granted on service-tenure either free of of rent granted before the pas$this Act so long as the service-tenure subsists . * Y r ~8 .N.

and the Nadu] Revenue Recovery Act. of notlflcation of inam estate. shall as against the Govemrn cease and determined . : .I ~nbm Zstates ( ~ b o l i t i o n and . forests. CONSBQ~NCESOF NQTIFICATLON' OF INAM Consequences 3 With effect 6.. as amended Tamil ETaduAdaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order. a[tanks and oora:lies (includin and ooranies) and irrigation works] fisheri shall stand transferred to the Governm vest in them free of all encumbrances. 1864 ('[Fa II of 18641. the Pudukkottai (Settl (l[TamilNady] Act XXIII of 1955) and all other e ments applicable to the inam estate as such shal deemed to have been repealed in their appli inam estate.- 8 t\C@o t ? L.. wa pasture lands. 1908 1908). 2 Lease-hold? and Minor I Ryotwari) Amendment . (b) the entire inam cstat: (including lands and porambokes. other non-ryoti lands. and all other ena applicable to ryotwari areas shall apply to the inam es (c) all rights and interests created ir or over inam estate before the notified date by the principal any other landholder. These words were substituted for the word " Madras ' Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order. " These brackets a These words and brac always to have been subst it :ion worksw by sectior. -'Convepsion into Xyotwari) \ * CHAPTER TI. and from the notified date ank i h k c . i -- in respect of which the rate of re before the notific Nadu] Estates Land Act. and streams. the l[Tamil Nadu] Irrigation (l[Tamil Nadu] Act VII of 1865). otherwise expressly provided in this Act- . mines and minerals. 1969.

shall. and shall not be enforceable . whose rights stand transferred under clause (b) and determine under clause (c). cease and determine. . s maps. I C . (f) the relationship of landholder and ryot. pattas. plans and o&er documents relating to . registers. . forthwith take p~ssession estate and all accounts. on. to any person before the notified date ) any rights and privileges which may have accrued the principal or any other landholder and any ! * - I 4 the principal or any other landholder thereof. as them. -. am estate. after removing any obstmay be olered.Inam Estates (Abolition nnd Conversion into Kyot wari) Goverument may. estate which the Government may require for inistration thereof: 11 6 . shall be: entitled uch rights and privileges as are recognized or on him by or under this Act . be extinguished .

(b)to issue instructions for the guidance of the birect District Collectors. . (1) AS soon as ma Appointment and functions of Act in the Fort St. from tim shall also have power to cancel acts or proceedings of the Se those in respect of which an Manawrs of 6. from nme to time . (1) The ~overnmen mrtab pumose~.. 7. lnam Estates (Abolition and Conversion &to Ryotwari) 4. functions and duties assigned t wr-i settlement therein. . 1980 (Tamil Board of Revenue shaH b Government. As soon as may be after the Appointment of in the Fort St. George Gazett Act. (1) Wit11 effect on and from the notified date. barn Government shall appoint one or more persons to man the inam estate.102. . . of revisidnai powers. acts or proceedings of the manager. Constitution of Tribunals for . t and functions Director of appoint a Director of Settlements settlement operations in inam esta Settlements. Settlement .' . George Gazette*. *Now the Tamil Nadu ~ o ~ e r n n t e n t Gazette. 8 . the Settlement appoint one or more Settlement Officer. 5. (2) Every manager shall Collector and shall be guided by such lawful instructi as he may issue. may be necessary~fo ' - -- ?By virtue of section'10 Abolition Act. The Dire to the Board of Revenuet. . The tJ3oard of Revenue shall have power--2 29 Powers of control of the (a) to give effect to the provisions of this Act and Board Of particular to superintend the taking over of inam Revenue?. and to make due arrangements for the interim a ration thereof ..' and (c) to cancel or revise proceedings of the Director including those . d. . (2) Every Settlement Office the Director and shall be guid tians as he ltlay issue.. and the Dist Collector shall also have power to cancel or revise a of the orders. Officers znd M ~ ~ & of inam estates .

. ryoti land [Tamil Nadu] Estates Land 7 (2[Tamil Nadu] Act VYX . and f. ryotwari pa 11 lands which immediately before the notified' ' m as private land within the of clause (10) of section 3.- _ ..Inam Estutes (Abolition tznd Conversion into R pot wuri) consist of one person only not below the rank of Subor: . - Tribunal shall have such jurisdiction. existing inam estate. CHAPTER 111. of lai~a a record in r X I or Chapter n ovided that the private land referred lo i sub.. GRANT R~OTWARI OF PATTAS. 1969. om time to time.. ' 1908 ' Act V of 1908) when trying a suit or when hearing' . as the Govern._ I _ for the expression " Every he Tamil Nadu Inam Estates onversion into Ryolwari) Amend- be words ware substituted for the word " Madras " by the men tjOrder. subject to the protisions -A. landholder to atta in respect of. as amended by the .] have the same powers as are under the Code of Civil Procedure.Lands in v n and from the notified date. ry Tribunal shall. t'he land. (1) has not been subsequently converted into ti land or has not been finally held to be. determine. .

N.!+. by his own servants or by hired labour. . with his own or hired stock. provided that the landholder has cultivated such lands himself. from the date of such acquisition or the 1st day of July 1950 whichever i s later and has been in direct and continuous possession of such lands from such later date . by his own servants or by hired labour with his owu or hired stock.r into Ryotw~ri) 11963 : T. or (ii) forest lands] which have been voluntarily abandoned or relinquished . (b) and (c) of clause (16) of section 3 of the Estates Land Act. proved to have been cultivated by the landholder himself].Inam Estri tes (Abolition and Conversio. in the ordinary course of husbe. (ii) all land3 which were properly included. and (b) (i) all lands which were properly included or which ought to have been properly included in the holding of a ryot and which have been acquired by the landholder by inheritance or succession under a will. Act 26" a religious institution. including purchase at a sale for arrears of rent. provided that the landholder has cultivated such lands himself.ndry. in the ordinary course of husbandry. in the ordinary course of husbandry. from the 1st day of July 1950 and has been in direct and continuous possession of such lands from that date . for a continuous period of three years within a period of twelve years immediately before the I st daj. in the holding of a ryot and which have been acquired by the landholder by purchase. in the ordinary course of husbandry. exchange or gift. provided that the landholder bas cultivated such lands himself. or which ought to have been pruperiy incbded. by a ryot. by his awn servants or by hired labour with his own or hired stock. whch wac deemed to have come into force on the 1st January 1%4. from the 1st day of July 1950 and has been in direct and continuous possession o f such lands from that date. by his own servants or by hired labour. with his own or hired stock. or which have never been in the occupation of a ryot.of April 1960 . (iii) all lands [not being (i) lands of the description specified in sub-clauses (a). Q' C (2) '[is. 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1966). in the case of a landholder other than a Those words were substituted for the words " is proved to have been ~.vated the land-holder himself" by secticn 3 (i) of t t e by ramil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryofwari) Amendment Act.

stc ck. 3 (ii) of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates o Ryotwari) Amendment Act. it1 the ordinary course of h day of September 1955 or from ition whichever is later and has inuous possession of such lands Provided that nothing in this su b-clause shall by purchase. holder on or after the 1st day of April Estates (Abohiua and Conversion into Ryotwari) otwari patta in respect of- am estate the landholder notified date. exchange or gift sale for arrears of rent by thc. by his own servants or by hired is own or hired stock. in the ordinary te of sucl~acquisition chever is later and has ssion of such lands from ding of a ryot and which dholder by purchase exse at a sale for arrears older has cultivated such wn servants or by hired labour. be entitled It lands which imspdiately before the notified ed to him as private land : d that in the case of a landholder o t k r than institution thc private land specified in clause of section 2 is proved] to have been cultivated holder himself. in the ordinary course period of three years within diatcly before the 1st day lding of a ryct and which y the landholder by inheritance or I. provided that the landholder has his own servants or by stock. -' the expression ''Provided lause 13(ii)(a) of section 2. 1966 hich was deemed to have come into .

-. under serction 3 4 'of the 3 Land-(Redaction 1947 8 XXX of 19471 .B. . . in clause (18) of section 6 of the 31Tarnil Nadu] Hindu' Religious and Charitable Endo wment s Nadu Act 22 . . or which havenever been in. the landholder has cultivated such lands himself..with effect 9n and.fnarir Estates ( . 1966 (Tqmil Nadu Act 27 of 1966).. the pla'nting and reiring of tope:$.. 1969. which was deemed to have come i t no force on the*1st January 1964. (b) and (c) of sub-clause .' 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1966). Ryotwari) Amendment Act. . 8 " 7 " w - . These words were substituted for the word b b Madras by *h&i Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order. " religi:oli$ insti<.-I The explanation to section 9 was numbered as kx&anation J of that sectioh by:bection 3 (iii) :of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estatehr (Abolition and Conversion into. .(ii) of ~ l a u i' e of section 2.'. as amended by the-% Tam il Nad u Adapt at ion of Laws (Second Amendment) service to a religious institution. . tution " shall -mean a religious institution as.-' Cultivate ' in this sectioh ihludes .] . - 4 % : .. and . ......jliriok and . . I .~. be-entitled* .which-bere lands. garc'ens and brohards. - r 1 3 Lands in .(2).Rent) Act. . ' thcJgrant of ryotwari patta. . (3) In thc case bf a n inam ~ s t a t c part threpf held:.. < . .items'(a). 110.l[Explanaticjn I].26 growth: (iii) all lands n ~hirig(i) ~ahGs the'de~~jption t of sjrccifiid in. ? ..all hiq'rc&ls. b Convbrsion into . .respect of-' ' ' a . . provided . respect of which a ryot entitled to ryotwari pat1 2[Explanation II. or (ii) forest lands whicli'have been: voluntarily abandoned or relinquished by a ryot. which-was came into force on the 1st January 1964. Act . -. by his own servants or by hired labour.Ryotwari) I . . shall be subject to the provisions of scction 33. definrd. 1 I . from-the notified . froni the 27th day of September 1955 and has been in direct and continuous possession of such lands from that d. stock. .195?).' of .. .of. 1 t6 a ryotwari patta in . in the ordinary course of husbandry. -. : . with his own or hired 1.(1) In the case of an existing inam bitat$Lkverfryot"~ . .that .under sub-section (1) or . shall.11: condition of render. (i).--F~~the purpose$ thk p r o ~ d btd clabie (a) of sub-section ( proviso to clause (a) of sub-section (2). 1969.ate. T.the odcupation of a ryot. . or immediately bcfore tlu: notified date by an individual 0. . ' [I963 ' f . .. bvt does not include thc~rearing topes of spontafieous. _2 This explanation was add by section 3 (1 lrikm Estates (Abolition and onversion into Ryot Act.

--No oerson to whom a right to collect rent of any land fas been leased before the notified e. . . ptcified in paragraph (ii) of the said Explafiation. -. including an ijuradar or a farmer of rent. -. shall be itled to a ryotwari patta in respect of such land under .. cr an examination of all the circunzstances otherwise ireot.I -1 r -----% Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwah') . were properly included cr ought to have been incladed in his holding and which are not lands of which a lancjJ~oldcr some other pcrson or to a ryotmri p$ta under any other provision .f:a. . +.. if any.. I . ."'. landholder on or after IJIC 1st xcept where the Government. . if any.r'-. except where the Govel-nment.. specified in psragraphs (i) end (ii) of the Explanat ion to the said clause (1 6)(ii) and a ryot specified in paragraph (i) of the said Explanation shall be entitled to a ryotwari patta to the exclusion of the ryot.? t .: n who has been admitted into 2) (a) In thc case of a new inam cstatc evcry ryot th effect on and from tla notified date..r.? A '- -. 'I . all the c~rcumstanccs otl~erwise a ryotwari patta in respect of such . . '.4..' .. *. be entitled to a ryotwari patta in rcspcct of such (b) A. " A I f . .-.y .A.he date. . :. . ? ( " . bc cntitled wari patta in respect of all ryoti land in his lmlding 1 of which a landhuldcr or some other a ryotwari patta under any othcr on who has b. ryot as defined in clause 16 (iij of section 2 shall be entitltd to a ryotwari patla to thc exclusion of tne ryots. i) all ryoti lands which immediately before t.en admitted into by a landholder en or after the 11. - . . ::. . nything contained in sub-sections 1 be entitled to a ryotwari patta 1 der sub-section (1) or sub-section tasily abandoned or r(linquished ch land on or before the date of ement Officer under tub-section Explamtion.. - 107 F .

stlrplus or irrigiition channels . a person wLv L A Seea personally cultivat ~ ing such land for a continuous period of twelve years irnmedia. then.p:rson i s said to personally cultivate a land when he con. Explanation. . . village sites. roads. . a .rI . - (ii) seconrlly. i c 108 Inain Estates (Abolition and Convers@n into Ryofwari) [I963 : T. A& 26 11. under section 9 on tho basis or 10 and the land vests i the Government. (d)rivers. cattle stands. if there is no such person as is referred to in clause (i). and (iii) thirdly. P 1" + . (1 :Where no person is entitled to a ryotwari patta Grant of mlwaripltta in respect of a land in an inam estate. temple sites and such other lands as are net apart for the common use of the villagers . (c) threshing floor. respect of that land in the following order of preference : - (i)$rst!y. then.--For the purposes of this sub-section. cart-tracks. if there is no such person as is referred to in clauses (i) and (ii). a person who had been lawfully admitted into possession of such land on or after the 27th day of September 1955 and who had been personally cultivating such land ever since . the persons n of personal in specified below shall be entitled to b ryotwari patta in certain cases. streams an other porambokes.. a person who had been personally cultivating that land on the 26th day of September 1955 and for a period of twelve years immediately before that date : Provided that no person shall be entitled to a ryotwari patta in respect of any land under clause (i) or (iii) of this sub-section if such person has voluntarily abandoned or relinquished his rights in respect of such land on or before the date of the decision of the Settlement Officer under cub-section (1) of section 12 : I':vided further that no ryotwari patta shall be granted in respect of any land falling under any of the categories specified below :-(a) forests . (b) beds and bunds of tanks and of supply.ely Irefore the 1st day of April 1960 . drainage.N. tributes his own physical labour or that of the members of his farsily in th3 cultivation of that land. -.

$ ~ ~ t $ . Leaseholds and Minor Inams (Abolition and Conversion into Ryo:wari) Amendment Act. (2) Any ryotwari patta granted in respect of private tank or oorani under this Act beibre the date of the publication of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates. the private tank or oorani shall be deemed to be land in respect of which neither the landholder nor any other person is entitled to ryotwari pita under this Act. in tbe Tamil Nadu Government Gazette. 1975. as inserted and was deemed always to have been on 2 (2) of the Tamil Nadu Inkm Estates.N.. c. withGnthree months from the said date.. in its discretion..yotwari pattsi.or se~titivn1:. and fcr purposes of compensation under tbis Act. within one year from the date of the decisioti. se (iii) of that sub-section. (1) The Settlement Ofcr shall examikle the claims Determination fie of any person for s ryotwari patta under section 9 or of lands in section 10 . shall stand cancelled. (2) Against a decision of the Settlement Officer under sub-section (I). appeal to the Tribunal : rovided that the Tribunal may. Act 2 1 6 lrtam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) (2) Among the persons specified in sub-section (1) in clause (i) of that sub-section shall be twari patta to the exclusion of the persons uses (ii) and (iii) of that sub-section and in clause (Ii) of that sub-section shall be to a ryo twari patta to the exclusion of the persol. the Government may. I [ll-A. allow rther t i m not exceeding six months for the filing of any _. . :I:.: T. (3) Any ryotwari patta granted under this section shall take effect on and from the date of the grant of such (1) Kotwithstanding anything contained in this RyOtwBri patta Act.] respect of private tank m y or oorani.. and decide which in respect of which lands the claim should be allowed. ~ o ~ . 12. no ryotwari patta shall be granted ir: respect ef any not to be granted in private tank or oorani.. Leasefnams (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 2 of 1 7 ) 96. sase may be. and any pcrson aggrieved by such kcision may.

a. and be bubject to the =me )jrl l t j l l l iC. . f6r each fasli year commencing - . ..+. . . I . : < & .e*instm a in t y otwarr vilrit y ~ Iins i l l respect of his land : .inam Estates (Abolition and Conver. : I. 1 ' Z. :tt . . *year commencing with tbe fasli year in which such patta is granted.. he 'shall continue to make such payments as accnie on or after that date to the Government.-. as may be lawfully imposed on the land. t ) ~ : t.q:. . wbether periodically or not.' 3 . i i with the fasli yew in which the inam estate is notified. etc.. ..h [I:. (a) .+ %?.arrk4: r ishtn in the land. I .. in resp:ct 'of any land to which he is entitled tc a ryotwari'patta. -. (b) Every person who becomes entitled' to a ryotwari patta under section 11in respect of any land shall. ' . (2) If a ryot was liable immediately before the notified 'date to make any payment to the landholder. village or not being a part village inam estate) granted on tenu* .. .pfalls under sub-clause (c) d &G se (1 5 ) of section 3 of the : Estates Land Act or under item (c) of sub-clause (ii) of 14 (1) Where any land (not coiisisting of an.not beinga religious. Liability to pay 13. in rtspsd of the land with effea and from t& notified dare .entertain an appeal by the Governmerlt at ariy time -if it appears to the Tribunal that the decision of tha Settlement ) Officer was vitia~edby fraud or by mistake of fact. "'. then. 'merit.... be liable to pay to the Government such assessment. otherwise :tlian by way of' rent. : [ * . * - . whether to an individual or institution . 2 . the holder of such land shall v!.. on (5) in all 0 t h cases.. . * . - n Ryot Wi I .. 4 IIC i tirrn~tllrtt. in its discretion.*.N. for each . educational or cbritzbls institution.: 2 : : 7 ih. be liable to pay to the Government such . (1) (a) Every person who becomes entitled to a assessment. .P:dtab: in rnrvice. drvie-tenure. +lahd$. [I963 : T....i . entirc clause (1 7) of section 2 of this Act.rion into Ryot wnri) . . . .?. t ...< < w . ...: - . A& 26 ~rovihedfurther t h i t the Tribunal may. assess. as may . :be lawfully imposed on the land. the land shall be discharged from mndirion of such s e r k 3 ~ the holder of ntch land and sb-11h ettirlct3 to a ryor~ari wn.$. o f u minorUservic.-if the service to be rendered is personal or private service to ttle landholder. . -ryotwaripatla unger this Act (other than under section 11) Government:in wspect of any land shall. .

N. IN Vesting of buildre the notified date. or if he is dead.. and was tlren being with its administra - ct on and. fiom thz 1 rilso v ~ s in tlrc Gover~~met~t. of all t free ovided that when such institution ceases to exist. and . Where any building so situateda) which belonged to any such landholder on the of July 1960 . BUILDINGS INAMESTATES. of' sub-clause (ii) of clause rovisions of clause (b) of sub-section (1) lands in inarn estates. Act 26 ] hant Estates (Abolilion and Con version into Ryotwari. the evert to such landholder. egal r apscsentaliv~s. V - . ings situated in inam estates. CHAPTER IV.

(3). also to the payments : A which s u c h person was liable immediately before the notified date to make to any landholder in r e s p a thereof. (6) If any question arises whether any building or land falls or does not fall within the scope of sub-sections (I). (i) in every case to levy the appropriate assessment thereon . . in so far as such payments.hether periodically or not and whether by way of rent or other wise. (4) or (S). may accrue due on or after the nofified date. as an appurtenance thereto.Inam Es:ates (~bolitionand Conversion into Ryotwnri) pay to the Government such value from out of the compensation deposited in its office under sub-section ( of section 36. and (ii) in the case of a building which vests in a P ~. n other than a landholder. PROTECTIONOF CERTAIN RIGHTS ENFOBCBABLI AND 0F CERTAIN OBLIGIATIONS. . it shall be referred to the Government whose decision shall be final. u. (2).

.8: T. is entit led to a ryot wari ! (1) allowing any ny such land may . r d' licr~jnshall apply Irlei. Conversion Cr t o Ryot lvnri) . ction. in the case entitled to no rights i respect n the Govern~uen other~vise! t at otherwise direot. including remain in possession consider newssary "r . . 7 g 3 I 1 conditions. gzigd. Person. " aommunal land " ion mentioned in sub-clause (16) of seotion 3 of the ) OF item (b)o f sub-clause . Act ZG] Itram Estates (Abolition a ~ d .on or after the 1st an existing inam estate.- I r3 I vided that such trailsaction was not void or illegal any law in force at the time : epon ~ 1 1 0 been admitted 113s fi land (i) . '".(i) the Gsessment or gro&d-rent payable to tbe for each fasli year commencing estate i s notified. ed into posseof t or other land which is not o any rights in.. or to ' remain dealt dtb.N. ay of*April1960. admittlder into p~ssession.

Where any such right created before (i) thd -.3 c t I 8 (Tamil Nadu *Act 36 af 1980) any :efer~ . " Provided that the transaction was not void or illegal .-qvided that tlw transaction was not void or illegal 1 . having regard to the value of the right and the period for which the right was abated. it is in tlte public intkrest to do so. by way of lease or otherwise. [I963 : T. rights in any mines o r minerals. but before the notified date. by notice given to th: person concerned terminate the right with effect from such date as may be specified in the notice. the Government : l.def any law in force at the tipe. not being earlier than three months from the date thcrcof. under any law in force at the time and that ady such right was created for a period not exceeding one year. 26 certain lessees and others. - 1st day Lt)July 2950 in the case of an existing inam estate . shall bs enforcet hereundfr. if in their opinion. a : * BY virtue of kction 1 (1) ofthe Tamil Nadu Board of Re\ime 0 4b~tio.Ryotwari ) . (2) (a) Where any such right was created before (i) the 1st day of July 1950 in the caw of an existing inam estate .and all rights and obligations arising date. where on or.. the one Government may. 8 I .X. c and (ii) the 1st day of April 1960 in the case of a new inam estate is not determined under this sub-section.. for a prl. ' . on or after the notified date... on or after th: ~otified . shall be enfproeable by or against the Government : L. Rights of 48. the transaction whceby such tight was created shall be deemed to be valid and all rights and obligations arising tbreunder. the transaction $ha11 be deemed to be valid .iud ~ ~ c e c d i n g year.. fisheries or ferries. Act. (1) In cases not governed by any other provision bf'fhis Act. . a landholder has created. (Abolition and Conversion into .9 0 t9 *he w a r d of Revenue . abl: by or against. and (ii) the 1st day of April 1960 in the case of a new inam esfate.half be deemed to be a reference to the Satc overnrn"" -- I s .Inam Estates. (b) Thc person whose right has been so terminated shall be entitled to compensation from the Government which shall be determined by the Board of Revenue* in such manner as may be prescribed.after (i) the 1st day of July 19% in the case of an &sting inam estate : and (ii) the 1st day of April 1960 in the oase of a new inam estate. quarries.

limited to what is necesSarg for the introbe of the ryotwari settlement in. - Provided that any re-survey made under 'this submay. <ANDSETTLEMENT OF INAM ESTATES.Itlam Estates (AboZit ion and Coir version into Ryoiwari) CHAPTER V . the inam estate or C-1-125-7-8A . ' .

t ..s.i settliemcnt notificatio~ forc in cation of this Act In the Fort district in which the inam esta (4 the rates of asse (4) Neither 44% . settlement notifiwtiani::nor : any i.p~~sgqp& tkere~f quesho~ lo say ..Irrqtn &latest (&lition and Cbnversi~rtinto Ryot wari) [I963 : T.. .N. Wof lw..* . A (ii) in the caw of other areas in the State the itlid notification shall embhdy the principles adopted in makip& ryotwari settlements in ryotwari areas and shall $opt-.-& a ~ e d 04d p m. (Sir Nothing in this section sh .i.

by a ryot holding similar land ntages. The cumpensatinn shall be determined far the Compensation d not separately for each of the to determined . 7. \ L .<..- . . r. '.:. the gent which-le to the landholder immediateIy . shall be calculated at such fate eat may. 1947 (Madras Act XXX of 1847).K :.?* . .: 1 :>. as a whole. in the neighb'ourhood : in cases falling *under sub-clauses (i) e in respect of the fasli yearain inam estate is notified shall be the rent due to older less any payment made*to him befofe the ate and authenticated in the prescribed manner :.'fa t w& payable. . such excess shall be adjusted towards tha land revem payable in the abbse9uc:fit fasli year or years. '. . which was deemed to have con10 into f drcc on the I st January 1964: " Provided fufthet that in cases falling under sub-clause (ii). .:. 'I . . .. DETERMINATION. .. . A su~n called the basic annual sum shall first sum. where after the rent 'has been determined under the Madras Estates Land . ' .?< .. payable i respect of' an inam Compensation n n accordance with the following how determined* 23. G a t e d provisions.'. -' . & !') .:r. it is fotrnd that the land revenue paid exceeds the rent ro determtned." I . . -1 c 24.:<: * *I * In respect of other lands in the existing inam in respect of all lands in the new inam estate. by general or special CHAPTER VI. . .'onversion into Ryotwari) mendmcnt Act. tor lnam estate determined in respect of the inam estate. I The following proviso was omitted by softion 4 of the Tamil Nadu h a m Estates (Abolition and C. : .(ReduCtion of Rent) Act. APPORTIONMENT APJD PAYMENT COMPENSATION. 011 . rk 1 7. 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1966).Pitrtilz Btates (Abolitiarr and Conversion ill to Ryotwari] 127 ave been payable to the landholder year in which the inam estate is pt has not been so detersned.

7". landholder to maintain every one of the irrigation works serving the inam estate is-shared by him either with the .nd as computed above.8 -.. 4.Inam estate^ (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) 11963 : T. ExpZanrtiorr. section 28 :. (1) T a gross. 6 ' I . . .'trefen& to.ryotwari detna. shall .any which has been r6gi&&l 'as wit :at thk settlirne1.anilual 'ryotwari denland in respect l r~otwari of. and which' waS' ' liable to *x h l m s * .: . . . . . ~ a $ cun~rual sum for in& . Provided furtllor that where' the obligation :*of:the. as ascertained under section 26. I I (i) the whole i~f-the gross annual ryotwari3demand. less the deductions specified annual sum in inam m?ato. v. > . .. the lands referred to in clause (i) of section 25. .: . I 3 . 4 f . iu respect of all lands in the inam estate in respect of which any perso.estates. . . (ii) the whole of the average net annual miscellaneous revenue derived from all other sources in the inam estate specified in c!ause (b) of section 3. as ascertained under sectiop 27. : . .-For :the p&x&i'of sub-&ti0 expression "ryotwari.. . 3 8 . Component 25. constructed orf .assessmint':. . in respect of. . . . wari patta. ' ( 2 ) ' ~ r o m tlie gross annual .7. computation of 26. there shall be deducted 3-113 per cctlt of such demand on account of the maintenance of irrigatic:. ... . in that sub-section :pnder an ihiga'tion work belonging to.: occupied by any person other thap the landholder on the : notified date. of a settlemneilt effected under section 20 on the lands . .-. .. but not including lands in respect of which the landholder is entitled to ryotwari patta. or tho landholder i s under no legal obligation to maintain any spch work scrvhg the inam estate : ..aaintained by' or gn behalf 'bf . -- - .Q -iA -. the percentage of such deduction shall be reduced bjsuch extent a s the'Ooverfiment may deem reasona ". 3 .l other than the landholder is entitled to a ryot.. I ~ " . less the ded tion specified therein.tly Government. works serving the inam estate: Provided that 110 such : and and deduc. ." Government or with the landholder of some other in estate. .. $ . The basic annual suin shall be the aggregate parts Of b*sicsums specified below. shall be ma there is no irrigation work serving the inam estate.. .. ..the total of the ryotwari assessbents iniposed in pursuance lion therefrom.

?:be b e shall be deducted.. -.. neous revenue. .to the G m rnnlent . . .-etci. the irrigation from th3 s2id *work hall be taken to be the apprb- a1 miscellaneous revenue Computation of net rniscellaclause (ii) of sec..:. .. ascertained as aforesaid. &uses (i)and (ii) of section 25. k"& . if such r on tho I st day of July d & the net annual income from such soura s during the notified date. . landholiler ...tion 25. deducttd. .lnam Estatgs (Abolition iirzd Convers'ion into Ryotmit-i) ' I I i9 he levy of1 such eess in. payablo annually by tl~t.and . .. (a) the whole of the assessment levied on any land ' ' (b) thc whole of the jodi. .. .. . < . quit-rent or other aniourt.. . if such date was next fasri year in case that year or the next and' 28.-'.. From the aggregate of the sums referred to in joa. ifi?ny. of a like nature.

s 4 c c ~ ~ ~ amount computed is . 1r.ak~& id:.{ . f. No twit hshnding anything cotitili~lcdin soctiotls rcapsr:?d.&.Fts provision of4.&ti0 tl I l shall be cwluded in detcimining the basic a n n ~ i sum . .r (Abolition m.. .{ ?:. I.f>: .thd'fi.'$ :landholder.i~~g in i ncd by sectma . .aa "ina-q' &ate in respect:o$:which. . < ' ' .laadholdcr is entitled to u ryotwarj pattar w & r . :-j :. ~ : ~ .30. .:{. .d Cuaversim into Ryot. i~ C ~ (4. (1) ~ b.(2) The ryotwatti~a.1. * Rs.d follo~r. f .S U ~ ..i ? d e 5 (i) the r yotwari assesslnctit 'impowd od Talll~iandi: in n inam estate in respect of which any i>ersoii inoluding l s.-*j ti:tt l ->.in illam cshtc in respect .7 ' l .. . ( -.. The total compendtion payable in.~~ 1~ I .:4 ..\cecd .of'which any p m s o ~ (otl~crthat1 a lit~tdh~lder) entitled lo a ryotwari path is uudcr xctioo 1 1 shall be included' i u determiaiig ths basic atir~ual sum. . ~ c ~ Q I ~ ~ Q c c . . fwidso~ fallianwr u nder settlkml..'"... .resp6t ofany sation srsept inam' estate shall. ti. l ' ) * ( .if~~o&!' $&&i&q'dl)$ $$fan$.: " "j.i:tie:.sscssm~ri:t. .\ ? % . . (iii) where the basik annual:sum eicoe& ' &." . . : . Rs.1 J . i s e a .25 to 29. .900 -20. ". . sub-section 0). j . " i. I . 8 * : A p r ~ deemed :29. -20. 7:. . . . . t II Special provision ibn. ..~dse exceed ondihelf dfhtho.*'31. scale :32. . ti>. .000 which eve^ ie greater.s.tiw S U C ~ . 3.wari): .tf. f L.000-25 ti&s such $ u i ~ .U~)O but not exceed Rs. [$963 : T. this"Ac~~sha1l ckcluded i1~'deterrninin~' 'be the basic aiifiuai SUIII. p. 75. ! # I .. . Act 26 Provided tbat tbe ctoiount deducted .. .'IJ *.IMtt Eqete. v ! 8 ' J. th. ' tlocs (ii) where the basic annualA m ekwods Rs.N. .(b)(md (q) hb&lliifligb.. ' ..+ . .* .bdtiM& 'to q b ~ a r patta :un&k 'any is i 1 .2a. .000 -30 tirnos such sum.te. w ~ ~ P.: ~ hut does aot exceed Rs.x. "cc*yn . .">Y -. 1.' .. rO: + r Rs. ! . :. (i) WI~L'TC the basic ai~nual burl1 docs not c.ti V 1 > I .shall bed6bhed7*to landhitld~rbfuch b6:a ''tinam ostata. imposed .. ' bc detc~~mitled accordance w tlr t.*~~ldcr< ( I U ~ S .tany lahddhddei &nti~&8jn.. . (ii) t11c ~nisccllaneous rcvenllc: cierivcd from all lands in . irnwdiatelj "b6foi'i" notifiedn'&ite. a > A g. mtofwmpcn... " 1 . except iti thc &ise govern6dqby sebi& h*ekw go.{ ' .'oii:.Ver* 32. any right oi interest in any land in an inam ast* as a r rj*":{7ij. %gxi n .1:) 30.000whichever is &eater.. miscellaneous revenue &'rived fro'm all 8tands'ili. bef': to be l?ndhoM per son who had. i l ?'f 5 *.> e:t-5ibd : *. a! T.

lc.rt tl~crcof was held Payment ~ t c any rclighus. of p3.Q .r. .Ittartl Estates (Abolition Conv&usto?tiizto ...i.1~ U I I ICXCCCCIS'Rs.p. . Act 26 of 1963 as .! . S U C ~ 111ay.Ryot~v~l"i) % % wlxcrc th basic altilun.: .rt. r11~ basic . ce so payable is lcs3 ail ' r . +.instjtutiom.4C il~atn c~Lii. oil a c~1c..000 wl~icltcvcr is4 &is to i * i cp<luctr if~sl ifritior. .q ' i. t ioncll awd ) ) in t h ~ casc of ail cl~tircinam otsatc.. . and additbal by 'asdik n . .satioa te the i11stitu:ion cvcry ycnr as a tasdih alio.000 s. . 20. 0. . .ula1-ikcc1t o tlxat p. .1. thc G d vcr n mcnt .part nncr during the five ceding the fasli Year fasli year in which * I _ - Iilam E tatcs.'? ncomc dwivcti by il:anz estate 01. 9 . 50.000--174 tinus such suin o l " > xceeds Rs. T * .00. . q7: . Leases rsion into Ryotwari) 1976) the arnotrnt oE t 26 of 1963 fo*rin ication of the former be re-determined in.

compensation payable under this Aa..*a*..where any price has b Government for the sale of such thing at area concerned.N.. where any land (not consisting of an entire village or not -. (4) On the making of the deposit under su (31. tlie individual shall.n sub-section (1) shall be such portion of the co sation or interim payment.ham Estates (Abolitiotr and Conversion into Ryotwari) [I963 : T. ' Inamestates or artthc*f held immediately before the notified date by an individual rorvioabldor bow dealt (hereinafter in this section referred to as with. Act 2 ' a b * r . (1) Where an inam estate or part thereof was institution.. whether th were actually collected or not: Provided that the value in money of anythin in kind to the institution at any time durin aforesaid sl~all. bc bound to render such service afte the notified date. on a calculation in the pse manner. the . . . (3) The Government shall deposit in the office o f t Tribunal the compensation and interim payment payab u. (4) Payment shall be made to the institution un&r sub-~ctions and (2) so long as it exists. subject to t of sub-section (8). paya the inam estate as may... be calculated at such price. holder) on condition of rendering service t 33. 1.. . (3) All amounts which accrued due to the instituti during the period referred to in clause (a) of (2) shall be taken into account. being a part village inam estate) granted on servicetenure to the institutionfalls under sub-clause (c) of . T b cornpensation and interim pa under t h ~Act in respect ofpart of an inam s 4 to. due to them in rep* of the said estate or thereof.nder this Act in respect of the mid estate or pa thereof: Provided that the Government shal deduct from the amount to be deposited all if any. or 0 a~ainst. clause (16) 9% (c) of sub-clause (ii) cf clause (1 7) of section 2 ofthis Act. (1) (5) Nothing contained in this section shall apply . . be ascribed to that part. . (2). section 3 of the Estates Land Act or item . as the case may be. the Government shall be deemed to ha tely discharged in respect of all claims to.':: : :.. 4 :*.

r (b) to hold thr land : ~ n dcontinue to render k. .* (7) For so long as the service-holder reilders thc '-vice. " n (ii) The option referred to in clause (i) shall be exer.:sed within such period from the notified date and. " . for the sole benefit of the . tlle religious iilstitution concerned shall pay the 'service-holder every year. and Cortversion into Ryotwari) (6) Any sum received by a religious institutioil und~r mb-section (5) shall bc invested by the institution in sccuri"rkr'n tllc prescribed manner. in such manner as may be prescribed. service subject to the provisions contained in sub-sections (I) to (7)and (1 I).lrzam 8states [~bolitloe.

if any. .shall .tc or palsttl~crcof it had ilot vested in thc if Covcrnnlcot undos t b i ~ Act..atgount specified in sub-scction (9). .: . notify such failllrp in such manner as may bc pasctibcd.: . . i - Explanation 11A-For the purj ~ o s of sub-section c (9)'"land rtvenue " meanlns the ryotrvzri a:sessment includii$ the additional asscssmcnt. servica-holdcr heb ewrcjsccl his foption ..:T.Fur the purposes of t1Gs section . . ~ e c eed~by the institution for the p2 J iod subsequent i to the date of default by the service-holder and the land for which the ervice-holder was granted ryotwari patta in accordance with tho provisions of section 9 shall be the absoluie property of the institution and the institution shall bc at . ' 'txplcinatiun II.if any. (i) sex vim-holtlcl includes his lloira . .irrtet:im pymnts. ~ of . " individual " nleans thc pcrson wllo would ha vc 11cld the inam esta. Expllunnlicv~ I.N. $he invwtmerlt made under sub-section (6) and the.received by the institution for the period ts&&ique~t to the date of exercise of suchnoption. . i . . provided that the ssrvice-hoIder makes a!ternativc arrangements for rendering the service during the period of such i~lrlrssor of othcr temporary disability.btho absolute property oi'the institution and the+dnstitution shall be at liberty to make such chanangement as it thinks fit for the performance of the service.--For thc putposcs of this scctiotl .to pay the.liberty to makc such nrrxngemcnt as it thinks fit f i the ~'crforinanco thc scrvicc.i. aftm such enquiry and. He shall then declmc that the investment ma& under stlb-section (6) and the interim Fayments. (ii) non-performance of tJlc scrvicc due to illness or ether tclnpolary disability shall not be deemed to be failure to render service.: ' . Imrn Sstisrp:es (Abolit&n o~ru' :l-Convero ion Into R y o t ~ ~ t i ) a 11963 . 4cr z6 if 410) W l ~ r o t b .-.. water-cess and additional water-ass. notim to the service-holdel as may be prcscribcd in this behalf. . - . : (1 1) If the service-holdttr fslils to I cnder tho ser vlcc the prescribed authority shall.

or (iii) that the said o ~ d e r requires to be rnodlficd in pursuance of the final order of any competent authority Provided that the Director shall not exercise hi$ powers under this sub-section in respect of any inam cptak. a reasonable opportunity of being heard. namely : - (i) that the said order is vitiated by any clerics1 or arithhtical mistake or error apparent on the hce of (@*thatsubsequent to the passing of the said order. apply riting to the Director for R copy of the data on the of which he proposes to determine the basic anwil.$~:X passed by hi111 ultder sub-section (1) on any one or of the following grotmds. in writirtg or orally. (5) (a) The Director may. + . without giving e very landholder concerned. as the Director may in his discretion allow. ime as may be prescribed or such furtbr. passed under sub-section (1) s 11 be commw~ic~ted every inndholde~") Deter. h to co and also to every applicant under sub-section (2)..Itzcrnl Estates (Ahdillon nitll Cortvcrsiolr irzto . the Director he data aforesaid to the applicant .ntinutiof~ of' bmic rrluzual sun2 cmd loral nation Petasmislrnll determine in accordar~ce nnual sum in respect of an inam s*mand annual sasic Irc case governed by section 32. (4j A copy of every orcle~. (3) On the receipt of' soclt application.and be der under sub-sect16 n reasol~able opportunity of making gnrd thereto. either s w mfzror on the application of any person. at any time. cornpensat ation payable in respect af stleb I' total (2) Any lanclholder or other person interested may.R_t. . data for the better calculation of the basic annual sum have become available. and c%ry applicant uncler this sub-sc ction and sub-section (2). review an O.

. Provided that rhc basic annual sum or tie toel nution gur.126. <aftergiving tbc applicant a reasonable opportunity 0f. and tfie Board alw &all. .purpose of satisfying itself as to the legality. Qovcromcnr .or sub-section () the Board of Revenue* 7. in W ~ R X Yof xay irum tsszr Y w *ttct\\i tbq W W ~ wiuirtt'~\. . 1980 (Tamil N a d ~ 36 of 1980). IC ' <I.'.. .. ' .' * . 8 .. appeal to the Board . -%on application made to it by the Director or by any.*l)j virtue of section 1 (1) of the TamilNadu Board of Revenye 0 Abolition Act. .. at any time. l'nmi.*. t). .'' other person in t b t behalf. within three months from the date of the order-or such further time as the Board of Revenue* may in its d i s ~ t i o n l o .by the Director under this section.. . and every applicant . fSfr':':t & * .. pass such orders on the appeal as it thinks . for tk. ' (7) The Board of Revenue* may also in its discretion. regularityorpropriety of such order or proceeding and pass $u&order in reference thereto as it thinks fit: .N.being heard. *'''-Addalso to every landholder concerned. Act 26 (b) A copy of every order passed under this sub- .an order made under sub-section (1) or sub-section (5) may. . . review any order passed by it under<sub-section (6) or sub-section (7) if7it is of the . Ryot wari) [I963 : T. opprooeeding taken.. : ' s ... either suo motu or on tho application of any " . any refel enc$ to Act tho of Revenue shall h dwmrrl to be a relrrmce to the State .&. (6) Any person deeming himself aggrieved by. . .. r section shall be communicated to the Board of Revenue*. application l~ndcr subsection (2) a reasonable opportunity oftbeing heard. w .. iindcr this sub-section and sub-section (2).$:I ".ut giving every l a w~ wn rutd o ~ r yperson who has mede an w rd m 2% 4 (8) Notwithstanding anything contained in subsection '(@. hi' . I person. call for a d examine the record of any order passed. & a I < .~states(Abolition and Conversion into.ewhk.YJ'.

Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Manner of payment. Deposit and upp~rtio~?ment compensation. of .

' . mq. iy I. and-the . by way of a share or by way of and medit0. within &hq.i'n xi far * I 3 - I .%or withdr'ip the same f o the deposit+alr rm made *orbt.s referred to in the prrjvi of section 45 wllich cinnot be ntijust the $aid E ub-section . ' ' extent tllc .herwise'a$just the same in such ..-.""' (2) On the making "'sbjll be deemed to have been c c resp~b~ 311 cldilns to. 4%.I . .:T J37.Gij~bIe qainst.ub ~~U$pr~uisions Act or any p of this i % ' piinoipal or any other land "e "'a'&ily claiming any portion of su "..whether thsir d shall apply to the Tribunal wi dqte . : ~ t ~ : u piwed. . <I' .$%?" : t i I.. ifany.. the Government m a y deposit differen..op wbieh the amsunt wa fuither time 'not exceeding thr . hs ti&+CilSC r?\ay h. - ."i .visions ofsections.silall be n1pc *' :. .."<L. ~ ~ .LAC. the oompe sin nco~ws.I ..time . .sectioir %S . in *$ 8 . .:. ' ..r~. as may be prescribed. and to 'Xrib~~isl 1 1 1 ~ Speci or . its discretiop. or ~nforc of ptnsnt ion aforesitid. F .or .. .+.hready beea .- section (5) of seotion 45 in excess fmnd to be-payable.." .. and .$.I 4.(i. .37to 44 and of sections 46 and 47 s apply to the timciiiiit firi~llyunder tlepsit.L ! I.manner at such time 0-r time$.made. d ' b - Every c i to. J ' I *' 0 cl&ts ~ O . qlow. ~ ' % ma~aitlrih:.. (1) Evzry pgrson ..$88 Inam Esiates (Abolition (1ncZ @~tversiotz into Ayotwarl) - (b)tkwhL31&oranvoorliono &lIg'ctbr. h n pqpwtiwi of arly sti ion pibun$.+ @) itlrclu m i l i t i ~ lpr der . . .. ... ...under that section : -- Q all intqtii p the compensation payable in resp Provided further that where the total amaunt o stands altered after 'the deposit .

he provisiolls GI' .mis entitled. the Tri. of enf~rceable. in accordance with the provisions coi~taincd in that section aild in scch rules.. 38.income. . J r cease and*d :ter*nljne under clause (c) of section 3.not il~consistentwith that -section.i . I (b) in the case o f other inam estates. . .EC C ~ . 51.Tribunal.hori. 2nd de:ermine th. in its opinion. .t~com1 the he following persons. Inrr m Estates (Abolition and Go/zversio/zinto Byotwnri) (ti) subject to . in SO far as I i t relales lo tile : ~ l i l b : ~ [ l~l ist'Lpcct oi' WIIICII an ordcr for i pzy~r. rnent under clause (b)of section a jciilt H i i ~ d if::lnilythe ~ he S L ' C C C S S ~ O ~ thy-eto certain he f~ 110 wing provisions @partible a 1 deiel~~?irle sggreg2. as far as possible.. are entitled to th 2 con~pensation deposiied -and tbe czino~~nt which each 0:' r11.perscns who. ihc . in accordance with such rules as f i i ~ ybe n1i~i.Cornpen? bunzl shall apportion the comp:ni:ntion among the p ~ i n d sation to be appor pal 1andhold:r n l ~ d zt1y other prsons wvhosc rigt~rsor tioned by interests in the inam esta tes stand tri:nsferred to the Govern. iliclt:di~~g persons w l ~ o:]lee sentitledto be mai~ltni~~edn ~ ~ l inail1 estate and its fi. makc iilquiryil~to validity the cf the c1aimsreceivr. The Tribuila 1shall.kby the Governme~lt in in:~~n edcte nrl1ic. to e a s e to LV* ' 39.hh.d by it. considered sons in the ride line living orrifi cding sons.enthas been mild. grandsons e SL!~h date (who are d holder and his legitimate sons. O I . by tile IYibiuu i c:r ihc Siwcial Appellale Tribun2:l 111 ~ i i v u u r ally p~I. after giving not ice IC all persore Duty of who have a pplieci under section 37 alld to any oth. in ::cco~-dance with the value of their respective interests in t l ~ c jrlaln may be made by the Government in this behalf.I .inrd-(a) in the case of the impartible inam estates referr2d to in section 40. (2) The value of those interests shall be ascert:. (1) As a preliminary to s ~ c f determination.v?hornTr'bunalit considers to be interested.

~. Impartible Esta-tesAct.and only l the rern:riucir. .b 7 (4) T l ~ c pcrtion of the xggrcgoie compensation afore-. ccintrrlct or family al-r:lngr=mc. . award or other il~strument in writing 01. has beer] seltled or discltal-ged in full. (iii) the nearness of rela tioilship of the person claim?=?zmzz*T ing to be maintaintd . in determining the amount of compex~sntion payable to the maintenancs holders and appcrfi~ning sanle among them. as far as the possible. < '. namely :(i) the coinpcnsatioml psyoble in respect of the inam estate .. ~llairltcl-rallcc-holdersas i I bereii~sliterprovided.1-minc whi c l ~ itorti. b. art.N. ' . as amended by tnc Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order. if. or under ally decree or order of a Court.izt. such portion shall not excecd one-fifth of the ~ r n a i n d e rreferred to im sub -se~ticr. 1904(l[T3rnil Nadu] Act 11of 1904).J ~ I L ? E~SZ~ C ~ ~ C J S ccracl I (Abolition Colzversion into Ryot~~ciri) 11963 : T. 1 cred if ally. 1969. award. to the Sc)llowing collsiderai ions. wid pay tble to thc maii~tcnance-i70i~lsxs 1 be detersha 1 mined by the Tribunal and notwithstanding any arrangemeat a 1re:ad. T i m e words were substituted for the word " Madras " by the '4-amil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order.trliJr-)ltg tut" ?iIlilr cr-s ::lrC. csscts of fI-tr: in~partihlc ir~arn estate a i ~ d the anlou~ntto which c21GI-. excepi in the case referred to in the sccond 13). bis claim for maintenance or the claiin of his branch ol' !he Fdmily for maintenance. ( 5 ) (u) The Tribunal shall. Act 26 (b) other persons who. (ii) tne nunlber of persons to be maintained out of tl~afestate . - . immediately befow the notified date were eiltitlcd to n~a~r~tenance t the estate and o l ~ of its iilcoille either under section 9 or 32 of the l[Tamil Nadu]. have regard. 05' I l ~ c n is SO entitled .yinnde in respect of maintenance whether by a decree or order of a Court.:fore the notified dctre. (3) Tl~e Tribunal sl~alnext dctt. !a~vi'~illy entlrled 10 havc ihcir &Zits paid from a a ~ t i out oj' tlsc. 1969. or other instiurnexit iin writing or contract ~r family arrangement which is binding on the principal landlmlder (who are hereinafter called '< maintenance-holders") : Provided t h a t no su& mail~:enance-holder shall b: entitled to ally portion of the aggregate compensation aforesaid. proviso to snb-section (2) oT secrion 42.?gsrcgatc courpcasa$i~n of shall be C J ~ -V ~ Sjlr .1 the .

~ ~ c e f'anily of the claiment. alld (Y) 1 ~Jw i r c ~ ~ m s t aof ~the s. .Inan2 Estates (Abolition and Conversion into /?yo twari) fiv) the other sources of illcome ofthe clainlani . ' For the purpose of se :oring-- tuinent i writing. or contract or family arrangen odnt should be paid.

132. further that where ii is found to be ir~conve~:icnt or imprac~. ~ e v o ltu idn of interest i compenn entitled to receive payment of l y portion of the compensation has devolved on any other person or persons. as if they owned such lands. . Wliere it is alleged that le interest of any 13. as a joint Hindu family and a partition thereof had been effected among thkm on tbe notified date. . 44. the provisions of this Act relating to the pa yment and apportionment of cornpensrtion in respect of impartible inam estates shall.N. Act 26 Provided that the total extent of tbe lands granted to a1 such maintenance-llolders shall not exceed one-fifth of the extent o f the lands in respect of which ryotwari ~ a t t a may be granted under section 9 : Provided. the Tribunal shall determine whether there ha:. whether by act oi' parties or by operation of law. . Government -in this behalf. and if so. . . on whom i ~has devolwd. been ally cieirolution..r s o n ~ sation. may be granted to maintenance-holders -under s b-section u (2).t will res~zltin the creation of an un-conomic l~oldi. . whether on the ground that such 21 gr21.icableto rant cny such lands. B . cyr to grant any suck lands to the ful extel3t tr which the insintenance-holdcl. the shsre of or the compensation awardedto the maintenance-holder may be incre~ by such amount as t. a s maybeand subject tosuchr~lesasmaybemade by the. Cedtain estates to 43.~g for any other reason. Where the power of the land-holder to alienate any property in an inam estate is restricted wbetber by the terms of the grant or otherwise.of the interest. Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Xyotr~?ur1l') [I963 : T.l~eTrihltila 1 may consider srd reasonable 'i . (3) The lands in respect of which ryotwari patta may be granted under s~ction after excluding any lands which 9. shall be divided among the shorers. apply to the payment and apportionment of the compnsation pyable in respect of the inam estate.may be rcgsrded as entitled. so far .

1966 (Tamil Naciu ed to have come into f ~ r c e tk2 on for the word " Madras " by tht: rder. ited in pursuance of this made by the Goverlzirnent sli year in which the said pal laildholder and to the ub-section (I) of section 39 as year in which the inam estate be eiltii led to su ch amount as rough calculation. principal I s d until the compensation others. II Tllc pro visions of this section shall apply in eve1. also any ainoui~. 1947 (Madras Act XXX r r f 1 Nadu Inam Estates (Abolitiolx mz~dment Act. as amenaed by rhe Tarni i Amendment) Order.: T.X.y Icterirn payments t overlled by section 32. INTERM PAYMBNTS. Act 261 Iilain Estute~(Abolitic Conversiolz into Ryoi CHAPTER VII. 1969. 19"5:. co1lect:d before the by the landll~lder from the ryots in respzct of afo~esaid =[and in the a s e of an exisling i11a1n ect of tvl~icbtho rate of lent has bee11 deterk o r e the imtified date uilder the 2[Tailzil Naduj nd (Reductioit of Rent) Act. I . collected by him from cess of the l-e~tt determined]. 1947 (2[Tatnil Nadu] of 194'7).a~zd so outstanddit of the ryots on t t e first day of tllat fasli -- holder and - stituted for the expression "and in the o any amount collected by hi111 e rcnt determined under the Madras nt) Act. determine rred to in section 24 : if any.

after w such inquiry.-Any amount collected by the Governmeat on behalf of the landholder as rent from the ryots in excess of tbe!rent determined undtr the Madras Estates Land (Reduction of &nt) Act.' . as f t y t&c y mil Nadu ndaytation of Laws (Second Amendment) Or&ar. in which case the amount to be paid shall be revised by the Government with reference to such data : 1 Provided that if. ii any. unless data for the better calcul ation thereof have since become available. " ' --LTS m sribaitmd for the ~ .-In the case of an existing icam estate in respect of which the rate of rent has been detemmed before the notrfied date under the 2[Tamil ~ a d u Estates ] Land (Reduction of Rent) Act.w d a 'Yf&&mm t k T @ Salu Adap~rinnu b w s Orda. as it thinks fit. any amount collectecl by the Government on behalf of the landholder as rent from the vats in paid to the landexcess of the rent so determined a ~ d holder shall. Cnversion into Ryo twari) 3[Epplmration.lnam Estates (Abolition and "! . CcExpluaation.N. W . the amount remaining undeducted sl-la11be deducted from the amount payable under t h i s sub-section.] (4) In re spect of each auhseouent fasli year.> [I963 : T. ( 5 ) The Government shall deposit all such h o u ~ l t ~ 1 .'the 1st 96. for any reason. apportion the a&ounts among the principal landholder and the other pffsons referred to in sub-section (2). they shall together be entitled to the amount ettimated under subsection (3) to be the basic annual sum. 1947 (Z[Tamil Nadu] Act XXX of 1947). . 1947 (Madrds Act XXX of 1947) and paid to the b&older shall. be deemed to be an amount collected by the landholder. 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1 6 ) which was deemed to have come into force on.. the whole or any portion of the rents and excess collections referred to in the proviso to sub-section (3) was not deductcd in pursuance of that proviso. as far as possible in a0cofdanoe with the value of their respective interests. 9 - . 1969. for the purposes of' this sub-section. in the odice of the Tribunal and the Tribunal s . be deemed to be an amount collected by the landholder.+ explanation was substituted for the following explanation by section 5 (ii) of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolitiod and Conversion into Ryotwari) Amendment Act.+. Act 26 . January 1964 : . for the purposes of this sur~section.

erim payment tlms deteregate amounts already dep>sited balance with interest tflsrcOn 11all be deposited by the f the Tribunal. . the Government be deemed to have been completely discfial. the nsation has beet1 finally hall ascertain the aggregate ve been due in respect er sub-sections (3) and (4) for the f the basic annual sum as finally a d ha$ been adopted instead of the basic allnuai roughly estimated.geci or enforceable against. - (8) No interim payment made under this section be dceil~edto constitute any part of the compcnsarion which the Government are liable to deposit under sub-section (1) of section 36 or to any extent to be in lieu of such compensation.the excess amount drpo sited shall bz deducted by the Government from the mount *of compensatioil finally determined anr! tile alance shall be deposited in the office of the Tribuaz.11 a t e compcnsntion pay:\ .+.~-nr~~t_lnt s that eaclt of the ptl-sot~s ion of the interim paylnzr~ts o the same slzzire of the said e share of tllc cor~~pes~s:ito be entitled uilder si_. the rlpyortici~tn~nt ence to the aggregate ed by tlzc Govt.ic) If the aggrcgatc interim payincllt deterlxGned under clause (a) is less than the aggregate anloant nlrc:tdy &posited under sub-section (9. with interest tllerec.ction d by such revision shall 1.Estates (Aholitiolz Q I Z Conversion into Ryotjvnrl) ~ (6) On the making of such a deposit.i.

nominated for' the purpos. an6 on. 46.. and sections 38 to 45. each such point.for t 110 expression ?'The Special Appellate 'TriSunril shall" by section 2 (2) of the Tamil Wadu Imim EstT-ies and h l inor Inems (Abol j tion and Co. shall l. by the Chief Justice and such Jtldge or Judges.. .lj: ins:-* Estntes (Abolition and Conversiort i l z to Ryot wari) 11963 : T..hnar.3 e* a This espressio. aIIow further time not exceeding thre' months for t11e filing appeal. shall then be laid before one or inore Judge&.. 1 was substituted . in its discretion.*: +. may. Where on' any.N Acl 26 CHAPTER VIII Appeals. of the Special Appellate Tri . when trying a suil or when hcarjng an appeal.. k < . rhe dec!rii. \-?jrt.I[ ~ 1 1 eSpcciai ~ ~ p e l l a tfr i b u i 1 shall.r ihc appeal in so far as it relates to such p o i q ~ or points.d In .Act 22 of 1975). subject' c ~~ to the pro~isionsof section 7 2 . G (3) . . Provided that the Special Appellate Tribunal. a . t * (2) The inembers of the +Special~ p ~ e l l a t e & i b u n a l shall hear the appeal on all points. srctioi~ (2)of section 12. (1) Agaillst ally decision of the Tribunal under sub. .! Civil Cour"~r:nder .he C ~ d e Civil of Pro~cdti~c. I .tversion bi~toRjotwnri) Amencmkn: Act. (4)Tile decision cf the Epccial Appzllate Tribuaat and subject to silci~ dxsion. they shall state the point or points on which t h y are so divided and such point or points together with their opinioi~s thereon. . ileard' jt shal $e Gegrned to bz the decision. the decision of the u~ajorir of t h Jbdzes who have heard the appeal includba y ~ tl~ose who firs. 1908 (Ccnrral Act V o f 1!108).suqh p i n t or points the nlembers are divided in their opinion.4 have the s a m powers 3s :tr. 1975 pran:il Nadu .?l of :5r T r i b s ~ ~ ~ j >:: i :L k *-*. whether of law or of fact. the Government may within six months from the date of the decision and any person agsrieved by such decision may wiihit~ three 111ontks fvoxn the date of suclz decision appeal to a Specia 1 Appellate Tribunal consisting of two Judges of the High Court nominated from time 10 timc by the Cliief Justice in illat behalf : .

illi.I n m Estates (Abolitio~ Conversiorz into Xy I<cstric ti01l .lunder s t a i o n 36 5haII by it j .ibulla.i b ~ ~ nwhen Izcaring 211 al ) of section 12 or of thc Sp-clal tearing an appeal unxtec subm elle dccisiolz of tfic Tribunal tioil (2) oi' scctio~l12.rdcrs and dcci>ioii5 I ific. i ofi ~ ~ tile ppella te Tsib~:nal sEta.11 be t l ~ t as such and neither the ypellate Tribcllal shall have question of the correctness mination or t l ~ c adequacy of the compensction interim paynlents.T: .n st rucd I lle T1. clits a~l~cbng the si s d i ~ ' . ~i11dersection 42. L T the juir3cls ction of t Tri bum! and Special Apy -1iato Tribunal in certain cascs. the jurisdiction crtses of appeal from tile i soictiol~ i l ~ e of' Spccial App~ll.X~ ndii" ~i .e n ~ ~of n l v doubts. if ally. made O n ~L[)IX.c wil!l its :. 3ayments llrade out of the conlpcllsation den ihr: ills -Ti. as the case may bc.o granted under ribii 11 a1 110s the Spccial AppclJnle i ~ t h i to go into the qiiestjon l 1-dc1.kt e to the divi(. it is l~ercby is sect io11 shall bc c:-..ion of tlle lailds 111 -i patta may b. acc9r.d..I I I C ~ ~sectiol~12. ~ .rions.

N. : ~ (A/~olition[ / / I ( / [P /( j ~ ) / j p / t t / ) 11963 : T.(./ \ I ~ ) I / sections (1) and (2) of that section hxve been finally de mined. Act ('wt I.138 ~II(ZLH KY/(/ . the Government shall pap to the institution- under sub-sections (I) and (2) of section 32: that fasli year shall be deducted . in which case the sums to be paid shall be revised by t Governr~er~t reference to such data : with excess collection referred to 4 1- . ' - s & .

rds the y deficiency shall be n l a u ~ Government and any excess sv..1 Act XXX ollccted by it from tlie ryots i n ermined] 2 1 d obtstanding to the . zyie: 1w.rns payable to it by the ent fzsli year or years.1 Estates Lrttzd 1947 ("Tamil 'Nadv.1 rst day of the fasli year in which shall be adjv.sted tcwa.C)r t5e word " Madras .dv. 1966 (Tamil Naau Act 119 of 1966). which was deemed to e come into force 017 the 1s t January l9CA.nt determined to be payzble to the institution for the Fasli year concerned 2nd any balance in excess thereof which remains maclj~:sted nder sub-sedion (2) sl-rall be dedtlcted in annual instal-merits frcm the aggregate aim payable to the institutiun ) k3-ncl (2) of section 32 as finally s I-fix exceeding 25 per c=erlt tlze of Cadi year concerned. (3) The dednctioas made i~nder s11. ?947 (Madras of ction 6 (i) of t h e Tanlil Nadu Inam I\ crsion into Ryotwari) Ametldment .Inam Estates (Abolition and Coizversion irzto Ryotlvnri) to the institution under ion 32 have been finally nts made t o thz instiattion this section together with y itbefole the notified dzte xisting'inarn estate in respect of h e n determined before the 2[Tr?niil 'Na." h!l tfle . i. - . r 2?~540ir". *"' Z t!?? e H -2<-2 e.b-sectioa (1) shall ot exceed 25 per cent cf the" *-%. ---iim e\r att: -- c-ted Tor tke exp~ecsior " and in c513W any an:ount collected cc-cs or he rent determiced und-er t h e d ~ ~ c t i o n Rent) Ait.

Appe J Int e Tr i bui~al on the appeal. . 2ersons for claims Limitation entitled to payment.fizanz Estates (Abolition and Conversiorz iizto Ryotwari) b .

in the name of the person o r pt313011S favour an ortks !'or payment has hccti made ribunal or the Special Appellate Tribu~u:l. as the be. sub. in rt shall..IcLiil section 45. c.kowhich no cl.cferinct. ~nalceenntorithe validity of the claims received by it and h each of t11ern is e~ztitlec~. after giving notice to all ed under sub-section (3) and t o rs whom it cullsiders to be interested. 1in the District v~rmnent this behalf.r hub-scclioll (2) of sectiu:i 4' tillpeid altd wirh ~. as zlie case r no application Tor payment has bcsn niiid~ d in section 50 . section ( I ) of section 36. 1 indi-. sub-sect' m ( 5 ) nmnL .:iin hu.Inutn Estates (-4i?t)!ttiotzC L ~ Z L Colzvcr siolz ijr to R~'otii'lli+i ) AII amo~!nts deposited in the office of tlie Tribd. and - Ullcla after the expiry of 2 pericd of six months 5om thc osited as aforesaid and ~CIIIF i ni~~g the disposi~l the application under stc~ion50 . nt made by the Tribunal or . of f the inan1 estate GI-.2nd . within the iiine specifieci in s~~b-secticlj.1 o f (j ur iil mb-section (4) of scc~ion57.

land revenue. Recovery of amount paid Act in pursuance of a notification issued under sub-section * on cancellat ion (4) of secticn 1 and if such notification is subsequently of notifications quashed by order of Court.Act 26.umila ina rent or misdaneous revenue and paid to hjm deemed to I an amount collected ~. in an inam estate notified under this Act. 55. Where any payment made to any person is subsequently found to be not due to him or t~ be in excess of the amounts dua to him. has darmila in~m-dar collected any amount by>way of rent or miscellaneous revenue in respect of the portion of thq inam estate comprisinghis darmila inam for the fasli year. as the case may be. Amounts 52. together with interest thereon at three pr cent per annum. 54. liable to pay land revenue or miscellaneous revenue under thi s Act to the Government. any person is- 9 Exp&natioit. in respect of the said f2sli years. Any sum representing the whole or which may of the rents and excess collectioils referred to in be deducted of the first proviso to sab-section (1) of under which cannot be adjusted by deductioll under the said section 36. excess Recovery of couectiom made by a darmila Inamdar. If ally amount has been paid to any person under this. (1) tf. in which the inam estate is notified and for any subsequent fasli years. . with il~ierest hereon at three percent per annu portiol~thereof.--Any amount collected by the Gow on behalf oft he darmila inamdar in respect of the of the incm estate comprising his d. shall be recoverable as if it were an arrear of land revenue.3 : T. Wrong and excess payment to be recoverable as Prrear of land revenue. or cancelled by the Govern-' issued under section 1 (4). 53. with interest thereon at three per cent per annum. the amount . shall be recoverable as if it were am arrear of lanG revenue. (2) If. recoverable a a clause shall be recoverable as if it were an arrear of land ' arrear of revemre. shall be recoverabb4 : as if it were an arrear of land revenue. which cannot be otherwise deduction frnm any amounts due to such person. ment. then. the antount whicilis f o ~ n to be not d due or which is in excess.JT w him + . the amounts paid by him to the d armila inamdar shall bi a usted towards such liability.Estates (Abolition and ?rsio?z into Ryotwari) r196. such paid.N.

est payable 11xreon"cgether en decl-eed .Ir. MISCELLANEOUS. 2s if they were re sl~all paid to the be after deducting (a) ten lection charges. (b) the imrn :stat.vof~~uri) CHAPTER IX.ta~lzEstates (Aholi~ioll and Co~zvcrsiortirtto I?.: is notified uizdzr this Act and any nd crltstanding lo the .

which accrued due in respect of : the fasli year 1356 and earlier fi:slis. These words were inserted by section 7 (i) (4((1) of r he Tan?il ad^ Inam Estates (Abolitiol~ anti Conversion into Ryotwari) Ametldnle Act.-- -C . it ' II. year 1356 ?nd prior fasli years. which was deemed to have come into force on the 1st January 1964 :" P r o ~ i dI ~th7t any such rent. 1947 (Madras Act XXX of 1947) : ( 2[Erpk!n~~tio. shall be deemed to have completely discharged ' The explanation to sub-section (2) of section 56 was nutnbered a explanation T of that sub-section and this explanation was adde section 7 (1) (cl) of th.? For the removal of d e b btc. pays within two years of date on which such rates of rent are fixed under that Act.c\ to . which was deeme.nt c l i c ~ ! t cb ~ ~ ~Jr.iyrf:by itccl:!rccl ~ h r nothing in this t b-secfic 11 stball const~. shall be reduced on t he basis that 1 1 1 ~Inndholdcr is entitled in respcct of e:lc. Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwarj) Alnendrnent &ct. .nc:l :'err...-nr on bchlll' of' rlzl: l21~dl?~ldi.n~il Nxd1. 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 1966). 1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 cf 1966). .l n ~ i Estates (Abolition [ I I Z L ~ ~t 11963 : T N Act Corzvcrsio~zinto Ryotwari) Y * * * * * * I* ~ : u p l ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i..i cin anlo~. by the Gover m. which was deemed to ha come into force on the 1st January 1963.i I ent from the ryots 3s excess of the rent d .1 -----. arrears of rent due from such ~ y o t respect of all prior faai yea in including interest and costs. .ttesmined [brfcrc the notifid delej und the [T~mi! Ni. or (b) where the rate of rent for 1he land has not been fixedund the Madras Estates Land (Reduction of Rent) Act. two years of that provisos were omitted by section 7 (i) (c) of the I Provided further that where the ryot(a) has paid before the notified date or pays claim is l-arrcd iimiratjcn t-ndrr any li:w f'cir tke time k i n g in fc~2c2. . c lii.-------. 1947) mnd I c i tci t dee-pc." 6 4 These words were substituted for the word " Madrasv by t Tanlil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order. . Tamil Nadu 1:lam Estates (Abolition and version into 'iyotwari) Amendment Act.! to have colne into force 011 the 1st Januar 1964.tdu :.leii ieviving 3 n j claim fcr arrcprs of rent for fa 6:. 1969.-.reon together hsith any costs which may have beendecreed. if any.dr 1 Estates Land 0Xcdi1c ~ i c n Rent) A cf 1947 (4[T?.~.l~ I' thosc fitslis only to the relit as determined under the Madras Est:~ tcs Land (Rc duction of Rent) Act..1966 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1966). if sr. 1 he rent due for the fasli sears 1356 and I357 and any interest payabl .3 Act XXX c. then. 1 l .n amain? colleclcc. as ameadrd by T x ~ i N. 1947 (Madras xXX of 19171 before the notified date.1 he fc)Jlo~. o A ~ ~ y 2 [ t .daptvioo of Laws (Second 4wc4odtoent)orjer.

M. the Tamil Nadu Govetnment Gazette. C-1-12SL7lQ .ItUim C i t u l e ~ (Abolition and Conversion into Ryofwari ct (2) All a~noun"s which the manager is entitled to under sub section ( I ) shall be a first charge upon nd in respect of which.wch amou~lts payable. are s (ii) In any suit or. proceeding for the recoveiy of any rears of rent due to a landholder from a ryot for any fasli nd 1372. disiniss the suit or proceeding.

it 0. 3 *.--For the removal of doubts. . George Gazette shall. the court or authority co cerned shall. ryot to a la~ldhoderin respect of any 1 . (3) (i) Notwithstanding anything contained Act. the court or au concerned shall. . dismiss the su or proceeding.] .. which i:i inconsistent provisions of this sub-section. George Gazette any decree or order has be passed in any suit or proceeding for the recov arrears of rent due from a ryot. all arrears of payable by r. if the ryot 'pays to the landholder the arrears o rent due for a period of any three fasli years. vacate the decree Provided that nothing coqained in this s shall apply :o any suit or proceeding in which thc de or ord. .. arrears of such rent for three fasli years.N. Explanarion. ^--. it is hereb declared that nathing in this sub-section shr. upon deposit in the court or befare the autho rx rity or upon proof of tk: . cf the arrears of rent due fro111the ryot for three fasfi years and on t tion of any person affected by suchdecree or order or not he was . to t to which such arrears are in excess of the rent due tor th ' fasli years in respect of that land.' _ l . (ii) fn any suit or proceeding for the recovery arrears of rent referred to inclause (i). in the case of a new inam estate.. in such estate and outst'aqding on the date of publicatio of this Act in the *Fort St. upon deposit in the court or before t authority.11 be constru as revi'ving any clhim for arrears of rent if such claim barred by limitation under any law for the time b force. Act 26 Provided that nothing contained in this sub-sectio shall apply to ally suit or proceeding in which the decree or order has been satisfied in full before the notified date. George Gazette. before the date of pj lication of this Act in the Fort St. or upon proof by the ryot of the payment.- --C -. be deemed to discharged whether or not a decree has been obtain therefor.+t .a party thereto..146 Inam Estczt~s (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) [I963 : F. r has bcen satisfied in full.:y. (iii) T before the date of publi~ationof this Act f the *Fort St. e Eznlil Nod!! Gover~imentGazcZte.

he amount ection 56 shall be deposited nd no interest sha!l accrue deposit shall be published *Fort St. of tlie Tribunal.-For the removal of doubts. of arrears of rent r th reinoval of doubts. of each claimant rred to the Tribunal and intithe fact given to the claimants and so far as on is avai1r:blc wit 11 . it is d that nothing jn this sub-section shall be s reviving any claim for arrears of rent. { . . to the la~ldholderor landholders. words were substhuted for the word amended by the mendmentl Order.hzmn Estates (~botition arid Conversion into Ryotwari) t therewith contained (Reduction of Rent) .George Gazette and intimation thereof shall given to the claimants and to the landholder or ders referred to in sub-section(1).the manager appoi~~tccl under . " Madras" by tile Explanatioil to sub-section (3) of section 56 was numbered as ion I of that sub-section aiid this Explanation was added by # 6 1 ". it is hereby t. if such red by limitation under any Iaw for the time Where any doubt or dispute arises as to who Appo ionrnent I landholder enrirled to receive the payments of an~ounts collected Under here there is more section 56.

persgns who i l l its opinion are entitled to the amount deposited and the share of each person in respect of I *Now the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette. the amoun so deposited or any portion thereof which is not made t the Tribunal within the time aforesaid shall. Act 2 in the "Fort St. George G'nzette or within such furth period not exceeding three months as the Tribunal ma i i ~its discretion. or enforceable against. cease to b+= enforceable. or (ii) subject to the provisions of sectiou 51. in so far as it relates to the amountin respect of which an ord for payment has been made by the Tribunal or the Speci Appellate Tribunal in favour of m y person. - . allow.N.- (i) in so far as it relates to the amount paid by th Tribunal . (5) Every claim to.fnam zTstntes (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwnri) 11963 : T.

sell. Q &[f) Notwithstanding anything contained in ally other f l the time being in force.. and with effect ou m such date. mortgage..ition inam esiate against his interest in the inam certain proof t hi^ other immovable property or against transfersy arrest and detention.Conversion inro Ayo ? w ~ ~ n l ) No court shall..oh P fore the date ou which thc oarliest deposi~ aS0l. 2 the same extent to which such cliiims and liabilities &*enforceable against his illtercst in the illam esiaie iiatelv before the notified ciatc . bc enforceabici "pard L o Govemii~cut ifi Lliitred liauf on or afier that j a o ~ h o ~ ~ r r . he shall 5e released Pith. -- . and in accordance I the provisions of section after the $n which the earliest deposit in pursuance of this Act &e in the office of the Tribunal. shall stand dismissed and if on such +arc tile pal or any other landholder is detainrd in prison wtion of any such decree or order.-------.. before the date on which the earliest stay of exesuance of this Act is made in the oace or CutlOn proorder or continue execution in respect of any ceedmks d . lease. tiT) All proceedings for the execution of any decree or by the arrest and detention in prison of tne ~rincipal other land-holder of an inaln estate pending on the d date. & enforceable against the interests he had in tlw inam other sums paid or payable to him under this (I?) against his other prosrly.-. ' (I) No claim or liability enforceable immsdatelj the notified date against the principal or atly other 3Ider of an inam estate or agiunst any othcr -persoll rights stand trausferred to the vlce of clause (b) of sectioil 3 shall. r passed against the $rinCipal or any other h. or otherwise assign or te any of his immovable property and any transaction nature hereby prohibited shall be void and inopera[&adshall not confer or take away any right whGever k from any party to the transaction. if ituy. and all such claims and liabiiitjes shall. I (u) against the interim payments or me colupeasa'.--"it such property immediately before the notihed date.cas is made. no principal or other land. LO ille same to which such claims and liabilities were e~afbrcexhlc . and . execution in the cases aforesaid may or continued as specified in.

dais.ction erected or occupying land to thing deposited therebib0i:. 1 not rcx:~oved by him :41 . Every educational which was being rnaintai .4eL. Provisions for inam estate staff. by Government of i~r:&cxs maimined b v land-holder Maintenance 63. When. l'orfeitures under this section shall be adju by the said officer and any property so forfeited sha disposed of in s ~ c h manner as that officer may direct. any crop or other produce raised on the lan umuthorised'y a& any building: or other constr11. p i s o n is dispossess Liability of POD of any land. 52 maintvned -- ~ 3 .. I to the persons emplo estate immediately b (1) The Government shall have power to terminat the services of any such prson after giving hiin one caleilda month's notice or paying hiln one month's pay in lieu 0 su& notice.. "- 3 .fna~ Estates (Abolition afid Conversion into Ryotwari) or continue exe wntinued in such cases in con per cent per onaam siinple nen:i'ng on the notifred datc mfaich the earliest deposit in in tile office of the Tribunal. forfeiture of such written notice as the officer who issued the o ~ 2 ALL. for dispo~sessionmay deem reasonable. fit. under this Act. etc. (2) first-fins whose services arc retdned shall goverl~edby such rules as the Government may mahe i regird to them.c>. be Iiable to feiture. aL . all). 61.

.s in

regard to existine inam estates in Chinglepu district. which st.cll i11ainestates are sitt!:-~-tedhave

[<emoval of doubts in

q p l y to every such cstzte accordi~~gly.
(1) Subject t o the provisions of sub-section (31, "~.esurnption that land inany proceeding under this Act it becomc s Ilecessary ia anainam tcrmine whether any l~.nd a ryoti land or a, priva; es ate is is it shall be pl-esumd, until the contrary is proved ryoti land. such land is a ryati land.

ci5nt for the: purpose of proving that t11: land ed w ~ privak land st the cornmsnc~"n2cni c:f the s

Nothing c~iitained in this section shall apply commuilal land, poramboke and, pasture land
Decision of questions regarding forests.


lnam Estates (Abolition and
Conversiolz into Ryotwari)

[I98 : T.N. Act 26

67. Where a personRigf ts of ownel' or occupier nc t (a) is entitled to the ownersh'p or to the possession to be affected by ten por~ry or occupation of any land or building immediately b e f ~ r discorhnuan.:e the notified date but has transferred his right to the poss of po:~e%ion siou and occupation thereof or has been temporar b occ~pa:io ; dispossessed or deprived of his right to the accupatio
thereof ; and

(6) has not on \hat datc: lost his right to rccov-r th
possessio~ ~ccupation such lan i i,r building; or of he shJl, fc r the purpdTcrl this Act a.!d silijcct t;, the of i bc provisions th:reoF, bv d ~ i ~ lto~ d thi: o w n ~ r ,or to be 1 1 possession or occup. tion, of such 1:tnd or bxilding : 1

Provided that any lawful transferee of the right to the possession or occupation of such land or building shall, save as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, continue to have the same rights against his transf~ror, as he had immediately before the notified date :
to such land or building shall be entitled to all the rights

P~ovidedfurther that any lawful transferee of the title

under this Act of his transferor.
Res judicata

68. (1) Tile decision of a Tribunal or Special Appellate Tribunal in any proceeding under this Act or of a Judge of the High Court hearing a case under sub-section (2) of section 46 on any matter falling withiu its or his jurisdiction shall be binding on the parties thereto and persons claiming under them in any suit or proceeding in a Civil Court in so far as such matter is in issue between the parties or pasons aforesaid in such suit or proceeding,

c f this Act be binding on the parties thereto and persons claiming under them in any proceeding under this ~~t before a Tribunal or Specia Appellate Tribunal or Judge of the High Court un r sub-section (2) of set 46 in so far as such matter is in issue between the pa cr Cersons aforesaid in such proceeding.

(2) The decision of a Civil Court (not being the Court of a District Munsif or a Court of Small Causes) on any matter falling within its jurisdiction shall excep in so far as such decision is inconsistent with the provision


I~;LIIH Estutes (Abol;tio/t crnd CO:~ vemion itt to Rj)otw~wi)
of litnitation for. any s ~ l i t urt by a crediibi in respect ect of a proceec!in,n urrd;:: mely, 37, 38, 39, A(), 4 i , encing on Iht: n0'iif:~c.i ch the eariicst deposit office of the Tribun;-tt edings were pending g certified 2opies of er passed in such proceeding shall be excluded. order iil any proevision is r;rovi&d ed in such manlrcr

ng the period of r application I;>r the, date of toll?or order to the to be the date

Fina1:ty @t orders passed under this





ow the Limitation Act, 1963 (Central Act 36 of 1962).

(2) (a) No suit. (1) Notwithstanding anythillg co~ltained subin section (4) of section 8 or in snb-section (3) of section 46 or in any other provision of this Act or in any other law for the time being in force. r1. Act (2).- - . (1) No suit or other proceeding shall lie against the Government for any act done or parporting to be done under this Act or any rule made thereunder.No such order or decision shall be liable to b questioned in any Court of law. . no Tribunal or other authority under this Act shall have the power to appoint a rzceiver or comlissioner in respect of any land in an inam estate and in respect of which any proceeding is pending before such Tribunal or other authority. I I I 1[72-A.respect of that land under the provisions of this Act. . --. 72. until it is finally decided that such person is not actually entitled to ryotwari patta in . . Jurisdiction of Courts barred in certain etc.. prosecution or other proceeding shall be instituted against any officer or servaut of the Government for any act done or purportii~g be done utider this to Act or any rule made thereunder after the expiry of six months from the date of the act complained of. Tribunal or other authority not to appoint receiver. I (b) No officer or servant of the Government shall be liable in respect of any such act in any civil or criminal proceeding if the act was done in good faith in the course ofthe execution of the duties or the discharge of the functions imposed by or under this Act. P -----lThis s e c t was inserted by section 2(3) of the Tamil W d u I~ Estates and Minor Inams (Abolition and Conv(:lsion into ~ y o t ~ Amendment Act. (2) Any person who was personally cultivating any such land on the notified date and continues to be in possession of that land shall not be dispossessed of the land. 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 22 of 1975) r &her p~oceedin shall lie against any officer or servant 01the Govern for any act done or purporting to be done under this or any rule nade thereunder without the previous sanc of the Govemtnent.irnarn &states (Abolition arid Conversion &to Ryot wari) [kg63 : T. (3) No suit.

WllO : rent in respect of such lnnd wiih the provisicns ~ n t ~ i i n e d e arreal s referred ( 6 ) The said person sl~all be liable to bc ~victcd not er the Tamil Nadu Cultivating Tenants Protection 1955 (Tamil Nadu Act XXV of 1955).ftronr Estates (Abolition mtd Coilvcrsioit iiz to Ryot wari) \vas sl.clz Imd i rnmed.icttntely k f b r c the t of svch receiver if ~ ~ 1 . in respcl of the ars r f r to In sv.] .b.-section(4). excxpt for Iailr~re to the said ascars in accordance with tbe rules made in bchalf under sub-section (5). person ~11 f such land by the reccjvel .

Ge k i n . app/als alld proceedings under tl~is Act .i into bra on the dky or1 whid d a y are so pL-blished. the __II___. ----. c3iill10lii)r Gi olfio. (c) thc delcg~tition thopowers . -._ ..~:. xinder ihis Act . tI1eyae expressed to come i at0 force 01 F p?r:icular day shcii .' 156 ~nnnrhbtates (Abokition and Conversion into Ry ot wari) Power to make 73. or having jurisdiction. (d) the time within which sppl~cations and appeals may be presented unid*:r this Act in cases for which no specific provision in -that behalf k s been m. -_ * N~JW Tamil Nadu Governmetit Gazette. \ (2) In particular and without prejudice to the gncrality of the foregoing powcr. Special A p p llate Tribcnal. such rules may pwvidc for(a) all maiters expressly rrqtiircd or allowed by this Act to be prescribed . (4) (a) Ail rules made w~tlzr Act s:lall b~ pub. purposes uf this Act.nd officers appointed.nilotlier . (3) A mle m a d e. oilices or person . .aii~edfor tin p~trposcs 1 % ofikrs Act.xld-r cl rise (c) of sub-sec!ion (2) may pr.illis lisllcd lu the *Z~'o:t George Gazette 2nd ~~nless 3.ymake rules to carry out the rules.~. (1) The Government ni~. z.inl1a in which.~videfor rcsi'rictions .LO ( i ~trh 111. (e) the appll~?.d ~ o n ~ h i o n subject to s wbich the p w c r G e h q p t d may be cxcrcised and also for control and I eviaion by the citkytiting authority either suo motu or on application oft h*: orders of the auihority or person to whom the powci is cl4:Iegated..~:thorilies a. i f ) 1 h i fees ro bz N in respect of tlpplications u d i nnJ appe:rls ~uitier rhis Act .oxifcrrcd by this of Act on the Governmint o r m y other authority. to applications. (s)the :rzn~firo f procc:diggs iioili ons Tribuna l.tion of the provisons of ihe Code'of Civil Prowdure.---_ . and the officer by whom. ) TLtir~ ~ sllall bc :isitr. 1908 (Central Act V of 1908). . (b) tht pracedurc'to be followed by the Tribunels.

be tsblc c f b .j.x~-:ifi~ti or bsi 11 Hs~lses ion agri:c or notific21icn should nct be made cr issued..t d. 1 ~cli ~ l .S. c .. in Schedulle I.yiIzing p:evio~:rly r that rcle cr n0tificczpic.~psn xpiry of F ~ S S ~ Gin which it is so pbced or II ion both H ~ ~ i cnarec in making 2ny ingdificzcs ciuch rtd: GI.:y on \v. GI i fication shall t1~erzniie. and l.h i h c .lmcnt shall h prejrdice to the vdidity of nr..-S. ~ z ? i oPowei.r-ct. ~arc .as of t11c Lrgicl. bnder that Act in clt erne& be of izo to d if any proceeding taken under that A a i s an the date of such inclusion. I t3 include rl. 1969 (Tamil Nadu .dl.ed. :.. as the cae may bc.or d territory cf Pt . such proceeding amil Nadu Tnam ri) Amendment Act.tain Estate.S p ~ c s i b k after it is matic 6 r isst.~ (AS0 'ition and Sim~er~inn R.n.:d irndcr riiis ooil F. by ~ l c ~ l i f i c . ion d to 01: n p:ir!irtici:lar c into f i . words " and every proceedder that Act and pending i respect of that inam village n by sectiou 4 of the Tamil Nadu Inaln Estates (Abolition on into Ryotwari) Amendment corzect I he entries.kkcttd .~rij fit:/.h y whole iixa~n villa&.: new e nt ries.~p1.r have eEcd o ~ l l y in d f ~ r m be of no effect. cr .~~55( come ilito .:~~ er-dif.-otz.that any s ~ c modiftcation or annc.:h FIo-l.

(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the . the a* s- < ...votwuri) [I963 : T.lnarn Estu tes (Abolition and Conversion !uto R.. shall. l l . in ). (2) Where the entries relating to the name of the inarn village. by notification. with interest thereon at three per cent per annum. (3) All references made in this Act to Schedule I shall be considered as relating to the said Schedule as for the time being aroended in exercise of the powen conferred by this section. 1963 (s[T. 1963 . Act 2 (ii) any amount paid under that Act to any person in respcct of that inam village. ..' 3[Tamil Nado] Minor Inams (Abolitioti and Conversion 31 Iof . in Schedule I-A. be recoverable as if it were an arrear of land revenue. the Government may.trnil Nttdu] Act 30 of 1963)and not 19(i3 to ~ ~ d .] '[Tarnil Nadu 1[73-B.I (s[Tilmil Nodu] Act 31 of 1963)tui as1utcs speci(i) the provisions of the said Acts shall be deemed fied ill Schcnever to have applied to a Pudukkottai inam estate specified dule I-A.rrt>Iy into Ryo twnri) Act.ictsI 30 an.-~in tho S[Taruil Nadu] Inalns (Supplementary) Act. ameud suitably the entries in columns (3) and (4) aforesaid : Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall be colld::ued as empowering the Government to omit a1.y entry from columns (3) and (4) aforesaid.N. . and the revenue number and neme of revenue village as specified in columns (3) and (4) respectively of Schedule I are found to be either incomplete or incorrect with reference to the correspo~ding entries in the revenue registers. . and every order passed m any proceeding taken under the said Acts in respecit of that inam estate shall be deemed to be of no effect and if any proceeding 1 This secl:ion w *AVOW '2bniZ Nadu Government Gazette. from time to time. - vrw .

as amended by tile Tamil Nudu n of Laws (Second Amendment) Order. . 1969. from time to time. 11 references made in this . 1969. biit sub-ject to the coilil g area in thorized officer shall in resp~ct of person under that fi p t lands in an .ovrrelat tion of Ceiling on Land) sionfixation it&g to of 1961).4ct to Schedirle I-A aid Schedulc as for exercise of the powers conWith effect on and from the notified datc. Ryots Protectioi~ ct XXIV of 1949).if that estate had fore that date . amend entries in columns (3) and (4) aforesaid. Repeals.e. the Governn. ryotwari settlenlent is d to in sub-section (1) tta in respect of such the provisions of this I----- "Madras" by the Tamil ptatioo of Laws Order. a m estate$ ude any land in an itlam estate.Inarll Eszntes (Aboiitiorz nrtd Conversion it2 t o Ryo f \sari) were an arrear of I-A are found r incorrect with reference to the le revenue registers. shall be ed in its application to private ng containcd in the Special p.

vc t : . 1968 (Tamil Nadu Act 21 of 1968) :- "76. (2) Every order ~5qued under sub-section (1) shall. E S S C S S ~ ~ Cpr. before the expiry of the ssssio it is so placed or the next session. a The following section 76 was omitted hy section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Aboli~ion and Conversion into Ryotwari) AmeL~dr9eni Acl.dal] 58 of 1961).ycble in pi!rsl.nd for the pu I past.y of April 1960 r. (Abolitio~zand Conversion into Ry~twar) _ i j 1 3 11963 :. Act Act. by order. . as the case be. ''l~.L^ 1 These words were subsli~uled fox the by the Tamil Nadu Adapts: ion of Law ded ky the Tz~nil Nadu Adap. be placed on the table of both the Legislature. 1969.rrcd to in sa3-stctinn (1) rya tw. cny ry. bo.ecessary for the purpo3e of rsm difficulty.xi II~ sctikmcnt r.h Houses agree any rnodificatian in any such orcler or both Houses agr order should ngt be issued. as soon a possible after it is issued.". and if. ------ *** .--( in giving effect to any of the provisiol~s meat may. h2.ncc o f ihc ryotwsri . Power*to remove clifliculties.ndreve rcspcct of the l~.. as occasion may require.:ri p :tta gr Act this Act. the order shall thereafter oilly in such modified form or be of no eff est. rhr. .N. T.11 bc decmcd to hc. the authorized officer shall calcul ceiling arca of such person and in s calculating. that any such rnodificaii wlihout prejudice 10 ihe validiiy of a under thzt order. the authorised officer shall take extent of the land in respect of which a ryotwad patta been granted to such person under this Act. 2176. do appears to them to be j.atio~i of meni) Order.h u m Es'skzte. so however. (d L .:. of stmdrrd acre und1:r tl17t Act.xw.n?nd rcfr. fcrrcd to in sub-sec:zon (2).-- *$* n . (3) Far :he P U T P ~ S C S of the l[Ti?mil Rcfxrns (Fimtion of Ceiling on L-nd) Ac Ns-.

. 3 I [See section 2 (14). . .shumat hawmudran: Mathur alias Rengammalsamudram.thi' ' &as Vijayapuram.. --. (4) (2) . . 42. (3) Immanampatt i Vijaya ~a~hunatha&. Vellakollai alias Sunda Pudupatti Mathur . .. . the inam village. which Wil dee rr~ c d1.] Taluk. Immanampatti Tiruvarankulam alias Renganathapuram.. Kilai~ur.-. .--_ti. Do. Vannianviduthi alias St vasasamudram. 3) -. V'jaya Ragunathapur~unrlias a Kokkumavadipatti. tituted for the fo1lowi1.] 1161 [ Se6 sectips 2 (14) and 73-A*] h Name of inam villaze. . Vellakollai a l i ~ s S u ~ d a r ~ s -32. 1. (3) (4) 18.-d Arayappa: ti. Do.g Sch>dulc I by section 4 of s (Abolition and Conker!$ion nto R~yotwari)Amend. . Act I1 of I'i65).am ~c1lavettanvid.. Itm Estates (Abolltiorl and ta Con version into R Y O ~ wurl) SCHEDULE I. Aebenue number and name of revenue 8 viIlage comprising: the inam village. Perunaalur. Name of innm villcge. . Pallavaranpdttai... . Do. Vijnya Raghunaapuram. Immanampatti. V ellavettanviduthi Vijayapuram..havo come / u r .. Da.-45. Vijaya Raghunat haouram. alias Vannianviduthi alias Srit i vasasamudram. Do. Zbf.~. Perungalur.. ngudl Do.N Act . . village cornpri. Revenue number n r d name of revenue. 71. 86. . Pudupatti alias Vijayarel. ~allavaranpattai. 45. Kulavoipa [ti.. ' Kulavoinaf 42. ''SCHEDULE I.I . Kilaiyur. Arayappatti.

. Do. . 50.. Do.. Sendamangalam .. Singathakkudij chchi...Ayingudi. b:. Nallarnbalsamudram 132.. .. Do... . . Do. . . . Do. . . . . .. Talildi alias ~a'&lbaraia'. 124.. . 118. . > 11 12 13 Do. .. Nanjur alias Namaaaraya. . . 4ct $$ . Oran-udi 49. Perunjinai.. Do. 123. Kwukkapatti. ... .$ .. Do. L . a no.... . Rasipuram alias ~ e e n a k e ~ Msttur. " 10 11 12 Kulathur Do... Kurukkappatti Singathakkurichchi Manjur ~ i n n a n ~ s d. . . Do* D. Do. . Kodandaramam reghunathasamudram. ammalsamudram. Do.. . . Tallnji... * . Do" Do. . .. Santhanathakudchi ' 33. . Pinnangudi. Kilapatti alias Viayakalyanam 123. Satyamangalam. SO.. .. Name of inam vil !age . Sittannavasal... Sittannavasal P~runjinai . ' . . puram. . Singatha kuri- puram.. .142. Do. . .. ' .. Do. .. . . .162. Do. . . . --> g :p $.. Songalakku.. Do. Do.N. .. Do. ~ Talinji . Kunnathur. Do..120. - . .. .. . Naqjur* samudram. . Do. Do. puram. samudram... .. Sellukudi alias Brahadambal.m Nedunjeri Sellukudi KiIapatt~ .... . .. .. h a m Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Taluk. K~uukkappatti . Kilapalinji Nilayapatti Pidarnpatti . Nilayapatti . Do.. Kodandarjme '-1 ..... C) Q \: vifloge comprising Kulathur Do. .. (1) + 8 9.. (1) 8 9 19 % Seriai Revenue number and name of revenue Name of inam vikge. . ... Sendamangalam .... .. .. Pinnanyldi 145. number. (3) Sittannavasal Perunjinai ~odandarama~ur@rn' ' Do. Kilapalinjl . 52. (2) [I963 : T. . Tali&. ... o Do. . 132.. . Nallamh-'o" ~ l l r l . ~odandararnapurarn'' .78. Serlal 124. . *he &tam village. ... SittannavasaL Neduiijefi alias ' ~up~arnmai:103.. Do. .. Kurukka pata. Singathakkurichchi . .. . . D. . o Do. samudram.. Thethanvayal .. Do.. .. V number...

Kulakkattainali .. o .a . 'I'iriipidingi.. 163 village co~npvislng . Ti?laivayai. Chit tur. . 26. Chittur ... Seppavayal Tunikkadu . ch.. . 52 '. Sengalakkudi. U^ . .. A13 t t ivayal". .. . the inam village. . Embal.. . 138. Idayanvayal 119. D. .. 77. Kalanivoipatti.. 1 1 Sittampatti. . 137. Kunnathur. Singal hakkurichchi . . + ** ***I .. . 12 1 . . Vayalangudi alias Vcnkatn- 141. Tiruvakkudr . .. Rayapuram Rayiisamudram . Seppavayal. . - Do. 62. . . . .. Kadambavayal. 12 Su~darappatti .. . . . Kurichchi. . (4) .. 132. . 'Trinikkadu.. . ._ --=)-A . . 50.1.venue number an(! nltlne o t'Evenrre f vNlnge comprising t l t ~/ Z ( I N vil loge. Andakkudi alias Venkatachalapuram. 134. ~ I . Pallivasal Maranapparti . 135.. 136. .. . Kadnmhavaynl. Arasur..II I _L U ^ Nume wf iwam viI/oge..lapuram. .. 25. 133.. l~alliv~?sal..I ! . a 91. ... 1 3 1. . .. . 33..alias . . .hfattur.. Rayupuram. 45. . Kalanivoipnt t:. Sittampatti.. 49. . Knsat~nppatti... Rr. . ---I. Madaganl t . e urrljt ted and were deeme(.. .Chittur. . .t 261 Inam Estates ( ~ b o l i t i o n and Conversiorz into XyotWnri) Name of ittarn village. :ldu Inam Efjtfites (Abolition ~ iNadu Act 21 of 1968) :l .. . 122. Madagam. ldaymnvayal. . Revenur nvnrber and nume of rt2venue (4) 121.Nagann-.. hapuram. 45.

. Serial Taluk. AiattivayaI. Tirapidingi . . Madagam .. Kulakkattainali 45 Do.. Thakkadivayal 139. Pallivasal . * . $ ' < (:I 47 ' (2) ThirunlaMm--cont. . 26. . Do. 38 Do.. . Velangudi 9 . . grnbl--conl. t3 Do. . . 37 Do.. Paliivasal.. Sirharambur Kadankudi ... . . 132.. Seppavayal 36 Do.. Porkudi alias Gobinathapuram.. ' . . Tirapidingi.. Do. ~henathivayai ' 47 Do. .... Melakkarambai ... 43 DP Karanappatti 44 Do. .. Arasur . 62. Viruthanvaya] 49 Do. Keelaldcarambai alias Gobi- 55 56 Do.. 125. Do. . ... ~aluk.I Inam E s t a t ~ (Abolition and Conversion in to Ryotwari) .. . . Mummudichanvayal ' ' " 50 Do* 51 9. . 137. Rayapuram . Madagam.. 138. flame of inam village. . Do. Echaikkottai Ulkadai Pulavanavayal.. Kurichchi. Do. . ... .. Arasur. Do. 0 ... ( ~eria'l W*~P+ :. . . .. . 35 Do. Kurungal: r 53 54 . Gobinatha- -- 58 59 Do.. . putnbe r. Do. . . . ... *. 77.. Karanapp: 122. ... .. . (3) Ullur Ulkadai Thenathivayal Virthanvayal 141.. . . .. Embal. 7 .. Rayapuram.. (3) (1) (2) 3 1 Thirumayam-cont.. Do. .. . 6 - -*- . .. . Scppavayal. Andakkudi 46 Do.. Do. 42 Do. 35... 50 51 52 . . . 48DO. ~ a l a n i v o ~ ~'a t t j 34 Do.. Santhiranttanvayal t . .. .. Tillaivayal. . Tiruvakkudi 131..... Do. Tillaivayal .. Tonnakkvdi. . . 34. Kalanivoipatti. . klathivayal alias Gobinatha puram. • • . . . . . . . . Tanikkadu .. . Mummudichanvayal Santhirattanvayal alias Lakshminarayanapuram. .. . Tanikkadu 136. 39 Do. Kadarnbavaya 1 . Pdavaaavayal ... 124. nathapuralii. .... . AIattivayal 41 Do. . . . ... . . . ... . .... 48 49 . 91. .. 57 . . 1133. . 32 Do.. . . Katiambavayal. ... Tiruvakkudi 40 Do. .. -- .. 141. .. Name of illam village.. Maratti alias puram..

. Panangr~di. Kararnba1d. Mclanilaivayal. . . . ' Revenue number and Tha kkadivayal ndelukkarambai Keelakkarrrmbai P laratti Porkudi P~lathivayal Sitharambur Eiadankudi EAakkaravayal Thengudi .. 96. Do. . . Kurungalw... . .139. Kurunga.... . Mudukkuvayal Do. . ... .. . Olaikudipatti alias Sathya. . .. Do. a e n . vidhyasamudram. . 124.. .. the irz~mt luge. . . 139. .... Thirumayam. Mela~lilaivayal. . Koothangudi Olaikudipatti Sivapuram Kanapettai Chettiyatti Menikantha . Kummangudi. 82. Do* . Panankudi. . . . Do. K urungalur. Kummangudi. Vijayaraghunatharayasamudram. Kothalangudi Vayal f . vi (3) (4) Makkaravayal alias Raja 96. ...165 Revenue tzumber and nanze of revenue 17iZlagecorn rising Nnm+%f irtam village. .. . Tekkattur. . Do.... . . Maravanvayal 125...... Do* . Do. • * . 86. Jrurnbanadu. . Tonnakkudi. Do* 96. . Ponthupuli .. . .. . .. . . Name of itram viffage. .. . Koothangudi. ... .95. . . (4) 139. . .. Sivapuram Kanapettai alias Brahma. .139.. Do.. Chettipatti Meenikone Endal alias 95.. Karambavayal Machumurichan . Kurungalur Ulkada i Do. . Do... .. Korakkailvayal *. shetrapuram... Do... . . Ponthupuli Puduvayal Do. chanvaynl. Melanilairvayal. Kurungalur.. 13) rtanie ofrevenue village cornprisifig the inam village..73. . . 96...udivayal . .86. Kainachandrdpuram.. Melanilaivayal.. Vclnili Ulkadai Machumuri. . 139. Kurungalut. gudi. . Kurungalur Ulkadai Then. Do.inam Btates {Aboiition atid Conversion into Ryotwnri) .. .

(4) . Vcllalavayal Ulkadai Melek. .. Reverilre rtunrber and name gf revenbe villcige c0. Sithavayal . $ .u&.126. P 75 ~hirumayam-cuht ..72 73' DO* D... Irumbanadu. :. * . Vadagadu Tengadu . h . o . .t<~ venrre rriunber ~ t r d rlanrc of revenlie villcrgc conzprising the irzanl village. * Do. 126... ..] <. . 124. Vengalaveli . Vellalava a1 Ulkadai Mudu uvayal. J 1.. . S 139. . ... Keelavayal and-henvayal Ilayanguai r D. Do. . . * 74 75 76 Do... o Do.. Kurungal~r.. . To~akk. Maravanvayal • • a (3) ..125. Dd. . .1%.. 124.. Valaramanibm. Tulirk.120. Sericd number. . Dc.I 166 tnam Estatqs ( ~ b o l iion dnd t Cotzversion into RJlotwar ) Nanre of iitanr vill age. 'I'onr~akkudi The~~vayal . Do. ' . . Do. Kothalangudi . Vellalavayal. 125.. 125. . Tonnakkudi. Vellalavayal. . . 120. Mudukkuvayal . DO* Pirimarvayal Perinnrtyakian~rnanEndaf t . vayal. Vellalavayal. . Tonnakkudi. . llayangudi alias Mookkam. 79 80 Do. .umbanadu.. kumknadu. 124.. Thonnakkudi Ulkadai Sitha. kadu. . t 81 82 < Do.IL D. o Do* Do. Tonnakkudi. . Valaramanikkam inralpuram. .w rising rlte inunt vil age. l marvayal.. . Melakadu 18 79 89 DO. hame of irzom villuge . . Do.. Nallikudi 77 78 I . ... . 126. Korakkanveiyal . Do. Vollalavayal U kadai Pira. . . .

S Nos. Vellikudi 11 bitif.. 9133. 6 6936 and 6937 7 [ ' . . Varpet. 9250 ta 9255. TS NOS.6068 . 23.Nos. 8310 to 8312. o. 8116. 9293.. + 9068. 7222 Part. 58. 9618 to 9623. 'XI62 9047.149-17 to 149-21. 9795 and 9796.' 9274. Seranor. . 9764. 8028. . 8561. 8316. T. 18. 1969 (Tamil Nadu me into force: OJ1 the 15th February 1963 P . Nos. 7226 to 72444. N s 116-3. 9765 iiljd S . 71. 13. " 7223. 7874 Part. T. 9120 to 9122. 8783. Tirumayam. T D. Tbekkatur. T. 8576. Melapanaiyuf to . 95 19.4-18. 2 (lo).No. 8562.. 10. G .9676 and 9305. 9263 to .D. 9257 to 9259. 8563. (4) and mme of 1. . 9088 to 9099. 7875 Part. 9056. 8914.. . 8030.D.] 2 Ittam art* with reference t Y Title Deed number or Survey number. 9 Revertue number bevenue village cornprisirtg the inam area. 2 (14) and 73-B. 9530.. 18 Part' . ] [See seelions 1 (7). 14. 38. 9201. Kulamaiqgriiam. 54. ~ No. Nos. 7225 Part. L I I - 6 of the Tamil Nlrdu lnam Estates meudmcnt A. 9423 and 8606 T.h a m -&states (Abolition and Conversion irtto Ryotwclri) 169 SCHEDULE I-A. 8315. 52. 70. T. 8511. 7221. . 7859 to 7873..t. 804 to 809 and 53. Nallut. Ktlnyiam. . Y-c 9052 to 9018 to . 3 34-19. Moolangudi. 7224 Part. 9261. ' r . 7245 to 7252. (1 I). 2 (IOWA). 8512 and 9602. llanj avur.D. Nos. 7909 to 7879. 9262. D Nos. 9209. Neiveli. . Oliammgalam. 7568 and 7569.D. 8029. ~ .

370-1. 253-5. 129. 6970 t 6977 4 5 7 5 . 324-5. 8153. 141. 93-4...2. 208-2. 121-11. • • T.8157.D. 234-1.8155. 371-1. T. Melur.138-1. Lembalakudi. T F Nos.8156. 563 1 to 5644. 202-6. 9338.D. NOS. 131-1. :<> 2%-. 3 1 -4. 263-1 10 . 248-1. 256-5. JLG4. Thol~yanur. 235-2.* 53-9.D. 15 Do.. 223-1. 8976.135-3. 73.lnam Ltutes (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) [I963 : T. 253-3. 91. 8 . 97-2. (4) ' Serial number.235-6. . Taluk. . 373-2 and 373-8. 257-3.)"% Do. 255-3. 237-2. 372-6. 97.233012. 256-7. 8686 to o 8691.D.Nos. . 150 76. Adanur. 256. Nos. 136. 246. 248-3 t 248-7.371 -6 7 371-7. Tirumayam . 130-2. 7 37.254-7. 198-2. 7129 to Ti. No. Nos. 126-1. DO. 207. 7141. 8144 t 8152. 17 1Y. 229-2. 7142. 233-1.9339 and 9346. SO. 237-4.w -b--i . 130-1. o GL. 233-6. Do. 203-1.235-4. 94. . -34-. 132-1. 356. ~ i .2549. 253-4. 'F. 263-1 1 . 8355 a ~ d 8356. 251-1 to o 251-4. 338-3.91C2.140-2.. .6775 and 6776 ~Io. ZS-S. * T*D* p:os* 6622 to 6641.7107. 7 38. 74. 252. Idd-1 to 260l-20.. Noikonam. 1 1 7139 and 7981. 127. 254-5. 237-1.202-4. 205-2. T. Act U Revenue numbet and name of revenue village comprising the inam area. (2) Inam area with reference to Title De ed number or Survey number. (3) 7143. 8354.12590 and S. 201-3. 256-18.. 5555. ~ c ~ ~ p ~ ~ i .2Ol-l.1. NOS.N.. 1.233-9. (1) 14 -cow.231-1. 175-5.

.Nos. Conversion into Ryotrvari) 1 j:&j fnam a red with reference to Title De ed number or Survey numbs r.D. 8158. Do.D Nos. 7892. ' TD. - . T. Nos. - Do. . 7178 to 7151 . 9320.. 114. ' Act Inam bstates (Abolition an. '9 3 Revenue number and name of reymke vilrage ~omprsing~ the inam area. 103. 943r. 7893. 6714 to 6743. 533 to 551 .- u-" . 6941 to 113. Do. Melanilaivayaj. a LII . Pudunilaivayal.yam-c (3) T. (4) .9321 and 9758.8892. (2) . . # # . 85178. Mirat tunilal. 8234.

Nos. .. htam area with reference to Title Dee& number or I Survey nulinber Revenue numh~r ~ A . -.A .--.. 9 . and 581 1 5909... 16 1." Do.13..-'-..lnam Estates 14boiitim and Conversion &to Ryot warij Ser&l number..* to 5101 -5 8 1 0 ~--. rib64.A rum@o revenue f village cornpising the inam area..: . Nallarnbal* ~am~dnrm.. " .. T. 44 ~ "'" L""' 3 " Taluk....

Put hambur 2.6804.ion cind Conversion itt to Ryot wuri) Itmr~turea with r. No. Palakuricbi.121. Nos. 13048..8753 and 8817.. 730. Nos. T. Sembattur. T D No.D. .9766 and 9767. . 6224. kavinad East. T.13078. o. 15. Kaikulanvayal.h a m Estates (. I T D No. Thalayathivayal. 6857 and 8153. T D Nos. Thirukkattalai.. 123. (3) (4) . 3.D. Nos. to 6323.. Nos. Agavayal. T. T. T. 7727 to 7747.. Nos. .D. 6799. 't'addvalam.D. 8317. T I 3 Nos. .6226 . 126..D. . . 7294. Nos. 4961 to 4966.8728. 6231. D. 118. 6237 Part. 6218.8133 and Cil. sarnudran2 . 7730.ceto Title Deed number or Survcy ~ u r n b ~ r . 729. Anikkini. village comprising the it~atnarea. 5151 t o 5180. Nos. 7733 to 7736 and 7729. 6301 to 6313. Kavimd West. 6222.D. 736 738-13. T. * . 735. 146. 5010 to 5023 T. Thirumalaya6223. 7575. G . 6238. N s 7994 t o 8004 .lukudi.7785 to 7813. Velavayal. 20. 6826 to 6851 and 7140. 124. 8318. Allanvayal. Nathampannai.5835.D.. NOS. 729-2.6852 to .ibijli. . 21.8755 and 8755. T..D.6348 Part. 6353 T.D.. 746-17. 8319. Nos. 119. 732. 6246. T. Nos.D. ToD. 6233.6241 to 6256. T.D.D. Nos.62121 25. . 861 . Pudukottai.D. Nos. 27.* 1ql Revenue number arrd name of revertue . 23. 744-5. Nos. 22. and S. T. .863 t o 890. Se.6315 26. 6805 to 6825. 757 . Nos. 122. T. 734 to 750.efr?ret. 6655 to 6675.8289 to 8293. T. 6219. Valaramani- manickam.

D.1-1. Do.997. 300-1.3416. 300-3. 265-2. T. 31.8032t0 8 W . Maogalathupatti. 281-2. 6295 to 6300 T. Do. 289-1. Do.. . 1 . 45. . . 5015. 9461. Nos. . 273-1. 270-2. . Do. . 8326 and S.D.. Do. D. Nos. 290-2.No. 265-4. Nos.. 279-2... Revcnlre number and name of revenue . 9440... T. 61.8653 to 8663. Nos. 279-4.D.619and620 T D No.. 8657 and 8658 71. Varappur. 289-3. 302-7. 280-2. 296-5. .D. 284-1. 5473. . . 28.D. T. 283-2. T. Nos.Perungalur. 16 auunber. T. . 5181 to 5184 . 36. 287-1.D. 6258 to 6279. . 298-4. . Kaikurichi. 9 6 : TN ket . Vemavalkudi.9218.D. 6280 to 6284. . 265-6.. 899. Nos. Do.. Do. 8936 T. 263-5.5713.. Do... Manjanviduthi. . village cnrrlprising the inam area Alangudi-cont Do... 8325. 276-2. Kos.5061 to 5096. 73. 275-6. 276-7.930 to 965. 49. Kothamangiiam. 7584 and 7585 T. Gudalur. 79. Do. Do. 9441. . T. .G. 283-3.D. NOS. 4953. . 4-2. 268-8. T.D. 297-2. 289-5.. .P. 76. . . Nos. to 6234.D. 282-1. Manaviduthi # . 276-1. 271-5. 78. 8837. 67. 269-3. Do. 5098 to 51 06. Nos. Vallathirakottai.Vrl. Valavampatti.Nos.256-5. 7882 to 7885.. 275-1... T.6344 toG347..6324 to 6343. hunt urea with refeence to Title Deed number or Survey number. 279-1. Do. . . .. 9541. o . 1-10. 265-9.Nos. 7 . 142 Serrbl Inam Estates (~hoiition and Conversion into Ryotwari) Tgluk. Semmatividuthi. Po.D. Nos. 266-7. Do. 8837 69.8154. 285-2. Do. 8571.t0 906. Sothupalai. 291-3.D.. 297-5. . Poovarasakudi. 278-2. 3041.6286 57.. 72. Adanakottai. . 286-2. 266-8. 34. 296-1. .. No. .D. 288-2. 913A to 929 T. No.. Nos. 23 I -1. 283-1. 628 .967 to 995.. 8667 T.D. . . 7876. Kovilur. T... Kulavoipatti. .8570. 0 4954. T.

6874 13. T. 8308 .. 386. 357.6378. 8881.8719.8294. . 6924 to 6928. T. Kanakkankadu .6377.6499. T. 8166..11914and S. 6511. 5714 to 5717. 391-6.D. 6506. . 1. 436-9.6524.329-4 332-7. Rajalipatti. ThengathinniT. 6500.. Ponnanviduthi. 9411 and 9412 2. 6374 6375.8459. -stti. 438*2. 5496. 6508. Therukutheru. 436-8. No.D.D. 8309. 447-2.8323T.9130* . 9048.N s 7877 to 7881. .6922 Part. 44-74 450-2 t o 45005. Kodumbalur. 359.6363 to 4. 9569. 9049. 366-1. . Nos. 8880. 6510. Nos. T.57n5.. I I I .5497. 447-4. 6517. 6503. 5509. 41. 6520.329-1. 9345. NOS. Meenaveli. 6375. 8296 to 8308. TD.N s 6356. 9 173 Revenue number on& name of revenue vi I ldge comprising the inam area. 6522.D. 4. 6367. 391-5. 389-3.Nos.Nos. 6544 to 6549. 54911. Malaiyur. 5478. 6357. Virudappatti. 447-1. ..6493 to 6497..5487. 5470. 6923 Part. NOS. NW. 9777 G . 9546.6380. 5. Kasavanur. 6518.8994 to 9004. 6931. 91.6362.6360.r). 4931 to 4942. 6188 to 6212. . (4) Alangudi-cant.D. 6476 to 6452.5494 to 93. 9050. .6368. 6369 to 6372. 9380. Agartapatti.J ham Estates (Abolition and Conversion in to R yo twar i ) Indm area with reference to Title Deed number or Survey number. 6525. 6501. . 6383. 435-1. 6509. 332-9.5499 to 100. 6356.8721. 90.450..6346. 5471. to 69OO. T. I . to 6491. o.. 6919. 5714.11. I 280-1 t0280-3. 7519 to 7521. 6523. .7489. 6. 435-3.8568.6920.6-3. 8167. 6918. .5497. T. . 5486.5514..D. o. Nos.D. T D Nos.436-7. 5514. TJ). 6485 7.6381.. Mullankuricbi. 6361. 256-2.6373. 6359.45212 to 452-17. 108. 8295.5517.


E,rtcztes (Abolition and Carlversion Itzto R j ~vari) t

[I963 : T.N. Act 26
Revenue nu~nbcrund


& .

. ..



Inarn urea with re/Ersnce to Title Deed number or Survey number.


name o.f revenue . village comprising thu inam area,

T.U. Nos. 6476,6477, 6479, 14. Nammanmtti. 6481 to 6484, 6492; 6498, 6499, 6502, 6504, 6505, 6511 to 6513, 6515, 6516, 6519,6521,6876,6877,6892 6895, 6899, 7519, 7522, 8052 to 8055,8057,' 8059 to 8062, 8166, 8167, 9130, 9182, 9183,9348 to 9350, 9365, 9366 and S. Nos. 69, 116-3, 116-4, 132-11, 13213, 150-1 to 150-3, l a - 4 , 164-6, 195-1, 195-3, 216-2, ?,GO-3,260-4,260-12,260-15 260-16, 260-17, 339-19, 341-7 to 341-11, 345-3, 345-5, 345-6, 346~2,346-3, 346-6, 346-8, 34609,347-2, 347-4,347-7, 347-8, 349-2, 349-3, 349-13, 35011 to 350-3, 351-1 to 351-5, 351-7 to 351-12, 351-15,
351-16, 351-19 to 351-22, . .;!-?:. 351-f?. 353-1; .. t;, 3:2-2. 4 r3 3'2-31, 353-1 10 353-1, 353-8, 353-9, 353-11 to




D. o
I .



.. ..

353-18, 354-1, 35492,354-4, 354-12, 356-8, 356-9, 35613, 357-1, 357-2, 357-4, 357-5, 360-1,362-1 to 362-6 363-1, 363-2, 363-7, 363-8, 363-9, 378-3, 3784,379-7, 379-8, 382-1, 383-2, 383-3 383-9, 383-10, 383-1638317, 383-20, 383-21, 384-2 to 384-5, 384-7, 354-8,
18. Boothakudi.

T D, Nos.8863 to 8872,9306


D. o


T.D. Nos. 7391,8052 to 8062, 21. Vanathirayanpatt i . 8675, 9182, 9183, 9348, 9349, 9350,9430 and S. Nos. 178-3, 413-1, 415~1,419-34, 4 19-35, 423-22, 441-1. T.D. Nos. 7397, ?TUX) Part, 22. Vtralur. 7528 to 9216 8806, 8917 to 8920, 7538, alld S. Nos. 191-13, 207-1, 328, 331-13 ;.; 1- 13. 331-17. 331-18

Znam Estates (Abolition md converslofi into Ryot w ~ r i )
fnmarea with reference to n e Deed number or t Z survey nfimber.


vilhge comprising

Revenue number ad name of revectud .,
the inam area, (4)

fl (3)

331-23, 336.13 to 336-8, 22. Viralur-cont, 375-1,3752, 375-6,3 7 ! , 7-3 378-5,378-6,35'9-8,330-i, 380-12, 380-14, 3834! , 383-6, 384-1 , 384-11, 1 '388-6, ' 338-10, 385-11, 389-6, 389-9, 389-11 , 390-2; 390-5,390-8,398-4, 3986,400-2,401-16,402-1, 408-2,410-7,411-10,411-15, 412-2,412-3,412-4, 4141, 431-1,431-3,432-1,4526, 435-2,43507,435-8,436-1,
4366,438-1, 438-2, 438.1.

Do, D. o

D. o

D. o

8165, 8648, 8649, 8650, 8708,8566and S.Nos.2591, 259-2, 259-4, 259-14, 267-3,2674, 281-1,281-2, 356-4 t 356 -7, 356-11, o 356-16, 356-20, 402-4, 402-8, 402-9, 509-25, 50926,5166,525-14. T.D.No.8567 4 . Mandaiyur. 8 T.D.Nos. 6390 to 6id4 53. Lakshmaaapatti. T.D.N s 7523 t 7527 and 55. Ketran-r. o. o 9021 T.D.Nos.4986t05W9~8707, 68. Vathanakottri. 3009 to 9011 9598 and S , . NOS. 261-1, 261-3, 267-2, 36714,369-1t 369~3,370-3, o 371-2, 371-4, 374-5,375-2, 376-4,379-9,3803, 380-4, 383-3,3834, 384-5,386-18 386-21, 386-22, 38623, 3 7 4 387-12, 388-6,3888., 20 to 388-23, 388-26,3880 27, 390-6, 391-8, 392-9, . 392-19,397-3,398-7, 400-2, 403-7, 408-5, 409-11,40925, 409-26, 410-3, 411-7, 411-15,411-19, 411-22,4121 5, 412-11,414-4, 414-9, 414.14,415-1, 45-14,41912, 420-2, 420-4, 420-7, 422-4, 426-2, 426-10,426-15,

T.D.Nos. 7550,7551 34,Madiyanipatti. T.D.Nos. 7614, 7615, 7616, 47. Narpalani,


.. ..



Inarn Estates (Abolition and
Conversion into Ryot wari)

11963 : T.N. A6t 26'
&venue number and nirme or revenue village comprising the.inam area, ,
i1 ;






Title Deed number or Survey number.

~ n m a with refiyence to m

(1) (2) 87 Kolathur-corzt. 88 Do. 89 Do.
90 91
92 93

Do. Do. Do. Do.

.. .. .. ..



I * ,











(3) ' (4) T.D. Nos. 6395,6396and 9554 74. Marudur. T.D. No. 6386 . 80. Uppiliakudi. T.D. Nos. 332, 333,334, 336 83. Valamongalarn to 339. T.D. Nos. 8402 to 9410 85. Veerakudi, T.D. Nos. 4952,5107 to 5122: 86. Kilanur 5767 to 5770,7539 to 7541. T.D. Nos. 828 to 836 . 90. Uchani. T.D. Nos. 6424 to 6427, 6429 94. Mootampattt, to 6447, 9679, G . 12881 I and S. Nos. 35, 181, 182, 283-1, 184-1, 185-1, 185-4, 185-9,186-9,186-10,186-I3, t 88-5, 189-9, 192-2, 192-4, 192-5, 192-7, 192-9,193-9, 1194-3,194-16, 195-6,196-3, 196-4, 196-12, 199-9, / 99-10, 200-1,201-2,202-2, 203, 204, 206, 211-3, 211-1, 212-2. 212-3, 212-4, 213-1, 2i3-2, 213-7, 216-9, 217-5,2 18-10, 219-3,225-6, 225-2 1,225-22,225-24,22712, 227-13, 227-20, 228-1, 2284, 228-6, 228-13, 22% 16, 229-2, 2.29-3, 229-8, 229-1 2,229-14,229;7, 229-19, 231-2, 231-9, 23 1-10, 232-6, 232-16,23316, 236-9, 238-3, 239-1, 239-14, 239-25, 239-28, WO-1, 242-3, 243-3, 7-43-7, 243-1 1; 243-16. 243-1 7, 244-2,244-3, 244-4, 245-1, 265-2, 251-5,251-15,252-7, 253-1 to 253-3, 255-2, 2 5s-5, 25 9-3, 260-2. To .N s 8136 and 8137 D o. 97. Th1-y~~ T*D.Nos. 5758,5760 to 5766, 98. Mutt&ou. 8752, GI. 8541. T.D. NOS. t o 5179,5836, 101. V&anur 5772 6460, 6461, 6462, 6533, 6471 to 6474,6534,8 160 to 8164. T*D* Nos. 6550d 6559,6564 to 103. S a t h b g l a m , 6566,8636 and S. N s 1-13, o. 330-1, 330-2, 330L6, 335-2,







343-3, 343-7. 345-1, 348-1, &W1,363-1,


115-8.436-3. 418-8. b 332-4. 424-16. 114-14. 364-2.2. 366-4 to 36627. 414-16.437-1. 414-14.120-3. 102-10.388-1.456-12. 91-3. 8929 to 8933. 9414 and S. 98-3. . 452-5. 418-6. 6387 to 6389 106..457-2. D. 9132. 392-3. ~ 8927. o .120. 419-7. 427-7. 430 2 .1. 459. 91-2. Nos.431-7.9073 to 9076.93.456-13. 458-2. 392-13.9057 to 9061. 419-4.114-11. o D.350-7. 106-6 to 106-9. 95. 114-10. 103-32. 449. 1 430-i3. 366-14. . 424-3.365-1. 415~15. 439. 333-3. 9982 to 9087.360-2. m 64) D. 441-3. Nor.405. 97-7 to 97-12. 418-1. K T1. .398-1. O w. 370-6. 344~2. 96-4. 350-9. 105-20.336.9078 to 9080. 452-2. 392-9. 98-5. NOS.3 to 8525 and S.9131. 102-2.108-1.338-2. 358-2.335-4. 416-1.Inam Ebtates (Abolition afid Conversion $to Ryotivar i) fndm Urea with ' 1'lj reference to Title Deed number or Survey number. 9104.106-19. T. 419-2.90-2. 106-18.92. N s 302-1. 9103.350-13. 366-2. 391-1.337.384-10.@) Reve!lUe numb& ctffg name of revenrrir village comprising the f areq. 371-2. 424-5.115-7. 11415. o. 90-3. 98-11.413-13.114-7. 8507 to 8510.350-10.8517 105. 341-8. . ~mrn&hat~rn.384*14.

177-20. 173-18. %i*>5. i52-4.260-2. 236-2 to 236-3.H3-?.225-23 to 223-29. 136-1. 230-12 to 230-19 230-26. 162-1 to 162-17. 184-24. 258-5. 205-16. 171-2jt0 171-5. 168-4. 229-17. 196-23. 250-21.l?'@ L . 166-1 to 166-12. 258-10.176-5. 19(1-14.-3.226-9.f . 196-15.238-39. 190-19. 205-1 to 205-10. 173-20.2474. 160-1 t o 160-5. 223-16 to 223-18. Me1 157-20. yO-23 250-28. 242-?.. 173-11. 139-5. 1 4 216.226-16. 201-1 to 201-21.13. 205-15. 184-8. : 249-12. 190-22. 235-2 to 235-11. 238-26. 199-1 to 199-12. 242-2. 238-16. 193-14. 200-1. 24:-12 -?s . 34-6-15.. S. 228-18. 189-24. 173-22.TQ-10.. . 231-13.244-20. 221-1 to 221-5. 162-19. ' (2) Kolathur ' Inam area with reference t o Title Deed number or Survey number. 234-2 to 234-11. 190-17.197-21.186-2. .196-24. 240-1. 232-2 to 232-11. 30. 240-25.255-9. 219-11. 200-7.-&. lo* '. 196. 196-19. 203-1 to 203-13. 262-8. 158-1 to 1 5 8 4 conr 159-1 to 159-11.-+24. 257-1.227-13 to 227-16. cont.1 24-5-11.erial Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryo ?wari ) . 24.262-2.246-12. 228-19. 190-9. 169-1 to 169-13. 237-3. 247-9.173-2t0173-8. ~a'luk. 256-6. 194-7. 194-11.263-g* 263-1 8.258-15. 261-2. 173-'23. 228-3.239-9. 26011 3.187-169 189-1. 223-1. 2 1-1. 238-17.-ly 180-6.# . 262-3. . 226-7. 193-16.198-1 to 198-11.168 -1. 11963 : TM Act 36 . 239-12. 196-14.164-1 to 101-5.35695. 240-22 to 240-24. 164-7 to 164-15. cont . F - I CI L- &:- . 173-25. 157-1 to 107. (3) 156-2 to 156-15. 223-4. 182-1.239-5.203-15 to 203-29. 189-9.163-1t o 163-18. 18(. 231-1.. BG5. 202-1 to 202-15.166-14. 173-16.260-10. 228-2. * / . Revenue number and name of revenue village comprlz ing the inam area. 250-33.r number.187-14. 262-10. 229-I. 197-9. 231-19.

7897 to 7907. . Panampatt i. Manapara Do. 204-8. 320. 6448. 257-2. 6450 to 6456. 8873 to 8877. 7614.213-18. No. Ayingi. Vannarapatti .D.1 1. 6475. No. 6535 to 6538 . 281-22. 198-1. 6457. 196-2.] T. 7900. . 90-13.d 9447.6448 and 6449 T. Mangudi . Do* 273-10. 13-1. Nos. 8005 to 8023 al. T. Do.651. 28 1-12. 325.1-2. Usilampatli..F. 198-7. 5783 to 5785 T. 66-2. 7902. 208-13. r .214-11. Do. 87-7. 219-1. 225-3. 293-21.7638. 196-1.' 280-4. 299-7. 291-5. T.D.. 282-19. 6901 to 6907. 7899. 131 Pananyudi. 7384 to 7390. Do. 128. Nos. 282-30. 198-12. 65-5. 293-23. or Survey nlrmber. 198-15 lo 198-19. Nos. 279-2. 2F4.7394. Nos. . 7488. Nos. 9 . 7639 and 9447. 7581.Nos.D. 299-1 4. 280-22. Nos. 65-4. Ncs.219-11. to 6543 and 7490. Vayalogan~. T D Nos. 42-21. 6463. 143. 65-3. NOS. r 17..D.20702.D.. 7980 . Noq. 76-5. 113.D. 221 .Nos. 90-1G.N . 201-1. T. Alathur. T. 70-15.219-P. 19-3. 6458. Do. 87-3. Jtevenue nuirlber ni. Do. 301-11.7492 alld S. 42-51. 282-32. 76-24. 88-11. 146. Do. Do. 4~4. Do.D.Inarn Estates (Abolilion and Conversion in to Ryotwari) Taluk. No?. 7491. 'T. 845 T. . 76-13. 198-13.8131 and S. 83.D. 192-3: 194-1. Inam area with referelzce to it9 Title Deed number. 30.d izanze of r e venue village coinprisin Do. 295-6. NOS. to 860. 282-17. 97 81. no. 84..D.. 6539 82. Do.D. 6354 and 6455 T. Keelaiyur.D. 1 99-2. Sooliapatti . 42-16. 8129.209-9. 5497. 127.. 193-1. Vilathupattt. G464.D. 1571A 2--2 . 198-8. Do. T. Sampatti. 8496. 293-20. 6459.D. 53-9. 51-3.207-3. Sundarapatti. 18. T. 294-2.ld i. 65-6. 194-3. 286-11.6465. 13-3. 24-5. 6567. 49-20.8130. 49-5. 121. 283-6. 65-10. 281-17. 12-1. 198-2.0. .9683. 25 1-9. T. Marayapa tti.221-10. Nos. T. 7392 T. 7890.

For topes. Act ZE SCHEDULE 11. Explana' ion I. .C I * this paragraph. In respect of lnnds. (iv) io the case of aoy other class of land. ---- section 2 (4) o f t he 7'an:il Nadu Inam Eslp tes and Minor Inams (Abolition a d Conversion into Ryotwari) Amendment Act. the fair rent shall increased to 40 per cent . 40 per cent of the normal gross produce or its va i n money . ( 1 1 1 J e:p ol' a lnnd cultivattcl with any other crop me the produce 1. * p:.t))tjvat.. '[See sections 33 (9) and 72-A (4).. (iii) in the case of land on which crops which do not any yield within .uce or its value in money : Proviced that in the case of lands referred to in sub-pa graphs (ti) and (IV) for the cultivation of which water is lift& pumpset installed at tha cost of the service-holder. l.. . 1975 ('Tamil Nadu Act 22 of 1975). the fair rent shz. 35 per cent of the normal gross produoe or value i i r money .11 be the lease amount as determined by rules made by the Government in this behalf. . .-In (.ny bield witbin a period of iLne year from the time cultiyatior~.I$0 ham Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryotwari) [I963 : T. . other then those specified in paragrr.--------.mzens ?he gross prcduce for oce year if the land kc.flc y .. 40 per cent of the normal gross produce or its value in money . in question similarly situated and possess similar ~ d v a tliges if th.tion of which is supp mented by lifting water.?T i expressio 1 v i a substituted for the expression "[See section ---*----. (a) i respect of a land cu. 33t per cent o tho normal gross proi.. . I cultivated on the land in aii agricultural year. (ii) in the case of wet land... orchards and lands used for non-agricultural purposes. the fair rent shall be the aggregate of(a) (i) in the case of wet land.e:. 1.. be obtained for one year from a land of same class i p s the waul. 2.a period of one year from the time of cultiva are cul iivated.] Provisions relating to the determination of fair rent. rainfall ana the -seasons were normal. and (5) the value of one-fifth of the straw or stalk of all the crop .N. -iiltt.tivated with any crop which d not givz i.* hs 33 (91" - . 'normal gross produce9. the irrigc.

on such o thcr date as the of tile district may spccifj in that behalf.n ihc fair rent asccrtaincd as the said rent shall be deemed to bc the fair r. n t in respect -In .!c:r i i l l respect of during the fasli yczr immediately boforc thu fztsli yczr in appointed dey falls is loss th. '( sliall b : calculat 'd with refLrcnce ( 0 the actual crops ~ I Y cultivated aceording to th >ordinary rotatiQn c i ~ p s in in which such land is situate:[ L this paragraph.r advznt ages. e~ianation IL-In the case of land on whi& dif'f'er.s the uastion.Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion into Ryet warl) 15 . hy notificaticn. tbe rent actually payable to thc servicc-hol.nt crops irate'? at different times on different portions of the lands.d in thc manner in paragraph 2 in respect of a land of thc samc class a. or. of lalld cultivated by the servicehe fair reat shall be the fair rent a. similarly si: uatod and possessing simi1r. th.s calcu1atc.. in rcsptct le or any Part of any district. c * agricultural yenr" ar commencing on the 1st day of April.

Brst published in.1 Saving of limitiitiort.] An Act filrtlzer to amend the Tarnil Nadu Z~um Estates (AEolitic n and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act. *For Stiii-t 07 Objeds and Reasons.! 8 w 3 ' 1 ' TAMIL NADU ACT No. 1963 (Tamil Nadu Act 26 of 1963). For the purpose of computing the period of iiqithtion in rgsp~. on the 21st Norember 196 9 (Kcirtika 3 0.. section 5 and section 6 s b l l be deemed to 11ave coll~e into force on the 15th February* 1965. . a . 194. 1969.. Act 23. THE TAMIL NADU INAM ESTATES (ABOLITION' AND CONVERSION INTO ILYOTWARI) ' . g . ( I ) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Inam! Estntcs (Abolition and Convcrsioil ir~to y ~ t w i ~AmendR i) ment Act. P . . 23 OF 1969". 1963. Part I V . 1891). . -e GdPtffC C L -L- - + * Extraordinary.s . 1969.und.t of azly proceeding or application .er* the principal Act or the rules made thereunder in relal'ioii to. 2-6. see Fort St. namely. principal Act or zny land in such estate.. N.i inam'cstate specified in Schedule I-A tb the. into Ryotwari) Amendmenr [I969 :T ..the Fort S t . George Gaze@.tion of this Act in the ?Fort s t . li [Received tlze assent cf the President on the 14th November1969. dated the 21st Augnst 1969. 7. (2) Section 3 (iii) and (iv).& Phdukkotta.~ ~ i ~ f i i . tile period comnlencing on t lie 15th February 1965 and ending ~ i & the date of the publicrr. [The alnendihnts made by these sections have already been incorporated in the principal Act. . I 1. . AMENDMENT ACT.. t No w the T~~rtlila d r rCovernrnent '~ G~ccttc. the Tamil Nadu Inam Estates (Abolition' and Conversion into Ryotwari) Act.W o n 3. .~. I * + I . *k . 2 h. i + BE it enacted by the Legislature of the State of the Tamil Nadu in the Twentieth Year of the Republic of India as) follows :Short title and co-encemeot. George Gazette shrill bc e xcludec~.70 t '?4 Inam Estates (Abolition and Conversion .