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The writer aims to produce real work in implementing one of the business concepts, which is by building product e-tailing site. E-tailing (electronic retailing) is the practice of selling retail goods on the Internet which is basically a business for the transactions of e-commerce industrial consumers that plays an important role in the growth and development of a business and is very useful for consumers who lack the time to buy a variety of products that are desired directly in stores. The research methods used are analysis and design where, for the analysis method, the writer uses the structured modeling as the software development methodology to analyze each need and the writer maps out the stages that will be done through the result of those analyses. The result attained is the increasing product selling quality through the e-tailing site by implementing the SSL (Socket Secure Layer), which is the data security protocol that is used to secure the data transmission between the web server and the website user. There are two payment methods, they are the manual transfer and the online (paypal) payment. The offered product information is delivered completely through this site. The conclusion reached is the obtained target market of the business and the created online shopping comfort. Keywords: E-Commerce, E-Tailing, Online Bussiness

Competition is happening in the world economy in Indonesia is becoming increasingly stringent, especially in the areas of retail. With the tight competition, allowing the businesses competition itself, and it is definitely competition comes from other businessmen who are engaged in the same field. These entrepreneurs are expanding aggressively to expand its business. As was the case in the national retail industry where the growth of total retail in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly, such as distribution, outlets, boutiques and other retailers that continue to emerge. DEEOZT Clothing Company is a company engaged in selling clothing and accessories. Sales system used in DEEOZT Clothing Company is currently using the conventional system, ie the buyer came directly distro to choose and buy an item, by simply applying this method of sales then

the distributions often have constraints such as the number of customers who often complain, if they do the spending directly to the store does not get the goods in want because of hectic with customers who want to shop. Due to intense competition with many distros in Bandung then, the company proposes to expand its business by reaching the kind of online sales to be able to respond to such matters in order to achieve efiktifitas and efficiency. Seeing the problems above, the author intends to change processes in the form of bookkeeping records into a system that is computerized, for processing transaction data in these companies will more quickly and efficiently. Based on the description above we can conclude how important an application that can handle all forms of existing transaction processing at the company, so it can be described in broad outline presented in the form of final report with the title “PRODUCT E-TAILING

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Allowing users to find information about product details in the offer. Maintenance 2. Development is required when a change from an external company such as when there is change of the operating system. The proposed solution is to build an e-tailing product for addressing the issue. DAN IMPLEMENTATION 2. then this process must also be documented as the configuration of the software. 3. 2. and results should be in strict accordance with the needs that have been defined previously. Design is a process used to alter the above needs to be representation in the form of software design before coding begins. ANALYSIS. e.3. which involves several processes including: a. Create an online media sales transaction. c. including the development. Analysis Finding. This stage should be documented and presented to the user system. so that the software is free from error. 2. With the application of E-Tailing. there are several procedures performed in the distributions of Mars. When the run may still have minor errors that are not found before. 6. defining and understanding the needs of the software. d. Product Sales Procedure 3. ie into the programming language through a process of coding. because the software that made no forever just like that. So it is with software. Testing Testing is something that is made must be tested. Distro DEEOZT to promote the profile of the business and its products without requiring substantial capital. This context diagram describes the system outlines or as a whole.APPLICATION AT THE DEEOZT DISTRO BANDUNG”. This model begins with the search needs of the entire system to be applied in the form of software. 4. without having to visit the store directly. or other devices. This stage is the implementation of the design phase. Context Diagram E-Tailing Application Products at Deeozt Distro Bandung can be seen in Figure 1. The intent and purpose of writing this essay is as follows: 1. All software functions should be tested.1 Diagram Context Context diagram is one tool in structural analysis.2.2 Analysis 2. including: 1. Product Procurement Procedure 2. f. System Requirements Analysis A software maintenance is required. It is very important. To know the nature of the program to be made.1 Analysis Of Current Procedure Based on this research. Design should be able to implement the requirements mentioned in the previous stage.The company made easier to manage the products sold online.Prospective buyers are relatively easier and can save time in shopping. or are there additional features that did not exist in the software. To expand the market so that customers from outside the city are also able to shop online. Like the previous activity. can be seen that in thesale of of goods . performance (ability) and the interface is needed. DESAIN.2. To increase flexibility so that customers can conduct transactions wherever the customer is located.1 Model Data analysis techniques in the making software using modeling software with waterfall method. considering that the software must be able to interact with other elements such as hardware and databases. Coding Indonesia Computer University | 2011 2 .2. Procedure Sales Reports After conducting an analysis of current procedures. MODEL. 5. then the design must be transformed into a form that can be understood by machines. in this case is a computer. b. 7. Design 2.customers have come to Deeozt distributions and in making sales report still manual .2 Functional Requirements Analysis 2. To be understood by machines. such as the functions you need.

Figure 5. Admin menu structure can be Admin Data login Data produk Data pembelian Data pemesanan Data detail pesanan Data konfirmasi pembayaran Info Konfrmasi pendaftaran Info produk Aplikasi E-Tailing Produk Pada Distro Deeozt Bandung seen in Figure 4. The design of the menu structure of the development application of e-tailing product on Deeozt Distro Bandung is divided into three users. Member menu structure can be seen in Figure 5. Visitor menu structure 2.3 Design Design the menu structure is the use of point systems that are easy to understand and easy to use. 1 Login 2 Olah Kategori 3 Olah Produk 4 Olah T estimoni 6 Olah Prov insi 7 Olah Kota 8 Olah Metode 10 Olah User Admin 12 Olah Bank 13 Olah Diskon 11 Olah Member 14 Olah Halaman 15 Olah Pemesanan 16 Olah Laporan 5 Olah Bukutamu 9 Olah Biaya Data Login T_kat_barang T_testimonial T_provins i T_login T_metode Data Bukutamu Info Bukutamu T_halaman T_bank T_barang T_buku_tamu T_kota Data Barang Data Kategori T_biaya Data Akun Data Pemesanan Data Pemesanan Info Ak un T_diskon T_pemes anan T_member 21 Pendaftaran Data Pesanan Data Pendaftaran Info Konfirmasi 17 Konfirmasi Bayar Member Data Konfirmasi Data Pesanan 19 Pemesanan Data Pesanan Data Konfirmasi Info Pemesanan Info Produk Kategori Pengunjung Data Produk/Kategori Data Pendaftaran Data Pendaftaran Webmail T_konfirmasi 20 Browse Situs Paypal 18 Lupa Password Data Member Figure 2.2 DFD Level 1 DFD Level 1 E-Tailing Application Products in Distro Bandung can be seen in Figure 2. Member Menu Structure Visitor menu structure can be seen in Figure 6. Pengunjung Data pendaftran Data produk Data Mail Status Pembayaran Paypal Webmail Figure 1. c. DFD Level 1 E-Tailing Application Products in Distro Bandung 2. Figur 6. namely: a. Based on the results of alpha testing and test samples that have been the case can be Indonesia Computer University | 2011 3 . Context Diagram E-Tailing Application Products at Deeozt Distro Bandung 2.2.Member Info status login Info produk info pembelian Info pemesanan Info detail pesanan Info konfirmasi pembayaran Data login Data kategori Data Produk Data testimonial Data Bukutamu Data provinsi Data kota Data metode kirim Data biaya kirim Data user admin Data member Data bank Data diskon Data pemesanan Data detail pesanan Data konfirmasi pembayaran Data Laporan Info status login Info kategori Info Produk Info testimonial Info bukutamu Info provinsi Info kota Info metode kirim Info biaya kirim Info uaer admin Info member Info bank Info diskon Info pemesanan Info detail pesanan Info konfirmasi pembayaran Info laporan Data Pembayaran 2.4 Implementation Figure 3.3. Relation schema of the development application of e-tailing Products Plan testing will be done by testing the alpha and beta systems. Admin Menu Structure b.3. Info Provinsi Info Buku Tamu Info Halaman Info Testimoni Admin Info Disk on Info Bank Info Laporan Info Pemesanan Info Produk Info Kategori Info Member Info Admin User Figure 4.2.3 Relation Schema Relation schema of the development application of e-tailing products can be seen in Figure 3.

24-Maret-2010 Figure 7. 24-Maret-2010 [10]http://www. Transaksi di Internet Tanpa Kartu Kredit dengan Menggunakan Paypal. 2. d. Yogyakarta. Abdul. [6]http://searchcio. 2009. [8]Kadir. Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak: Pendekatan Praktisi (Buku I). With this website the customer that are outside the city will continue performing transactions without having to come to Bandung. the suggestions that are expected are: 1. Abdul. RESULT AND DISCUSSION From analysis and design that has been done. Management is easy and accurate data from this application will assist the company in using it. Mastering AJAX dan PHP.sejarahinternet. below: 5.1 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Conclusions Based on research conducted. Andi. because error handling capability has not been fully dealt with. (2009). These applications can expand their target market sales of the products distribution Company Deeozt Cloting Bandung. consumers will be very helpful to find information about products Deeozt Cloting Company. Andi. Indonesia Computer University | 2011 4 . 2005. [9]http://www. but functionally the system is expected to generate output. With this he-essence-of-e-tailing. b. c. Roger S. [3]http://www. Completion of the interface is made more attractive and more user friendly.2 Recommendations Based on the above conclusions.concluded that.html. 2003. 3.infosum. 24-Maret-2010 [4]http://finderonly. 25Agustus-2010 [5] Hasnul Arifin.scribd. the results from one application built to look like in Figure 7. Yogyakarta. The need for improved data security is more to be accepted and trusted by consumers so that they will feel comfortable in transacting through this application. [2] Jogiyanto H M. Yogyakarta. 3. 4. Dasar Pemrograman WEB Dinamis Menggunakan PHP. it can be concluded from the development application of e-etailing produkpada Deeozt Distro Bandung as follows: a. e.techtarget. BIBLIOGRAPHY [1]Pressman. Andi. gantar-Pemrograman-Web. Sistem Informasi Pendekatan Terstruktur Teori Dan Praktek Aplikasi Bisnis. /e-tailing 24-Maret-2010 [7]Kadir. Based on test results betha with sample test cases that have been done to give the conclusion that the application of e-tailing can mepermudah in the process of product promotion and sales of products offered and looks user friendly. 4. 2002. n-internet/. Yogyakarta. in each process still allows for errors in syntax and logical errors. The e-tailing these products become another alternative for consumers to make purchases of products from distribution Deeozt. Display applications 4. Akt MBA. There needs to be integration between applications and systems for freight shipment orders can be directly monitored through the application.