Icon2Image Help

________________________________________ Icon2Image consists of two parts: a contextual menu and a preference pane. The preference pane is used to specify the options for the functionality of the contextual menu. The preference pane is available as part of the System Preferences, which you can either open by selecting "System Preferences..." from the Apple menu and then choosing "Icon2Image" from the "Other" section, or choosing "Icon2Image Preferences..." from the contextual menu itself. The contextual menu is displayed by "control clicking" on a file or folder in the Finder. In other words hold down the control key as you click on an item. If Icon2Image is properly installed a contextual menu is displayed which will have a part labeled "Icon2Image." ________________________________________

Preference Pane Options
The preference pane has two subpanes: "Settings" and "Password." The Settings pane controls the behavior of the contextual menu. The "Password" pane is used to initially activate Icon2Image and to check for software updates to the program. This help file explains the options available on the Settings pane:


• Add as submenu - Put the commands related to IconToImage in a submenu of the contextual menu. • Include make icons - Add menu items to create icns format icons from images, movies and file, folder and volume icons. If the file is a graphic file (tiff, png, etc.) the icon is created using the image data. If the file is a movie, the icon is created using the poster frame. • Overwrite files by same name - If an image file by the same name already exists, replace it. • Include add custom icon - Add a menu item to add a custom icon to a graphics or movie file using the contents of the file. • Image ICNS - If selected Icon2Image will use the icon data in an ICNS file to create an image, rather than imaging the Finder icon itself. (Only applies to files whose extension is 'icns') • Append icon size - Select to append the icon size to the filename ________________________________________

• Background Image Color - Open the color picker to change the color of the image background. The "web safe" color code (hexadecimal) is listed beside the color well. • Compression Quality - Select compression quality for image formats that support it. • Image Size - Sets the size of the icons image. • Add custom icon to file - A custom icon for the file will be generated from the image if this option is selected. ________________________________________

• Put generated files into the same folder as the item - you have the option of having Icon2Image put the generated image files into its own special folder, or the same folder as the current items being processed. • Choose image folder - Select the folder for saving images when the option to put images in the items folder is not selected. • Open image folder for me - Automatically open the images folder when the contextual menu creates images. • Open image file for me - Automatically open the image file after the contextual menu creates the image. ________________________________________

The Contextual Menu

The contextual menu has several parts. ________________________________________

• Go to Icon2Image folder - Display the Icon2Image folder in the Finder. This folder is specified using the "Choose image folder" option in the preferences Settings pane. • Icon2Image Preferences - Open the system preferences for Icon2Image. This menu item is useful for activating the contextual menu the first time you use it. Use it to open the preferences pane and then select the "Password" pane to activate Icon2Image for the first time. Subsequently use it to enter your permanent password if you register the product. ________________________________________

•  Make Icon for File... - Uses the Finders icon to generate an ICNS file. •  Make Icon for Media... - Generates an ICNS file using data appropriate for the media type of the file. If the file is an image the ICNS file will represent that image. For movies, the movie poster frame is used. ________________________________________

• Add Custom Icon to Media... - Replaces the Finder icon with an icon that represents the media type. If the file is an image the icon will represent that image. For movies, the movie poster frame is used. For ICNS files the image is the icon it represents. ________________________________________

•  <filename>.<image type extension> - These menu items generally depend on the Quicktime codecs you have installed. Each item corresponds to a codec of a specific type. For example, the selected item above corresponds to the TIFF codec type. If selected an image will be generated for the items icon using the TIFF image format. Note that the background color, image quality and size are determined by the settings on the preference pane.