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Introduction to Computer and Information Technology

Course Introduction

Contact Information
    

Professor: Dr. Bin Fu Phone: (956) 381-3635 Office: ENGR 3.280 E-mail: Web page:

Contact Information      Instructor: Mr. Raul Huerta Phone: (707) 728-5470 Office: ENGR 2.240 E-mail: Use Blackboard Office Hours: MW 10:45 AM-11:45 AM .

The Book .

The Book   Special edition for UTPA. and may be available only at the University Bookstore This edition only contains the chapters that are going to be covered on this course .

The Book  If you get the fat edition make sure is one of these and make sure it says COMPREHENSIVE .

Other Materials .

30423 (the full-page blue one) for tests.Other Materials Three scantrons No. .


.Other Materials A flash drive or equivalent is recommended.

Skydrive. Google Docs. also works fine.Other Materials Using cloud services like Dropbox. .

Other Materials Have your UTPA network account activated ASAP. .

Course Grading Exams (3) 50% Lab Assignments (approx. 5) 50% Your course grade will be based on the following scale A: 90-100% B: 80-89% C: 70-79% D: 60-69% F: 0-59% .

Grading Scale Points 900+ 800+ 700+ 600+ 0+ Grade A B C D F .

Points system Points Each Test Each Lab 200 100 How Total Many? 3 600 4 (Tentative) 400 .

Extra Credit .

Helpful 10 extra points If the student helps other students in the lab practice after getting the Super Speed credit in the same lab. Super Speed 10 extra points.   .Extra Points  Ready! Up to 10 extra points for each Quiz taken on Blackboard before the beginning of a chapter. if a lab is delivered before practice.

Extra Points  PowerPoint Master Completing the PowerPoint Assignment will earn you 50 points. Innards of the Web Completing the Web-page Assignment will earn you 50 points.  .

the class unlocks a helpful surprise for that particular test.Collective Achievements  More than Ready! If more than 25% of the class takes a particular Quiz. everyone gets 5 extra points Super Ready! If more than 50% of the class takes a particular Quiz.   . everyone gets 10 extra points Masters If more than 75% of the class takes all the Quizzes of the chapters that will be covered on the test.

Collective Achievements  Well done If the class gets an average of more than 90 on a particular lab everyone gets 5 points. Perfect Job! If the class gets an average of more than 95 on a particular lab everyone gets 10 points.  .

Course Policies .

and responsibility Special Problems/Note to students with disabilities Course Expectations   . fairness.Course Policies  Attendance (up to five times!) Completion of exams and assignments   Academic Integrity .honesty.

10:15 a.m (Final Exam time): Test 3 (7. May 08.-12 p. and Ethics Lab Lab 7 7 29-Apr Study Day. No class 9 Tuesday.m.3) Operating Systems and File management Spring break LANs and WANs LANs and WANs .Tentative Schedule Week starting 15-Jan TUESDAY Course Introduction THURSDAY Computers and Digital Basics CHAPT ER 1 22-Jan 29-Jan 05-Feb 12-Feb 19-Feb 26-Feb 04-Mar 11-Mar 18-Mar 25-Mar 01-Apr 08-Apr Computers and Digital Basics Computer Hardware Computer Hardware Computer Software Computer Software Test 1 (1.5.The Internet The Internet Test 2 (4. 9) .6) Lab Lab Lab Lab Lab Lab Lab 1 2 2 3 3 4 Lab Lab Lab Lab 5 6 6 15-Apr 22-Apr The Web and E-mail The Web and E-mail The Computer Industry: History.2. Career.

Course Introduction .End .