TOWN PLANNING AIM:Initiation of creating the town by a plan.

The basic objective behind the whole planning is to raise the standard of living of human beings. METHODOLOGY:Planning on the basis of 10 selected sectors. Investment plan: Attractive schemes for the buyers.  Accommodations and strategies for them.  Subdivision of houses in the town.  House prices according to categories of investors like for retired, general etc…  Different payment modes for investors. Infrastructure & Gaming sector: Disaster prone buildings.  Attractive and secure infrastructure.  Roads and parking lots are systematically made.  Proper drainage system.  Infrastructure utilizing the environmental conditions.  Providing technology based gaming. Security: Software and man power (dual) based security.  Security within town and security system for entrance and exit.  A computerized pass for every citizen of town.  Centrally controlled CCTV based systems.  Separate entrance and exit for town people and visitors. Electricity management: Use of Fuzzy logic control system.  Providing 24 hours electricity.  Management of electricity.  Research for better ways of electricity production.  Providing electricity backups in case of electricity cut off.

 To develop understanding and initiating use of mind. urine checkup clinics. posters etc.  Setting up small scale recycling plants. .  Useful things like slogans.  Publication of resource materials related to environment.  Putting air purifying rods at different places in the town.  Unadulterated vegetables and fruits. competitions. selections.  Interaction between peer groups. courts and facilities.  Emphasis on good quality and optimum quantity of ingredients to be taken.  Proper display of health and care related matters. Environmental Awareness: Organization of awareness camps and programs at regular intervals. to be made available.  Sports sector include proper training.  Judicial use of technology in making the atmosphere eco-friendly. Environmental Protection: Gardening.  Design with the help of Photoshop.  Explore imagination and creativity among the people. sweets.  Varieties of dishes. Education sector: Delivering more practical knowledge. etc.  Promoting the town with the help of media.  Facilities of restaurants and food stalls.  Sports sector including major indoor and outdoor sports. controlling all inlets and outlets of the town and making the best out of them.  Working for individual and organizational growth systematically.  Maintain moral values and reduce generation gap. Managing sector & multiple sectors: Managing work of all selected sectors in town. occasional.Food sector: Fresh and seasonal food products are provided.  Designing of posters and slogans to be used in the town.  By setting up a central dome in the heart of the town.  Blood bank.  Sports sector include well developed grounds. are to be developed. Advertisement &Designing: Advertising for town promotion.  Designing of posters for hoardings. to get information.

 Plant life ----> being a part of human lifecycle. Bringing changes in human life by improving it.  Reducing entropy in town. TARGET USERS:Inside town  Human beings ----> their way of living get raised.  Security. Proper utilization of technology based on software. Providing means towards a well-established life.  Creation of fearless and secure environment. Regeneration of useful products using waste materials.  Success of this plan will lead to enlargement of this plan with inclusion of more and more sectors.  Environment ----> clean and strong environment.  Environment and facilities.  Plant life ---->the technique of enriching plant life inside town will inspire people outside the town to use similar techniques. EXPECTED IMPACT: Development of sense of responsibility for surrounding and environment. . Disaster prone infrastructure. USEFULNESS:         Medical facilities and other concerning matters. it will also get enriched. Growth with awareness. inside environment will also improve surrounding environment.  Environment ----> as environment is vast. Ensures healthy & peaceful environment for living. Outside town  Human beings ----> get influenced by ways and technology used in the town.  Education. Preservation of resources.  Inspirational methods for  Infrastructure making.  Pollution free environment.

It helps in achieving the best possible advantages of the situation of town with respect to its land and surrounding environments. Object of health includes making right use of land for right purpose. natural greenery. . etc. playground for the public. It includes preservation of trees. Object of beauty is achieved by taking most possible advantages of natural conditions surrounding the town. It is used to indicate the arrangement of various components of a town in such a way that the town attains the significance of the living organization. Object of convenience is understood in the form of various economical social and recreational amenities to be given to the public. architectural control. environment and health. correlating and analyzing the facts about a town. convenience. It is a type of art which lies in arranging the components of a town in such a way that the final result is in the form of a beautiful. It demands active imagination and sharp understanding of various needs of society to occupy the town. It is a type of science consistingCollecting. Objects of Town Planning The basic essential objects of any town planning are beauty. Object of environment includes the daily activities of people with the least amount of strain. by providing parks. It includes ways and means to be adopted for the improvement of existing towns.Town planning Town Planning is gaining importance in the planned economy of the country. Necessity of town planning is to provide more comfort and convenience to the public. convenient and efficient unit.