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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have taken efforts in this document.

However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I am highly indebted to Mr. Rudrajit Bose for his guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the document and also for their support in completing the document. I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents their kind cooperation and encouragement which help me in completion of this document. I would like to express my special gratitude and thanks to printing people for giving me such attention and time. My thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in developing the document and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.

Brand / Designer i. First stage ii. Toilet paper garment . Infographic 3. Visual board 4.INDEX 1. ii. Presentation Infographic Visual board 5. Mind map i. Problem 6. Second stage 2. iii.


tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea. visualize. I managed to overcome the hurdles by doing work slowly and consulting the dictionary and websites which was not at all time consuming. ideas. Mind mapping was done so that we are able to identify and thing in deep and how broadly we can think and till which level our mind can work. The obstacles faced during the assignment were that I was not able to find many words to reach to the 16th Fibonacci number 987. Mind maps are used to generate. . solving problem and making decision. structure and classify ideas and as an aid to studying and organizing information.SYNPOSIS Mind map is a diagram used to represent words. It was also time consuming.

Pressure was the core word. palang tod) with a minimum of 987 connections. This was something which was done by me for the first time. Connecting words from the word pressure was made. EXECUTION: The word which was selected by me was pressure.AIM: To make the mind map from the given list of theme (gum. It should have 987 connections this was the first stage mind map. And the core word of those 10 words is pressure. . LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over from this assignment I was able to make mind map. I learnt o make connections from one core word. lust. pressure. Now keeping those 10 words as the core word we had to make the mind map of 100 connections each. All over the second stage mind map should have 1000 words in total. dheela. From those 987 words we had to find 10 words which interest us the most.

These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly as in signs. At many times I got confused to get the exact output to depict pressure. I managed to overcome the hurdles by experimenting many times before getting the final outcome. journalism.ASSIGNMENT-2 INFOGRAPHIC SYNPOSIS Info graphics are the graphic visual representation of information. data or knowledge. maps. The obstacles I faced during the assignment were it was difficult to show pressure in form of info graphic without using the word pressure. . After a long time I was finally able to get the info graphic exactly as required depicting the word pressure. technical writing and education.

illegal. fizz. I got the texture of the water flowing on the paper to show water pressure. . sensor. The inorganic was made of the 10 words chosen from the first stage mind map and the words were power. LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over with the assignment I was able to make the graphic board properly depicting the any core word given to us. reproduction. energy. air. communication. EXECUTION: We had to make the info graphic depicting pressure so I took an A3 size sheet and I used fabric paints in a tub full of water. memory.AIM: To make a graphic board/info graphic depicting the word pressure and showing the mind map on it. paragliding. These sheets were arranged and the words were in such manners that even the words were showing pressure. Same process was repeated 5-6 times.

The mind map requires that student use drawing.ASSIGNMENT-3 VISUAL BOARD SYNPOSIS Visual board is made to show the idea and images that is presented in a particular way to have its meaning or symbolism. I had to search stacks of magazine to find few good pictures. The obstacles faced during the assignment were that I was not able to get good pictures for the visual board and was not able to make connections of the pictures. photos or pictures from the magazine to represent a specific concept. .

. I made all possible connections slowly from the magazine pictures. The visual board must be connecting. EXECUTION: We had to take an A3 size sheet and find many pictures related to pressure from the stack of magazine. AIM: To make a visual board of the word pressure. The pictures had to be placed in such a manner that there must be a connection or a story behind it. All pictures when placed or stick together should look like one picture not different pictures. Then finally get the board we had to paste the pictures and had to take care of few things that the pictures should not woape and look like one picture. By completing my work with 3 times and finally reaching to the outcome.I managed to overcome my hurdles by doing my work slowly. The pictures were taken only from magazine and not from any other source.

LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over with this assignment I was able to make connections not only with words but also with the pictures. ASSIGNMENT-4 BRAND/DESIGNER PRESENTATION INFOGRAPHIC VISUAL BOARD . I was finally able to get an interesting visual board.

Genny. Italy. Soon with the growing popularity of Versace style. Versace opened its first boutique in Milan via della spiga. Donatella Versace ( Artistic Director). Alma. Versace style has become a trademark of . still selling other labels to complement his own collection. Founded in 1978. Complice.SYNOPSIS The brand chosen by me was Versace. Versace designed for Italian fashion labels De Parisi. its headquarters are in Milan. Key people are Gianni Versace ( Founder). Gian Giacomo Ferraris (Director ). Santo Versace (Chairman). boutique started to spread across the globe. Calaghan.

I managed to overcome my hurdles by researching in dept about the brand. It’s also known for striking colours. The collection of men and women are sexy to the point of vulgarity. The obstacles I faced during the assignment were it was difficult for me to make the mind map of the brand and show it in the form of a graphic. material and cuts. Make a 10 slide presentation. I purchased the brand magazine so that I have enough pictures to make a visual board which is connecting and showing the product of the brand. EXECUTION: We had to select a brand that we find interesting. info graphic and visual board of the brand/designer (Versace). I was not able to find the pictures easily from the magazine to make the visual board. We had to do the deep research about the brand that how do they function and what is the style of working of that brand.its own. The orientation is we being a design team member for the brand chosen and the presentation were given to the . AIM: To make the presentation.

weakness. threats). The visual boards were made by putting the products of the brand together on an A3 size sheet. Mind map was the combination of visual and textual elements. The presentation must also contain SWOT (strength. The mind map of the brand was also made. I understood the brand completely with all important points that should be in a mind of the designer. LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over with this assignment I learned how to do the brand study in depth as an employee of the company. ASSIGNMENT-5 PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION PROBLEM STATEMENT MANUFACTURING PROCESS .owner explaining about the understanding of the brand (Versace). opportunity.

Problems are often confused with solution. Solutions often becomes problem.EXISTING SOLUTION SYNPOSIS Problems are only when we are unaware of it. . The major problem which I had was that I am fond of reading and while reading I need a light on my head so that there is bright light over me. Problem and values change over a period of time.

But I have to do . AIM: To find a problem and the solution of the problem and design the solution of the problem. While reading I need light on my head while reading. All the work was done by us so I have little bit problem with the technical things. I managed to overcome my hurdles by doing sketching before showing and making the final output.The obstacles faced during the assignment were it was difficult to design the solution and make a 3d model out of it. EXECUTION: Problem was that since I am fond of reading.

We even made the boards of the problem. second was the manufacturing board which shows the manufacturing of the product and the third board was the existing solution board which had all the solution which was existing. So the solution which I found to my problem was that there should a four leg sofa and there should be a light attached on it on the top.reading while lying on bed. ASSIGNMENT -6 TOILET PAPER GARMENT . I used thermocol and cotton cloth to show my product in 3d form. LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over with the assignment I learned to get the solution of my problem and to design the solution in a different way and to do it well. It must look like a sofa with the lamp attached to it. When we adjust the bottom side of the sofa we are able to get the sofa cum bed so we lie upon it. The three boards were the problem statement board in which the problem was shown visually.

The pleats and folds of tissue paper were done by using ironing machine. I managed to overcome the hurdles by using toilet paper very delicately. It was even difficult to use fevicol as the pasting material on muslin because after using fevicol it gets woaped up very quickly. Instead of using fevicol I used double sided tape which was easy for pasting. The obstacles faced during the assignment were it was difficult to handle toilet paper because it is very thin and is very delicate material. Today more than 20 billion rolls are used each year in western Europe. The rolls are available since the end of 19th century. There was even problem in pasting it. .SYNPOSIS Toilet paper is a soft paper product (tissue paper) used to maintain personal hygiene. It can be used for various other purposes. Toilet towel are also used for hygiene purpose. It gets torn very easily because of the softness in it.

LEARNING OUTCOME: After we got over with the assignment I was able to get the complete garment as planned according to the theme mocktails. As the base of the garment muslin cloth was used.AIM: To make the garment with the help of toilet paper and to connect the garment with the theme. I learnt how to present the garment and how to impress our customers with the logic so that they get attracted towards the garment and purchase it. . Sketches were made by using different style and idea. EXECUTION: We had to select a theme for the garment. The theme and sketches were connected to the garment. Since my theme is mocktails so I had to use printed and colored tissue paper cut in the standard size of the toilet roll. Same steps were repeated at the back of the garment. All the tissue paper was pasted with the help of double sided tape. The stripes and the colored roll were cut with the help of the brown chart paper in the form of a pattern. The garment came out n the form of my theme mocktails.

pina colada. The fans on the top are depicting the decoration that is done on the moctails glasses with those umbrella and straw. and looks and tastes like a cocktails is known as a moctail. The shape of my garment from the bottom is in the shape of a bottle. fruit punch. rainbow drink. blue lagoon. fruit punch. Cinderella. I have used this bright colour to depict the colour of moctails because all moctails are generally very dark and bright in colour. The fans in the middle are depicting the colour transaction or colour tints of the liquid when mixed together in a moctail glass. . pineapple special. orange blossom. virgin mary. The theme for my garment is moctails. Few examples of the moctails are watermelon surprise.EXPLANATION A non-alcoholic drink that is made of mixed juices. pick me up. Since moctails is a part of beverages so I have linked my garment to a moctail.