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Choose 5 activities to complete each week. Please remember that Homelinks, Poetry Journals, Family Projects, and Read and Review are NOT optional. Poetry Journal’s MUST be turned in on Thursday!! Initial each activity box that is completed and return in to school on May 1st.

Family Project (see attached) DUE ON 4/2

1 Practice writing the letter Y, upper and lower case 7 8
Practice writing the letter W, upper and lower case

Building Geometric Shapes

3 Keep a tally chart for every rain day in April” 10
Write as many words as you can that end with “op

4 Poetry Journal

5 Play Crazy Carrots (see attached) 11 12 Read & Review 18 19 Read & Review
25 26

6 Practice counting by 2’s

Homelink 7*4

Counting Up and Back

13 Write Mrs. Martin a letter or an email 20 Practice counting coins

Have a family picnic. Be sure everyone helps to prepare what is needed. Grocery Store Math (see attached)

Homelink 7*7

Poetry Journal


15 Practice writing the letter X, upper and lower case

16 Homelink 7*9 Collections of Number Names

17 Play Crazy Carrots (see attached)

Poetry Journal

As a family, vote on a favorite flower. Purchase one packet of seeds and plant them together in your yard or an indoor pot.


Practice writing the letter K, upper and lower case

Homelink 7*14 Comparing Numbers

Think of as many words as you can that are synonyms for the word good

Poetry Journal

Read & Review

Practice writing your first and last name (nice and neat)


Make a card for each person in your family

Practice writing the letter Z, upper and lower case

Homelink 8*2 How Long is an Hour?


Book It is over for this year.

Grocery Store Math
Introduction: As you complete this activity, you’ll learn how to save money at the grocery store. Materials: You’ll need paper, a pen or pencil and a calculator. Directions: Family Partner: Ask your child to choose what you’ll have for dinner. Write a menu based on his or her choices. Family Partner and Student: Make a list of the ingredients you need for your dinner menu. Find out what you already have at home. Make a shopping list for the remaining ingredients. Before you go, check the newspaper or grocery store flyer for coupons for the items you need to buy. At the store, find each item on the grocery list. Compare prices to decide which brand of each item to buy. As you wait in the checkout line, estimate what the total cost of your groceries will be. Use a calculator to find the exact amount. Talk About It: What was your total grocery store bill? How much money did you save by using coupons? What would your total have been without coupons? How far off was your estimate from the amount ofmoney the groceries actually cost?

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April Family Project
Spring Into a New Season What do you think of when you hear the word spring? Maybe you think of green grass, buds on trees, blooms on flowers, growth of new plants, birth of new animals such as birds and bunnies, coloring eggs, warmer weather, etc. For this month's project, students are bringing home an egg shape (a common symbol of spring) to decorate with their families as they wish; however, each egg must be “cracked” open and have an animal or insect hatching from it. Mammals/birds/amphibians/reptiles/fish/insects that hatch from egg ideas

(that you may or may not choose to use!)

Mammals (platypus and the echidna) Birds (chicks, ducklings, owls, pelicans, sparrows, robins, flamingos, toucans, penguins, etc.) Amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, newts) Reptiles (Turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators, cobras, pythons, rattlesnakes, etc.) Insects & Arachnids (caterpillars, praying mantis’, grasshoppers, wolf spiders, tarantulas, black widow spiders, bees, scorpions, etc) Fish (goldfish, salmon, eels, catfish, piranhas, zebra shark, trout, clownfish, etc.) You may want to change the egg shape depending on what you choose will hatch from it. As always, enjoy this time with your child! DUE on April 2

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