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Choose 5 activities to complete each week. Please remember that Homelinks, Poetry Journals, Family Projects, and Read and Review are NOT optional. Poetry Journal’s MUST be turned in on Monday!! Initial each activity box that is completed and return in to school on January 8th.






Family Project
(see attached: Due Dec. 3)

1 Play Meltdown (see attached) 8 Practice counting by 10’s, how high can you go? 14 15 Make a gift and a card for someone special
Write a thank you note to someone who gave you a gift

Ask as many members if they enjoy candy canes, graph the results

3 Practice writing the letter E, upper and lower case 10
Practice writing the letter F, upper and lower case

4 Homelink 3*12 Heavier or Lighter 11 Homelink 3*15 Counting Fingers 18 Homelink 4*2 Top-It 25 Homelink 4*5 Creating Patterns

5 Practice tying your shoes

6 Poetry Journal Read & Review 13 Poetry Journal 20 Read ALL the poems in your poetry journal 27 Practice writing all the letters you know Read & Review


Have a parent help you write a letter to a distant relative

Go through your fridge and cabinets, find items that start with F

16 Create a family scrapbook 23 Make a card for each member of your family 30
Make a time capsule, fill it with special family memories

Practice writing the letter G, upper and lower case


19 Practice writing your first and last name
Earth or Alien Word Game (see attached)

21 Read & Review 28 Count all the lights in your house


24 Play Meltdown (see attached) 31 Sing your favorite song from school


Practice zipping or buttoning your coat/jacket



Book It Minute Count ___

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Earth or Alien Word Game
The object of the game is to determine whether the letters that are rolled with three dice are Earth words (like “cat”) or Alien words (like “tep”). Attached you will find three dice patterns. Have your child color the two dice with consonants- Blue and the dice with vowels (A, E, I, O, and U)- Red. Then cut apart the dice and assemble. Take turns rolling the three dice. Arrange them in Blue, Red, Blue order. Then have your child sound out the cubes and determine whether it is an “Earth” word or if it is an “Alien” word. Have your child write down the word in the appropriate column on the game sheet. **This is a great way to get students to sound out words and blend them together. Students have been taught strategies such as “chopping” up sounds/words and “stretching” out words for blending.

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Earth Words or Alien Words

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December Family Project
Your child's home project for the month of December called Hidden Holiday Patterns! During the holiday season, we see many brightly decorated trees. Some are trimmed with strands of garland, lights, popcorn and cranberries, and homemade chains. They may be dressed with ornaments of bells, angels, balls, stars, etc. This month's project asks students and their families to place decorations on the tree in a pattern of their choice. For example.... strand of lights with an AB pattern (red, yellow, red, yellow) ornaments going across in an ABB pattern (star, bell, bell) Please assist your child in decorating the attached tree using a pattern for each row across. Students may keep the same pattern throughout (easiest) or they may want to make a different pattern for each row. (more challenging). When completed, ask your child to describe the patterns. Trees can be decorated with drawing, painting, or gluing. Some ideas to be creative… use sequins, glitter, family pictures, stickers, foam pieces, buttons, etc.. Your tree does not have to be a Christmas theme it can be decorated any way you choose!

Enjoy this time with your child!