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Choose 5 activities to complete each week. Please remember that Homelink, Poetry Journals, and Read and Review are NOT optional. Poetry Journals MUST be turned in on Thursday!! Initial each activity box that is completed and return in to school on March 1st.




Family Project: (see attached) Project Due: 2/4/2012

Homelink 100 Day Project (This

1 Read & Review 8 Read & Review 14 15 Read & Review

Go on a loose change hunt. Count up how many of each coin you found.

project needs to be turned in by 2/5)

3 Play a board game with your family 10 Make valentines for your favorite people

4 Practice writing the letter S, upper and lower case 11 Practice writing the letter B, upper and lower case 18 Practice writing the letter P, upper and lower case 25 Practice writing the letter R, upper and lower case

5 Homelink 5.9 Car Color Tally

6 Play Pig (see attached) Poetry Journal

9 Practice counting by 5s to 50. 16

12 Practice Writing Numbers 1-100

13 Play Meltdown (see attached)

Poetry Journal

Take 100 steps around your house

22 23 Write 5 addition number sentences and solve them

Make your bed and a family members bed


19 Homelink 6.3 Solid Shape Museum 26 Practice counting to 100 by 10s

Practice writing the alphabet using only lowercase letters

20 Poetry Journal

21 Read & Review 28 Poetry Journal

24 Teach your family the Willow Way

27 Practice writing your last name 3X


Book It Minute Count ___

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Earth or Alien Word Game

The object of the game is to determine whether the letters that are rolled with three dice are Earth words (like cat) or Alien words (like tep). Attached you will find three dice patterns. Have your child color the two dice with consonants- Blue and the dice with vowels (A, E, I, O, and U)- Red. Then cut apart the dice and assemble. Take turns rolling the three dice. Arrange them in Blue, Red, Blue order. Then have your child sound out the cubes and determine whether it is an Earth word or if it is an Alien word. Have your child write down the word in the appropriate column on the game sheet. **This is a great way to get students to sound out words and blend them together. Students have been taught strategies such as chopping up sounds/words and stretching out words for blending.

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Earth Words or Alien Words

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February Family Project

Our February Home Project is very open ended. Your family will 'Start With A Heart' - the supplied paper heart. I am asking that students work with their families to create anything they wish. Your family might want to choose one of the following ideas or your child may think of something much more creative and meaningful to them! Sample ideas: a heart person with arms, legs, etc. a decorated valentine a patterned heart a heart filled with pictures of things/people they love a tissue paper heart a heart mobile Anything you wish! Please have your child cut out the heart shape and then your family may begin! Again, enjoy this time with your child as you work together on 'Start With A Heart!'