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Choose 5 activities to complete each week. Please remember that Homelink, Poetry Journals, Family Projects, and Read and Review are NOT optional. Poetry Journal’s MUST be turned in on Thursday!! Initial each activity box that is completed and return in to school on November 1st.

(see attached)

Draw a picture of a cow jumping over the moon

2 Homelink 2*5 Patterns All Around 9 Homelink 2*13 Penny Jar 16 Homelink Writing Numbers 23 Homelink Writing Numbers 30 Homelink Writing Numbers

3 Practice writing your name correctly 10
Name 5 words that begin with the first letter of your name

4 Poetry Journal 11 Poetry Journal 18 Poetry Journal 25 Poetry Journal

5 Read & Review 12 Read & Review 19 Read & Review 26 Read & Review

Visit the library. Can you find a book about spiders?


Due: October 2nd

7 Help your family vacuum a room 14

Practice writing the letter L, upper and lower case

13 Draw a picture of your favorite book 20 Make a pattern using leaves 27 Practice tying your shoes

Help your family empty ALL the trash cans in your house

Practice writing the letter I, upper and lower case


17 Practice saying your address 3X 24 Practice counting to 50 31

21 Play a board game with your family
Draw a spooky picture and give it to a family member

Practice writing the letter T, upper and lower case


Practice writing the letter O, upper and lower case


Take a survey of everyone in your house: Candy or Chocolate


Book It Minute Count ___

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October Family Project
This month's project is called “Pumpkin Decorating.” It is a very simple project! For this project, I am sending home a pumpkin pattern. You are not required to use the pattern, you can make one that is larger/smaller/three dimensional, etc..; it is completely up to you. The pumpkins can be painted, colored, glued with tissue paper or fabric, they can be made to look like jacko-lanterns or ghosts or even bats! You can use paper plates, paper bags, or you could even decorate one of those foam pumpkins! Have fun spending time with your child and be creative! All projects are due on Tuesday, October 2nd!