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MP3 Alarm Clock 2.3.

Revenge of the Wake-up!
Q: What is MP3 Alarm Clock?
A: MP3 Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock application for Mac OS X that lets you wake up to your favorite music.

Q: Whats new in 2.3.2?
A: Fix for GMT offset issues with Leopard compatibility

Q: Whats new in 2.3.1?
A: Fixed bug where in some cases it would not show the correct AM/PM icon

Q: Whats new in 2.3?
A: Some useful little features I cooked up during my last year of school. Probably won't be updated with features for a while after this release :-) New Features • Advanced alarm option (default) unmutes the computer automatically and sets system volume to full blast

- Once you dismiss the alarm, sets system volume back to normal setting • Can now disallow snoozing. Choose your procrastinatory poison! • Now checks for updates automatically • Support for AAC files (not protected files from iTunes Store, though) What's Improved • An improved time setting control that allows keyboard input (NSDatePicker) and helps the AM/PM mistake • Now built as a Universal binary. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer Bug Fixes • Plugged minor memory leaks Changes Under new management Back to original icon. Thank/blame the management Uses MTCoreAudio framework for Unmute+Max feature Automatic update check thanks to M. Uli Kusterer's UKUpdateChecker class

• • • •

Q: What's new in 2.2?
New Features • Alarm creation window now has buttons to add and remove all songs to/from the playlist • The playlist now advances to the next song every time you snooze. • A 'randomize playlist' feature has been added • Gradually Increasing Volume is back from the Mac OS 9 version • Decreasing Snooze Time - each time you snooze, the snooze time cuts in half • Today button is back! What's Improved

• Application now saves preferences to file every time you add, edit, or delete an alarm • Snooze sheet now stays while you are snoozing - more intuitive • Reworded some of the text to improve continuity • Unnamed alarms now display as "Untitled Alarm" • And other minor changes have been made • An alternate user-supplied icon has been provided Bug Fixes • MP3 Alarm Clock now always jumps to the front when an alarm triggers • Customize Toolbar now works if no windows are open • Should save prefs for users who log in as root (btw: stop logging in as root!) • And other minor bugs have been squished

Q: What's new in 2.1?
New Features • Playlists! Alarms now have individual playlists • You can activate/inactivate individual alarms • You can now drag in a directory and MP3 Alarm Clock will recursively add all valid contents • Dock Menu. Create and edit alarms through Mp3 Alarm Clock's application dock icon! • Media Library is now sortable by name or by playlist inclusion • Media Library can be organized simply by dragging around its elements into the order you prefer. • Finder-like status bar shows how many alarms you have and how many of those are active • Finder-like status bar show mow many songs are in your library and how many of those are in your current playlist What's Improved • Note is renamed message, and it is now as long as you want it to be • Snooze sheet layout improved • MP3 Alarm Clock jumps to foreground when alarm triggers

• • • • •

Apple 1 opens the main window if you have closed it, iTunes style Reveal in finder now reveals every item selected Days are no longer formatted like _M____S, a better method is used Alarm Manager has customizable toolbar instead of buttons and bigger alarm management region Audio and Speed sliders are disabled when their features are off

Bug Fixes • AM/PM menu no longer double-checked at startup • Fixed a bug with creating new alarms while editing other alarms • Stop button reverts to preview button when preview is done

Q: What's new in 2.0?
A: MP3 Alarm Clock 2.0 does a lot more than the original version for Mac OS 8/9. It has the following features: • Support for an infinite number of alarms. • Support for many file types, including MP3, WAV, AIFF, MPG, CD Audio, Midi, ULAW, QT Movies, and system 7 sounds • The ability to wake you up to a CD! Just drag the track you want to wake up to into alarm editor window and MP3 Alarm Clock will play it when its time to wake up - this option is for people who don't want to clog their hard drives with music they already have on CD. • Alarms can be set to go off on any possible combination of days - MWF, Weekends, Saturday, or anything you want. • Drag and Drop interface which makes it easy to add your music to new alarms. • MP3 Alarm Clock uses threads where appropriate, to improve performance on MP machines and ensuring the best possible performance. • The ability to set a note for each alarm that will be displayed when the alarm goes off. • Alarm naming - to help sort and manage a large number of MP3s • Smart file tracking - MP3 Alarm Clock verifies all media is still where it used to be when you added it, and will alert you when it cannot find the media that belongs to an alarm. • Customizable snooze times for each alarm • Custom volume for each alarm

• Custom music speed for each alarm - you can wake up to slowed down or sped up music!!! Not very useful, but definitely fun. • The ability to preview what an alarm will sound like before creating the alarm - useful to test your volume and rate settings. • Written entirely in Cocoa and Objective-C, so it has full access to Mac OS Services and other Mac OS X specific resources.

Q: Where did MP3 Alarm Clock come from?
A: MP3 Alarm Clock was born out of necessity. It was a warm saturday in April and my friend said "Wouldn't it be great if your alarm clock played MP3s?" I thought it was a neat idea, so I searched online to look for alarm clocks for the Macintosh... and didn't really find much. There were a few here and there that beeped or played system 7 sounds, but none that would support MP3s. Then it hit me... I could whip up a little program to play MP3s at certain times! I sat down, opened CodeWarrior Pro 5 which I had just purchased at the UC Berkeley student store for $99, and started coding. About 4 hours later, I had a working MP3 Alarm Clock. I spent a few more hours adding skin support and bug testing it and it was pretty much done. I decided other people may want it so I posted it to versiontracker early in the morning, hoping 100 people to download it on its first day. I woke up the next morning and went to my classes, and when I got home, i saw over 900 downloads in just a few hours, and dozens of emails for suggestions and praise. I realized I had made something people wanted. Over the next 2 days I fixed the bugs sent to me and added a bunch of new features, and again, tons of downloads. Over the next month I pretty much spent most of my free time making MP3 Alarm Clock the best application I could make it. Over the next few months, it made its way onto dozens of software CDs, won awards, and was even featured on ZDTV. I was quite excited. After MP3 Alarm Clock version 1.4, the suggestions and bug fix emails stopped coming in, and people seemed to be happy with it. I started working on other projects, and ever since, there has not been an update to MP3 Alarm Clock. That is, until now. ::evil laugh::

Q: How do I use this program?:
A: It's very easy. Below I explain every part of my application in detail: The Alarm Manager window:

The Alarm Manager window provides you with a quick overview of your alarms. You can delete alarms, edit alarms, and create alarms here. To create your first alarm, click the New Alarm button. To edit an existing alarm, click on the alarm you wish to edit and click Edit Alarm. Similarly, if you wish to delete an alarm, select it and click the delete button, or delete on the keyboard. These commands all have menu equivalents as well, for those of you who like keyboard shortcuts.

The Edit Alarm window:

In this window, you create and edit your alarms. Here is a breakdown of everything you can do • First, click the days you want the alarm to trigger. To save time, I added "Weekdays", "Today", and "Everyday" clicking these will light up the appropriate days for you, saving time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere. • Second, select the time you want your alarm to trigger. For now its only in AM/PM - no military/European/24 hour time, but that feature is coming. To set the hour, click on the hour and use the arrows to the right to change the values. You can set the minutes in the same way. • Third, and most importantly, select your audio. MP3 Alarm Clock would just be "Alarm Clock" without step 3. You can drag your music from the finder into the audio list or add it with the Import Audio button, which will bring up a standard open sheet. You can drag in from the finder or select as many files as you want from the dialog, and MP3 Alarm Clock will figure out which files are valid music files and which are not, weeding out the inappropriate files. Once you have added audio to this list, you can create a playlist to wake up to by checking the songs you want in your playlist. To remove files from this list, select the file you do not want anymore and either hit the delete key on the keyboard or click the Remove Audio button. If you want, you can reveal the currently selected file in the finder, in case you didn't know where it was. You can also preview the music you have selected. Simply click the Preview button. The screenshot above says "Stop" because I am currently previewing "Complications Of The Flesh.mp3" at 133% normal volume. • Step 4 is optional - you can optionally customize your alarm:

• You can name alarms in order to better identify which alarm is which in the Alarm Manager window. If you do not specify a name, it will show up as "Untitled Alarm" in the alarm manager. • You can set your snooze time to be anywhere between 1 minute and 20 minutes. • You can type out a note which will be displayed when the alarm triggers - this is a great little feature, it lets you remind yourself of something that you would normally forget in the morning. • Unmute and Max System Volume will save your butt. Added by Josh after missing far too many classes and exams because the Mac's volume wasn't set loud enough. When the alarm triggers, it will make sure the system volume isn't muted and will set it to full blast; when the alarm is dismissed, it sets the system volume back to normal. Note that the system volume is different from the volume for the alarm. This feature is turned on by default for extra butt-saving goodness! • You can specify custom volume for each alarm. Sometimes you want an extra loud alarm because you absolutely need to wake up and wake up quickly, or you want mp3 alarm clock to trigger quietly because you are working on a report and want to be reminded when its time to meet up with your friend, and you don't want the alarm to blast really loud, except you still want the system volume up at its normal volume for incoming mail sounds and system beeps. There are many times you may want this feature. To use it, simply turn it on by clicking the check box, and then drag the slider around. • This next feature, custom music speed, is really fun. Play your music up to twice as fast as normal, or as slow as 1% its original speed. Try it out, its really funny to hear, especially when you drag the slider around rapidly while you are previewing the song! • You can also chose to randomize playlist playback. With the Randomize Playlist button checked, MP3 Alarm Clock will randomly select a song to begin with when it wakes you up, and it will continue to chose random songs when it is time to play the next song. • Decreasing Snooze Time: This feature is very useful for those of you who like to snooze a lot, and end up late to meetings, class, or whatever because of that. With Decreasing Snooze Time enabled, every time you snooze, the snooze time will cut in half, become more and more persistent. For example, 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds, 1 minute and 15 seconds... you can see this will get you out of bed pretty quickly after 3 or more snoozes! • Gradually Increasing Volume: This is for all of you (myself included) who hate waking up to sudden loud blasting music, causing you to leap out of bed, run across the room, and smack the keyboard to quiet your ridiculously loud alarm in fear it will wake your entire apartment complex. This feature will gradually increase the volume of your alarm from total silence to the maximum volume you set in 5 minutes. This way, if you are only

sleeping lightly, the quiet music will wake you. If not, as the music gradually increases in volume, the probability you will wake increases as well. Finally, if you are still not awake in 5 minutes, the alarm will be blasting at its maximum volume, as it would if this option were not checked. I think all alarm clocks should have this feature.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: MP3 Alarm Clock is 100% free, unlike other alarm clock programs out there... MP3 Alarm Clock will always be the first MP3 alarm clock for Mac OS X, the best alarm clock for Mac OS X (in my opinion of course), and the cheapest alarm clock for Mac OS X.

Q: ACK! I found a bug!!! Can you fix it?
A: Of course! E-mail your bug reports to and I will fix 'em as fast as I can!

Q: This program rules, but I have an idea that would make it even better. Can you add it?
A: Yep! Just e-mail any suggestions or comments you have to me at

Q: Uhhh, there is a problem with your read me, I found a typo, and/or something is incorrect... what do I do about it?
A: Come on, you should have figured this out by now... E-mail and I'll see what I can do. I'm only one busy person, and while I try to make my read me informative and manual-like, I don't go over it with a fine tooth comb like I do my application. =)

Q: What about the credits?
A: Don't worry, I didn't forget them! Here ya go: Engineering - who wrote this? • Now maintained by Josh Benjamin • Created by Mike Margolis Website - where you can find new versions and more information

Testing and Feedback - the people who risked waking up to make sure you do! Kyle D. Dixon, Anders Holck Perersen, Michael Simmons, Nicholas Brulois, Daniel Peek, Matthew Sand, Bradley Farnsworth Special Thanks To: Michael C Thornburgh, MTCoreAudio framework used for Unmute+Max feature M. Uli Kusterer's, automatic update check thanks to this crazy dude Josh Wurzel, this app wouldn't exist without him Michael Meisel, for helping me out with cocoa questions because I'm too stubborn to read the documentation All of the original MP3 Alarm Clock Users: Thanks for sending me all of the feedback, bug reports, and encouraging comments.

Legal stuff / the small print:
I accept no responsibilities for my program if it does something it is not supposed to, like blow up your computer or crash and not wake you up. In fact, if anything goes wrong, its not my fault, it's YOUR fault for using it! But seriously, I accept no responsibility for anything bad that occurs if my program malfunctions in any way.