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The impetus for this document was a conversation Pete Eyre had with MA State Police employee Michael
Barrett on 2011.08.19.
For over a year Eyre has been seeking the results of an investigatory report about the conduct of
individuals employed by the Greenfield, MA Police Department. Despite the fact that Eyre was told that
the report was started before his arrest, Barrett claims that the investigation was not completed due to a
failure on Eyre's behalf to share relevant information.
As the information below demonstrates, Eyre has not only made himself available, but has repeatedly
made contact over various mediums (emails, faxes, phone calls, in-person visits) to obtain this
information. To be clear, Eyre was never asked for the information Barrett says the report's completion
hinged upon. Nevertheless, in the interest of transparency and holding individuals accountable for their
actions, the text below - which outline the information sought by Eyre - is provided at this time. (Ìt is also
viewable, with Eyre's mailing address redacted, at
Responses to this inquiry can be sent to:

Pete Eyre
Keene, NH 03431


JuIy 1st, 2010 (see
Pete Eyre and his colleague Ademo Freeman (aka Adam Mueller) were unjustly arrested outside the
Franklin County Jail. Eyre's RV, uninvolved in the incident and parked blocks away, was illegally entered
without a warrant. Eyre was charged with:
Ɣ Misdemeanor ÷ Altering motor vehicle VÌN ÷ 266-139-A-0
Ɣ Felony ÷ Possessing a firearm/ammo w/o FÌD card ÷ 269-10-G-2
Ɣ Felony ÷ Unlawful wiretap ÷ 272.99-F-0
Ɣ Misdemeanor ÷ Resisting arrest ÷ 268.32B-0
Ɣ Misdemeanor ÷ Trespassing ÷ 160-1C
Freeman was charged with the last three charges as well. All related videos about this incident including
arrest footage are posted online at:

JuIy 4th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-07-04")
Eyre sent an email to:,, mayor@greenfield-,,, that stated
in part:

"Ì am interested in hearing your thoughts about the actions of Dodge and his colleagues as described
by the write-up. Specifically - do they represent the Greenfield Police Department and the City of

JuIy 9th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-07-04")
Eyre sent a second email to thread started five days previous. Ìn it, he wrote:
"Mr. Guilbault, not to put you on the spot, but after reviewing our write-up and speaking with Dodge and
others present and watching the video surveillance in your facility, do you believe Dodge and those who
report to you operated towards us with integrity, pride, respect, communication and professionalism as
outlined on your mission statement? What would residents of Greenfield, MA state if they were made
aware of the situation?¨

Less than 15minutes later David Guilbault responded, indicating that:
"Lt. Gary Magnan will be in contact with you in the coming days to acknowledge receipt of your
complaints and to inform you of our procedure.¨

Magnan never responded to Eyre as stated would happen.

JuIy 20th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-07-04")
Eyre replied to the same email thread started on 2010.07.04 and wrote:
"Mr. Guilbault, just wanted to let you know that despite the passage of 11 days since your response to
me, Ì have yet to receive any communication from your colleague Mr. Magnan. . . Ì'm interested to learn
what actions you, Mr. Martin and Mr. Guilbaultd, will take to remedy the situation and ensure it won't
happen to others in the future.¨

Two hours later William Martin, employed as the mayor of Greenfield, responded with:
"Ì am awaiting a report from a senior investigating officer. When the report is presented to me via the
Public Safety Committee, Ì would like to discuss the contents with you. Actually, if you are in Greenfield in
the near future, call and we can meet.¨
An hour later and again on July 29th Eyre followed-up and informed Martin and others that he would be
able to meet on July 29th, when in Greenfield.

JuIy 29th, 2010 (see
Eyre is told by Martin that results of Public Safety Commission investigation would be shared. Relevant
timestamps/specifics include:
0:50-1:05 Eyre overview of correspondence with Martin
1:38-2:15 Martin notes "internal investigation¨ is being conducted
4:07-4:20 Martin notes that investigation started before Eyre's arrest
5:15-5:30 Martin offers to review report findings with Eyre "line-by-line¨

August 8th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-07-04")
Eyre again followed-up with the email thread began on July 4th and noted:
"Mr. Guilbault, Ì have yet to be contacted by anyone from the police department as was communicated
to me would happen. . . . Also, as it's now early Aug. - when Ì was told the investigatory report would be
concluded - Ì look forward to hearing from you Mr. Martin.¨
Guilbault never responded to Eyre.

August 8th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-08-10")
Chris LeRoux, an individual concerned about the actions of Greenfield PD employee Todd M Dodge,
submited in-writing 19 specific questions to Martin about Dodge's conduct and related policies of his
LeRoux never received a response despite the promise of one if his questions were submitted in writing.

September 8th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-09-08")
Eyre responds to the tread initiated byLeRoux:
"Bill, have you received the report from the Public Safety Committee that you noted you'd receive during
the first week of August? Ìf so, may Ì call your office to speak with you about its findings as you stated
would happen?

"David, Ì've not heard from your colleague Gary Magnan as you noted was to occur over a month ago.
Any update on that?¨

Recipients included:,,,,,,
No response from (Bill) Martin or (David) Guilbault was ever received.

December 7th, 2010 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2010-12-07")
Eyre faxed David Guilbault, Todd M. Dodge, Michael A McHale, Michael Habel, WÌlliam Martin and
Frederick Macdonald requesting the return of his property stolen. He also requested:

"All communication related to my and Adam Mueller's arrest including, but not limited to, reports,
affidavits, video surveillance from the Franklin County Jail and Greenfield Police Department and any
other sources known, dash cam footage and audio from all the Greenfield Police Department vehicles
involved, police-dispatch interaction, the investigatory report and any internal memos, files or paperwork.¨
And noted that "The property listed above can be returned to the following address:

Pete Eyre
c/o Adam Mueller
W208 N16831 Center St
Jackson, WÌ 53037¨
The following synopsis was also provided:

Ɣ Ì was told by William Martin in late July that an investigatory report was being complied about my
arrest. Once completed he said, Ì would be given an opportunity to review and discuss its findings
with him. That never happened.
Ɣ Ì was then contacted by Michael Habel who told me that he was instructed by Martin to act as a
liaison - to share the report findings and proceed accordingly. Despite dozens of phone calls that
has yet to happen.
Ɣ Ì followed-up with David F. Guilbault and Todd M. Dodge to no avail. Ìn one case Ì'm pretty sure
Guilbault purposefully hung-up on me after hearing my name, claiming there was too much
background noise.
Ɣ Ì have left dozens of messages with Michael McHale and his secretary (apologies but Ì don't
recall her name), but thus far haven't heard anything tangible.
Ɣ Ì contacted the court to inquire about how to move forward. Ì was given no answer despite
diligently explaining my situation to each person, transfer after transfer
More recently:
Ɣ On 2010.11.12 Ì was told by Michael McHale that he would watch the video captured on my
camera per my request. Ì noted that it would prove that none of the charges levied against me
should stand. We agreed that Ì would call him in one week.
Ɣ On 2010.11.19 McHale told me that he had viewed the video but that prior to speaking with me
about it, he first wanted to talk with Todd M. Dodge, who he said had been out sick that week.
McHale stated that since his Monday was packed he would speak with Dodge on Tuesday.
McHale and Ì then agreed that we'd talk on Wednesday. My calls to his office that day went
Ɣ Since then Ì received a call from Michael Habel. After Ì informed him of the previous
unresponsiveness and unaccoutnability Ì've thus far received he said something like "Oh, you've
been talking to Mike [Mike McHale]?" Ì inferred that they were either friends or at least work
acquantinces. Habel concluded by saying that he would speak with McHale and that he and Ì
would talk the next day. Ì haven't heard anything and have left messages.¨

Not one individual sent this fax (David Guilbault, Todd M. Dodge, Michael A McHale, Michael Habel,
WÌlliam Martin and Frederick Macdonald) responded.

February 23rd, 2011 (see
Eyre and Mueller attendd the Greenfield Public Safety Commission meeting. During the Open Floor
session Mueller inquires of those present Greenfield PD policies related to individuals non-secretively
recording. Martin was also present.
Eyre also spoke with Guilbault, and asked why a response to his email inquiries had never been sent
despite multiple promises.

February 24th, 2011 (see "GreenfieId-Report-2011-02-24")
Guilbault emailed Eyre per their conversation the day prior, and focuses solely on the return of stolen
"We cannot return any evidence to you prior to the resolution of your case unless one of two factors

1. Your case is disposed of and the Judge orders a return of property.
2. A motion is filed by your counsel and said motion is granted by the judge ordering the return of
your property.¨

May 17th, 2011 (see
At 7:18 Freeman mentions internal investigation to Greenfield PD employee John W. Newton but receives
no response

JuIy 12th, 2011 (see
Eyre, accompanied by Beau Davis, went to Greenfield PD and filled-out and submitted two "Walk-in/
Citizen Ìncident Report¨ forms - one listing Wiliam Gordon and outlining his illegal actions the other listing
Todd M. Dodge and his illegal actions.
Eyre inquired of the turn-around time until his complaints were acted upon and was told that an
investigation had already been conducted by the Massachusetts State Patrol, and that no further action
would be taken.

August 19th, 2011 (see
Eyre speaks with Michael Barrett via the phone to try to obtain the results of the report promised over a
year previously. Barrett instructed Eyre to submit request in writing.
Barrett claimed that the investigation was never completed since Eyre had failed to provide his colleague
Michael Habel with the necessary information, which is curious since the investigation itself was started
before Eyre's arrest (per William's comments).