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Introduction E-Commerce which is popularly known as the Electronic Commerce , refers to buying and selling of products on electronic systems

such as internet or any other kind of computer networks. It not only deals with buying and selling of products but also the marketing, publicizing and delivering the product, also the responsibilities which are needed to be taken care after the delivery of the product like transit handling etc. E-commerce can be divided into many sub sections such as: 1) B2B selling and buying of products. 2) Security concerns of business Transactions. 3) Business to business exchange of data, which is popularly known as Electronic data Interchange. Features Ubiquity - E-commerce is omnipresent. As we know internet is present almost everywhere, be it homes, stations, offices, schools anywhere. It is easy for the consumers to access the data related to any field at any point of time with great ease. Global reach- E-commerce has broken all the demographic barriers such as age sex, caste, income etc. as it allows the sellers and buyers to access products and services from any region or country without moving out of the comfort zones such as their offices and homes. Universal Standards- The universal standards have been set up for the development of application to make it easier for determining the cost factor of implementation and regulated prices to generate healthy competitions among traders. Richness- The advantage of E-commerce Application is that it provides us with the better quality of content for publicizing like animations, videos etc. which leads to overall growth in the branding of the products.


Customization is a feature which is responsible of creating attractive environment for the buyers.Interactivity.With the entry of web technologies it has become easy for the sellers to give the detailed description regarding product as there is no restriction on the amount of data.Web has so much Interactivity to offer that it can make easy for the sellers to display ads. Information Density. the availability of the space is huge.1 Table of relations of participants of E-commerce Logical Model of E-commerce Components of Logical model a) Web server b) User end of E-commerce Application c) Application end of E-commerce server 2|Page . Personalization & Customization -Web stores have more customization options than real stores. offers to consumers according to their needs and tastes. Typical Business Scenarios Business(B) Business(B) Consumers(G) Government(G) B2B C2B G2B Consumers(C) B2C C2C G2C Government(G) B2G C2G G2G Fig 1. products.

The database facility helps the user to add.Description: Web server. and search any kind of data from the site with great ease. 3|Page .It is the basic storage system of the all the web based applications. File System. This piece of hardware is connected to the rest of the world via internet or WWW. Transaction Message Control-The E-commerce applications has the set of inbuilt Messages which help users to get aware of the happenings which are taking place during their processes.It is basically to take the backup of the E-commerce application which is deployed on the server. It is used to store the detailed information about the licenses. certificates etc. Database. these files help in running the applications smoothly. delete. Business system-This part of the application houses the customized framework to accommodate the type of business system..

Typical E-Commerce Logic Module Fig 1. 4|Page .2 – Logical Module of E-Commerce Software The above diagram gives the description about the practical flow of data from the user to server to administrator and vice versa.

But still internet users have very low trust level on the online shopping concept as they fear of losing important account related information in wrong hands. b) Phishing in the name of renowned Company sites or Bank sites. So. ECommerce thus needs to be more convincing for the users so that they make use of it with utmost confidence. in order to avoid all these unwanted circumstances like cyber frauds.Advantages a) Faster shopping b) Facility to track buyer and seller online c) Facility to make secure online payments d) Can house wide variety of products e) Virtual shopping malls f) Easily maintain customer relationship g) 24*7 Accessible stores h) Can help in buying & selling host of physical or virtual products Disadvantages a) Cyber frauds due to stolen payment details of customers. TLS are taken. phishing etc. gradually replacing the traditional techniques of commerce activities. some new measures like SSL. 5|Page . Security Concerns of E-Commerce Online trading has reached the new heights with the advent of E-Commerce Systems. c) Transactions are internet dependent So.

At the beginning the initial trust level is generated by the model based on E-retailers offline reputations. The Trust Growth is defined as: trustGrowth=ΣTtrading+ΣTcustomer+ΣTcertificate+ΣTcredential+ΣTsystem 6|Page . to avoid frauds we will use some methods to inspect the quality. quantity and frequency of the customers’ evaluation and thus changing the effect of trust level consequently. certificates and guarantees. Credentials C. Understanding ERC2G In E-Commerce the growth of the E-retailers reputation is not linear incremental with the time passed.Recommendations C. It represents 5 major information sources: E. The formula for initial trust is defined as: Initial trust = Tdefault + Tsystem + Tcredential +Roffline To maintain the trust level in percentage ERC2G trust model calculate and interpret the trust level as the percentage of current trust value and the full trust with trust growth.Certificates G.Guarantee The E-Commerce Trust Model strives to gather various information from the Eretailers.Trust Modeling The ERC2G trust model is a trust measurement model which combines the concept of Reputation System and Mathematical trust model. which might be used as the criteria of trust level measurement. Since online customer evaluation is much easier as compared to the physical Experiences R.

Eg: Verification of message authentication codes. Security Features on WWW (SSL. but other techniques are still needed to protect the integrity and authenticity of the message.Here we have pair of encryption keys that is one for encrypting data and the other for decrypting data. The Trojan horse remote control programs are serious threats to E-Commerce .It is also known as the single key encryption.Security threats to E-Commerce Viruses are nuisance threat to E-Commerce World. In this same key is used for encrypting and decrypting data. Types of Encryption Symmetric Encryption.It allows data integrity and fraud attacks to originate from a valid client system and can be really difficult to resolve. using some algorithms. They only Disrupt ECommerce operations and should be classified as denial of service tool. 7|Page . TLS) As for any application after its reliability and stability it is the security which plays a major role in determining the miscibility of the operating platforms in the markets. Asymmetric Encryption. Encryption and Its Types Encryption is a process in cryptography that transforms the information into unreadable information for anyone except the ones having the cryptographic key. Encryption is anytime better than the techniques as it can protect the confidentiality of the message.

TLS and SSL are used to encrypt segments of network connections above the transport layer. symmetric encryption for privacy. The highest and the most expensive one is the 256 bit encryption. The other SSL are the 40 bit and the 128 bit encryption. There are various types of SSL certificates that provides different level of Security. using asymmetric cryptography for key exchange. then it can be devastating. The customers can be verified that the site is secure using the SSL certificates. If the information goes in wrong hands. 8|Page . SSL is a type of protocol that is responsible for providing the extra security to during online transactions. It can also be used without Encryption. The TLS Handshake protocol allows the server and the client to authenticate each other and to negotiate encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys before the data is exchanged. SSL (Secured socket layers) The shoppers must feel that the information which they are providing is going in the safe hands and they must be assured of this thing as they are providing the most valuable information to the site admins. TLS is mainly consists of two layers: 1) TLS Record protocol 2) TLS Handshake protocol The TLS record protocol is used to provide connection security using some encryption methods such as Data Encryption Standards (DES).TLS (Transport Layer Socket) Transport layer sockets and Secured Socket layers are the cryptographic protocols that provide the communication security over internet.

9|Page . which It uses port 443 for communication that is common for other applications as well. It uses port 80 for communication. is not allotted to other applications Unsecured No encryption No certificates required Secured Encryption is present Certificates required -SSL certificates Which is Better 40.So now we can think of 256 bits. So taking this into consideration if we see 40 bits then it has 1099511627776 combinations. 128 or 256 BIT? If more number of combinations are formed it will be really difficult for the hackers to crack the information. but if we see 128 bits it has 88 bits more than 40 bits so it has 3094850098213450687247811056 more combinations than 40 bits that means it is more secure than 40 bits .HTTP and HTTPS HTTP HTTPS URL begins with http:// standard prefix URL begins with https:// standard for hypertext transfer protocol. the number of combinations it can have and the kind of security it can provide to us. prefix for secured hypertext transfer protocol.

rather than waiting in queues in different centers. Google Markets. Online Trading tools offered by various securities and banks are so easy to use. but with the advent of technology. then it automatically audits all data and calculates the return to be filled. like Apple iStore. trading is just like playing any game on these applications. or net banking.Future Scope A new breed of E-Commerce websites have sprung in that now a days sell digital media and content against paid subscriptions. earlier. a few new E-commerce platforms that in near future could get very common are – a) Online Tax Filling / Bills Payment Services – Gone are the days when businessmen spent long hours at the C. thus also maximizing his/her profits.A. they are directly linked with the bank accounts and all to make or receive payments on daily or transaction basis for whatever results occur of the trade. b) Online Stock Market Trading Facility – Another big improvement in the E-Commerce facility is the Online Individual Stock Market Trading Facility. it has become easy for people to just fill in the details asked by the application about income and other sources. with initiatives like E-Tax Guru by Economic Times and many more. these stores have intellectual content on sale that is physically non-existent. thus cutting the entire process of tax returns filling short by easily 80%. these kinds of ECommerce sites are not business oriented but are service oriented sites to ease the daily chores of people. Users can just swipe in their card numbers and continue to shop from these stores for their favorite mobile apps. games and wallpapers.’s trying to get their accounts audited and calculate amount of returns to be filled. Blackberry App World. the share / stock market trading was only accessible via brokers. But with the ever increasing development in the technology of web applications. who had huge terminals set up at their offices that displayed market stats during operational hours and that people used to flock these offices to trade. this reduces the cost of the investor to trade by removing brokerage and other such processing charges. this amount can then easily be paid online via credit card. Also the many Public Sector Units together have setup an online bill desk where any user can make a onetime registration to make payments for all his utility bills from one stop. 10 | P a g e . stock trading has come right to the doorstep and that too without the need of any broker.

garykessler. public holidays. availability of product on the day you go for shopping etc.html  www. Bibliography  The following references have been used to compile the seminar report.brighthub. E-Shopping has also evolved in terms of security by providing better encryption for special  http://services. All together E-Commerce is a boon to the 21st century that is helping man kind to save – Security Concerns with E-Commerce 11 | P a g e .com. Over the period of years.aspx  www. It is evident that this technology shall only see the positive upward growth in the coming years. are all eliminated. Trade has been an essential activity in human civilization and it has taken place in various types of markets in various ways.glodigital. with greater degree of innovation and realistic shopping  http://en. restrictions like store timings. keeping URL’s Spam free and much more.wikipedia.htm  http://www.  Formal Verification of Protocols in E-commerce – IEEE Paper  Discussion on E-Commerce Key Technology – IEEE Paper  Assessing and Assuring Trust in E-Commerce Systems – IEEE Paper  E-commerce Application Model Based On Cloud Computing – IEEE Paper http://www. but the development of E-Commerce has brought to light the benefit of shopping from your own comfort at any given point of the day. the World Wide Web has so much to offer for the shopper that one might run out of choices and deals while shopping  money and other valuable resources that he would spend on shopping for one commodity.html http://docs.1111/e10029/ Therefore from this seminar report we can conclude that.html 