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ShapeShifter 2.

a haxie by unsanity and geekspiff

What is ShapeShifter?
ShapeShifter is a revolutionary new product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. We're not talking about just desktop backgrounds and icons here, we're talking about everything - the look of windows, menus, buttons, apps, absolutely everything. You don't wear the same clothes everyday, your house doesn't look exactly like your neighbor's - why should the computing interface you use everyday be any different. You personalize your physical workspace to suit your tastes and whims, so why not your Mac?

ShapeShifter makes themes fun, safe and easy
While you may have heard horror stories about themes kludging user's systems, ShapeShifter makes this a thing of the past. Installing themes in Mac OS X used to require some dangerous methods (and more than a little bravery on the part of the end user). Not so with ShapeShifter - now changing the overall appearance of your system is every bit as safe as switching desktops or screensavers. ShapeShifter is safe because it never touches the actual files and resources residing deep within your system. ShapeShifter is also very simple to use - just grab any guiKit, dlta or <dot>theme file and double-click it ... ShapeShifter will instantly become aware of its presence and pop open the ShapeShifter preference pane. To apply an item, highlight it and hit the Apply Changes button. That's it!

With ShapeShifter, you can: • • • • • • • Change the overall appearance of your operating system safely, quickly, and reliably Tweak existing themes to create the one that's perfect for you Experience things that haven't been possible with Mac themes before Quickly preview themes without actually applying them Use Jaguar or Panther themes in Tiger effortlessly Use different theme and icon sets for each user on your machine Add and remove themes effortlessly

By using the ShapeShifter guiKit format, the theme designer can: • Do things you never dreamed possible - we're making new discoveries all the time • Change text colors, alter metal windows, Finder labels, mask widgets - all things impossible until now • Ignore problems with Panther themes like shadows and metals - ShapeShifter fixes them! All of this functionality is provided in a single, easy-to-use Preference Pane. Best of all, ShapeShifter is priced at only US $20.

Installing ShapeShifter
To install, double-click the "Install ShapeShifter" icon and follow the on-screen instructions. To uninstall, either: 1) Double-click the "Install ShapeShifter" icon and click on the "Uninstall" button (the installer will move all ShapeShifter files to the Trash - it will never actually delete any files on your system). 2) Remove the file named "ShapeShifter.prefPane" from the Library/PreferencePanes folder in your home directory and the file "ShapeShifter.ape" from the Library/Application Enhancers folder in your home directory.

Using ShapeShifter
ShapeShifter is simple to use. All aspects of the haxie are controlled through its Preference Pane. To access the ShapeShifter Preference Pane, choose "System Preferences" from the Apple menu and then select the ShapeShifter icon. Below is a description of all of the options in the Preference Pane:

ShapeShifter Tab

• ShapeShifter Enabled: If this checkbox is selected, ShapeShifter is active. • Help Button: This button will display the help document you are reading now. • Register Button: This button invokes the dialog where you can enter your registration information, go to the secure online purchase page, or retrieve lost registration code. • About Button: This button shows the about box containing credits and contact information for the haxie.

Apply Tab

This section lets you control how your operating system looks. You use this section to select which theme, icon set, cursor set, and/or desktop picture you'd like applied, to add and remove items, to see information about your items, and to see indepth previews of your themes. Here's how you'll usually use this section: 1) Expand the Themes section and browse until you find a theme you want to use. 2) Do the same for the Icon Sets, Cursor Sets, and Desktop Pictures. 3) Press the Apply Changes button. The left side of this area displays the items that ShapeShifter is aware of. Access any category by clicking its disclosure

triangle, or just by double-clicking the header. When a guiKit package displayed within one of these categories contains more than a single variant, you can access the individual variant by using the item's disclosure triangle or by double-clicking the name of the guiKit. ShapeShifter remembers your favorite variant once you've selected it, so unless you wish to change variants, you generally don't need to view individual variants. You can also add new items to ShapeShifter by dragging them into this area. ShapeShifter recognizes themes that have a guiKit, dlta or theme filename extension, icontainer icon sets, mightymouse cursor sets, and most common formats for desktop pictures. Once you've selected an item, a preview image and descriptive text for that variant is displayed in the sections on the right. Use the Default Aqua Theme entry to restore the default Apple Aqua theme and remove any custom themes. The Icon Sets, Cursor Sets and Desktop Picture categories each have a similar item that you can use to restore the default for that category. You can tweak the appearance of themes that have a guiKit filename extension by selecting the variant you wish to tweak and then pressing the Tweak button. This will launch the guiTweak application. You can use guiTweak to apply Core Image filters to the variant you selected. When you're done, just save your changes and they'll instantly appear back in ShapeShifter. guiTweak has its own help system, available from guiTweak's Help menu. guiTweak is only available if you're using Apple's Mac OS X Tiger. The Tweak button will be disabled otherwise. You can also use guiTweak to manage the variants within a guiKit file. Select any variant from the guiKit file you wish to manage and hold the Option key on your keyboard. The Tweak button will change to a Manage button. Pressing it will launch guiTweak, where you can add variants to a guiKit file, move them between guiKit files, or remove them from guiKit files. You can also rename them or change the preview image or the description. • Items Area: This area displays all of the items ShapeShifter knows about, categorized into Themes, Icon Sets, Cursor Sets, and Desktop Pictures. This is where you select what you'd like to apply. • Category Headers: Each category header shows either the item currently applied for that category, or the item that's pending, along with a Cancel button. Pressing the cancel button removes the item from the list of things that will be applied when you press the Apply Changes button. This information is duplicated in the Applied Items section at the top-right corner of this section. • Applied Items: This area shows either the applied item, or the item that's about to be applied for each category. Press the Cancel Button to keep a category from being changed with Apply Changes is pressed.

• Preview Image: This area displays a small preview of the currently highlighted item in the Items Area. You can see a more in-depth preview of themes by highlighting a theme and pressing the Preview button. • Descriptive Text: This area displays a textual description of the currently highlighted theme in the Items Area. This text often contains a link to the artist's homepage. • + Button: Presents a standard file navigation sheet you can use to add items to the Items Area. • - Button: Removes the currently highlighted item(s) from your list and moves them to the Trash. • Restore Defaults: Restores all categories to their default state and removes all ShapeShifter customizations. • Preview: Displays a more in-depth preview of the currently highlighted theme. • Apply Changes: Sets the theme, icon set, and/or cursor set used by all subsequently launched applications to whichever items are shown in the Applied Items section. It will also set your desktop picture if you've got one specified. Download Tab

Use this section to browse and download recently created themes. As theme and icon set artists create new works, they'll automatically appear in this section. • Get More Themes: Opens a webpage where you can browse and download more items than are shown in this section. • Next: Move to the next item • Previous: Move to the previous item. Preferences Tab

This section allows you to control how ShapeShifter operates. • Restart the Finder, Dock, and menubar status items after applying themes: If this checkbox is selected, your Finder, Dock, and the Apple-supplied items (called "Status Items") on the right side of your menubar will be relaunched after you apply themes or icon sets. Enabling this option may make your menubar status items look unappealing until you have logged out, since they may not look good with the previously applied theme. • Relaunch Now: Use this button to manually relaunch your Finder, Dock, and Apple-supplied menubar status items. • Check for new updates and for compability info automatically: If checked, ShapeShifter will automatically contact the Unsanity servers as needed to check for theme compatibility information and for updates to ShapeShifter.

If unchecked, you can check manually by pressing the Check Now button. • Privacy Information: Explains the information that is transmitted when the Unsanity servers are contacted, and reiterates Unsanity's promise to safeguard your information and to protect it from spammers. • Check Now: Manually checks for theme compatibility issues and to see whether a new version of ShapeShifter is available.

Exclude List Tab

This section allows you to exclude certain applications from being affected by ShapeShifter. Newly added or removed applications will be affected once they have been relaunched.

Where To Find More Themes
In addition to the items that you can download from within ShapeShifter, many others are available on the internet. Websites where collections of ShapeShifter items can be found include:

- MacThemes -

- ResExcellence - InterfaceLIFT -

- MacUpdate ShapeShifter Section - The IconFactory - Active discussions about themes, oftentimes including new release announcements, can be found at:

- Pixelgirl Presents -

- MacThemes Forums - MacNN GUI Forums - There are many other locations on the web with ShapeShifter themes.

Creating Your Own Themes
You can use Geekspiff's ThemePark to create your own themes for use with ShapeShifter. ThemePark can be found at You can also modify existing themes using the included guiTweak application. See the section titled Apply Tab for more details.

Version History
Version 2.5 (September 13, 2007) - ShapeShifter no longer causes instabilities when used with Apple's Pro applications. - ShapeShifter now works properly with beta versions of Safari 3. - Cocoa pull-down menus now use the correct text color when pressed. - Cocoa box titles now use the correct text color. - guiTweak now presents a more informative error dialog when an insurmountable error prevents tweaking from concluding properly. - ShapeShifter now honor's Camino's "CAMINO_DISABLE_HACKS" environment variable. - The preference pane no longer erroneously states that new version "(null)" is available when an internet connection is present, but is unreliable. - ShapeShifter now properly handles OS versions with a bugfix number greater than 9 (e.g., OS X 10.4.10). - Windows bmp "magic pink" transparency conversion now works properly on x86 machines. - Adding a new guiKit to the ShapeShifter prefpane no longer causes the names of guiKits that are available to all users on the computer to disappear from the ShapeShifter prefpane. - Resolved an obscure issue that could cause applications to crash occasionally when ShapeShifter is loaded. Version 2.4 (November 30, 2006) Features - ShapeShifter and guiTweak are now Universal Binaries! - ShapeShifter now requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or newer. - ShapeShifter now supports windows with a "Unified" toolbar. These are windows which are draggable by the entire toolbar, yet are not metal windows.


ShapeShifter now supports "Application" iContainers. "Small Square Buttons" are now themed properly. guiTweak sliders now update as you drag them. The ShapeShifter preference pane now uses much less system memory while loaded. Large-scale speed improvement when generating a new guiTweaked theme.

ShapeShifter Bug Fixes - Updated iContainer support. - Resolved an issue that could cause certain "System" iContainers not to work properly. - Resolved an issue that could cause scroll view frames to become transparent. And, they are now themed properly again. - Application skins created for a version of iTunes earlier than 7.0 will not be used if the installed version of iTunes is 7.0 or higher. And vice versa. - Resolved an issue that could cause the ShapeShifter preference pane to crash when applying certain themes if iTunes 7.0 is present (Graphite Ultra_Thin). - The ShapeShifter preferences pane no longer crashes if you preview the same theme multiple times. - Resolved an issue that could cause application skins not to be applied after previewing a theme in the ShapeShifter preference pane. - Patterns that use more than 128 colors now render properly. guiTweak Bug Fixes - Resolved an issue that caused crashes and even kernel panics when generating a variant using guiTweak. - guiTweak is now smarter about using your current Desktop Picture. - Resolved an issue that prevented quitting quiTweak if an error had occurred while generating a tweaked theme. - guiTweak no longer freaks out when creating a tweak that will result in partially-transparent images. So you can now use it to create translucent variants of your favorite themes. Version 2.3.1 (April 11, 2006) - Resolved an issue that caused menu text in Photoshop CS2 and Firefox to be black regardless of the theme color. - Changing screen resolution no longer leaves garbage behind the menubar status items. - Carbon windows now disable use of a unified toolbar since it's not easily themeable yet. - Resolved an issue that caused Carbon apps that use a unified toolbar to hang (iClip and Interarchy 8, for example). Version 2.3 (February 21, 2006) Features

- ShapeShifter's Download tab now has a shiny indicator that lights up when new themes are available for download. - guiTweak now allows you to manually set colors in any theme. For each color present in a theme, you can change them to the color of your choosing, let Core Image set them, or remove them from the theme. You can use this to easily turn off stuff like Mail list background or Dock customization, or to add it to a theme that doesn't have it. You can also tweak text colors after hue shifting a theme. - You can now type the name of a theme to select it (Tiger only). - ShapeShifter can now optionally notify you when a new version is available. - "Growl" (if present) will be used to indicate that themes were applied successfully when the normal indicator sheet has been turned off. - Completely revamped the app skin compatibility system. ShapeShifter is now much smarter about how it disables app skins when a new version of a skinned application has been released. - Minor improvements in menu drawing performance. - Minor improvements in application launch speed when a theme is applied. - Includes Smart Crash Reports 1.0.2. New Theme Capabilities - Dark themes with light text colors are much more usable within Carbon apps such as Photoshop. - ShapeShifter now honors the Aqua/Graphite setting in menu highlights for themes that were designed to differentiate between the two. - DVD Player can now use custom application skins. - guiTweak now works properly on "pct" images. Bug Fixes - Window titlebar widgets of Panther themes used in Tiger no longer have green fringes. - Finder desktop and icon view label colors are properly themed again in Tiger. Selected desktop icon labels no longer use the selected menu text color when a color is not explicitely set in the theme. - Application skins created for a version of iTunes earlier than 5.0 will not be used if the installed version of iTunes is 5.0 or higher. And vice versa. - Finder windows no longer occasionally draw with a completely black background. - Resolved an issue that caused excessive logging from some Carbon applications, and that caused text within Carbon bevel buttons, popup buttons, and pushbuttons to display incorrectly (Eudora, Ircle). - Resolved an issue that could cause small visual glitches in certain apps (like Proteus, when using themes that include patterns larger than 8x8 pixels). - The System Preferences Dock icon is no longer badged with the ShapeShifter icon at inappropriate times. - Quitting guiTweak with an unsaved tweak, choosing to save the tweak, and then cancelling the save no longer prevents guiTweak from being quittable thereafter. - Saving a guiTweak document by closing the document and then choosing to save from the sheet no longer results in a crash.

- Resolved an issue that could cause crashes when using themes that don't include enhanced menu customization. Version 2.2 (August 23, 2005) Features - Added a spiffolicious new module "guiTweak" that provides the ability to modify guiKit files using Core Image filters. guiTweak makes it simple to tweak a theme that you like into a theme that you love. It also lets you move variants between guiKit files, rename variants, remove variants, or change the preview image or description for variants. Tiger only. New Theme Capabilities - It's now possible to change the pressed state text color of push buttons independently from the other text colors. Bug Fixes - Some problematic applications, like Proteus, are again themed properly. - ShapeShifter no longer logs error messages to the Console on Panther while using Finder list view windows. - ShapeShifter no longer logs error messages to the Console when theme images contain ColorSync profiles. - Menubar status items now work properly on systems that are set to always use the metal appearance for Cocoa windows. - Resolved an issue that could prevent menu mouse-over highlights from displaying in certain themes. Version 2.1.2 (July 25, 2005) - NSStatusItem-style status bar menu items are now clickable everywhere, not just where they're opaque. - Fixed display glitches in status bar menu items. - Installing Snapz Pro to run automatically at login no longer results in unthemed menu extras. - Resolved an issue that could cause window dragging of Cocoa windows to lag. Version 2.1.1 (July 5, 2005) Features - The sheet shown when installation of mods has successfully completed now includes an option to skip the sheet in the future. - The ShapeShifter preference pane now remembers the last selected tab.


The list of themes, icon sets, etc. in the ShapeShifter preference pane now responds to the Home and End keys. Themes that modify the appearance of the Dock now give precedence to ClearDock or Transparent Dock. ShapeShifter now "badges" the System Preferences Dock icon when it's loaded. ShapeShifter now relaunches the SystemUIServer process more politely when the user requests that Menu Extras be restarted after applying a theme. - Added French localization to the ShapeShifter installer. - ShapeShifter is no longer supported for computers running Mac OS X 10.2.x Jaguar. New Theme Capabilities - Sidebar, list view, column view and status bar etched text in Tiger's Finder are now themed properly. - The Sidebar background in both Cocoa and Carbon open/save panels is again themed properly. - The Tiger Finder's Copy dialogs now use the proper alternating row color backgrounds. - The iChat buddy list text and alternating row colors are properly themed now on all supported operating system versions. - Segmented button control text now uses the same text color settings as tab buttons. - Pre-Tiger themes that modify the Sync menu extra now display those elements correctly in Tiger. - The Fast User Switching menu extra is now displayed using the correct menu text color on all supported operating system versions. Bug Fixes - Resolved an issue that caused the window server to work harder than it should have, caused clicks to pass through Adobe Illustrator documents, and caused assorted other visual and behavioral glitches. - Fixed visual glitches in the background of Menu Extras for themes that use a horizontally non-uniform or partially transparent menubar. - Resolved an issue that prevented menubar transparency from working properly in the Finder. - Resolved an issue that could cause Cocoa-Java applications using customized contextual menus with separators to crash. - Resolved an issue that prevented the Spotlight menu extra from being themed unless the theme modified both the Aqua and the Graphite menu extra image. - Resolved an issue that prevented guiKit icon sets created on Tiger from working properly. - Resolved an issue that could prevent menus from displaying in the correct color, specifically the Dock popup menu and certain Menu Extra menus. - Resolved an issue that could cause improper operation if ShapeShifter was installed for all users. - Menubars in running applications now switch properly when the appearance color changes between Aqua and Graphite. - Cleaned up an unpleasant interaction that would occur when a new version of ShapeShifter was installed after an existing version had been disabled by the Application Enhancer preference pane.

- Fixed grammatical errors with Dutch translation, courtesy of Tom Klaver. - Removed a small memory leak in the APE module. Version 2.1 (May 2, 2005) - Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger". - Added a Spotlight metadata importer for guiKit files. - Added ability for themes to skin the sidebar in Tiger's - Added ability for themes to skin the Dock (Panther and newer only). - Pretty new installer. - Resolved issues with themes that use custom 'layo' resources. - Resolved an issue that made the title of the Apple Menu look odd in themes that use menubar transparency (Tiger only). - Added diagnostic logging to assist in troubleshooting installation issues. - Resolved an issue that could cause toolbar icons from imported icontainers not to be applied. - Resolved an issue that could cause Open/Save Panels to disappear. - Resolved an issue that would cause the ShapeShifter prefpane to crash on load if ShapeShifter's cached metadata file became corrupted. - Fixed highlighting in the ShapeShifter prefpane for disabled source list items. - Resolved grammatical issues with Dutch localization. Version 2.0.1 (December 8, 2004) - The iChat buddy list now honors the list text colors. - The Apple menu title no longer draws artifacts in themes that use menubar transparency. - Resolved an issue that prevented themes from being applied when an application has been updated. - Resolved an issue that caused launching iSync to reset the applied theme. - ShapeShifter is now more likely to properly apply custom application skins and icons to applications that are present but have not yet been used to open a double-clicked document. - The filename extension of downloaded guiKit files is no longer case-sensitive. - iContainer files can now be loaded directly into the ShapeShifter preference pane using a guiKit:// web link. - Fixed the iDisk sidebar icon. May require deleting - Yet another attempt to fix a sporadic issue in which double-clicking a guiKit file does not load it into the ShapeShifter preference pane. - Resolved issues with the demo expiration notice not fitting in various language localizations. - Resolved a crash that could occur when attempting to download an invalid guiKit from an URL that contains spaces. - Added Dutch localization, courtesy of Tom Klaver.

Version 2.0 (October 26, 2004) Major Features - ShapeShifter can now apply themes, icon sets, cursor sets (if Mighty Mouse is installed) and desktop pictures. Each user can have his or her own settings, and these items can be applied independently of each other. Multiple variants of each can be bundled into a single guiKit file for easy distribution, or icontainers, mightymouse sets, and desktop pictures can be added directly to ShapeShifter. ShapeShifter will even select the best sized desktop picture for your monitor if the theme creator included multiple sizes in the guiKit distribution! - Added a new Download tab that can be used to find and download featured themes. - The 'Themes' tab of the ShapeShifter preference pane has been completely redesigned to be more intuitive and to allow independent selection of themes, icon sets, cursor sets, and/or desktop pictures. - The ShapeShifter preference pane now loads virtually instantly after its first launch. - Installed themes are now cached, meaning that they apply instantly if they're in-cache. - The preference pane listing now shows mod packages that are no longer present in the filesystem and indicates that they've been removed. - Added a "Restore Defaults" button that, you guessed it, restores all defaults. - When removing an item from ShapeShifter, it's now clear which variants will actually be removed. - New serial number system. - Added Italian localization, courtesy of Claudio Santucci. New Theme Capabilities - The menubar now supports transparency effects. - Added ability to customize the Finder's sidebar, list, and column view backgrounds. - Added ability to customize the background color of the list and column view in open and save panels. - Added the ability to customize background (and alternating row color) of lists and tables. - Added ability to customize the background color in editable text boxes. - Text within buttons and popup buttons can now have its own unique theme colors - they're no longer required to be the same as the radio button and checkbox text color. - The text of the selected tab in a tab view now has its own theme color. - Toolbar text labels now have their own unique theme colors. - Added support for coloring "placeholder" text within editable text (such as the Find item in the Finder toolbar). - Cocoa panels (Fonts and Colors) in Carbon applications are now themed properly. - iTunes etched text and content frames are now themed properly. - Font Book now honors a theme's etched text settings. - Authentication window backgrounds are now themed properly. - Disabled popup menus now use the disabled text color. - Added ability to theme iSync Menu Extra.

- Resolved some issues with Finder's icon text label colors. - Carbon popup buttons are now themed properly. Cosmetic Enhancements - Changed +/- buttons in Themes tab of ShapeShifter prefpane to square buttons to match Apple's style better. - Changed the appearance of the buttons used to cancel a guiKit file download or inform the user that an error occurred that prevented the file from being downloaded. - The ShapeShifter banner is now properly located to span the width of the prefpane. - Fixed the text baselines in the list of themes. Bug Fixes - Applications are now skinned properly even if they're not in the expected filesystem location. - Resolved an issue that caused the iTunes music store to function improperly if the installed theme had an iTunes application skin that was designed for an earlier version of iTunes. Includes a fix to prevent future occurences. - Resolved an issue that would cause Homeworld 2 and VNCViewer to crash when launched. - Resolved an issue that could keep some programs from being themed, notably Proteus and ShadowIRC. - The entire contents of the About box are now displayed properly. - Resolved a rare issue that could cause iTunes to crash. - Updated the installer to remove some potential installation issues. - Variants with a slash in the name can now be applied. - Switching quickly between themes no longer causes the Dock, Finder, and Menu Extras to appear unthemed. - The "Welcome to ShapeShifter" sheet is no longer shown when the ShapeShifter prefpane is redisplayed in System Prefs without relaunching System Prefs first. - Resolved an issue that could cause ShapeShifter to become unresponsive while downloading a guiKit file. - Resolved an issue that could remove the ability to open guiKit files by double-clicking them. - Resolved issues that could prevent iChat, Preview and Installer app skins from working properly. - Resolved an issue that could cause theme descriptions to appear in the wrong font. - The ShapeShifter preference pane is no longer automatically launched when ShapeShifter automatically disables itself in order to avoid possible issues with prebinding. Version 1.2 (March 16, 2004) - Added ability for themes to skin individual applications. - Clicking a hyperlink of the form guiKit:// launches ShapeShifter, downloads the theme, and loads it into ShapeShifter for you. - ShapeShifter now manages theme files for you. - Adding a new theme file to ShapeShifter now copies it into your ShapeShifter guiKits folder. This means that you can now double-click themes from within disk images to load them into ShapeShifter.

- Removing a theme file from ShapeShifter now moves it to the trash. Pressing the delete key can now also be used to remove a theme. - Dramatically improves load time for the ShapeShifter preference pane. - ShapeShifter finally uses the Metal Window texture properly. - Added support for .theme files. - Safari now implements its metal windows just like every other app in the operating system. This means that themes that user large metal window bevels will look good in Safari. - Cocoa applications no longer clip patterns to an 8x8 pixel square. This makes themes like Brushed look better in Cocoa. - Address Book now honors the etched text colors. - Text color fixes - Finder Show Info Panel, Finder View Options, miscellaneous Carbon dialogs, Safari webpage text boxes, miscellaneous Cocoa list & browser views. - It's now possible for themes to modify appearance of the Keychain menu extra, the standard Color and Font panels, standard Cocoa toolbar items, toolbar Poofs, Cocoa browser views, Cocoa open/save panel label colors, the Cocoa table view drag indicator, and text rulers. - Added Spanish localization courtesy of Fernando Alvarez. - Fixed an issue that could cause inactive titlebars to use the color of a previously installed theme instead of that of the currently installed theme. - Using DLTA themes that contain multiple localizations on a Jaguar-based operating system no longer results in possibly mis-localized Finder menus. - Resolved an issue that would cause System Preferences to freeze if the user attempted to quit System Preferences while ShapeShifter was busy. - Resolved an issue that could cause the status bar at the bottom-right of the preference pane not to update. - Resolved an issue that could sporadically keep ShapeShifterCacheManager from working properly. - Misc speed improvements in ShapeShifterCacheManager. - More speedups when waking from sleep. - ShapeShifter will no longer try to display a modal notification while the screen is locked. - The ShapeShifter prefpane no longer tries to read in all themes if an error condition that would keep the prefpane from being used exists. - Slight optimizations to application launch times. - When your operating system has been upgraded but the Unsanity servers have not yet been updated with info for the new OS, you are now warned before a theme is installed. - Fixed a possible Finder crash. Version 1.1 (January 23, 2004) - The Battery, Clock, and Fast User Switching Menu Extras now use the themed menu colors. - Safari, iChat, iSync and iPhoto (from iLife '04) now use themed "etched text". - Added ability to theme Safari's tabs (for tabbed browsing) and Favorite Bar buttons.

- Added ability to customize Finder filename text colors in Icon & Column views. - Added ability to customize Desktop filename text colors. - Added ability to customize list header buttons individually for selected and unselected states in both frontmost and non-frontmost windows. - Added ability to customize the title text of non-frontmost windows. - Added Swedish localization courtesy of Fredrik Olsson. - Added a checkbox to enable/disable relaunching Menu Extras when applying a new theme. - Added ability to theme navigation services open/save panels (and some other missing elements) - The user is now notified when the ShapeShifter demo has expired. - Registering after the demo has expired now causes the registrants name to appear in the standard color instead of in bright red text. - Tooltip labels now default to using the proper theme colors. - Editable text fields now uses the "Text Color" instead of the "Control Text Color", making dark-colored themes much more usable. - Miscellaneous speed optimizations. - Unlocking a locked screen (and showing the authorization dialog) is no longer slow when using ShapeShifter. - Yet another another attempt to fix a sporadic (and non-critical) crasher in the cache manager component. - Resolved an issue that caused ThemePark to crash when merging with an installed theme that did not use custom text colors. - DLTA file packages stored on UDF volumes that contain a file named (all lowercase) "main.themescript" can now be read properly. - Fixed a few small memory leaks. - ShapeShifter should now show up properly in 3rd party apps that display listings of the System Preference panes. - ShapeShifter preference pane no longer erroneously states that the demo is expired when it isn't. - ShapeShifter preference pane now gives a more useful error message when it detects that APE isn't running or installed properly. - Fixed an issue that caused Safari metal windows to render improperly (they showed the brushed texture in parts of the window and not in other parts). - Resolved an issue in which ShapeShifter would disable itself due to an OS version change or an upgrade, but the preference pane would erroneously show that a theme was installed instead of selecting Default Aqua. - Minor stability and memory usage fixes to the cache management component. Version 1.0.1 (December 3, 2003) - Resolved an issue that could prevent systems using non-English and multi-byte localizations (Japenese, for example) from being able to use ShapeShifter. - Resolved issues that could cause application instability in Panther when using themes created for earlier operating systems. - Resolved an issue that caused fuzzy Menu Extras, slow window resizing performance, redrawing issues in Safari,

and incorrect window transparency in some applications for users running Panther. - Added a "Default Aqua Theme" item to the theme list. - Added compatibility for "dlta" themes created for OS X versions earlier than 10.2. - ShapeShifter now has the ability to download simple updating instructions from Unsanity's servers when new OS versions are released. - General performance improvements. - Now uses a larger font in the theme selection view. - Added useful error messages to the prefpane indicating why ShapeShifter can't be used on a particular machine. - Fixed a large memory leak related to drawing metal windows. This leak could have resulted in reduced system preformance. - Resolved issues that could prevent removing themes from the ShapeShifter preference pane from succeeding. - Added Japanese localization courtesy of Akira Ikeda. - The preference pane now displays the notice that the demo version has expired in red text to avoid confusion. - Pieces of the currently-installed theme are no longer mixed in with a theme preview. - Metal windows are no longer modified when ShapeShifter is active but there is no installed theme. - The preference pane no longer allows themes to be installed after the demo has expired. This should reduce confusion. - Added ShapeShifterCacheManager to the APE's exclude list. This should reduce spurious error messages to Console and may fix the occasional issue that results in the Cache Manager getting hosed. Version 1.0 (November 18, 2003) - Initial release

Distribution & License Agreement
ShapeShifter is not free. Until you purchase it, it runs in demo mode. The demo version has no features removed, but will function only 15 days after installation. In order to enable the full version, you will need to purchase ShapeShifter. To do so, go to this URL: ShapeShifter is priced at $20 US. Volume discounts and site licenses are available at our online store. SHAPESHIFTER ("THE SOFTWARE") IS PROVIDED AS IS. USE THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK. UNSANITY LLC ("THE AUTHOR") MAKES NO WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. NO ORAL OR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION FROM OR INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR SHALL CREATE A WARRANTY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL THE AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE,


Contacting Unsanity
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