paediatric nursing May vol 19 no 4


Australasian Radiology. 51, 2,159-162.

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Your update on published articles of interest to nurses working in child health
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physical activity, fitness, and fatness

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as a non-pharmacological anxiolytic for paediatric radiotherapy patients.

Safer use of injectable medicines
June 13, London June 25, Harrogate One day training events sponsored by Baxter to assist implemention of the NPSA Safety Alert 20 - Promoting safer use of injectable medicines
Attendees will receive a resource pack including speaker presentations and a 'How to' guide to facilitate educational sessions for staff. No charge for attendance. Details from

Suction guidelines I am devising suction guidelines to use on a paediatric general ward and would be interested in receiving any copies of other hospital's protocols/ guidelines to assist in this project. Ruth Tiney, Email Tel: 020 7288 5442 Care pians We are examining the care plan documentation we currently use and would be interested in hearing from anyone who uses core care plans or any IT packages for basic conditions on a general paediatric ward. Sarah Diment, Staff Nurse, Sarum Ward, Saiisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, Wilts SP2 8BJ
Dependency score

I would be interested in hearing from any hospital units that currently use a dependency score to calculate the level of nursing care for each patient. We are in the process of developing our own dependency tool for burns care and would appreciate any ideas. Emaii: