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Russell Thompson PO Box 1432 Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079 April 26, 2012 NORTH CAROLINA SECRETARY OF STATE

PO BOX 29622 RALEIGH, NC 27626-0622 ATTN: ELAINE F. MARSHALL CERTIFIED MAIL #70100290000236240697 RE: FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST Dear MsMarshall: Whereas, you and your office operate in Federal and State jurisdictions, this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request is pursuant to both Federal and State FOIA’s. Therefore, this is a request under the Freedom of Information Act, 5USC 552(a) and NCGS Chapter 132, Public Records Act found at 132-1 through 132-10 respectively. This is my firm promise to pay fees and costs for locating and reviewing documents for the information as requested below. I am making this request in the classification of “other requesters.” If costs are expected to exceed $20.00, please send estimate of costs. If portions of this request are exempt from release, please furnish me with those portions reasonably segregable and please furnish me with an index identifying each record, describing in detail each segregation or redaction, and define the statutory basis for such action. Re: Vaughn v. Rosen 484 F. 2d 820 (Ca DC, 1973), cert. denied 415 US 977 (1974). If your office does not maintain the records requested, please forward a copy of this letter to the proper office and notify me of the person to contact at that office. The information will provide knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations of the agency, and will assist the requester relative to policies of the agency. I understand the penalties provided in 5USC 552(a)(1)(3) for requesting or obtaining access to documents or records under false pretenses. As provided by 5USC 552, I will expect a reply within twenty (20) working days upon receipt of this request. Please provide the following: 1. A certified copy of David Hoyle’s oath of office as a public officer for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. Mr. Hoyle is operating in the capacity of Secretary of Revenue, Department of Revenue for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 2. A certified copy of Mr. Hoyle’s Certificate of Election or Appointment from the Governor of NORTH CAROLINA to act in the capacity of a public officer. 3. A certified copy of Mr. Hoyle’s official bond as a public officer of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA pursuant to GS 1-52(1)(a).

4. A certified copy of Form 61 which indicates that Mr. Hoyle is an employee for the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. 5. A copy of the current Constitution of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA with all of the current amendments and revisions. 6. A copy of Mr. Hoyle’s Civil Commission. Thank you for your prompt response and assistance. Sincerely, Russell Thompson STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF UNION The foregoing instrument was signed and acknowledged before me this_____day of April, 2012 by Russell Thompson who has shown proof of his identity. Notary Public________________________________Seal My Commission expires____________________