Customer Satisfaction With Grameen Phone


the distribution network of the company has to be an efficient and an organized one. even surpassing the state-run Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) in terms of subscriber base. As a result. Therefore. To take the company to its current position. agents and outlets about itself. GrameenPhone Ltd. GrameenPhone Ltd. which included various questions that were designed using both open-ended and 5-point scales. wants to get an idea about the prevailing perception of its distributors. A set of questionnaire was prepared for this purpose. 2 . agents and outlets of Grameen Phone Ltd. Another objective included determining the problems that these outlets faced and also to find out what kind of amendments could be made to improve the GP service from the respondent’s point of view.Introduction BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY In the cellular telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. it is imperative that the channel partners of the company must be satisfied to deliver their best service so that they can win over its competitors to attract new customers and at the same time keep the existing customers happy as well. dealers. PROBLEM STATEMENT There is no available information about the satisfaction level of the distributors. is a force to be reckoned with. has established itself as the dominant player of in the telecommunications sector. In a little over 12 years. The company today commands more subscribers than all its competitors’ in the mobile telephone industry combined. dealers. Grameen Phone Ltd. OBJECTIVE The main objective of the survey was to find out the satisfaction level of the dealers and distributors of GP who provide mobile phone service to the customers.

Broad Objectives 1.5 To get an insight on the time taken for subscription activation and any problems faced regarding activation 1.2 1.10 To find out major customer complaints that the dealers/agents are required to handle 1. Degree of Professionalism ii. Specific Objectives 1.6 To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents regarding the reporting method that needs to be done.3 An indication on how much commission they are willing to get To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents regarding the method of handset delivery from GP logistics 1.9 To find the level of satisfaction dealers and agents have regarding GP coverage in their area of operation 1. Knowledge about the business iii. 1. Friendliness and helping attitude 1. 1. Find out the level of satisfaction of Dealers and Agents on GP Services.8 To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents on their interaction with GP employees on the basis of i. 1.4 To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents regarding the time period they need to wait in order to receive commission 1.7 To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents regarding the flow of information from GP to Dealers/Agents and their subsequent comments on 155 support towards them.11 To find the potential areas for GP coverage and areas where improvement is required. 2. 3.1 To find the level of satisfaction of the dealers and agents regarding the amount of commission they are receiving 1. Find out the level of awareness that the Dealers/Agents have about GP.12 To find the level of knowledge/awareness dealers and agents have regarding GP products that they are selling and the Value Added Services provided 3 . Find out the level of satisfaction on the Distribution System of GP.

Each question was farmed with consideration to the scales to be used in the analysis.SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH Dealer and Agent Outlets of GP are to be found in many locations throughout Bangladesh. Rajshahi and Sylhet Divisions of the country. Quantitative The level of satisfaction of the dealers/agents on GP’s distribution system as well as GP’s overall system has been covered by the questionnaire. Chittagong. satisfaction level of dealers/agents has been quantified. The questionnaire was then followed-up by another direct interview and telephone calls to judge the level of knowledge of the channel partners about GrameenPhone and the various services that it offers. Population of the study has been identified as: 4 . Research Instrument As mentioned earlier a questionnaire has been used for the quantitative analysis part. The report was based on survey of the Dhaka. This section will further address certain recommendations provided by the dealers/agents and their impact on the improvement of performance of GP. This section will also try to find whether there is any relationship between the major complaints received and the location of the outlet. This section will try to cover major complaints that are received and how they are dealt with or if it is possible to deal with them. Population The very basic step in research designing is to define the population upon which we are conducting this study. METHODOLOGY Nature of the Research The research is based on both quantitative and qualitative study Qualitative The qualitative aspect of the report will include a description of the major complaints received by the Dealers/Agents of GP. The specific objectives were kept in mind when addressing the questionnaire. Khulna. In this questionnaire.

Executive Directors. 5 . Thus a total sample size of 80 respondents was taken and the report is based on the findings from this sample size. The main rationale behind taking this population is that members belonging to the abovementioned section will be able to give the exact picture of the situation that exists between them and GP. etc. The sample units comprise of four components: 1. Owing to time constraints and unavailability of concerned persons it was not possible to survey all outlets. No Barisal Outlets were taken into consideration. they will be able to provide more accurate details and provide a broader perspective than would have been available from any other employee. 4. 3. Being the owners and top management employees. It should also be mentioned that the survey did not take into account the outlets owned by the newly appointed dealer-RANGS Ltd. Here top management is defined as those individuals in the outlet who are in the major decision-making body of a particular outlet.All Dealer/Agent outlet owners or top management employees who are listed with the GrameenPhone records. Managing Directors. Dealers of GP new subscriptions Distributors of GP Scratch Cards Proprietors of Outlets Agents of GrameenPhone Sample size The total number of dealer and agent outlets in Bangladesh is over 140. Sampling Frame The listing of Dealer and Agent outlets was available from the GP databanks. Sales & Marketing Managers. In the list the outlets are categorized according to location. 2. Sampling Sample Units Sample units in this research are top management of the outlet. Under this definition comes the Owners.

Sampling Method The study has been conducted by using a probabilistic method. while the remainder is random. or distributors. Satisfaction level of dealers/agents regarding GP distribution and overall services Errors Doing a research of such proportions may have resulted in errors to take place. However. Sampling Technique For this study area cluster sampling have used. They are Dealers. This is a special form of cluster sampling in which the sample items are clustered on a geographic area basis. Rajshahi. 2. 3. This cluster or group has been taken on the notion that the members of these groups are externally homogenous and internally heterogeneous among themselves. as the complete listing regarding the sampling units was available. or outlets of GrameenPhone Ltd They are the top management people of the individual outlet Members within both these groups are homogenous in terms of these above-mentioned criteria. This is the key factor that makes them heterogeneous. 4. For our purpose the areas chosen were Dhaka. an error that occurs in an erratic fashion. Much potential error is systematic. 2. 6 . the two groups are heterogeneous due to the differences in the volume of each criterion between these each group. then studying the particular universe units associated with the selected sample of geographic areas. The technique here is to first select a sample of geographic areas. Khulna and Sylhet. the error that results from bias. Monthly subscriptions sold Monthly income from GP subscriptions Knowledge and awareness of GP products and services. In addition to this there are other factors for heterogeneity and they are given below: 1. or Agents. Chittagong. The characteristics for homogeneity are given below: 1. This method provides essentially unbiased estimates having measurable precision.

Major sources of error have been identified as follows:  Situation as an Error: This perhaps has been one of the principle sources of errors.This research paper takes into account these cases of errors. This error of neutrality was somewhat checked as most of the scales were in four-point scale. Such errors usually result from any condition that may have placed a strain on the interview. however. the respondent could not freely answer the questions.  Respondent as an Error: This kind of error results due to both non-response as well as inaccurate perception with regard to a specific concept or construct of a questionnaire. but during the course of the interview this proved to be wrong. In some situations therefore.  Measurer as an Error: Such error. at times the respondents were reluctant to provide extreme positive or negative views and preferred to reside in the neutral area. This however. there have been some cases where there were respondents who claimed that they knew a lot about GP. as the source of error. The respondent’s views then tend to be misleading. hence much-desired queries and information could not be communicated with the respondents. Everyone in the top management of an outlet is extremely busy and managers of different functional areas constantly visit them for various businessrelated purposes. meaning questionnaire. The physical and mental status of the respondent also at times resulted in error as respondents varied in enthusiasm and participation depending on their mood. happened in the pre-testing phase of the report. The final questionnaire was designed in such a way that there was least scope for instrument as an error. was rectified once full-fledged interviewing started for the final survey. In this research. In addition to this. The very theme of the report was new to the members. 7 . It must however be mentioned that there was no case of the instrument.

These data will provide a somewhat clear picture of the satisfaction level of the various dealers and agents of GrameenPhone Ltd. kits. and scratch cards from GP logistics Topic 3: Level of satisfaction with the time taken to receive commission Topic 4: Comments on the time taken for subscription activation Topic 5: Satisfaction with the reporting methods Topic 6: Satisfaction with the information flow from GP to dealers/Agents Topic 7: GP employee rating Topic 8: Satisfaction with GP coverage Topic 9: Dealers’ awareness or knowledge level of the GP products 8 . Then we take a graphical look at the whole national perspective of the topic in question Topic 1: Satisfaction level of the dealers/distributors/agents regarding the amount of commission received Topic 2: Satisfaction level regarding the method of receiving handsets. For convenience purpose we have tried to remain confined to the specific objectives already defined. The data have been interpreted as such that we at first summarize the most prevailing outcomes according to the region in Bangladesh.FINDINGS The quantitative part of the research primarily deals with data obtained from the questionnaire.