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Job oriented Project Report

B.A.Management 6th semester Academic year 2011-2012

In partial fulfillment of B.A.Management Degree Submitted to, Barkatullah University Bhopal

Guided by, Mrs. Manish Punthambekar

Prepared and submitted by, Gaurav Charadia B.A. Management


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Section – A Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges Participation in college activities Facilities and guide during projects Examination results Section – B Details of work done in previous semesters Names and details of org. surveyed during internship Information gathered and received Section – C Useful and Beneficial organization Details of Current visits and information gathered Section – D Self - assessment Evidences of improvement in skills

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Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all those people who has played a significant role and have helped this internship see the light of day. Firstly, I would like to express deep sense of gratitude to the Director and the administration of The Bhopal Ica institute of Social Sciences, for providing me the conductive atmosphere in the college. Their dedication and encouragement that they have shown towards our growth has been greatly felt and appreciated. I am especially grateful to my Sir. In-charge and guiders Mr. Manish Punthambekar and all the past guides, Department of Management, who devoted their precious time to help me to make these Reports. Their guidance and support has been a forte in the trying times of this work. They were always there for me whenever I needed guidance. I would like to express my appreciation to my friends and companions-who have contributed to the successful completion of the projects reports as well as for their support and understanding through the long days and busy phone lines. Last but not the least; I would also like to wish all those people who have directly and indirectly helped me during all previous project reports. With each and every help that I‟ve received, I‟ve brought this projects into fruition.

Gaurav Charadia


I, Gaurav Charadia, student of B.A. Management 6th Semester of The Bhopal Ica institute of Social Sciences, affiliated to the Barkatullah University, Bhopal, (M.P) do hereby declare that the project which is prepared as per the format has been carried out by me under the supervision of Mr. Manish Punthambekar towards partial fulfillment of the requirement for B.A.Management 6th semester for the academic session April 2012

Gaurav Charadia B.A.Management



In this fast growing world with deflating job and rising unemployment ,where quality is been questioned at every level, a student is needed to be fully equipped for each job that he wants to take up in future. Thus specialization has become important need of the hour. Targeting your future goals is essential in order to grasp and capture everything which is part and parcel of any particular task or post. At graduation level where a student begins his proper specialization in his studies, it is must that he/she aims a particular area of interest and work upon it, this project report and self-employment has made sincere students very focusing, concentrative and knowledgeable. Projects and study on interested subjects have initiated a lot of interest and focus in the minds of students; it has made them aware of the availabilities of the jobs in society. Suppose my favorite subject is human resource management, naturally my project will reflect this interest and motivate to gain more and more knowledge during my research. This work has developed the thinking power, writing skill language of the students. It has helped to correlate theory and practical aspects and application. The work of project report has initiated future planning in students. I am happy that it has done so with me in my three years of graduation and helped me to find out my future job skills in order to carry it out in a smooth way.


Section –A Detailed evaluation of semester pattern Strengths In the semester pattern the studies of one whole year are divided into two parts of six months. 4.the Student can clear the backlog in one or many subjects even after moving to the next semester. It has not produced much idle time rather kept the students busy with its different activities like practical‟s. viva. It has brought lot of interest in students to be innovative. In fact it is a standard pattern of studies because it separates each and every topic individually. it keeps students busy all year round with the same level of burden instead of the piling up of work at the end of the year. CCE. subject and syllabus is elaborated and made easy for the students to study and understand it separately. creative and enthusiastic. it will a great scope in coming years it is more so when the collage is autonomous and in case of university provided that all the responsibilities by the university are done in very organized way The greatest advantage of this system is that it reduces the load on the students and Inculcates regular study habits. Best part is that it enables the students to learn at their own pace. Because of the division in the syllabus the portion for each semester is being minimized which help students to prepare for exams well. Well if you compare it to an annual system. 2. internal & external exams and stressed much on regularity and discipline. 3. Since academic year is divided into 2 semesters it provides upward mobility . Its application and relation with other subjects can be easily correlated. When this system is effectively organized. 6 .

6. >> Scheduled work plan on time in a very organized way. Students are all the time attached to with Studies which are good for the Students. >> Grip on knowledge.5. Student busy all the year. if he does not study. >> Remain in class>> No absence. he will fail. 7 . >> Easy learning >> Attach with studies. >> Respect of teachers increases. In semester system. He knows. The main advantage of semester system.

When we observe and analyze. Burden of staff is increased because they have to attend exams in other Institutes and Universities as external examiners. Thus proper planning and organization of the system would be beneficial in years to come. In this age of higher learning. About syllabus. In semester system. students are confined only to their course contents. They do not get time for extensive studies. In the last. semester exams (both theory and practical). disturbing and tiresome. It has brought too much burden on teachers as well as students by making them stressful. it is seen that the difficulties are doubled and time t solve them gets reduced. If you take into account the seasonal exams. the long term memory if 8 . and is limited to a very narrow perspective . the exam itself takes away more than a month from the time allotted for teaching. Since the portion is divided and made into two parts. As a result of this. When speaking particularly on the university in which we are studying has shown weak performance in its initial stages.Another fault is the course is much short.Some students cannot bear its expenses and are unable to continue their studies at university level. the knowledge of students becomes restricted. There has been no organized order of topic under each unit. most of the topics under units get repeated.Weaknesses This system has been creating a continuous disturbance in timings and regularity in flow of studies. in comparison to Annual systems. what the syllabus setter do is to divide the annual syllabus into two halves In the name of semester system. Time is too short in Semester system. we are blocking the long term memory of the young. Students don‟t understand many chapters. It lacks the recovery that students can make due to limited time. semester system is comparatively expensive . One is shocked to see that the course the course for a subject in university is much shorter than the course of a subject at secondary level.

opinions and views. seminars. viva and internal and external assessments. and outreach programs have widened our practical knowledge.  It has given us an opportunity to do self study and research.  To develop speaking and writing skills. 9 . The students have developed the tendency of forgetting/not caring for the knowledge gained in previous semester due to a feeling of those papers are over and they need not recollect any more. Opportunities With the semester system we have gained and at the same time lost ample of opportunities. like:  Answering CCE‟s. Challenges There have been many pleasing and unpleasing challenges we have faced in our semester studies.sufficiently stimulated will go a long way in their career and in their life.  The visitations to the various industries. Following are some of the opportunities we received through this system:  It has helped us to understand the various subjects in detail separately.  It has increased the confidence in face to face interviews and viva by different external professors.  Facilitated progress in speaking formal language.  It has also aided in development of ones self-ideas. corporations. guest lectures. discussions and conclaves it has contributed in building up our intellect.  Through the different sessions. practicals.

The semester system is the need of hour and a very effective one. Newspapers and journals read.  Hindustan Times  The Times Of India  The week  India Today  Outlook Participation in the activities of the college: 10 . Semester system not only involves students more throughout the year but also reduces examination burden. While. The semester system is a very proactive system as it engages both the faculty and the students throughout the year in academic activity.  I felt that writing semester exams was also a challenging job because we had to make self notes and study. Writing project and internship reports has been a great challenge which was expected of us from time to time. in the annual system once the student enters the college he feels free and thinks about studying only during the exam time.

Semester First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Teacher/Guide incharge Mrs. Divya Sir. Manish Punthambekar 11 . Departmental Exhibition  Mime Facilities and Teacher / Guide made available by the college during the study:  Freedom to clear doubts. Priyanka Singh Sir. Geetu Sir.  Time to time checking the progress of the project work.  Application letters and notes were provided. Neeraj Mrs.  Guidance given by the guide in choosing the areas of project study. Manish Punthambekar Miss.

Examination Result Ist to Vth semester: (With copy of mark sheets attached) Name of the Semester First Marks Obtained 219 210 191 187 311 Maximum Marks 350 350 350 350 450 Result in Percentage 62% 60% 54% 53% 69% 1 Second 2 Third 3 Fourth 4 fifth 5 12 .

Mrs. teams and groups. And as a first step I chose ICA BHOPAL. NEW MARKET BHOPAL. decision making and controlling. These contributed in understanding the project work and what it aims for.T. directing. COMPLEX. ABOVE BRITISH LIBRARY. Then I moved on to the study on the selection of director. And this study wasn‟t an individual area rather a broad aspect. it is here that my study was made apparent and realistic. organizing. 2ND FLOOR. they remain stable for the whole academic year. 102. Priyanka Singh mam. There are several committees. as my organization to work upon the above topic. I visited the institute quit often and observed its various functions on the chosen topic and noted down the points and some of the information was gathered through consulting the administrative department. teams. who was the manager of committees. I found that the study on committees.B. When I began my studies in the same faculty I had a subject “the essential elements of management” in which I studied the functions of management that is planning. Following are some of the committees:  Academic committee  Cultural committee 13 . who was my guide. G. explained me the procedures and key factors of the project work. and group decision making was relevant attempt in the ICA BHOPAL. which facilitate in major functioning of institute .Section-B Details of work done in previous semesters First semester project on ICA institute Bhopal I saw my future works in the ICA BHOPAL.

 Sports committee  Discipline committee  Examination committee Each of the committees has their own duties and rights to perform and they keep consulting the director or manager to update the policies. Planned and unplanned teams are another form of grouped people to perform a specific task. Performance appraisal is also another method to rectify the errors and to do better in future. It was a new experience and developed my thinking and writing capacity. because without proper observation one would not find the methods and policies existing in that organization. The director chooses the members with the due consultation. and was able to present my views and ideas. he is bound to take the consent of his council and other members of the organizations like administrative manager and financial manager. Therefore director has a great responsibility to consult and gather different opinions. programs and evaluation of performance. There is a close contact between the director and the committees in the hierarchy of the ICA institute management. the director all alone cannot decide. 14 . programme. It is an obligation of the director to direct the members in fulfilling the plans. It was a challenging job to make a study on the above topic. After a proper discussion and analysis the suitable decision will be taken. and keeping in mind their ability to carry out the task effectively. the director takes further measures and ends up the same. When it comes to taking major decisions. Based on their opinion on a particular issue which is to be decided. He is the source of guidance till the work is completed. When any unforeseen event. investigation or survey and in any other emergencies arise the formation of teams are of great help. since it is the first level of organization where all activities are planned and executed.

The vaptive power plant has an installed capacity of 64 mw with two turbo genetator sets of 31 mw each ans a hydropower plant has 2 x 6. LNJ bhilwara group.  Steam generators.A brief summary of the recommendations in each area is given in the following section.25 kg/gm 2. of oil fired process boilers.5%.  The annual average demand of the plant is about 32.45 kL).g steam pressure .5% oxygen level. by the energy & resourcrs institute.  Electrical system. By optimising the excess air at 3. This corresponds to annual FO saving of 3. 15 . Bhopal.75 mw installed capacity. Performance of one boiler was tested during the energy audit. the major observation ans recommendation are given below.Second Semester project on energy audit of HEG ltd.7 kva with maximum energy consumption in the month of sep.electricity for HEG ltd.manufacturing unit of Hindustan electro graphite ltd. 2008 and minimum(16. the thermal efficiency of boiler #1 will be improved by about 0. to study the present energy consumption scenario and to identify energy saving opportunities in various energy sonsuming system . comes from their own captive power plant and hydro power plant ans state electricity board.2 mva to 53.3 T (3.steam traps ans insulation-the plant is equipped wit thw no.25 mw which is varies from 27.dased in the long duration boiler operation at 9. Executive summary  Introduction.2 million kwh) in the month of feb 2009.

2. which 16 .03 MW at 0. During the energy audit study.2 MVA (February 2009) to 53.78 MW to 27. The average monthly energy consumption of the HEG limited is estimated to be 24. The average plant load factor of generation is estimated to be 90. comes from their own captive power plant and hydro power plant and state electricity board. The load at feeder varies from 8. Madhya Pradesh Limited. LNJ Bhilwara group. Mandideep. The annual average demand of the plant is about 32.927 power factor. Madhya Pradesh by The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI).75 MW installed capacity.16% of the generation.0 Introduction manufacturing unit of Hindustan Electro Graphite (HEG) Limited. to study the present energy consumption scenario and to identify energy saving opportunities in various energy consuming systems. Mandideep. the average operating load at main incomer feeder (CPP) was 19.2 million kWh) in the month of February 2009. The auxiliary power consumption (APC) of the plant is approximate 5.89 MW which is 10. The captive power plant has an installed capacity of 64 MW with two turbo generator sets of 31 MW each and a hydropower plant has 2 X 6.50 million kWh at average demand of 32.25 MVA. A brief summary of the recommendations in each area is given in the following sections.0 Electrical system Electricity for HEG Limited.7 kVA (April 2008).5% during the month Nov 2009. with maximum energy consumption in the month of September 2008 (29. 1.58 MW in the daily pattern of plant.25 MW which is varies from 27.66 million kWh) and minimum (16. LNJ Bhilwara group.

High drop in supply voltage may lead to higher line losses which may reach even 3% of the load power. steam traps and insulation The plant is equipped with two numbers of oil fired process boilers. This corresponds to annual FO saving of 3.3 T (3.25 kg/cm 2 g steam pressure .35).3). These factors are (i) excess air level and (ii) flue gas temperature. 3. It has been observed that most of the transformers are loaded near to design and the operating with optimum losses at designed power factor. the major observations and recommendations are given below: The dry flue gas loss is the highest loss among the all losses calculated for boiler #1 (table 3.5%. the thermal efficiency of boiler #1 will be improved by about 0. Graphite manufacturing unit is consuming about 52% of the total energy generation from CPP whereas about 48% has exported to the state electricity board.0 Steam generators.45 kL). the line voltage drop is very significant at far end. ° By optimising the excess air at 3.3. The corresponding monetary value in boiler #1 17 . Major factors contributing to this loss and optimisation of these can substantially reduce it. Based on the long duration boiler operation at comparable to the c/p/p of the similar size (10. Graphite hall œ 6 is operating most of the time and consuming about 42% of the total energy consumed in the plant.5% oxygen level. Plant has 6 graphite manufacturing furnaces and it is estimated that the graphitization consume approximate 84 % of the total energy consumption whereas rest 16% consumption in the used in plant utility and auxiliaries section. It is recommended to improve the supply voltage to rated (415 volt) by applying the online tap changer and automatic power factor controller. Performance of one boiler (#1) was tested during the energy audit. In LT distribution system.

0 lacs. ° It is also recommended to maintain the flue gas temperature of boiler #1 at 1600C in order to maintain the thermal efficiency at optimum level.9 T (27. This will further reduce the dry flue gas loss by 4.35 lakh. four traps were found to be not functioning properly.0 kL) of Furnace oil (FO) or Rs. ° Improving the existing insulation up to the optimum level in the boiler #1 will lead to an annual saving of approximately Rs 0. ° It is recommended to install FO flow meter and steam flow meter with the boiler. 0.8 lacs. The corresponding annual savings will be 25.0 lacs.0 Hot oil boilers (HOBs) or thermic fluid heaters The plant is equipped with the eleven (11) oil (LDO) fired heavy duty hot oil boilers (HOBs)/ thermic fluid heaters (thermopacs). 4. 3 in FI & 4 in NCI) HOBs is tested during the energy audit. The major observations and recommendations are given below: 18 . Investment required on account of insulating steam boiler will be marginal. It is recommended to replace the faulty traps with new ones. 6. Performance of nine (9: 2 in GEP. ° Out of 14 traps checked. The annual monetary savings would be Rs. Details about the energy performance assessment of steam generator and steam traps are discussed in chapter 3 of this report. ° The cost on account of above is estimated to be about 3. Few traps were found to be bypassed from the steam heated equipment/ machines. ° It is recommended to connect the additional pipelines and pressure powered pump to increase the condensate recovery (from 65% to 95%).3 lacs. 1. It is also recommended to clean the scales on the outside of tubes and the burner during shut down of boilers to maintain their flue gas temperature at the optimum level 1600C.will be Rs.03%.

38 kL).1 kL). 3. AO 6.37 kL). 80.53%. 59.22%. one HRU should be installed with the HOB AO 6.46%. 07/18.The dry flue gas loss is the highest loss among the all losses in HOBs. 2.0 kL). These correspond to annual LDO saving of 10.42 T (2. 7. 1.82 T (3.04%. 3.9 kL). 07/ 19. 16. 37.50% with fine tuned modulation unit in AO 6.4) level. These factors are (i) excess air level and (ii) flue gas temperature. 07/ 12 by 1.24%.8 T (41.26%.43%. ° It is recommended to clean soot periodically. This will further reduce the dry flue gas loss in HOB 06/ 14. install the heat recovery unit (HRU) with HOBs in NCI and operate HRU regularly at the highest efficiency. 06/ 15.72 T (29. 7. The modulation unit the HOBs would result in additional 19 . It is also suggested to get the ducts/ coils cleaned during the HOBs shut down. The corresponding annual LDO savings will be 2.33%. AO 6. which may be optimised to reduce this loss substantially. 55. 35. 16.5.90% and 5.61% and 4. ° By optimising the excess air in the practical range of 2-3% O2 (or easily achieved level 2.1 kL) respectively. 7.7 T (43.56%. 3. 25.5.30 T (3.2.82%. 07/ 19. 7.3 T (68. make it a regular practice to the O2 online analyser with burner plus O2 analyser installation in existing portable O2 analyser and use check/ record O2% in the FGs or install modulation unit.2 also.84 kL). AO 6. the thermal efficiency of HOB 06/ 14. 07/ 20. 4. 06/ 15. 07/18.6 kL).43% respectively.7 T (24.2.95%. 7.21 T (8. ° It is suggested to calibrate the it.90 T (3.8 T (27.9 T (19.08 kL). 2. 0. 3.4.7 T (40.91 kL).12% respectively. in order to avail the benefit of faster heating of fluid/ lower FGs temperature. 12. There are two factors contributing to this loss.27 kL). 5.1 T (64.8 kL) and 23.3 kL). ° It is also recommended to optimise/ maintain the flue gas temperature of HOBs at 170-1750C in order to maintain the thermal efficiency at optimum level. Based on the 1st successful HRU installation/ demonstration in NCI.81 kL).33 T (12.81 T (9. 07/20. 07/ 12 will be improved by about 5.47%.8 T (93.15%.9 kL) and 20.7 kL) respectively. 34.6 kL). 11. AO 6. AO 6.

There are three factors contributing to this heat distribution and optimisation of these would reasonably reduce it. Each row is having one movable type (flexible) manifold/ set of six (6) burners for firing. These factors are (i) hot flue gas turbulence level (ii) excess air level and (iii) flue gas temperature. Performance of four RHs is tested during the energy audit. 5. ° Apply the low emissivity aluminium paint on the external surface of the HOBs Details about the energy performance assessment of HOBs are discussed in chapter 4 of this report.0 Ring pit baking (RPB) furnaces The plant is equipped with the four (4) Ried Hammer (RH) manufactured (direct) oil (FO) fired large and heavy duty close type ring pit (green electrode/ GE) baking furnaces. 20 saving corresponding to the O2 reduction in FGs from the 6. ° Most of the above recommendations (except HRU installation) are routine maintenance practices and hence the cost on account of above in 9 HOBs is estimated to be about 8/9 lacs. The GEs (graphite electrodes) are placed in the enclosed space (the pit) and surrounded with the packing material.65 percent to 2-3 percent. Each RPB furnace (RH #1/ RH #2/ RH #3/ RH #4) is having twenty (20) vertical chambers in two rows of sections. The major observations and recommendations are given below: The dry flue gas loss is the second highest loss among the all the heat distributing components (or losses) calculated for RHs. metallurgical coke (MetCoke). The actual Volatile Matter (VM) content in the binder pitch/ green electrode is about 45% (by weight). Each GE contains a large quantity of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) and small quantity (about 15% average volume) of coal tar pitch. Moderate investment would be required for implementation of the proposal.

It would result in approximate 17921 kWh/year reduction in power consumption. RH & NRH. 80% but the specific power consumption of most of the compressors was more than the recommended value.° It is recommended to clean the long ducts periodically and operate the tar extraction unit continuously at the optimum efficiency. total 10 nos. GEP. The compressors installed in baking area. and 64 % of the design respectively.9 m air delivery using the screwed compression technology. 7. PFS and NCI in the plant. 6. Out of these.0 Compressed air system There are twenty one (21 nos. The volumetric efficiency of all the air compressors was estimated to above the recommended value. hall œ 1 and hall œ 5 are designed to 6. The pressure requirement of the compressed air varies in areas and applications.9 m 3/min. The actual air requirements of these compressors are only 73%.1 for baking hall and 6.1 kg/cm 2 (g) for hall œ 1 and hall œ 5. the plant has set the minimum and maximum pressures at 7.5 for utility and GEP compressors considering the line losses. 6. Graphite Hall. Accordingly. 7. of operational compressors were monitored for performance evaluation during the energy audit study. It is recommended to install the variable frequency drive in one of the compressor. It is recommended to plant should clean/replace the filters periodically and prepare a schedule/scheme for regular maintenance of the compressors.0 Pumps and fans 21 . This implementation will save approximate 128431 electrical units per year. 53%.) air compressors of reciprocating and screw types installed in the plant to cater the compressed air requirement of utility & common area.5 œ 8. The installation of VFD facilitates to reduce/increase the speed of the compressor as per the plant compressed air requirement.

By operating higher efficient pumps.59 lakh kWh/year with its equivalent cost saving of Rs.73 lakh/year with no investment. the actual efficiency of the pump #2 & #3 is about 66 %. This may be due to choking of dust particle in the bag filters and leakages from the duct connection. duct collector fan. the plant is expected to maintain the design flow rate with one pump of 200 m3/hr. 000 for installing two new energy efficient pumps which would be paid back with two months. 96. drinking water transfer pumps. combined water flow rate pf cooling system was achieved 269 m3/hr with two pumps. fume extraction fan in various process section like raw material preparation section. Hence.2 Fans The plant has installed induced draft (ID) fan for backing furnaces. 694 kWh/year and its equivalent cost savings about Rs. By installing new energy efficient pumps.7. 1. which is very less as compared to the designed efficiency of 81 %. the possibility of energy savings would be about 28. which was delivered about 135 m3/hr (avg) as against designed flow rate of 200 m3/hr. 1. 9. ° In Hall no. impregnation section. and the efficiency of pump #1 & #4 is about 48 to 57 %. ° During the study. ° It is recommended to clean the bag filters and arresting the leakage of air would improve the air volume flow rate of the fan. which is more efficient and stop running pump # 1 & #4. which helps to increase the efficiency of fan at least by 70 %. which reduces. 2 & 3.56 lakh / year. green electrodes preparation (GEP) section. The possibility of 22 . with respect to the application. over head tank transfer pumps etc. the plant has to invest Rs. it is recommended to operate pump # 2 & #3. ° In case of Hall no. In order to achieve this saving. the static efficiency of DC fan # 1 & # 2 was observed to be 51 % and 28 % respectively. 7. ° The possibility of energy saving would be about 1.1 Pumps Pumps are broadly classified as process cooling water pumps. baking section and finishing section.

° Currently. 8.60 lakh/year. 23 . there is a need to install two higher capacity of (screw) chillers (one operating and one stand by). ° The area of the manufacturing plant is broadly classified in to administration building area.000.e. the investments would be approximately Rs. But as a long term measure. Most of the motors are loaded in the range of 40% to 75% and 75% to 100%. But as a long term measure. It has been observed that under-loaded motors i. product finishing section (PFS) and tunnel kiln area.achievable energy saving is estimated to be 1. Among the above areas. technical building area. it is recommended to operate two chillers in place of one as a short term measure. which would be paid back with in two months. Hence. green electrode preparation (GEP) area. there is a need measure. load tests were conducted for 63 motors above 15 kW rating. the plant is operating one chiller and one stand-by combination. There are about 255 number of AC units in these areas which has 549 TR of cooling capacity. below 40% is few (population is 13%) in the plant. 6. it was observed that the plant was not able to achieve the required vacuum pressure during auto clave process due to inadequate cooling capacity to cater the cooling requirement. 9. 75.09 lakh kWh/year and its equivalent cost saving of Rs. For this corrective measure. the installed capacity of AC units in administration area and technical building area accounts 40 % of the total capacity.0 Refrigeration and air-conditioning system ° From the study. which would increase the energy consumption.0 Electrical motors To evaluate the operational performance of motors and to see how they are loaded.

This is mainly because of to electrode is covered by merely met coke whereas in furnace hall œ 6. heat. 24 . called graphitising. GEP.e.0 Electric graphite furnaces The final step in graphite manufacture is a conversion of baked carbon to graphite. Graphitization is an energy intensive process in a graphite manufacturing unit and consuming more than 84% of the total electrical energy consumption in the plant. It is used as induced draft (ID) in baking furnaces. Most of the parallel pumping systems are operating in throttle condition and there is no major difference in energy consumption identified during the 60% valve and 100 %. 10. There are six numbers of electric graphite furnaces installed in graphitization section of HEG limited to facilitate heat treatment of baked electrode.treating the material at temperatures in the region of 2600°C œ3300°C. 11. duct collector (DC) fans in processes sections like baking hall. i.0 Cooling towers Nine cooling towers are installed in the plant catering for Nine cooling towers are installed in the plant catering for the electrodes of rectifier. PFS etc and fume extraction fan in raw material preparation section. HEG limited has more than 2400 kW connected load of fans and blowers in the utility section.The drives associ ated with water pumps are loaded 49% œ 95% of the rated capacity. electrode is properly covered by refractory which result in very small amount of skin losses. The outside surface temperature of the old type furnace (hall œ 1) was found to be high.

structuring to be done at the earliest. This will need an investment of Rs 5. ° In the plant about 72 % of the locations were less illuminated than the recommended level as per National Building Code. plant can save up to 5.36 lac per anum. 12. ° Cooling towers in the area of Graphite furnace Hall No-6 are relatively new and working satisfactorily.3lac. which needs to be addressed.0 Lighting system Plant has an average consumption of 2418 units per day There is no separate lighting transformer installed in the plant. ° By installing 28 W FTL in the place of 40 W lamps. Most of the process area are under illuminated. Utility area and Hall No-5. ° Installation of hollow FRP blades in the place of Aluminium blades in the cooling towers will save upto Rs 1. It would require an investment of about 12 lacs. ° Installation of new lighting transformer has potential of savings of 10 lac per anum.6 lacs with an investment of Rs 1 lac.° Three cooling towers are in bad shape and need re. 25 . They are cooling tower at Hall No-1.

damage and fraud. Ica institute financial management comprises the planning and implementation of a financial plan.Third semester Continuing work in educational institute I drifted on to another ICA BHOPAL. The main products of financial management are the financial plan and the annual report. and provide guidance on how to manage budgets effectively. NEW MARKET BHOPAL run by Society of the missionaries of St. COMPLEX. 102. The reporting process is closely linked to the planning process. 2ND FLOOR. accounting. These resources explore opportunities for cutting costs. the definition of objectives and measuring 26 . ABOVE BRITISH LIBRARY. If the ica institute does not have the internal rules. effective financial management becomes more and more important. G. Francis Xavier which has group of catholic priests and brothers who toil to deliver quality education and carry on the work of up building society through educational institutes.T. Ica institute s can regulate their financial management with internal rules.B. The ica institute leader is accountable for setting the internal controls and internal auditing. reporting and the protection of assets from loss. there is a risk that internal controls are not set. This time I was taken up to make a study on financial matters of the ica institute . As efficiency and cost reductions become a focus for ica institute s.

For the growth of ica institute . ica institute bursars and finance managers currently have access to a number of services that help them to manage their ica institute 's finances efficiently. 27 . and their usage. the consistency of financial position is must to meet the requirements of the hour. some which are discussed below. Financial management plays an important role in an organization like blood in a human body.The study made was on “financial resources and its uses” by highlighting the post of a financial manager. mainly about responsibilities of the financial manager. Following are the sources of finance in ica institute     Donations Fees and fines Fixed deposits Grants from society. sources. The project exhibited the detailed reports of funds created. etc. This paper investigates what motivates effective financial managers and what would encourage less effective ones. thus increase the quality and standard.Head teachers. The availability of funds on a regular basis would always be of help ups and downs of productivity. however not all ica institute s are accessing this support and some are not managing their finances as well as they could. In a same manner there is also a major expenditure like     Salaries and allowances Infrastructure expenses Administration expenses Stationary and other petty expenses The job of the financial manager is to manage the funds available as per the stipulated budget or plan in order to balance flow of the activities. The study detailed about the kinds of funds available and their uses.

which contains the presentation of ica institute . The presented guidelines can be also adequately applied by ica institute s that are funded in other manners. its management and important authorities. The financial report comprises: . As required by the Slovenian legislation. As professional knowledge of ica institute leaders mostly does not derive from the sector of 28 . The ica institute has to produce the annual report to the organization authorized for processing and publishing information till the 28th of February of the current year at the latest for the past year.. significances. the ica institute leader has to produce the proposed annual report to the ica institute council no later than two months after the end of the financial year. We have pointed out the most important sections of ica institute financial management. Rules by chapters do not define accurately the contents and the form of the financial report. fines and other charges Supervision of the infrastructural work Disbursement of finance to respective contractors and other people Preparation and implementation of different salary /incentive schemes Promotional and publicity activities Financial Report Accounting categories from the accounting report in the financial part are linked to the performance of ica institute tasks. A few guidelines are mentioned further on. the presentation of ica institute activities.a specific part is regulated by an instruction and has to contain all prescribed items. . advantages and weaknesses in comparison with the branch.       Preparing the budget. The significance of financial plans and annual reports is relatively small and out of proportion regarding the work and the scope of ica institute leader accountability related to them.a conclusion. minor financial plans and estimation Arrangement of funds and making them available on time Fixation of fees. which are funded from the national budget effort.a general part.

accounting and auditing. which should be the base for the preparation of the financial report or for the report on the attained objectives and results. COMPLEX. therefore the task of their recruitment. It was here I found my real interested subject and decided to work on the same organization. Issue was recruitment. 2ND FLOOR. non-teaching and domestic are directly under him. selection and training of teaching staff.T. the awareness of ica institute leaders and professional help are even more important. when the information about the 29 . selection and training of staff in the ICA BHOPAL. Director plays a role of human resources manager. orientation and training decided and undertaken by him alone. G.B. Their main link regarding the contents is that the annual report contains information about the realization of the specific part of the financial plan. 102. thus all kinds of staff like teaching. In this project of mine I ventured procedure and process of recruitment. The main problems of reporting and planning are the scope and transparency of information as well as non-compliance with the legislation. Therefore we have prepared guidelines for the contents of annual reports and financial plans.economy or finances. taking the post of a director as a personnel manager. ABOVE BRITISH LIBRARY. Therefore it would be logical that this part becomes a compulsory element in the financial report. as well as additional trainings and guidelines for the preparation or rules in the abovementioned sectors. here I came across subject “personnel management” in which studies were based on its functions. Fourth semester Towards the end of my fourth semester again I asked to take the same job. assortment. NEW MARKET BHOPAL.

Now the job to judge and select applicants who can fulfill the required parameters will be of the director.availability of jobs are declared openly. As personnel manager he must be able to deal with applicants in adequate way in search of qualitative people. The following are the steps which are followed by the director in procurement process             Advertisement and public declaration of vacancies for job of teaching Receiving of applications Verification and analysis of the applications Summoning the applicant Interviews and Demonstration methods of testing Evaluation and decisions regarding the applicants Notice of selection Notice of appointment Assignment of work Observation and orientation Training and Development promotions Each every aspect was discussed in the project report in order to find out responsibilities of the director on this function of procurement. those interested apply and face the interview. The productivity will depend upon the kind of people recruited and promoted that is why the part of human recourse manager is indispensable Guidance and assistance received by the institutes 30 . His priority will be on quality teaching and well conversational skill.

Ica institute 2 Second Holy Family Sr.Agnel ica institute Directives and assistance received by the institute  Discussion on the hierarchy  I was provided with prospectus and handbook  Interviews  Interviews of teachers  Talk with vice-director  Comments from teams and committees  Issued photocopy of balance sheet and trial balance  Discussion with financial manager  Analysis of accounts  Meet with director(HRM)  Prospectus  Handbook guidelines  Talk with teachers 31 .Sec.Ica institute 3 Third Fr.Agnel ica institute 4 Fourth 1 Semester First Name of the surveyed institute Holy Family Sr.Sr.

AGNEL CO-ED ICA INSTITUTE 32 .DETAILS OF THE ORGANIZATION VISITED AND BENEFITS GAINED SR.ICA INSTITUTE 2 FR.NO DETAILS OF THE INSTITUTION VISITED BENEFITS GAINED  Plan and attend official visits  Application of theory into practice  Gained leadership skill  Conducting of group discussions  Grasping power  Studied formalities  Learned different behaviors of different people  Methods of management function  Formal way of communication  Usage of different gestures and expression at different times  Grasped the technique of teaching  At last learned how to 1 HOLY FAMILY SR.SEC.

B.O. Gandhi Nagar. Near Saint Asaram Ashram. Gondipura P. Bhopal-462030 33 .S.E.belong to the organization Detailed Description Internship A brief summary about the institution Name of the institution Fr. New Delhi) Institution’s mailing address Bypass Road. Agnel Co-Ed Ica institute (Affiliated to C.

Andamans. North East and beyond. color and creed. Karnataka. Mumbai. Orissa. Rajasthan.GENERAL INFORMATION PILAR FATHERS The Society of The Missionaries of St. Chennai. Kolkata. Agnel Group of Institutes is spread all over the country . Chhattisgarh. Daman. Fr. Delhi. Amberrnath. Francis Xavier. Madhya Pradesh. Punjab. Jammu & Kashmir. special in : Goa. is engaged basically in educational and medical services at all levels. is an indigenous society involved in the total upliftment of all men and women without any distinction of cast. The Fr. Nagar Haveli. commonly known as “Pilar Fathers”. Agnel Group of Institutions: 34 .

Agnel Co. Agnel High Ica institute : Pilar. Agnel High Ica institute : Amberrnath Fr. Agnel High Ica institute : Vashi-New Mumbai Fr. Sec. Agnel High Ica institute : Belgaum. Agnel Higher Secondary Ica institute : Pilar. Sr. Agnel High Ica institute : New Delhi Fr.P. Karnataka AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE SCCHOOL 35 . Goa Fr. Agnel High Ica institute : Daman.Nagar Haveli Fr. M. Goa Fr.P. Goa Fr. Ed. Agnel Ica institute : Greater Noida Fr. Agnel High Ica institute : Baresia. Ica institute : Bhopal. Agnel College of Arts & Commerce: Pilar. Fr.Fr. Fr. M. Gujarat Fr. Agnel Ica institute : Bandra Mumbai Fr. . Agnel High Ica institute : Silvassa. Agnel High Ica institute : Verna. Fr. Goa.

being clear in principles. being courageous in actions and willing to build a more just social order. thus enabling them to face life with greater confidence. making them worthy citizens. caste and community the ica institute is primarily meant to provide education that is based on some human values. we strive to inculcate in our students proper interests. The student-teacher relationship is based on respect for spiritual values and aims at promoting in the students a concern for their fellowmen 36 . thus realizing that the motto “Wisdom Triumphs” pervades all aspects of life. accepting the heritage of values. it is meant to prepare them for life. attitudes and sense of values they have to up hold in life. with full respect to freedom to conscience. “WISDOM TRIUMPHS” being the motto of the ica institute . the ica institute also intends to prepare its pupils in cultural. we insist in upholding truth. social and physical aspects of life. Besides providing education that is academic in nature.Irrespective of religion. To attain this goal.

near Saint Asaram ashram. Pilar Niwas. Alwyn Monteiro Name of the College. Bypass Road. Bhopal -4620336 37 . monteirokiran@yahoo. Shanti Nagar.E New Delhi) Organization address. Gandhi Nagar. The Bhopal Ica institute of Social Sciences Student’s address and Phone Number. Mrs. Bhopal. Name of the Guide. PO Kurana.B. No: 07552808784 Student e-mail address. Gaurav Charadia. Geetu Choudhary Organization/Institution Name. MP PIN 462030 Mb. Fr.A Management 6th Semester Father’s Name.A GLANCE AT INTERNSHIP DETAILS Name of the Student and Class. Gondipura P.O. Agnel Co-Ed Ica institute (Affiliated to C.S.

Mrs. Nidhi Cecil. 0755-2641309 Name of Instructor. Shaheen Yusuf and Mrs. Nikhat Praveen (Cultural Committee) Ms. Ica institute . Sec. Sr. Franklin Fernandes (co-ordinators) Mrs. Ed. Hamra Talat (Academic Incharge) Ms. Mrs.Organization contact number. Agnel Co. Raj Kumar (Sports Committee) etc. 38 . (The Director) Fr. Richard Couto. Neha Khirwadkar. Fr. Richard Couto sfx Area of internship: Ica institute Personnel Manager (director) Internship duration: Commencing date: 1st September 2011 Completion date: 31st October 2011 Number of days: 55 INTERNSHIP ACTVITIES Name of the Chief Supervisor: Fr. Sr. Kaneez and Mr.

judging. The constantly fed me with their precious suggestions about the past history and as to how it could be done in the present. who allotted us work from time to time.The director is the head of the institute. When i handled activities like conducting programmes. Work Allotted and Work Completed 39 . and also explained to me his plans about different programmes and also the expectations he expected to achieve from the different programmes given by him. with the help of the respective committee in charges. they would also seek our help when needed to be creative and effective. The in charges would provide me with the necessary requirements and do all the arrangements. taking classes. or any other activity for that matter we would sit together and to draw up a plan for organisation. The co-ordinators were always there to guide and a support me in the different activities undertaken by me.

 Ica institute students had their semester exams coming closer.B.  I was given information about the total functioning of the ica institute .  For about one and half hour I had to sit in the office of the director to observe the situation when different people come to meet him.According to the post chosen theme and keeping in view my career plan. G. NEW MARKET BHOPAL and guided by the head of the institute Fr. personnel manager I was at fr. Duration 1st September – 7th September Tasks fulfilled /undertaken  I. Director. 2ND FLOOR. Agnel ICA BHOPAL.  This week I was to observe the whole system of the ica institute as guided by the director.  Was asked to glimpse to the overall discipline of the ica institute . COMPLEX. responsibilities and tasks undertaken at different weekly schedules. 102. I was appointed in assisting him in managing different activities of the ica institute in the two month of my internship programme. was introduced by the director in the ica institute assembly. Here are the various duties. ABOVE BRITISH LIBRARY. as assistant manager. so I had to look after the arrangement of the seats and question paper.T.  I had to collaborate with 40 7th September – 14th September 14th September – 21st September .

all staff members with the director evaluated the conduct of exam. 28th September – 4th October 4th October – 11th October  I was assigned to judge the science exhibition competition 2011-2012.  Due to the Dussera occasion ica institute was closed.  This week the great task was to recheck the answer papers of different subjects and sign them.    21stSeptember – 28th September   Academic committee Was given substitution classes when students were absent or engaged some where Exam patrolling and invigilation work Judging of inter house wall paper competition Meeting was held in preparation of Exams Director gave me the responsibility of correcting the Value Education answer paper and prepare mark sheet Rendered my help to the teachers during the exam week.  I was asked to collaborate with the cultural 41 .  In a short meeting.

I took the responsibility of helping the teachers when parents came to meet them by distributing the different files.  11th October – 18th October    18th October . It was also called OPEN DAY. Some of the above work was done in holidays too. On the last day I collaborated with the Audio Visual teacher to show the students from 5th 42 .25th October   committee to prepare the students for the upcoming debate competition and I did the same. I trained the football players of the ica institute team for the HAAP meet upcoming (which is being organized among four neighboring ica institute ) by teaching them new skills and techniques. Asked to help in managing and organizing the HAAP Meet football Tournament 2011 – 2012. In the last week I was engaged in different classes and had different types entertaining programs. Task was assigned to prepare for the parents meet on 15th October.

I had a good experience in connecting things that I have learnt in the class through observation. The director was of the view that during my internship program. This was how I scheduled my internship program in different weeks as stated above Duties and experiences Observation duty. teach them value education. a musical movie. Everyday I was asked to take minimum two periods. I should get some experience of how the teachers deal with the students. Substitution Classes.std. – 12th std. 43 . Through observation I learned a lot about the internal setup of the organization and was able to understand the nature and character of people and organization. play games with them or do any other creative activity. the director asked me to sit in his office for about ½ an hour daily to observe how he would deal with different types of people in different ways and grasp the techniques of communication. motivation and relations. I continued this observation till the end of September. motivation and relationships of human resource management. Since I had chosen the topic of communication. in which I used to interact with the students. Thus I was asked to substitute the teachers when the teachers were absent in the class due to leave or any other work in the ica institute .

Debate. which included the anchoring. selecting the judges. I also took on the responsibility to be a judge of a number of competitions. Since it was the first time the debate competition was held. inter house wall paper competition and science exhibition. calculation of the points. One week prior to the competition. It was a learning experience to be with the students and interact with them. Then we distributed the topics to different houses accordingly and asked the teacher incharge of the house to prepare the students for the same. ranging from poetry recitation. It was held on 15th October 2012. together with the committee and the coordinators. 44 . confidence level. This activity called for very decisive actions. we were asked to explain and help the teachers incharge and also the students understand the concept of debate.It increased my fluency in the language. First we discussed and tried to understand what debate is and how it is conducted. we managed the whole program. This is the next task I was given by the director to help the cultural committee to plan and organize the Inter House Debate Competition 201112. And when the day came. public speaking quality and was able to judge where I stand in my teaching. I learned how to conduct debate. etc. This was a very refreshing and lovable experience. It was a challenging and satisfying experience. Judging the various competitions: During the course of my internship. I guided the selected students in their preparation of matter. At the end of the day the director expressed his words of appreciation for our team work. the program was a blasting success.

I took this as an opportunity to learn how the exams are conducted. This was a hectic week and lot of work was allotted to me. The papers I corrected were of value education belonging to Std XI and XII. It was a very good experience. patrolling. Correction of answer papers: All this while my exam papers were corrected by my teachers but for the first time I had the opportunity to correct somebody else‟s papers. 45 . Checking of Assignments and projects. I did it to my best. and infact I did it without much ado. invigilation etc. Even then it was fun and helped us to improve our mathematical skill of addition. The first sem exams in the following organization were held from 19th September to 30th September. When I speak of my experience. and though it was very demanding. I can now rightly say that correcting exam papers is a very demanding job and consumes a lot of time. I took on many responsibilities in the course of time like setting of the question papers.Examination duty: This was an all together a different experience for me. This helped me to understand the job and it has also aided me in increasing my reading skills. Rechecking the answer papers: After the examination most of the time was spent in recounting the marks of different corrected papers of different subjects with our signs to authenticate it. for till this time I had only been playing the role of a student during the exams and never had been an invigilator.

It indeed raised my spirit to teach them and play along with them. Whenever there was free time after the break. the referees. I arranged the registration. The physical education was supportive and encouraged me to go forward with the same for he had very little knowledge about the game. Football training: When I joined the institution I observed the ica institute football team practicing football in the afternoons. and ultimately prepare them for the upcoming interica institute HAAP MEET (a football tournament played between four ica institute s) which was to be held on 18th October 2011. I would make a point to go to the football ground and give them some tips. the drawing of lots. I also filled the mark sheet. and the over all functioning of the programme. 46 .I went through the assignments and projects of 9th to 12th Std. I took the initiative to help them with their practice. score boards. the commentators. Since I had some touch for this game. judges. It made happy and also inspired me to carry forward with what I had started. the ball boys. students and allotted them marks according to their performance. Inter ica institute football tournament: In 16th of October I was asked by the director to supervise the whole football tournament. lines men. the cheer leaders. I was able to teach something to others which I knew.

Whenever I moved around the corridors. In the bargain I increased my own discipline and that in turn helped me to understand the importance of this virtue.Our hard work paid off when we secured the runners up position. Section –C Name of the organization that I found most useful and beneficial Fr. Discipline maintenance: It was our duty to maintain a certain standard of discipline in the organization.Richard Date Name of the organization Fr. The director was of the view that. In this sphere I had an all together a different experience. Agnel ica institute 47 People contacted Name 1 20/03/2012 . Agnel Senior Secondary Co.Ed Ica institute (CBSE) Sr. respect and discipline from the staff and the students. I was supposed to uphold the discipline and correct any one be it the student or for that matter even the teachers. I being a Religious brother could be able to command. to manage the overall activities of the entire tournament.

Franklin Fr. Agnel ica institute Fr.T.Bentson Sr. 2ND FLOOR. G.2 3 4 5 23/032012 26/032012 29/032012 5/04/2012 Fr. Agnel ica institute Fr. Agnel ica institute Sr.B.Richard Brief work done and record of information of current semester Since my projects for last four month were on same area at two different ICA BHOPAL.Franklin Sir. COMPLEX. Agnel ica institute Fr. ABOVE BRITISH LIBRARY. 102. NEW MARKET BHOPAL most of the part is covered up by 48 .

Job Satisfaction emerges as an employee gives more and more information about the work place. Fontana. colleagues and students in the ica institute and his activities. Undoubtedly any philosopher can comment that the ultimate aim of any education is to make a man of good character and useful citizen of the universe. to their disadvantage and to his own'. (1986) regarded that „if the teacher is too rigid or has a doctrinaire belief of that his methods are right and those of any one who disagrees with him are wrong. relations and participation in the society aspects are occupied the paramount importance in the present study. This of education we can achieve through the quality of education. „The quality or effectiveness of teachers is considered to be associated with his satisfaction towards his profession. On him depends much more than any other. At the end I would like to take up Teacher’s job Satisfaction which is another very important area concern of management. Teaching Learning. This is the right time to focus the significance of Teacher Job Satisfaction in relation to Teacher ChangeProneness among the Primary Ica institute Teachers. quality of teachers and quality of teaching learning process. for him alone to do. 49 . The keystone in the educational edifice is doubtless the teacher. Interpersonal project reports. it is possible. then he will be depriving his children of a range of possible learning experiences. the quality of education largely learning transaction cannot be undertaken in vacuum but it is positively directed action. the progress and prosperity of children? Nobody can effectively take his place or influence children in the manner and to the degree. Innovation. It is strongly believed that to be a teacher is to be the member of a holy order. Professional. The influence on the Teacher in relations to head of the institute. Teacher Job Satisfaction in this study has been defined as a „Job satisfaction' is an affective attitude – (a) feeling relative like (or) dislike toward something). for which teachers are to be endeavor with satisfaction towards a job and the need of possessing the quality change-prone. D. So the satisfaction played a vital importance in presenting relationship between the individual teacher and his environment in respect of four dimensions viz.. Other things remaining. his satisfaction with his values.

getting appreciation from others. Professional related to job security and social prestige. But experiences are shown that careless procedural class can limit seriously the validity and usefulness of the survey. Innovation relates to creativity. students active participation in the classes. systematic plan of the work. maintenance of anonymity for employees and sampling procedures The following dimensions for measuring Teacher Job Satisfaction. innovative technique in teaching. it is clear that an effective and competent teacher will achieve the desired learning outcomes. co-curricular and social welfare activities. successfully managing the classes. It seems simple to go to the employees and get data from them and then interpret. (3) Innovation. Keen attention should be given to question construction. new situations. While intrinsic factors play a 50 . higher authorities or any personnel confined to ica institute . (2) Teaching Learning. Inter-personal relations refer to relations with colleagues. participation of cultural activities. Teaching learning refer to problems of the students. Attracting and retaining high quality teachers is a primary necessity as well as a challenge for educational institutions.Thus. and – (4) Interpersonal relations. innovative technique in teaching. reaching problems of the students. students. molding the young minds. But no significant efforts are found to study the competency in relation to job satisfaction among teachers. provided if he satisfied in his profession. parents. They are (1) Professional. Job satisfaction measurement Job Satisfaction measuring procedures appear to be complicated at a first glance.

thus teachers of ica institute are those who dreamt of doing so to follow their interest and to be satisfied . extrinsic conditions can influence their job satisfaction and desire to remain in teaching. commitment of a person. demographic factors and teacher specific and ica institute specific characteristics also affect job satisfaction.significant role in motivating individuals to enter the teaching profession. In addition. Reasons for their satisfaction       The subjects given to them to teach as per their interest Proper and equal distribution of work among the teachers Timings of working hours Adequate salary schemes and periodical increments Suitable allotment classes for teaching Comfortable and satisfactory infrastructure. Fulfillment of inner desires and Aspiration results satisfaction. Each every person has his/her dreams to join any line of employment. a teacher‟s satisfaction will possibly lie on the response of the students and dedication. In this particular organization total strength of the teachers is sixty and above and as per my study there have been different levels of satisfaction among them. nevertheless every one at every time cannot be in same frame of mind since we are humans. At times the situation of conflicts and quarrelling by pointing other‟s mistake has not produced good level of satisfaction among teachers. all work must be satisfied with their work they do and meet their individual motives by fulfilling the aims and purpose the organization . building. furniture and other facilities. like campus.  Obliging students and their parents 51 . In spite of all these things teachers try to yield best out of the work given to them to execute.

I found in me the quality of sociability. Foreseeing my future in a education field. which works in the educational and medical field. thus there is interaction with different kinds of people and their culture. here we adapt and adopt to different situation wherever we journey. Francis Xavier. authority with 52 . I come out with result of becoming a effective human recourse manager. Candid and straightforward authority  Plateful company of other teachers Section –D Self-assessment of my ability to find employment The studies in business management have helped to find area of interest. since I belong to the catholic religious community intending to become a religious priest as a member of the society of missionaries of St. thus adding to that my interested area of employment.

Evidence of improvement in written and oral skills Through many organized activities which were initiated by me. Presently there is no need of seeking employment. group discussions have helped me to develop my speaking capacity. Altogether it made me to understand the whole functioning of ica institute . Presentations.service and leadership capacity in order to collaborate and work with any kind of people. its requirements and helped me to grasp the mind of the student. in near future my goal is to specialize in HRM and its related studies. Now this makes my path clear and easy. gained speaking and there is some improvement s in my language and clarity in it. I have learned how to lead people and activities and gained leadership skills Through my dealing I have learned to be co-operative and supportive Through classes that conducted. 53 . The projects written at each semester are the evidence of improvement of written and oral skills.