Since early times, women have been solely viewed as a method of birth of to human life.

Furthermore, they have been considered not only intellectually substandard to men but also a major source of temptation and evil. In Greek mythology, for example, it was a woman, Pandora, who opened the prohibited box and brought plagues and misery to mankind. Females were long considered certainly weaker than men, delicate, and unable to accomplish work that requires muscular or intellectual development. In the majorityof the underdeveloped countries, for example, domestic chores like cleaning were referred to women, leaving "heavier" work, such as hunting, and cultivating to men. This leftunnoticed the fact that caring for children and performing such tasks, as milking cows and washing clothes also required heavy, nonstop labor. But physiological tests now indicate that women have a greater tolerance for pain, and statistics reveal that women live longer and are more resistant to many diseases. Nowadays, in United States women have the right to work and are capable to get into an upper level executive job,as men do. However, women don’t get paid as much as they should. Statistics shows that women make only 77.5 cents for every dollar that men earn. Although, there is an act called “ The Equal Pay Act and the Wage Gap” signed in 1963. This act states that it is illegal for employers to pay uneven wages to men and women. In the time that this act was signed, women were earning 58 cents of every dollar that men earned. In 2005 the salary increased to 77 cents, which is not much of progress, and this is the salary for American women, which is much more than the salary that is paid for Afro-American women or Hispanic women.

This comprise only one such ground in which women face discriminatory treatment. The scenario is equally grim in other domains of life. Eyeing the historical perspective, fate of women was no better in ancient Greek and Roman empires where the farer sex was considered as a source of all evils and was mere a commodity designed for the amusement of her male counterpart. Though things have changed much over the years, women have yet to claim their due share in the social, political and economic strata of life. Despite all the feminist movements and campaigns launched for the rights of women, the social status of women is still secondary to that of men even in most advanced nations where it is claimed to be otherwise. Statistics show that cases of sexual harassment and crimes against women in first world are far more in number and greater in intensity as compared to second and third world which is considered uncivilized and backward. Western women, in a bid to gain a social status at par with men, are being exploited and maltreated where ‘equal status’ and being interpreted as ‘equal responsibilities’ but unfortunately not ‘equal rights and remunerations’. When modern women is sharing all those responsibilities which once were purely men’s cup of tea, modern man fails to grab a due share in the chores falling in the women’s domain. Term ‘domestic violence’ – as clichéd as it sounds – cannot be ignored while discussing the plight of modern women. Despite of all the laws and litigation drafted to check such cases, one cannot claim that all sorts of domestic violence have been vanished off the face of earth or of developed world in 21st century. Though nature of cases has altered, but still a great number of women are facing subjugation, suppression and even torture at the hands of their male counter parts. A number of NGOs are still working to help out hurt and bruised women of all the classes. Even after all the progress mankind has made in the contemporary world, stereotyping of women’s role is a persistent dilemma. Exploitation of feminism is evident in the modern world where the most cherished role of women is considered to be in fashion and glamour industry. Undermining the brains and crediting the outlook can be highly degrading for any sane human being. A number of women forced to sell their looks might have better to offer at brains. Extensive portrayal of women in advertisement and fashion ramps has reduced the status of women to commodities and show pieces.

As far as economic grounds are concerned, having established earlier the difference between the pay scales of male and female employees, it is worth pondering that the economic compensation of women legs behind their exploitation for economic gains in almost all fronts. Where men throughout the world are using women to boost their trade and business, women only happen to get a trifle of their share. This status doesn’t differ much to the status of women in ancient Greek civilization as prescribed by Plato. He devised three classes of men in a society on the basis of their roles and objectives in a republic where women were a common property for all the classes and had mere one prescribed role. Present scenario is just the modified form of this concept. Underrated status of women in intellectual grounds is the cruelest and most unjust discrimination that even the modern woman suffers through. The ratio of women to men in think tanks and intellectual bodies presents a highly disappointing picture of the present scenario. On the contrary, scientific research shows that a women brain is more capable of absorbing multiple things simultaneously as compared to a male brain which works more effectively in specialized fields. Such traits of women brain render women as better administrators than men in all walks of life. Similarly, physical traits of women body prove her to be more suited to several tasks as compared to men. For instance, a small stature with minimum distance between heart and mind is more suited to space travel. Conclusively, women have travelled a long way to raise the par of their status in male chauvinistic societies. Where ancient woman was burnt alive or treated as sources of all evils, modern woman has a considerably different spectrum to face. However, gender discrimination is not an extinct phenomenon even in contemporary world where the women is still being subjugated as less powerful, ill-treated as shallow and less wise, exploited for her feminism and victimized for economic and commercial gains. It is said that the status of women in a society is the extent of its civilization. Considering this parameter, one can easily estimate to what extent mankind has been civilized over the course of years. A rationalistic approach will find the modern man as raw and rough as the early man if viewed in the perspective of his treatment towards women.