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Career Highlights
Institution Name Sharjah Islamic Bank, UAE Do Period March 2011 – to date October 2008 – February 2011 June 2005 – September 2008 Dec, 2001 – April , 2005 Position Manager Areas / Depts. Worked Trade Finance (Centralized Dept. for entire branches in UAE) - Do -

Asst. Manager

Mashreq Bank, Dubai, UAE United Bank Limited, Karachi, PAKISTAN

Senior Officer

Manager Exports (Karachi Region)

Bank Alfalah Limited, Karachi, PAKISTAN Union Bank Limited, Karachi, PAKISTAN

Oct, 2000 – Nov, 2001

Manager – Trade Finance

Jun 1996 – Sep 2000


Trade Finance (Centralized Dept. for entire branches in UAE) Trade Finance – Exports (Centralized Dept. for entire branches in PAKISTAN) Trade Finance Imports, Exports, Export Refinance & Guarantees Served Union Bank in the following departments – Exports (Negotiation & Collection) Imports Credit & Marketing

Work Summary
Main Areas Trade Finance Sub Areas Worked

   

Ensure policies related to AML, due diligence and Compliance are strictly complied in all transactions. Career Development of staff Provide cross functional trainings and guidelines. Am utilized to improve the process/system and reducing the

Looking after day to day affairs of the staff as well as of the customers. quickly replaces it with a greater one. A role model for the Team members and contribute towards their career growth and development through transfer of knowledge and guidance. As the most recognized Islamic finance certifier in the world. Ethica™ was nominated “Best Islamic Finance Training Institution” two years running by IB&F. the industry‟s leading award-granting body. Ensure the process of all transactions according to “Standard Delivery Services” as per bank policy. Ethica™ remains the . Valuable input recorded at the time of formulation of Productivity Model (Standard Processing Time). Responsible to maintain and improve Internal/ External Customer Satisfaction Level.              rework in the entire department. Regularly conducts spot checks to maintain uniform standards Participates actively in the setting of team goals and is willing to take on additional responsibility to improve team performance. Handling all Trade related products & services. Introduces process changes that alleviate pressure during busy periods Is always achievement-driven. once a goal is achieved. Evaluate the mitigated identified risks in Trade Finance. Handling all the chronic cases and issues for earliest resolvement and decisions making Keep track of all audit findings and ensure timely closure by the respective issues. Education Degree / Certification Certified Islamic Finance Executive™ (CI CERTIFIED Year of Passing Institute 2009 ISLAMIC FINANCE EXECUTIVE (CIFE) Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance™ is the world‟s only accredited institute delivering Islamic finance training and certification 100% online. Actively participated in changes / revision of Trade Finance policy manual.

ISLAMIC FINANCE QUALIFICATION (IFQ) 2009 Documentary Credit Master (DC-Master) CERTIFIED DOCUMENTARY CREDIT SPECIALIST (CDCS) 2009 2007 UpSkill 600 2007 2003 M. Passed DC Master under UCP 600 the only Int’l Chamber of Commerce – France training program organized by the Coastlines Solutions – U. Comm only online institute in the world to deliver standardized certification based on AAOIFI. Passed UpSkill UCP 600 the only Int’l Chamber of Commerce – France training program organized by the Coastlines Solutions – U. a group of technical experts. IFQ is a ground-breaking qualification that covers Islamic finance from both a technical and Sharia‟a perspective.B. . It is the international standard for documentary Credit specialists.K.K.A (Information Technology) B. the leading standard-setting body in Islamic finance. ISBP in depth-workshop. Preston University – Karachi. Pakistan Seminars / Courses / Training attended     Seminar for 2 days in UCP 600 – Facilitator: O‟Brien Vincent Practical Training in „Combating Money Laundering And Fraud‟ Highly impact Customer Services. CDCS is the professional certification that enables documentary credit practitioners to demonstrate specialist knowledge and application of the skills required for competent practice. Pakistan Campus 1995 University of Karachi. United Kingdom and the Central Bank of Lebanon (Banque du Liban) and is overseen by the Advisory Council for Islamic Finance (ACIF). CDCS has been development in partnership by The Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB) and The International Financial Services Association (IFSA). providing the first international benchmark in the area of Islamic finance conducted by The Securities & Investment Institute. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) endorses it. United Kingdom.

Active team player. Can manage diversified assignments. 1974 (married) Pakistani . which can be employed in managing assignments pertaining to. I consider Trade Finance as my core strength. Anti Money Laundary. Development of Operating Procedures for Trade. Strengths  Sound understanding of all sort of Trade issues. in a relatively amiable & professional way. Development of a Centralized Trade Processing location(s). Product development with reference to trade. thereby leading to sorting out of various operational issues faced by corporate and commercial customers of the bank with reference to trade. successfully.    Keys of success        Integrity & Ethics Leadership Teamwork Training Recognition Continuous Improvement. Customer Service techniques Personal Date of Birth: Nationality: July 30.