Tom Schmitt, Sailing Committee Chair Tony Moniz, Club Steward Lucy Lyman, Lead Instructor

Junior Sailing Program

April 1, 2012 Dear Parents,
From June 25th through August 15th Spindle Rock Club will sponsor summer sail training programs on Cockeast Pond and the Westport River. Program activities are designed to satisfy a wide range of skills and interests, from a basic introduction to sailing on the pond, to racing instruction and an introduction to competitive sailing for more experienced sailors. We will use Vanguard 420s and Sunfish on the river and Hunter X-cites on the Pond. Following an initial swimming test and skill evaluation, we place participants in the most appropriate program level. To participate, children must be at least eight years old on May 1st, 2012. We will consider applications for younger children provided they have had previous sailing experience and successfully pass a swimming test administered by a sailing instructor. Our program also includes special events such as pirate days, cookouts, and competition with other clubs. The program will begin on June 25/26 and end on August 13/14. Notices about where and when to report, as well as scheduled times for lessons on bulletin boards at Spindle Rock Club and Elephant Rock Beach Club. For those who provide email addresses we will send weekly program schedules. To enroll your child(ren) in the 2012 Pond/River Program, please complete the enclosed application/medical summary/liability release and return them, by June 15th, along with payment to Spindle Rock Club, PO Box 451-A, Adamsville, RI 02801. Applications and full payment (by check; no club charges or cash) must have been received before children may participate in the program. The Fee includes sailing cookouts. For information about tuition assistance, which is available on a limited basis, please contact Tom Schmitt at 508-636-3932. We do our best to place students in their chosen classes, but from time to time factors such as scheduling, space, and equipment make it hard to accommodate all requests. In those situations we will try to find a suitable alternative. Again this year we are offering students who will be in Westport for three or fewer weeks an opportunity to participate in four classes a week. Since our program is designed not only to provide basic sailing instruction and an opportunity to develop sailing skills, but also to encourage collegiality and collaboration among participants, we require registration for a minimum of four classes. We look forward to seeing you and your junior sailor this summer. Sincerely,

Tom Schmitt

SPINDLE ROCK CLUB 2012 Junior Sailing Program Information

Tentative Program and Dates: June 15th – Applications due June 25th and 26th – Program Starts August 13th and 14th – Last days of classes July/August - Pirate Days August 15th - Cookout & Awards

This schedule may be revised after we review the number of students in the age and skill levels.

SAIL TRAINING SKILL LEVELS: Beginner (Crew) – Little or no prior instruction and/or sailing experience. Must sail with a skipper or instructor, all to be given equal helm time. Intermediate (Mate) – Demonstrated ability to handle a boat in various conditions. Knows basic rules of the road, can rig, tack, jibe, beat, and run. Not yet able to land or moor a boat alone, nor ready to handle the helm in winds above 10 knots. The sailor is familiar with tides and currents but still learning. Advanced (Skipper) - has passed knots, rigging, tacking, jibing, reaching, beating, and running. Can handle most landings and mooring pickups, and can recognize wind and current force and direction. Racer – an accomplished sailor who can dock, moor, and get out of irons and sailing backwards. Can easily tack, jibe, and correctly trim sails. Knows sailing rules and is working on perfecting sail trim, boat handling, race starting, right of way and reading tide/currents. Maximum Students 14 10 14 14 10 6 8 9 12

Class Beginner (Crew)

Days Mon & Thu Mon & Thu Tue & Fri Tue & Fri Tue & Fri Mon – Thu Tue – Fri Wednesday Wednesday

Times 9:00 – 10:30 10:30 – 12:00 9:00 – 10:30 10:30 – 12:30 10:30 – 12:30 1:00 – 4:00 1:00 – 4:00 10:00 – 12:00 1:00 – 4:00

Location Pond Pond Pond Pond River River River Pond River

Boats used X-Cites X-Cites X-Cites X-Cite (single) Sunfish (2 person) 420s 420s XCites 420s

Intermediate (Mate) Advanced (Skipper) Racer

12 Each student must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to start of her/his class at the Cockeast Pond landing or the Spindle Rock Boat Beach on the River. LIFE JACKETS: All students must supply their own type 3 lifejacket. We suggest an Extrasport or equivalent, not a water-ski vest. Vests are available at West Marine (Newport or Fairhaven), LaserPerformance (Portsmouth, RI), or Team One (Newport, RI).

SPINDLE ROCK CLUB Box 451, Little Compton, RI 02801 2012 Junior Sailing Enrollment Application PLEASE COMPLETE ALL QUESTIONS Sailor's Name: ____________________________________________ Date of Birth: ____________ Parent or Guardian Name: ______________________________________________________________ Permanent Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________ Home Phone: ________________ Local Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________ Local Phone: ________________ Cell Phone: ____________________ Email:_______________________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Club Membership(s): Sailing Ability (check one, please) Beginner: Intermediate: Advanced: Elephant Rock Spindle Rock yes yes no no

For how many years has the applicant taken Spindle Rock sailing lessons? Pond: ___ years for ____ weeks per year River: ___years, for ____weeks per year Does the applicant have other sailing experience?____________________________________________ Describe the applicant’s swimming ability?_______________________________________________
Before classes begin an instructor will determine each applicant’s swimming ability either by administering a swimming test or by viewing a current, acceptable Red Cross swimming certification.

Participation: Students must register for minimum of four classes. Students registering for three or fewer weeks may request either
two or four classes per week. All others may register for only 2 classes/week.

Check each week the applicant plans to participate: June 25 July 23
Days/Wk. 2 2 4 4

Two days a week No. of weeks: ____

or four


July 2 July 30 Ages
8-9 10-15 8-9 10-15

July 9 August 6 7 Wks.
$335 $385 NA NA

July 16 August 13 6 Wks.
$310 $360 NA NA

Check amount: $_________ 4 Wks.
$235 $285 NA NA

$360 $410 NA NA

5 Wks.
$275 $325 NA NA

3 Wks.
$185 $235 $370 $470

2 Wks.
$135 $185 $270 $370

1 Wk.
NA NA $170 $270

Please mail or deliver the application and full payment by June 15th. We will take into account requested class and lesson time, the applicant’s sailing experience and ability, and order of application receipt when assigning classes.

__________________________________________ Signature of parent or guardian

_______________ Today’s date

Personal Health and Medical Summary
CHILD’S NAME:__________________________________________________________ In the event of an emergency, and a parent/guardian is not available, please notify: NAME: ____________________Relationship________________ Tel: ____________________ NAME: ____________________Relationship________________ Tel: ____________________ Physician’s Name: ______________________________________ Tel: ____________________ Health Insurance Carrier __________________________ Policy Number_________________
THE PARTICIPANT’S PARENT(S) MUST RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AS ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE: Please check those that apply and provide further information below. CHRONIC AILMENTS: ALLERGIES: ASTHMA, OR OTHER RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS MEDICATION (please list below) DIABETES OR HYPOGLYCEMIA LATEX HEMOPHILIA, OR OTHER BLEEDING PROBLEMS BEE STINGS/INSECT BITES IF YES, DO YOU CARRY AN EPIPEN? CIRCULATORY OR HEART PROBLEMS EPILEPSY/ SEIZURE FOODS OTHER: OTHER: DATE OF LAST TETANUS/ DIPTHERIA/ TOXOID SHOT: ____________________ CURRENT MEDICATIONS (if any) AND DOSAGE: ______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ FURTHER INFORMATION ON CHRONIC AILMENTS AND/OR ALLERGIES: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE FILLED IN ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION If any of this information changes before or during your child’s participation in the sailing program, please note those changes on an updated version of this form and submit it to the chair of the sailing committee, the lead instructor, or the club steward.

PARENT/GUARDIAN CERTIFICATION AND EMERGENCY TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION I believe my child is healthy and may safely participate in all activities related to the junior sailing program. In the event my designated emergency contact or I cannot be contacted promptly following an event or circumstance requiring immediate medical intervention for my child, I authorize the program organizers and/or their employees to sanction emergency treatment.

Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________________ Today’s date: _____________

SPINDLE ROCK CLUB Junior Sailing Program Waiver and Liability Release

Student’s Name:________________________________________________ (“Student”) I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the Student whose name is shown above. I request that the Student be permitted to participate in the SPINDLE ROCK CLUB junior sailing program (the “Program”). On behalf of the Student whose name appears above, I am aware that participation in sailing and related boating activities, both on the water and on shore, involves possible safety and health risks. Serious accidents can occur during sailing activities and may result in mortal or serious personal injuries and/or property damage. These risks include, but are not limited to those arising out of adverse weather conditions, collisions with natural and constructed obstacles, contact with rigging, equipment and furnishings of boats, collisions with moored vessels, and vessels operated by others. I hereby assume any and all risk connected with the Student’s participation in the Program and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the SPINDLE ROCK CLUB, INC., its Board Members, officers, employees, instructors, other program participants, members, and agents, from and against any and all expenses (including legal fees and costs), liabilities, claims or demands arising as a result of personal injury, death, or property damage which occur in connection with the Student’s participation in the Program I have fully read this WAIVER AND LIABILTY RELEASE; I understand it and agree with its terms.

___________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian’s Name

_______________ Today’s Date

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