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DOB: Email: MOBILE: 01/03/1988 07850 963 592


18 28 yrs 5ft 3 Alto-Mezzo Dark Brown Brown

PROFILE: I am an independent performance artist working within the medium of theatre and live art. My work usually includes several types of multimedia such as lighting effects, video and sound art combined with movement or spoken word. My main skills are acting, directing and video editing; I also write and devise new theatre performances, collaborating with other writers and artists.
EDUCATION SCHOOL/COLLEGE Brunel University, West London Amersham & Wycombe College Amersham & Wycombe College DATES FROM: Sept 2009 TO: July 2012 COURSE BA Modern Drama Studies BTEC National Diploma Musical Theatre BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA - MEDIA GRADES (Awaiting Results) DISTINCTION

Sept 2007

June 2009

Sept 2004

June 2005


WORK EXPERIENCE TITLE THE CALL By By Adebimpe OyefoluOdedina, Luke Bilson, Catherine Lux & Monique Yansen CALIFORNIA SUITE By Neil Simon Directed by Lee Westlake DATES March 2012 COMPANY/ DIRECTOR Calumobi Productions Directed by Adebimpe OyefoluOdedina ROLE DESCRIPTION
ACTOR: I played the lead role Carie in this his short, independent horror film of a young mother who is haunted by the memories of her dead child. This film involved several highly, emotionally charged scenes including a very emotional scene in a graveyard; this required tapping into my emotion memory and Stanislavskis method acting techniques to embody the role. This was my first experience acting for camera and varies from the type of acting and performances I am used to. This role helped me develop my naturalistic acting skills as well as acting for camera, I also gained experience in working with a film production team and film director, developed my networking skills and made valuable new contacts. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: This performance involved the use of video projections between set changes. My role was to create the video images, working closely with the director. I also created a patch from which to play the images seamlessly and ran the projections for the live performance, collaborating with the Sound Technician and SM. From this role I gained valuable technical experience, networking skills and the ability to manage personal workloads and work to a deadline. It also further developed my video editing skills. WRITER / DIVISER / PERFORMER / PRODUCTION CREW: This multimedia installation is my own creation, and attempts to cross the sensory pathways of the audience, exploring the psychological, physical and emotive effects colours have on the spectator. This is an ongoing experimental performance; it is highly immersive and relies on audience participation. I focus on seven colours presented in 3minute sequences; the mise-en-scene consists of coloured lighting, projection images and soundscapes, complimented by a live dancer, performing a combination of contemporary and postmodern movement.

Nov 2011

Pendley Theatre Company

SENSIFUL By Emily Westlake

May 2011

Sensate Productions


March 2011

Milton-Keynes Pupil Referral Unit

This performance has given me the confidence to realise my creative visions and move beyond boundaries, experimenting with new ideas. It also gave me new understanding and experience of new technologies such as digital arts and media, video and sound editing. I facilitated a series of applied drama workshops with three other women which worked on a number of different skills with children with problem behaviours. These included life skills such as social skills, self control, confidence, communication and empathy. We extensively researched different workshop exercises that suited the group including masks, rituals, forum theatre, image theatre and other games and exercises from books such as The Geese Theatre Handbook. This session was a great success, we hope to take these workshops further in the next academic year. From this role I gained invaluable experience in working hands on with young people and facilitating workshops; I also gained confidence, organisation skills and the ability to work effectively with others to complete a task, contributing to the planning and assisting with the workload.

PERSONAL SKILLS Applied creative and imaginative skills Confidence Self presentation Experience of communication in a variety of media Work effectively in a team recognising and understanding the attitudes, actions and beliefs of other team members. TECHNICAL SKILLS & SOFTWARE: Adobe Premiere Pro Flash MX Logic Pro Final Cut Pro iDVD Isadora Lighting Sound Rigging Patching Stage/set design Filming Video & sound editing INTERESTS: Dance Street / Hip hop New Era / Tap (grade 2) / Jazz Acting Acting for stage and theatre Community Theatre Musical Theatre Site-specific performances Digital Performance Directing