• 1. Tourism in Great Britain
– Destinations – Products – Icons – Trends

Tourism in Britain
Dr Jan Mosedale

• 2. Governance
– Role of Government – UK tourism structure – Globalisation – Devolution/ post sovereign governance

What are the Top 10 British Destinations for domestic tourists?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Liverpool Manchester Cambridge Bath Newcastle Cardiff Brighton Edinburgh London Belfast

Demand for Tourism: Inbound
• A major destination
– – – – 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s

– Origin of visitors changing – Independent travel is increasing – Focus on England and London – Seasonality Decreasing – Most Arrive by Air – Visitor spend increasing

• The New Millennium

Visit Britain 2010

Demand for Tourism: Domestic
• • • • • 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s The New Millennium Visitors • Shorter Length of Stay • Lower Spend • Long Holidays Decline • England Dominates • Growth of Business and Conference • Friends and Relatives

Changes in Society
Social and Economic • Income • Car Ownership • Holiday Time • Education • Baby Boomers Technology • Products • Media • Internet/Computer • Time Saving Devices



Seaside resorts
• Development of steam boats and trains(1832) linking urban and coastal areas • First for freight, later for passengers • Introduction of holidays (intended to increase productivity) • Bank Holiday Act 1871 • Four public holidays – when whole communities would travel en masse to the coast

Mass Seaside Tourism
• Small fishing villages developed into resorts • Development of a tourism infrastructure
– Seaside piers – Promenades – Accommodation

• Examples: Blackpool, Bognor Regis

Mass Seaside Tourism
Differentiation • Social differentiation of resorts dependend on transport links • Resorts linked to the northern industrial base were mainly workingclass (Blackpool, Morecambe) • Southern resorts mainly middle-class – Bournemouth, Torquay • Middle classes also started discovering Europe (the Alps and the Riviera)

What other products does the UK have to offer?
• http://www.visitbritain.com/en/GB/



What are the key British Icons?

Peter Rabbit: qualified shop

Making the case for tourism
• £97bn • 225,000 jobs • Entry-level and entrepreneurial jobs • Tourism cannot be off shored and has impact right across the country

Tourism to Britain

Can you ecplain the Dips? Tourist numbers



Balance of Payments

Outbound vs domestic
• Brits took 123 million domestic overnight trips in 2007 compared to 70 million outbound trips • But spent £172 per domestic overnight trip and £507 per outbound trip • Meaning that Brits spent £21bn on domestic trips and £35bn on outbound • For every £1 spent on a domestic overnight holiday, Brits spent £2.11 on outbound holidays.

Regional spread of international tourists

Regional spread for domestic tourism

Over the past few years…
• UK population has become more diverse • More UK residents own a second home abroad (~ 250,000) • More live permanently abroad (~ 5.6 million) • More foreign students study at UK universities (49,000 in 2007) • More UK-based multi-national companies • More competition of international visitors




What are the icons of the North East?
• http://www.visitbritain.tv/north-eastengland/visit-north-east-england.html

The industrial areas (10% of Region) have a population of 2,3m The rural areas (90%) have 200,000 The urban areas obtain 40% of their tourism income from international visitors The rural areas 10% Therefore UKTI focuses on rural tourism: hiking, cycling, golf, hunting, gardens, self-drive

• In 2006 8.6 million overnight tourists visited the region. • Tourism contributes £3.4 billion to the regional economy. • 71,000 jobs in the region are tourism related But.... • Tourism is still highly seasonal – 1/3 of visitors between July – September. • In rural areas: – Almost 100% of businesses are micro businesses – 86% of tourism businesses are linked to agriculture

The challenge
• • • Nearly 100% of providers to the visitor industry are microbusinesses They are not marketable in their own right The greengrocer is as important to the visitor experience as a hotel, but doesn’t realise that he is in the visitor industry Partial Industrialisation

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